They walk among us

McAuliffe McAuliffeDown below I compared the facial features of Christa McAuliffe and Syracuse law professors Sharon McAuliffe and concluded that they are the same person, and  therefore that the Challenger disaster was a hoax.

The odds against such facial alignment in different people are huge, as I demonstrate below. But let’s say that lightning struck and that a person who exactly resembles Christa is someone else who just coincidentally bears all the alignment features of her face. Would lightning then strike five more times? Do the other Challenge astronauts have a doppelgänger as well?

Michael J. Smith looks like a man named Michael J. Smith teaching at University of Wisconsin, Madison:

Challenger Smith Comp

Dick Scobee looks like a man named Richard Scobee, CEO of a company called “Cows in Trees.”

Challenger Scobee Comp

This cannot be coincidence: Here is the logo for that company:


Ronald McNair looks like a man named Carl McNair, said to be his brother:

Challenger McNair Comp

Ellison Onizuka is a lot like his brother, Claude Onizuka.

Challenger Onizuka Comp


Judith Resnik goes by the name Judith Resnik, a Yale law professor.

Challenger Resnik Comp

I have done nothing but photographic comparisons here. The real work, finding these people, was done by the people at Clues Forum. I merely affirm their findings, and tip my hat to them.

Challenger Jarvis

PS: Has anyone seen this man? Please check your milk carton. Gregory Jarvis is the only Challenger astronaut still missing. He would be 72 if still alive.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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23 Responses to They walk among us

  1. This post is a great counter argument to the short sighted people saying “so what” to all of this research.

    It’s not just celebrities being reassigned, but victims of all hoax events. This work is important in understanding how this whole charade works, how far it extends, and gives us insight into their inner workings.


  2. Angelo says:

    I first saw the piece about these Challenger astronauts two or three years ago (I don’t know if it was Clues Forum but it probably was). I remember the article and photo comparison evidence as having been fairly striking. Circumstantial evidence in “Courts of Law” has “justified” the imprisonment of many a man for the remainder of his lifetime, and many another to their quick and speedy execution by order of those same absurdities called “Courts” overseen by their “judges” and “magistrates” and “lords”. Knowing something, however little, of the Psychopathic Cabalistic Few that manufactures, governs, and controls all warped and deluded human perception of Reality on this planet, and the weapons wielded in their employ, and the effective means by which such are so destructible put into operation, it is no stretch, nay, but a far likelier probability that the claims of this piece are a far, far truer representation of Reality than the initial and still standing claims of the Controlling Few.


    • I’m starting to think it’s not just a “few” psychopaths. Pulling off this level of organized evil requires serious brainwashing, submission to authority, and psychopathic tendencies.

      One thing that Wiki flags is the idea that psychopathy is genetic. I am seeing this viewpoint pushed a lot lately by the mainstream. I believe the truth is that psychopathy is environmental. It is caused by psychological abuse from an early age. Dropping the emotional connection and empathy to those around them is a defense mechanism. What’s more is that I believe it can be treated too. They don’t want you to know that, and what’s more, they might not want their psychopaths to know that either.

      I’m strongly beginning to suspect that most of these “intelligence families” and “elite families” raise their children to be psychopaths, just like they were once raised to be psychopaths themselves. It is required to continue the cycle. And all these rent-a-kids we see in fake celebrity relationships are being raised to be psychopaths themselves, in order to be inserted into future psy-ops.


      • The revelation that three of these hoaxters are professors at major universities tells me that the practice of public hoaxing is regarded as normal in the ruling classes. Surely their colleagues know, as do many others, their true identifies, which they have not tried to hide. No one speaks out of class, so to speak. McAuliffe, Smith and Resnick go by their real names (Christa’s given first name is Sharon). This can only mean that they share an unspoken trade secret with thousands of others, that pubic events are put on the stage by actors, and people of their class are often called to participate.

        I am beginning to become leery of the term “psychopath” when used against the population in general, that by nature 2-4% of us are born that way. That seems just another way of making us suspicious of one another, just as fake serial killers and mass death events do. I am more convinced now than ever of the essential goodness of almost all people. If we were not as good as we are, they would not have to fake the events.


        • Fair enough. Psychopath is used in a lot of disinfo, so perhaps they want us using that term for a reason I haven’t figured out yet.

          However, I have experienced living with a psychopath and it is a very real phenomenon. He got it from his mother who was even worse. They get pleasure from the discomfort of others. What’s worse is that they are usually of above average intelligence. Whereas we might spend our free time reading a novel or watching a movie, they will study NLP and learn how to plant suggestions in people’s subconscious to influence their actions. They are scary people to be around. They won’t cause you physical harm usually, but they like to plant the thought that they might.


          • I was not meaning to discount our everyday encounters with people like this. I have experienced them too. I was more thinking about a Harvard professor who publishes a book stating that 3-4% of are psychopaths, but saying nothing about what you suggested above, that psychopaths are trained, not bred.


        • marguerite says:

          I have been contemplating something of late, and it’s that most of the people I know are really good folks, and the reason we don’t rise up is that we have good hearts and we really don’t want to deliberately hurt others. Your referring to the essential goodness of almost all people echoes a sentiment I’ve nurtured for awhile now when trying to deal with my cognitive dissonance. I once trusted my country, and its leaders and considered myself a patriot. When we all take a look at our own circle of families and friends, we probably see a lot of love and goodness. Of course there’s always an exception, and as Miles Mathis says we certainly outnumber the controllers. It’s just that they hold the strings to the economy and can implode anything and everything at the touch of a finger. They hold the keys to power of the government, the economy, education, etc. But within our own families and circle of trusted friends we have the chance to be good, to love and be loved in return, to become better and better human beings. The controllers miss that. One day I think the scales are going to tip.


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        Straight… I agree in the main- One thing to keep in mind at all times is that these people are human, if not humane- When any of us feel pride, an ego boost, shame, whatever, they have the same capacity to experience life in the same way- I don’t think they are brain damaged but they are indoctrinated with a sense of duty to do what they do- Ask yourselves what duties you have accepted and why- The same mental/emotional/instinctive processes are occurring in their brains/bodies to carry out what they think is right- No one could live with the guilt and shame that attends their actions unless internally absolved, and that comes from a belief system installed from an early age- They use words like duty, sacrifice, service, and that is part of their absolution- At the other end of their “service” is deprivation- To this they answer: Do something about it- But they don’t and can’t see that it is their actions that initiate and maintain this imbalance- On their worse days they rationalize that the ignorant masses need a guiding hand, even if it hurts- They have morals and ethics, but not the ones they impose on us- They are blind to the consequences because they have been blinded by a series of rationales based on wholly fictitious premises- Within the internal logic of their paradigm, they sleep well- Our logic won’t translate-
        “Psychopath” is a term for a neurologically challenged individual- I don’t like using the term in a general way to denote a specific class- Bloodline is a more useful marker, in my opinion- Parents allow their offspring to be indoctrinated- It’s not just blood, it’s their emotional development from the beginning that lays the groundwork for the rationale-


        • Right on. They can’t or won’t look in the mirror and recognize that it is their actions contributing to this circus. They are equally, if not more responsible than their superiors since they are the ones actually carrying this out. The psychology of order-taking is interesting and I watched a great video on it from a disinfo source who gave the presentation as a limited hangout before they suck you in with satanism and all that jazz.

          It explains why they recruit from the military and fraternities like the Freemasons. They are indoctrinated and trained to take orders without questions.


        • Tarpley claims that CIA loves Mormons for that reason too.


          • Tyrone McCloskey says:

            Tarpley’s got a real hard-on for the Mormons, and justifiably so- He saw the hand of the crown in that cult in the lead up to the Civil War- For me, Mormonism is a 19th century Scientology- Equal parts Masonry and Jules Verne- If you want a candidate for who came up with the idea of Mormonism as a long range psy-op, I’d nominate Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a very well connected British author and spook and the originator of the concept (albeit, he insisted, fictional) of “Vril” which the pre-Tavistock types then hyped into a real society of believers- If ever there was a conjurer that could transmute something fictional into pseudo-science that was then accepted as real by a significant number of questing idiots, it would have been the “Dark and Stormy Night” guy-


          • Vril was used as a synonym for life-force by the post-Theosophist New Thought movement of the early 20th century. That’s the movement that introduced the Law of Attraction and was started by the spooks Mary Baker Eddy and Phineas Quimby.

            This is going to be an extremely unpopular opinion in 2016 and even on this board, but I believe there were many truths written during that movement. The goal, like Theosophy, was to spread spiritualism to combat religion, meanwhile hiring fake psychics, building them up, and fake exposing them for public consumption. They liked to mess with our head, even back then. It was the early foundation for the New Age movement which hijacked spiritual awareness and concentrated attention towards “reaching enlightenment” and “equanimity”, rather than actually doing something about the problems in the world.


          • I find myself not opposed to every nudge we get from our overlords. Gays did not choose to be that, and should not suffer for it. Most marriages end in divorce, so marriage should not be thought a natural construct. I enjoy the idea that sex is to be enjoyed, but want to cling to original gender roles, as they seem to naturally work even as we overlay
            tv programming on them. In my view, sexual attitudes have not changed that much. Men still lie to get sex, and woman give sex to get love.


  3. Olde Virginian says:

    But I remember when the Gipper told us on TV that they all touched the face of God.

    FWIW I grew up near Langley Air base / NASA facility. I remember feeling a degree of cynicism on an elementary school field trip there when I asked some trenchant questions of the tour guide, an affable african american fellow. I remember his answers didn’t make a lot of sense and how he quickly tried to dismiss what I was asking and change the subject. What a precocious little brat I must have been. I didn’t know the half of it did I…

    These guys might not make it to space but they sure reach great heights in Chutzpah don’t they. Thanks Mark for the reveal. Maybe Jarvis was more outspoken about his adventures…


  4. steve kelly says:

    The Wash. Post reported that Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) is a cousin to Sharon. What’s in Virginia, anyway?


    • Well there we go, it’s just more of the Family bloodline again. All these people are related. So Sharon McAullife bwing oat of a major hoax and is a cousin to a congressmen fits the Intelligence/Oligarch spookery profile to a T.


  5. Phillip Jermakian says:

    Honestly the last guy looks like some 80s airbrush maybe why he is not to be found, hair seems off.


  6. marguerite says:

    Centuries of hoaxes and lies perpetrated by an elite number of families with common bond of royalty or money over the many years are a symptom of inner darkness, even though there may be some rationalization on their part because the end justifies the means. Ask yourself how you would feel if you engaged in a big or small lie to either entrap, persuade, misdirect someone in your life? I bet most of us would say we have a conscience and we would feel pretty darn bad. Regarding these families and elite controllers who have been doing this over time, again and again, and indoctrinating their relatives into this way of life? I always ask.. when, when, is it all going to come tearing apart at the seams? It’s been going on for so long but every action creates a reaction and there has to be some kind of consequences even if these consequences are not immediate. I personally feel I answer to a Higher Power and I feel I am here to live the best life I can and be the best person that I can. I guess these families don’t feel that way… in actuality, they feel they are “god” and can get away with murder, lies, hoaxes, psy-ops. F–k them. For every one of us that awakens to their lies and treachery, that’s another chink in their armor. A tipping point will be reached.


    • I like your sentiments here, and wish that I did not hold people in more stellar esteem. As good and as kind and a caring as they are, they are also manipulable and suggestible in the extreme, and present an irresistible temptation to the controllers to manipulate and suggest. I don’t see change on the horizon, but it does not prevent me from being personally happy and satisfied with my life, wife, children and friends. Life is good.

      If you read Miles’ latest paper, at the end I saw where he was withdrawing into himself, unable to tolerate the arrested development of the population. He is going the curmudgeon route. I notice the same thing in people, as you do too no doubt, and yet also noticed a car wreck I saw at the local high school last week. It had just happened, looked really bad, and cars were pulled over and people running at top speed to get there to help. I was so moved by that. (I also realized in the age of cell phones and fifty people already on top of it that I could do nothing more than was being done already.) (Our grandson filled us in later – it was a head-on caused by a guy not paying attention, and no one was injured due to air bags. Both vehicles were totaled, If that happened in the 50s or 60s, all would have died.)

      Anyway, the point is that people are good and kind and caring and generous when they can be, and utterly controlled by TV and news and our culture. Merely scrolling down Facebook will tell you all you need to know.


    • calgacus says:

      I don’t believe a tipping point will be reached. Maybe if we have a comet coming from the sky resulting in a great catastrophe. But I actually believe that the current families consolidated their power after 1 or 2 historical events involving comets, so not even comets can “save” the situation. I see a Judge Dredd (2012) kind of future, with people herded in mega cities and large buildings (the rich will keep the islands of the world and the countryside like in ancient Rome).
      But remember that nature is still beautiful (from smallest organism to the galaxies) and there is still human created beauty (paintings, sculptures, novels, ancient buildings etc). Me personally I find beauty in math, so I try to learn more or I try to do my own individual research. Even trying to walk the labyrinth of history is interesting, especially if you like to solve real puzzles (Mathis said correctly that Sherlock Holmes is trivial in comparison to real historical puzzles)


  7. marguerite says:

    I love Miles latest paper on Bezos and it simply echoes what I already felt, i.e. about the fraud that is Amazon and Bezos, along with Zuckerberg and Musk, etc. His paper on Steve Jobs, sent by a friend, changed my life. If we are lucky, we get these kinds of moments which ask us to choose which way we are going to: keeping our head in the sand or facing the unknown head on willing to let all our heroes die away. I had a moment like that too when I learned of the true origins of a supposed historical Christ figure. I hungered for truth so I was able to let my personal childhood mythological tales be put in proper perspective. I felt and still felt that truth will set one free, even when it’s the most uncomfortable truth in the world and challenges everything one has been told or taught. Which leads me to comment as follow — in light of a comment I saw on Piece of Mindful about Miles always coming up with what I call the J component, and it possibly being a prejudice on his part. Miles always says that he doesn’t intend to find these connections but nonetheless they appear, and what is he supposed to do, lie, just because it’s not PC. If I were doing research and I am personally Irish Catholic and suppose I were to find a bunch of links to Irish Catholics over the years involved in hoaxing, lies, fakery, theft, constant wars… should I look the other way because I would be afraid of being labeled prejudiced against Irish Catholics? Should I worship at the throne of truth or protect the culprits just because they aligned with me ethnically? I think Miles has gone out of his way to be as non prejudicial as humanly possible. As far as a tipping point being reached or not reached, only time will tell. I tend to agree with a man from Kashmir named Pandit Gopi Krishna who made prognostications – he saw a huge crisis coming and people returning to a more rural type of living, so I’m hoping we’re not all herded off to bleak urban dwellings. Cheers to all on this blog. Light a candle in the darkness.


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