Alive in Yellowstone



Cooke City, Montana

We have been traveling and spent time in Yellowstone National Park back country aboard kayaks, a grand time. Lots of time to think about stuff. My current take on the world situation is this: It is a beautiful planet full of nice people. We have nothing to fear from one another, and even the spooks who work for the overlords don’t really kill people. People are mostly dumb, and kept that way deliberately by fake elections and fake news and fake events and manipulative entertainment and dumb-down schooling. It makes us governable.

Our potential is enormous, but the more time we spend in the classroom listening to our Pogie’s pontificate, the less of it we can realize.

But damn if it doesn’t feel good to be alive, to be above politics, events, frightened people, and just be able to figure out a mystery or two. There is only one direction, forward. There is only one attitude, to have fun. Can’t wait to get back to it later this week.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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13 Responses to Alive in Yellowstone

  1. I like that. Thanks for the musings, and glad you had a good time.

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    • The more I think about it, the more I think Tom Browaw might be someone of interest. He’s certainly no journalist. Brian Williams too, a community college dropout, has great comedic skills and can fake sincerity like no other. These guys on reassignment?


      • Brokaw could be. I thought about Williams but felt he was too good looking to be reassigned. Usually the plastic surgery makes them uglier. But then again we have Betty White who was very attractive even into older age.


      • steve kelly says:

        Yes, Brokaw. His reporting on the Somalia invasion and (fake?) subsequent events was some of the most idiotic since Vietnam. A not-so-retired, life-long zombie operative?


        • Tyrone McCloskey says:

          Don’t forget Peter Jennings, another college drop out who had several doors opened for him at a very early age- He’s been “dead” for a decade plus-


          • Tyrone McCloskey says:

            As I sift through the Beatles support staff (Epstein et al) I’m finding more and more drop-outs and expelled students in these bios- I’m thinking this is something required as to muddy the tracks of young recruits, possibly part of the sheep-dipping they go through to backfill their future persona bios as well as to begin running twins as a single entity well before fame is manufactured-


          • I’ll check out Jennings and Brokaw tomorrow. I wonder about Epstien, but he is British, has he reappeared as anyone over there? He’d be 82 if still alive now.


          • Tyrone McCloskey says:

            Epstein near the “end” was, in my opinion, helping to launder a lot of the cash the Beatles project was raking in- A casino owner by the name of Aspinall (any relation to Neil?) had rigged a Chemin de Fer game at his casino with an associate of the Kray twins (I suspect they were a manufactured “mobsters to the stars” gambit like Capone and Micky Cohen) and Epstein was losing big at the game he must have known was rigged- That’s one way to wash untaxed income- His “death” may have been to lose the trail of the Beatlemania revenue as Apple Corp. (run by Neil Aspinall) was just getting underway- The casino catered to Dukes and Earls so you can imagine whose pockets the Beatle money was lining- Epstein assistant Peter Brown (mentioned in The Ballad of John and Yoko) is said to have lifted some things from Brian’s death bedroom prior to the cop’s arrival- All this leads me to suspect that if Brian did reemerge as another person, it was after a very long time off the field as he would have been way too hot for the nobles involved- Good times…


      • What most of our zombies have in common is that they speak to our lowest common denominator. Bill O’Reilly Glenn Beck, Barbra Walters, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Phil, etc.


  2. annspinwall4 says:

    Good to hear from you! It must be nice to be away from all the crazy, lying newscasts as you make your way down the river in a kayak. Sounds like loads of fun. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    • Our river kayaking days are over, but our keeled boats track nicely in mountain lakes. We went from Lewis Lake in the southern part of YNP to Shoshone lake three miles up a channel. We then had to paddle four miles against a headwind to get to our camp site. But wind is our only obstacle these days.

      Hope you are well.


  3. OldeVirginian says:

    I envy you Mark – we were in idaho a few years back and wanted to swing by jellystone to look for yogi at least but the roads were still closed for snow so no go. Hope you are having much happiness there.

    Don’t look at Drudge – Hannity and O’Reilly leaving Fox!! You guys have blown their covers!


  4. OldeVirginian says:

    Sorry I get hannity and beck confused bc i never watch tv. Wonder who hannity was before…


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