Welcome aboard, Jimi Hendrix

Our friend and photo sleuth MH has made another important discovery. Jimi Hendrix did not die. His death, like so many of the Laurel Canyon era, was faked.

Hendrix West

We do a lot of this stuff, and most of our intuitions fall through. You only see our successes. But this one is defensible. The lineup of physical features in this composite photo is unique, and can only mean, against incredible odds, we are looking at the same person in two different guises.

Hendrix was in the Army, and note was taken there of his abilities on the guitar. He was the given early discharge because he just wasn’t interested in the military! That happens regularly, of course. The army routinely lets loose of young men who just aren’t that into military service. Especially in that era, the draft was more or less voluntary. I kid.

Hendrix thereafter pursued a career in rock and roll, still known as one of the best guitarists of all time. He died in London of a drug overdose in 1970, we are told.

But I doubt that, and also most of the premature deaths of that era. This was the time of Operation Chaos and Cointelpro, and spooks were everywhere. They have their ways – for some reason, these spooks cannot just transition from one assignment to another. They have to be fake killed.We have a list of scores of suspicious deaths we are reserching. We will locate these zombies.

I would imagine that the whole Hendrix death scene was scripted and staged, including the coroner, London’s version of Dr. Thomas Noguchi, Professor Robert Donald Teare, who also carried out the autopsies of Brian Epstein and Bruce Lee, two more likely fake deaths. Teare was around most of the suspicious deaths in London of that era, making him a likely candidate for spook.

Hendrix, as I read it, was an intelligence asset recruited while in the service and then fake-discharged, assigned to infiltrate the rock and roll scene, guaranteed publicity and top billing. He was then fake killed and re-assigned to civil rights, taking on a high-profile position at Princeton.  He became Cornel West.

Not to worry, spooks can manufacture fake credentials and background for anyone. (Even Donald Trump, who supposedly graduated from Wharton while working for E. Trump and Son … in New York (!) could have fake degrees, and anyway, why don’t any professors remember Obama attending Columbia?) West is likely still an intelligence asset, as he has a high public profile, routinely appearing on TV shows like Bill Maher’s Real Time and appearing in movies like The Matrix trilogy. That only happens to the chosen few.

Anyway, Jimi Hendrix, you are hereby anointed walking dead, an official zombie. Welcome aboard!

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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One Response to Welcome aboard, Jimi Hendrix

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Haw Haw! I recall a crack made by the odious but erudite William F Buckley when he wrote: John Lennon may be a fine musician but as a philosopher he makes as much sense as Jelly Roll Morton-Now I know what he was referencing- Corny West is a furtherance of the dumbing down/incoherent magical thinking that is elbowing common sense off the collective mental menu-
    A quick glance at Hendrix shows he has many aliases, some stage names, but we all know travelling artists are perfect cover for spookery- He was largely a creation of the studios and the rapidly evolving gadgetry that groups taking their cue from The Beatles were employing- He had charisma as the extant films reveal, and switching gears as radically as he has in becoming an Ivy League professor is great camouflage- I assume Henry Louis Gates Jr. is his handler- At least he’s coherent-


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