South Park: Killer comedy

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Columbine fake bodies

Trey Parker and Matt a Stone fake their deaths at Columbine, or somewhere, sometime before or during the fake event.

This is not original work, neither by me or MH, who brought it to my attention. As always, we are putting forth evidence, and the evidence speaks for itself, in this case screams. There is a YouTube or blog post out there that first brought up this matter, and when it is found I will give due credit, and do so …

… right here.

The following video is Michael Moore interviewing Matt Stone, the South Park TV show cartoonist, from Moore’s movie Bowling for Columbine.

I am going to stretch my vocabulary here, as the need for effective words is paramount. This is stunning hypocrisy. It flaunts decency. These two men are not only lying, but faking emotions they do not possess about an event they don’t care about in order to advance  an agenda, gun control, that insults the most basic of our rights. These two men are traitors to their fellow citizens. They should be tried and if found guilty by a jury of peers, hanged. I am quite serious.

Moore knows exactly who Matt Stone is. Before becoming “Stone” he went by the name Dylan Klebold. His real name is unknown. He is CIA, either an asset or agent. He was one of the shooters in the April 20, 1999 Columbine massacre. It was a fake event.

So who is Michael Moore, really? He would not be making movies like Columbine, which serve to distort rather than enlighten, if he were not a spook. As so many CIA assets do, Moore is controlled opposition.  (Cue Alex Jones, Cornel West and Thom Hartmann and, oh yeah, Barack Obama.) We don’t know who he is, really. He is a fake, using a fake name, and has a fake bio on Wikipedia.

At one point we thought he might be a reincarnation of Chris Farley, the comedian who fake died in 1997 at the age of 33 (note the age).  But careers would have overlapped, and further, Farley’s teeth, obviously real (though heavily worked over) did not match Moore’s, who is less a star and so can sport a less than perfect smile. Moore would not have had his teeth destroyed to take on his current role. But are they twins? Brothers? Possibly. There is a strong resemblance. [A nose job would have been in order for Farley – Moore’s is distinctively hooked.]

Farley Moore Composite

Farley has been fake dead now for 19 years. He should have reemerged by this time. We are looking for him.

I was asked to look at the movies of the Columbine event to see if there was a match-up between Klebold and Stone along with Trey Parker, his South Park collaborator, and Eric Harris, the other Columbine shooter. The event itself was unusable, but there is on the Internet the high school yearbook photos of Harris and Klebold. Could it be? Are they hidden in plain sight?


That is “Trey Parker” and “Eric Harris,” both fake names. There was a lot of ground work behind the Columbine event, to get the actors in place, and then to re-purpose them after as fake cartoonists.

That is “Dylan Klebold” and “Matt Stone,” again, fake names, fake people. Stone is no more a cartoonist than he is a high school graduate. South Park, the TV series, is a spook operation.

At this point I could explain everything. If you are new to this type of hoax and not afraid of evidence, you’ll have many questions. If you’re more a typical American, you’ve already discounted the evidence and fallen back on belief. In either case explaining is wasted effort. Those who can see and properly evaluate evidence will ask the right questions and be on their journey. They’ll flounder around a bit but will eventually figure it out.

Those who cannot see and evaluate evidence will get back to the important business of fake elections. Laugh about it, shout about it … 

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15 Responses to South Park: Killer comedy

  1. You spoke well.

    I’m hoping that this is the post that gets people outraged. It’s one thing to say that a comedian became a conspiracy radio host, it’s another to say that the two murderers involved in one of the biggest psyops of the last 25 years which changed the gun control debate in this country and how we view teenagers, became two enormously influential-to-the-millennials cartoon writers who specialize in spreading extreme vulgarity.

    And for them to appear in Bowling For Columbine, which was such an influential documentary, acting like rational, normal guys. I just don’t have the words in my vocabulary. Hypocrisy and lying are not strong enough words.


  2. annspinwall4 says:

    son of a bitch…I am happy to say that I have never, not even once, watched South Park


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  4. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Parker and Stone were said to have attended college in Colorado and studied film under Avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage, the namesake of the South Park character, Stan Marsh- I caution that those two may in fact be theater people, trained in the various theatrical arts they have had great success with- BUT, that does not mean they aren’t spooks of the first order- It’s well agreed that no one gets a platform the size of Parker and Stone’s without the right connections and agenda driven content- There are many ways to contextualize characters like these to ultimately smother them in red cloth-

    First, Brakhage as their mentor: Brakhage was born in 1933 (Ca-ching!) He commiserated with a host of modernist spooks in the late forties/early fifties as the CIA made their big push to destroy traditional art and its political potential- Brakhage I would describe as the Jackson Pollack of film- Like Clement Greenberg, the champion of abstract expressionism (an admitted CIA project) Brakhage et al had their press champion in Jonas Mekas who explained at great length in CIA co-opted journals what a great talent these spook artists were to a befuddled public who just didn’t get it- Fake awards soon pushed this ultimately Warhol/Sutcliffe inspired anti-cinema to illegitimate scholarly status (Spoiler alert: All of Brakhage’s films are utterly unwatchable, no matter the attendant superlatives)
    Brakhage had earlier mentored another CIA sanctioned degenerate “filmmaker”, Kenneth Anger, he a Doonsebury-like connector of the many nodes of Manson-era Laurel Canyon- (It’s possible Kenny, the character on SP that dies every week, is named after Anger (Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer)
    As I argued in JFKTV, these blockbuster psy-operas require serious show biz vets to pull these things together and keep track of the parallel narratives that are engineered to divide the public and simultaneously have the public agree that the hijackings/shootings/suicides actually did take place-
    Given the overlay of teenage angst that the Columbine narrative fetishized, I would not be surprised to find that asset Brakhage recommended two of his former pupils to infuse the narrative with up to date memes and imagery that the two much younger protégé’s would be familiar with- The additionally perverse touch of Parker and Stone using their own photos from a decade or so before is perfectly consistent with the brand of sick humor South Park is infamous for-
    I’ll also bet half a day’s pay that Columbine was infiltrated with “transfers” who could pass for seniors to get a lay of the land- A beta test of sorts for such a maneuver was concocted by Rolling Stone magazine in the early 80’s when they sent Cameron Crowe, a featherweight writer/director who was just starting out as a “reporter”, to return to his alma mater after college and pose as a high school senior, thanks to his still boyish good looks, and then write an article on what life was like from the inside of a teenage hive like a white suburban high school- A subsequent book, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and a film version launched Crowe to commercial success- If there was an overall producer/director of Columbine, Crowe would be one of my prime suspects, with input from another cinema knave who made his own film about Columbine, Gus Van Sant-

    As for Farley, I saw him in person in 1992 and he possessed as malformed a physique as I’ve ever seen on someone willing to stand in front of a camera- His presence was manic in the extreme- Watching his late period performance hosting SNL, he looked like he was in big trouble physically and mentally- But then, he was an actor and maybe the evident decline was an act to lay the ground work for his eventual “demise”- You really can’t trust any of these guys to ever play it straight- They aren’t trained to-

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. You bring so much to this blog.


    • I mentioned to strightfromthedevilsmouth that I thought it possible that Farley really did die, as his oily skin just reeked of substance abuse in his photos. But the death at age 33 led us to more suspect it was fake. If he was troubled that way, who better to set him straight than the people who invented psychiatry as we know it? Still, there’s no sign of him on the horizon oh these many years later. The resemblance to Moore speaks of twins or brothers, however.

      When I use the term intelligence “asset” to don’t mean to infer any great cognitive ability or planning skill. I just mean a personality whose abilities are used by more able people to carry out these psy-ops. The Beatles, for instance, had no depth or background to be able to put together the Sgt. Pepper project that was built around them, or the Paul is Dead psy-op. They were just the tools, or assets used by Intel for those projects. So too with a Stone, Parker, Vidal … Do as told, don’t fuck up. Use your theatric skills to do as we tell you.

      I do have to admire the edgy humor or South Park, and cannot imagine that the hard-nosed agents behind the scenes are capable of being tuned in to pop culture to that degree as to be able to immerse in it totally without faux pas … Perhaps Stone and Parker are really influential in the writing. There is some real talent at work there.

      I don’t watch movies, as a rule, nothing interesting around. I never saw Fast Times. Is it worth a look, in your opinion?


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        There are many grades of assets, some talent-less (crisis actors who can’t sell the tear-less grief and therefore don’t get a call back) up to connected family who live for the spotlight and will do any and all asked (ordered) of them to keep the game afloat- “Matt Stone” especially seems to have this level of eagerness- I’d say these two and Seth McFarlane are the preeminent spooks in Hollywood tasked with keeping millennials laughing instead of thinking- John Stewart and his posse are taking care of Gen X- The old folks get Fox or NPR-
        Fast Times… I graduated from high school (barely) in 1975 from the now justifiably famous football powerhouse, De La Salle, in suburban No. California- By ’82 when Fast Times came out, the high school archetypes in that film were still resonant- EVERYBODY, and I do mean EVERYBODY, knew a guy like Jeff Spicoli, Sean Penn’s stoner character that launched his career- I won’t name DLS’s Spicoli, but he was a dead ringer, from the bulbous nose to the bleached out surfer blonde long hair- Perpetually stoned, our Spicoli was the undisputed ring leader of the parking lot pot heads- If you are within that age range, check out the film, if only to see how much has changed/been lost- (Plus there is peak value Phoebe Cates and Jennifer Jason Leigh in full flower)


  5. Anon says:

    Hi, interesting blog! Lurking pseudo-anonymously. (What’s truly anonymous to intelligence groups? but…)

    I think the columbine shooters were faked (photoshopped) and their identities may have been managed or lent by spooky people like the “South Park” boys. In other words, there is a difference between straight up actors and the photoshop clones. The columbine cartoon characters were probably devised and created just to die for the psyop. Seems likely with the cynicism of “South Park” it could be those two are behind it.

    Also, you’re right, why else would the “Michael Moore” character (ever look at Michael Moore’s so-called hands? Creepy horror movie shit. Like he’s animating corpse hands within!!) even blatantly interview them?! The creep inside the “Michael Moore” outfit probably enjoyed cross-dressing to play the fake 9/11 pariah “Tanya Head”!


  6. smartnsweet1 says:

    If you check out the Facebook site of Mark Staycer’s wife, Jan, you’ll see one entry crying over Sandy Hook. AND a photo of “Mark” standing next to Michael Moore at a Traverse City MI film festival. 🙂


  7. smartnsweet1 says:

    By the way, can you do one of those side by side comparisons of Barbara Olson and Cindy Bachman?


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