Free to go

I read two pieces this morning as my eyes opened, one by Don Pogreba and the other by William Skink. (A Message for the Fourth and Happy Wee Hours on the Third of July.) I am not on the attack here, but each represents a place for me in my own past. I am so happy to have moved forward.

Pogreba’s piece could have been me maybe thirty years ago, fresh out of school, busy with kids and … unread. There just wasn’t time. (I know Pogie reads, but he does not challenge his own beliefs. That is a merry-go-round.) His piece reflects everything our system wants us to think – that we control our destiny, elect our leaders, even that a “country”  is something we can “love.” But it reflects a positive outlook, and that has to count for something. There  is nothing wrong with looking around and liking what you see.

Skink’s piece doom and gloom and foreboding. Hillary has fooled everyone, mad hatters have their finger on the button, everything is going to hell. Lord knows I’ve been there too. I suppose financial collapse is soon upon us too – he forgot to mention that fear. What a way to live! But I cannot criticize – I have been down that road too. I know fear, and how it can control me.

We can all live full and rich lives. All we need do is to choose that path, and have good luck. (Luck has a lot to do with personal fortune and the outcome of a rain dance*. I do not discount that factor.) We are a fortunate people. Bad things will happen to us, but only by misfortune, rarely by design. People are not just good, but really good. Of course there are bad apples. We’ve all met them.

People are dumb too, but that is the purpose of schooling, news, entertainment – to prevent us from figuring anything out. Our leaders want us dumbed down.

Our stupidity is easily escapable. Comedian Jake Johannsen, who I really enjoy, once said “I’m originally from Iowa. It took a long time for me to realize that we were free to go.”

We can live dumbed down, believing every hoax and lie, or simply get up and dust off, and walk away. We are free to go any time we choose.
“Luck has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.” (Texas Bix Bender, probably not original with him.)

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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2 Responses to Free to go

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    I find posts like this to be more appealing than all the image comparison posts.


    • That’s too bad as I’ve miles to go before I sleep. What I am uncovering is less about people than our supposed reality, where all our opinion leaders are spooks of various stripes and our perceptions completely under house management. JFK, RFK, the Reagan shooting, the Laurel Canyon scene, the Tate murders, OJ, Orlando … All set up and acted out because this is the way they govern us, keep us scared, allow us to imagine that we form our own opinions. We are not free until we break free, as I have, and see what is real.

      It is far more important to know that than whether someone thinks this is a good candidate or that point of view is wrong. That is all wasted air, a playground with fences to keep us from seeing the real world.

      Anyway, go your way. There’s an election, son. An election for god’s sake! It matters!


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