The Manning psy-op

Steve Kelly, in the comments under the O’Reilly piece, noticed something funny about Bradley/Chelsea Manning. He suspected a doppelgänger, and was right.

Manning Mnning

It is a fairly close resemblance between the two. Down below I have drawn some lines to highlight the differences.

Manning Manning 2

Note the longer ears, longer chin, and difference in distance between nose and upper lip. The eyes don’t quite line up. These are two different people.

I am glad to have something in current “news” to highlight here. The whole Julian Assange/Manning affair has been, from the beginning, a psy-op. He was never in prison, never tortured, did not undergo sex change. And Assange, with a mere change of hair color, is free to wander the planet, and does.

Oops, almost forgot, from Steve’s link.

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11 Responses to The Manning psy-op

  1. Angelo says:

    This one’s interesting. But Julian Assange?


    • The effect of the Manning psy-op is to reinforce the idea that Julian Assange is leaking secrets against the wishes of the powers that be. Manning being tortured means Assange is doing good work. This seals the deal, and we also buy the Assange Wikileaks psy-op.


      • Manning/Snowden are very important for reinforcing the belief that the media and government/military/intelligence are separate entities with different goals.

        If Wikileaks/Manning/Assange/Snowden are real, it means that if anything truly bad was happening in the world, somebody would leak it and the media would publish the story. It means that we’re all a bunch of whacko conspiracy theorists, because if celebrities were being reassinged, a Snowden would have already leaked it. It’s all nonsense.

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      • Angelo says:

        Okay, yes. I understand the likely Assange Psyop, and Snowden too. I thought you were suggesting Assange was Manning’s doppelgänger. I am a little overtired. Thanks


      • I guess I did not understand the comment, and I am not tired! Just a little dense.


  2. fearocean says:

    Before you believe anything you might ever read, hear, or see in the media (including TV, radio, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, and the internet), or from anyone else (family, friends, acquaintances, employers, strangers, etc.), you need to read this very important information. You, and the public as a whole, are constant targets of extremely well-planned and executed psychological operations (psyops), and there are any number of these media-facilitated programs taking place at any given time.

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  3. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    There are definitely two different hats in play- And I don’t mean to go Dallas Gold Buggy on everyone, but any takers on Gaga/Winehouse? The reason I mention this is I wonder if there is any evidence a single entity played two different characters at the same time? The subject was broached in the Jayne Mansfield/Betty White comments- With Manning we have two actors for one role- Multiple characters for one actor is done in the movies and TV from time to time (Orphan Black has taken that to another dimension) Since everything on TV is part of the agenda, I’d assume “real life” would have this gambit as well-

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    • The more I thought about Mansfield White, I realized that Jayne could have worn a wig and fake teeth for that part, veneers, uncomfortable of course, and then removed them to be plain old Betty White. That is the only thing, as I see it, that explains all the variables.

      I have wondered about Winehouse. Will check her and Gaga out.


    • I just checked and they matched very well, although in some images Winehouse’s eye was higher. I’ll wait on Mark to see what he says. Winehouse’s teeth jut out, which has the look of false teeth.

      If it’s true, what a talent she is. And it explains why both of them would go on hiatuses at times.

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  4. CJD says:

    This one was obvious to me even before I understood the extent to which mainstream news and history is manufactured. I wrote this off as a Psy-op once they brought in the Tranny angle.


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