A do-it-yourself primer on face splitting

You can do this too, and satisfy yourself that the work we do here is honest and credible. Any scientific experiment, to be valid, must be repeatable. I post not only the comparison results, but the photos used in the comparison. All you need do is download those photographs, and load them individually into Microsoft Paint.

Farley 2In Paint, you can only work with one photo at a time. One you have one up, Paint has a “Resize” button to adjust the photo until the pupils of the eyes are at the correct distance. You are asked to enter a horizontal percentage adjustment. I use one inch as the standard pupil distance, and to get to that increase or decrease the photo size in increments until I am satisfied I am at exactly one inch distance between pupils. In this photo of Chris Farley, the eyes are big, so it is easy to adjust center-pupils to one inch each by trial and error, maybe adding 10 percent, subtracting one percent, etc. etc., until the distance is exactly one inch on your screen.

Moore 3Then do the same for your comparison photo, in this case, Michael Moore. You have to save the Farley photo and upload the Moore photo and then perform the same procedure.

Once certain that the eyes are both exactly the same distance apart, a comparison can be run. Paint allows you to copy all or part of a photo. Click the “Select” key to be sure you are in the right mode, and while holding down the left mouse key drag it until you have enough of the face for a comparison. Then release the mouse key, right click, and choose “Copy.”

Farley Moore CompositeYou can now recall the original photo, in this case Farley. Once you have it on your screen, right click and “Paste.” The half-face you just copied will appear. You can drag it with the mouse to line it up, and make fine adjustments with the arrow keys. You must be sure, to be true to the procedure, that the pupils are one inch apart, now the distance between Farley and Moore’s pupils.

All that done, it is apparent from this composite that we have a negative result. Farley and Moore are two different people. The lips, nose and ears do not line up. This is generally the result. Only occasionally do we manage to uncover a zombie, as happened with Maury Povich below. Many times the results are intriguingly close, but I do not fudge them. It is either a hit or a miss, in this case, a miss. Work is complete.

Note: I use PhotoShop to lighten and level the eyes in photographs, which is why you see dotted frames around Farley and Moore. I realize most people do not have that program, but Paint is usually enough to do the job. You merely need to select photos of people in the same pose for comparison. Free and  copyrighted  images abound on the Internet, but Getty Images, guaranteed free, is always a safe bet. Also, the Microsoft Snipping Tool is an invaluable aid.

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7 Responses to A do-it-yourself primer on face splitting

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    https://pixlr.com/editor/ I use this online photoshop knock off for cut and paste and other things- It’s free online and more versatile than Paint, if you have connectivity-
    BTW, can you suggest a photo hosting site where my own cut ups could be linked to the blog in case I get a hit?


    • I have a Snapfish account, if that is what you ahve in mind. Or we could simply open one for you and MH and I and Annette and all to use.


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        I’ll check out Snapfish- A communal account would be great- I’m am as tech savvy as a bruised grapefruit (???) so anything to make life easier is appreciated-


    • By the way, I did this just to scare you, speaking of Freddy Krueger-like nightmares. it is a composite of Bill Hicks and Alex Jones, each very angry, using the procedures above. Sleep well tonight.

      Hicks Jones Angry Composite

      I am satisfied now that Jones and Hicks and Krueger are the same person.


  2. mbutterfield says:

    Emma Watson vs. Helena Bonham Carter??? Check out http://wanna-joke.com/emma-watson-vs-helena-bonham-carter/ for a remarkable face split.

    Liked by 1 person

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