House cleaning

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Over a camp fire, and after too much wine, I suggested to some friends that the Challenger astronauts had not died, and that the event was a hoax.  I said I could prove it, which I can. What I got in return was “Why?”

“Why?” is a thought stopper, as in saying “I refuse to look at the evidence because it interferes with my beliefs.”  (Another is “Someone would talk.”) I have an idea of why, but it is in development and might take months to flesh out. In the meantime, “what” will have to suffice.

Belief is the enemy of knowledge. Beliefs interfere with pursuit of truth. Maybe it is the fact that I have been drinking well water instead of municipal for the last fifteen years. Maybe that is why I don’t cherish beliefs. What was that Indigo Girl song?

“Don’t drink the water there seems to be something ailing everyone…”

I don’t know if people have always been like this, or if our current generation, steeped in television, movies, and Pogiecation, is debilitated.

Today I want to clear up some back burner issues of minor importance.

Oprah Winfrey was replaced by a body double. They look enough alike that they could be twins, but are clearly two different people. To the left below is the Oprah that hosted the first TV show out of Chicago, and to the right is a younger version of the current Oprah.

Ophra Composite

The resemblance is so strong between them that I have to suspect we are dealing, once again, with twins, perhaps identical or perhaps, like the McCartney’s, surgically altered.  But they are clearly two different people.

Elvis Aron Presley was (is?) twins. Another researcher stumbled on two live birth certificates, and with his bare eye was able to distinguish between them in Internet photos. One has a slightly longer chin and sharper nose, and a slightly less thick upper lip. I cannot do this stuff without assistance of side-by-side matching.

The guy on the left is Elvis, great singer and performer, and who spent a lot of his life in Las Vegas. On the right is Aron Presley, who made a lot of bad movies, was drafted, lived in Graceland, and married Priscilla. Notice the longer chin? (Oddly, two of those movies starred “Elvis” as identical twins.)

Elvis Composite

That is a tough, tough thing to see. I tip my hat to the researcher. These men are as close to being truly identical as I have ever seen.

Bob Dylan is still the same guy. There is a persistent rumor that when he disappeared for a while after an alleged motorcycle accident in the 1960s, he was replaced by a double. But no, he is what he was then, a kind of surly looking bad singer. (I never cared for his work.)

Dylan Composite

I could not quite get the nose to line up, but the eyes (one brown, one blue, by the way) tell me this is one person. The nose difference could be surgically altered, or maybe he is just growing that hook that Jewish people tend to do as they age.

Finally, there is also a rumor that Angelina Jolie was replaced by a body double. It reminds me of the line from comedian Stephen Wright that he woke up one morning to find that every piece of furniture in his apartment had been stolen, and replaced with an exact duplicate. The marriage to Brad may be fake, the double mastectomy fake too, and the kids are surely hired actors, but she is the same woman who appeared in movies as a mere child of 16 in 1991.

Jolie Composite

The longer ear lobes are just part of the aging process. Upper lip lining up is more important than lower, but with anyone in Hollywood, plastic surgery is always a possibility.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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11 Responses to House cleaning

  1. annspinwall4 says:

    I first heard about the Challenger ass-tro-nuts last year and immediately phoned my sister (I have no idea why, she thinks I belong in the looney bin already). She cracked up laughing and hung up on me….so much for that. I wonder how she would react if I told her the JFK “incident” was a psyop, she is in TX and I am in CA so she couldn’t easily have me committed LOL. For some reason I still hold out hope that some day soon she will actually listen to some of my “demented” ramblings.


    • Belief trumps evidence. That’s why I made the gnarly comment about municipal water supplies. But you and I, I am learning, are part of a much larger awakening going on – so be proud of the fact that you are able to see more and father than others, including sis.


      • sterosite says:

        I don’t live in America and I dont know the names of the states and cities in your country, I don’t speak English but even my poor English doesn’t stop me from trying to find the truth.For example,I spent only one day to find a person who changed his name 20 years ago and then I spent 8 days and found the address and fb profiles of a lot of related people that can help you to expose an american 90s psyop .This psyop is so popular among american filmmakers that they are still making films about it.
        I wish I could prove that it was a hoax but I can’t.I’m sure you can do that .If I lived in America I would travel and check all those addresses and phone numbers and write different scenarios to act upon,just to ask these ppl indirectly about what happened 20 years ago .
        I can’t mention the names here and I’m not the only one who knows these people and their pages but if you search for this particular person on the internet for example, you will find nothing.I found the name of his business . He is a jewish ,which is not what I expected based on what I read in Wikipedia . So I mean these days, it is not that difficult to find the truth behind the american psyops even for a 26 y.o. person like me who even can’t speak english very well.


  2. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Oprah as twins would seem to fit the back and forth shuttling of her youth Waki describes on her page- Two different communities get parts of Oprah’s childhood and assume it’s just one girl when she returns from exile- Her alleged father was military but there’s another military father candidate to further muddy the waters- “Oprah Winfrey” doesn’t just happen, it’s a long term operation, just like the Fab Four-


    • I see twins in those photos, not merely common mothers. Look at the alignment of nose and lips. It is close to perfect. But Oprah is a “project,” spooks coming at us from every imaginable direction.


  3. nemo says:

    Just curious as to whether anyone has tried voiceprint analysis to compare, say, Oprah 1 and 2?


    • Could be a good idea. Are there any online resources? I couldn’t find any free ones.

      Mark has suggested in the past that they can adjust the voices before broadcast. We would have to analyze a cell phone video from a public event or something.


      • As I recall from my days trying to find out who McCartney’s replacement was, voice analysis is expensive and has to be somehow guaranteed to be an accurate reproduction of the voice. For instance, musical recordings of singers’ voices are so monkeyed with that they are not useable. I don’t know about voices coming over televisions and radios.


  4. ron says:

    mark,ive been looking and reading about tavistock,the beatles and replacements for years. the twin angle is kinda new for me and makes sense. whick one did the charater who sang ..death ride for cutie,for all those years? was it mike? i read he killed him off after linda died. his name is eluding me .the other question,is,i ran across a pic of two pauls,sitting at a small table they were having tea served by linda. it seemed like it was in the cottage they lived at in scotland. i dont remember the caption. i told someone about it but could never find it again. i think that is where he retired to.


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