Christa McAuliffe, another fake death

McAuliffe McAuliffe

I wanted to get this one out there. I did not make this discovery, but instead came across it at another website and merely verified it on my own. I do not remember the website but am confident it will be pointed out to me so I can give due credit. These folks not only uncovered Christa McAuliffe masquerading as Sharon McAuliffe, Syracuse Law professor, but in total six of the seven who supposedly died in the Challenger disaster in 1986.

Sharon has had obvious dental work, her teeth even looking like veneers. This may have been part of the deal in agreeing to fake death, to get a full dental workover. Original Christa appears to have an overbite. Sharon’s photo is professional and filtered, making her look quite young. Christa is 69. Her given name is Sharon Christa. Features line up precisely. These are the same person.

I have said, and reiterate here, that photo analysis as I am doing is nothing more than a search for truth. The truth uncovered here is that whatever happened that day on January 28, 1986, at least six of seven people did not die. We were told a gigantic whopper of a lie. The event was staged.

Why? Any search for truth needs a starting point. There ya go.

Here’s the link I was looking for.


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3 Responses to Christa McAuliffe, another fake death

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    September clues forum did a number on the Challenger hoax and outed these “vicsims” as they like to style them- It’s the only NASA thread I’ve read over there- I’m not much into the space stuff- Ironic because 2001: A Space Odyssey is my favorite movie but it has nothing to do with space exploration, really-


  2. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Mark- You may have already seen this but even silent (I’m at work) it is pretty hilarious- My old man was the art director for a lousy B movie titled The Doll Squad, and he dies at least four times in that stinker as a member of a secret private army- The budget was about three dollars US. so the crew had to double and then some as extras- (Now that I think of it, who better to employ for these psy-ops than low budget directors- If the ops are too slick, they will cause doubt- They have to look shoddy to sell their spontaneity, which equates as real to the average oaf


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