Recycled victims

I know the Orlando event was fake. Here are photos of fake victims. I know this because all events before it were fake too. I despair as I read from the usual suspects that it is all believed, swallowed whole without reservation, by people who imagine themselves savvy.

I work with photos and have learned to recognize fraud. In the Orlando victims, fraud is everywhere. Langley has changed the pose, gone color or black and white, monkeyed with hair, nose and ears, but they are using the same people as victims. I can prove it.

Take a look below at two victims, one person.

Vicsim 1

Left: Leroy Valentin Fernandez. Right: Mercedez Marisol Flores

They did not even bother to put a different pair of glasses on her because, frankly, they have no respect for our intelligence. None.

I found the same thing in six five others – Langley has altered, but just slightly, facial features, so that not all will be as convincing as this one, but what I note is that in all match-ups, head shape is a perfect fit. I could have kept going, but the point was made, and many of the poses are to awkward to match.

I imagine that the total number of people used for the 53 victims is perhaps ten or twelve people, probably CIA employees asked to perform extra duties. They have a tough time with names, as they need to avoid using the name of a real person in these events. Thus you get the alphabet soup of unlikely handles on these people.


PS: What is most intriguing is that people see what I have exposed, but it does not register. Their eyes are under control of their beliefs. If they don’t believe it, they cannot see it, no matter how obvious. That is more like hypnosis than thinking.


See the rest below the fold:

Vicsim 2

Left: Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez. Right: Jean Carlos Mendez Perez

Vicsim 3

Left: Juan Rivera Valazquez. Right: Christopher Sanfeliz

Vicsim 4

Left: Juan Rivera Valazquez. Right: Hilberto Ramon Silva Menendez

Vicsim 6

Left: Luis Vielma. Right: Oscar Aracena

Vicsim 7

Left: Juan Ramon Guerrero. Right: Luis Vielma

On this last one, before you tell me the jaw lines and ears do not match, check out the inset photo lower left – Juan’s own jaw lines do not match. I suspect that is distortion caused by a car window. But if necessary, I will concede this one.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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8 Responses to Recycled victims

  1. Olde Virginian says:

    Mark, somebody has to help you in your quest to unmask all the villains — there are so many :=)


    • Who’s the guy in the photo you’re comparing Colonel Sanders to? I can’t make it out.


    • My question, OV, is, given the small pool here, what are the odds of so many dead-on look alikes? Would you like to take a second to think about that?


      • Olde Virginian says:

        I do find many of your composites compelling. And just a few moments watching the mannerisms of the reputedly dead comedian I’d never heard of nails him as Alex Jones.
        I was just having a bit of fun — the snickering Orlando cop actually did remind me of the Colonel when he was first pointed out.
        Ultimately though – what does any of it matter? Whether they repurpose the same agent for a different character or use unique actors each time – they’re all still big phonies. Just don’t go off the deep end of obsession.


        • Olde Virginian says:

          And yep I do consider Colonel S. a villain for selling out. What was once great Southern cuisine is just so much frankenfood in 2016.


        • Curious to know here, why is simple exposure of fakery “obsession?” I assume then that submission to it is “normalcy?”


          • Olde Virginian says:

            I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on what constitutes a state of obsession in others. I think I was really directing my comment to myself 🙂 – in the past couple months I have become OBSESSED with all this stuff. They are certainly providing us plenty of grist for the mill these days. I hope I didn’t offend.


          • We are careless in use of words, in my opinion. “Obsession” is what I have had for various women over the course my life. What we are doing here is far from that. We are engaged in serious and satisfying research. The fact that it satisfies makes us want to continue doing it.


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