Charles Manson has been replaced by a body double

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


The writing and staging committee at CIA was charged in the late 1960s with a high-level task. A large number of agents and assets were positioned in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles, and a multifaceted drama was underway.

  • Many of the assets were musicians, some of them even capable, and those not, like the Byrds, Doors, Buffalo Springfield and Mamas and Papas, were adequately ghosted by studio voices and musicians, some part of a group assembled by Phil Spector informally known as The Wrecking Crew.
  • Many were actors. Sharon Tate, Peter and Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper were children of Intelligence agents, Hank Fonda himself Naval Intelligence. (Hank’s first wife was widow of a man named Brokaw, a name that will turn up again in the future here.)
  • Others in place served support roles. Thomas Noguchi, Los Angeles County Coroner, certified many of the fake deaths that would follow as real, most importantly, that of Sharon Tate. Vincent Bugliosi was assigned the job of marshaling assets in the fake trial , a staged drama with fake witnesses, attorneys, and assisted at one point by Richard Nixon. (Bugliosi would go on to front for ghosted books (a CIA writing committee?) as author of the book Helter Skelter, later followed by books on the faked Kennedy Assassination, the fake OJ Simpson trial, and some legitimate non-fake fiction. Bugliosi would also tour the country and speak about the many inconsistencies in the official story of the faked assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. I sat through one of those talks in the early 70s, and was riveted.)

The staged drama that took place, culminating in nightmare called the Sharon Tate murders, served more than one purpose. CIA itself created the “hippie” dress styles, and using gatherings like Woodstock and Monterey drugged the youth population with millions of doses of LSD, an extremely harmful synthetic drug developed by CIA. Agents in that effort included Ken Kesey and Owsley Stanley.

Within the generation called “Baby Boomers” of the post war era, there was a lively antiwar movement, not the one we know today courtesy of CIA efforts, but of young campus-oriented people, well dressed and polite and learned. A new culture was in the making, and exposure of the real Vietnam War was making inroads. One CIA objective was to “blackwash” that movement by connecting it in the public mind with long hair, drugs, free sex and rock and roll. With cooperation of controlled media, it succeeded.

Thus does the Laurel Canyon scene, complete with the music, long hair and hippie dress styles, drugs and free sex emerge and begin to make sense. In CIA parlance, it was known as “Operation Chaos.” Its final act, the Tate murders, required one of the most frightening villains of all time, a Freddy Krueger  type designed to make nightmares for all of us. They chose a prisoner and arranged his early release in 1967 to prepare the way. They named him “Charles Manson.”

Charles Manson never harmed anyone, by admission. The Bugliosi effort resulted in a highly concocted tale of  a man capable of mesmerizing his followers into committing gruesome murders, none of which were real. For that he was sentenced to nine concurrent life sentences, and is in prison in Corcoran State Prison, California. Supposedly. His recent marriage license listed Santa Barbara as his address.

He’s not in prison. Not only that, neither were any of his “family” imprisoned. Most of them simply show up for publicly staged parole hearings, each being busy with new assignments after the Manson project. Charles was kept on for a lifetime role.

Or not. He’s been replaced now by a body double. Take a look:

Manson then 2In the early days, Manson was obviously told to widen his eyes to enhance his image as crazed murderer. Later, he added a Nazi tattoo (nice touch!). You can see it with the photo to the left here. He looks menacing. The idea was to scare us with Jungian archetypes, and the Freddy Krueger who invaded our dreams in the late 1960s fit the bill.

CIA did a reasonably good job in selection of the body double, but the problem is that no two people look alike. They got the menacing gaze down, and the basic head shape, but these are two different men, as the noses do not line up. I have spent many hours now looking at photo comparisons like this, and if I have learned anything it is this: If the features do not line up precisely, they are not the same person. These are two different men.

Anyway, note the clumsiness in replicating the (“self-inflicted”) swastika tattoo on replacement Manson, as illustrated below:

They are of different shape, different tattoos, and anyway, on different men.

Thus can I assert with confidence that the Manson murders were fake by simple proof that Manson himself is now fake. If he were real, there would be no need for a body double, as such a notion, inserting a new man for an old serving life sentences in a prison  is absurd.


The Charles Manson projected ended, more or less in the early 1970s, but throughout that period various assets were being recalled, reassigned and re-purposed. My interest was triggered with a list of Laurel Canyon deaths of musicians and actors. Far too many of them died, far more than even wartime allows.

I complied a list from Dave McGowan’s Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. There were between 70 and 80 deaths. I consulted the Social Security Death Index to find that only 18 of them appeared there, and many of those suspicious too. I was joined by a man who went by the moniker “MH” who now comments as Straightfromthedevilsmouth, which links to his website. Together, so far, we have discovered that the deaths of Bobby Fuller (re-purposed as Bill O’Reilly), Brandon DeWilde (Thom Hartmann), Jimi Hendrix (Cornel West), Jayne Mansfield (whose dual identity was also Betty White), and Pamela Courson (Barbara Walters) were all faked.The technology of facial alignment based on pupil distance has also proved useful in outing many other hoaxes, such as the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, the OJ Simpson affair, and the Columbine massacre.

We will find more, in fact, I have discovered another fake Manson victim, Gary Hinman, whose gruesome fake death led to the fake imprisonment of Bobby Beausoleil. That fable starts here in my current home of Denver, but leads back to my original home state of Montana. Tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Charles Manson has been replaced by a body double

  1. sterosite says:

    I’ve started a new project and it’s about Jef1frey 1Dah1mer.Yesterday I found the fb profiles of his relatives and this photo is from his uncle’s page.
    Is this man Jeff1?


    • Dahmer Dahmer

      Facial angle is different, and the eyes are dark so it is hard to zero in on pupils, but the features line up as if these are the same person. Can you get better photos?

      PS: Hair flows naturally left to right for both, and they are even wearing the same glasses!


  2. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Excellent summation and preamble for any researcher worth the name to dive into this top two or three psy-ops of all time- 911 is a summer blockbuster and JFK is a police procedural and the moon stuff is sci-fi FX, but Manson is the ground level reality show that really brings home on a personal level the how and why of these things- All of show biz, our religion, is outed in this Moliere-like comedy of manners/slasher picture- Television news and the judiciary are revealed to be just another appendage of entertainment distractions-
    With that, I’ll offer an idea of where Charlie (the original actor/show biz gadfly) might have come from- This is all conjecture based on a name game, but at the moment there isn’t a lot that I’m aware of that can locate pre-fame Charlie (I do not for a moment believe his prison laced backstory any more than I believe “Hitler’s” bio in Mein Kampf)
    The link takes you to the story of Georgia Tann, a “nurse” who stole infants from unwed mothers and sold them to the rich and famous-
    This a sketch of Charles Spencer Mann, the real estate developer of Laurel Canyon and in my hysteria, the guy that may have bought Charlie the baby from Tann to further various schemes in the future, a child reared like livestock to send in whenever a patsy/actor would be needed- “Mann’s-son”- Charles Manson- Yes, that’s where I’m starting with this… Any help is appreciated-


    • Thanks – I printed all of that for tomorrow morning. I am a little bleary eyed right now.

      Another person of interest is Tex Watson, tried separately and fake-imprisoned elsewhere. Photos of him look like a bright ordinary man. He was obviously not fit for a slasher movie.



  3. jay says:

    Something is up with the tattoo BUT the left tattoo is reversed because that is a scan of the negative or they printed it revered in the paper. Its the only one in the 60s that is not the reversed swastika i ever found and when I checked the date march 29 1971 I noticed all the other pics that day were flipped.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/us-trial-manson-sharon-tate.jpg

    Now look at the cop in this one escorting him, same cop but his badge is on the other side, and the swastika is reversed. So the above pic is a negative image.

    The most absurd thing as there are pictures after he carved it in his head and his forehead is smooth with nothing. No thats not the most absurd thing, the idea a hare krishna lit him on fire and burned off the skin on his forehead and he got plastic surgery and then a flipped swaztika tattoo is the craziest shit of all. Keep investigating I just wanted to point out the image was reversed


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