Stephen Hawking is a fake

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Another researcher speculated that Stephen Hawking had long ago been replaced by a body double. Like so many others, however, I would not have come to this understanding on my own. I was not paying attention, and simply took it all for granted as presented by our news and entertainment media.

Here is the Wikipedia summary of an illness that Hawking suffered in 1985:

“During a visit to the European Organisation for Nuclear Research on the border of France and Switzerland in mid-1985, Hawking contracted pneumonia, which in his condition was life-threatening; he was so ill that Jane was asked if life support should be terminated. She refused but the consequence was a tracheotomy, which would require round-the-clock nursing care, and remove what remained of his speech.[97][98] The National Health Service would pay for a nursing home, but Jane was determined that he would live at home. The cost of the care was funded by an American foundation.[99][100] Nurses were hired for the three shifts required to provide the round-the-clock support he required. One of those employed was Elaine Mason, who was to become Hawking’s second wife.[101]”

This was probably when he died.

Hawking was initially diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, in 1963. His 22-year survival, if real, is a record by a couple of years over that of Jason Becker. His survival until today, 53 years, is an absurd notion. Jane would officially stay married to her deceased spouse until 1995, and in 1996 remarried, free at last of the scam. The new Hawking entered into a farcical marriage with Elaine Mason, complete with rumors of abuse, the normal kind of misdirection we get from Intelligence when something really important is being covered up.

Of course, the natural question is why, and here I quote the researcher:

“Well, the reason for all this weirdness is the reason for all the other weirdnesses in the Modern world: money. Physics has become a giant cash cow, milked straight from the various national treasuries by the usual suspects. Hundreds of billions of dollars are siphoned from the people of Europe, China, Russia, and the Americas via these fake programs. And Hawking was an important PR personality in the early 1980’s, one they didn’t want to lose. He was a top salesman of their various boondoggles, and he became an even better salesman once he was replaced by an impostor. Once he was replaced, his  puppeteers had complete control over the product they were creating, with no fear that the real Hawking might develop scruples.”

He goes on to lament the replacement of real talent with impostors in art and music, and we have seen plenty of that here at this website in our wanderings through the Laurel Canyon scene. In addition, we are given the likes of Jimi Hendrix (Cornel West) masquerading as a philosopher and spouting crazy nonsense, given wide exposure on shows like Bill Maher’s Real Time. Philosophy too falls victim to the philistines of Intel. Most of Hollywood now is an incestuous freak show. Professional and college sports are rigged. So it should come as no surprise that science too is corrupt, and fake. Not much is real around us except those things we can see, touch and understand on our own, without help from media.

I have to rely on facial matching. But I do add that with this particular phoniness, the impostor, once seen, is easily thereafter seen as that – fake teeth, hands, and a computer voice that we have slowly been taught over time to be the inner workings of his excellent mind. Horseshit!

Hawking with distorted headThe reader might surmise that Hawking’s skull has been distorted by ALS, explaining the misaligned features, and indeed such a phenomenon did occur. To the right is a photo of him supposedly taken at the time of his wedding to Elaine Mason in 1995, but actually a pasted photo from a decade earlier, prior to his death.

Below the fold here is a comedy cut from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight series. It a is well-written and very funny, but completely fake, interview with “Hawking” a willing participant. Notice if you will how easily Hawking observes his surroundings, and reacts quickly to jokes. MH supplied this video to me in response to my suggestion that Hawking had been replaced by a man of very low IQ who was not aware of what was being done with him. Not so, said MH – Intelligence wants to be in control of all situations, and so would want an actor in that position. I agree.

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7 Responses to Stephen Hawking is a fake

  1. John in Texas says:

    I highly suspect Jason Becker is faking his ALS. He was an up and coming blistering guitar player and was associated with both Marty Friedman (Megadeth) and David Lee Roth (both Jewish). Becker had an uncle that was a Hollywood actor. If you check out current photos of Becker you will see that he looks perfectly healthy and almost a bit chubby. He allegedly can only move his eyeballs but he routinely cracks a smile for the camera. And always impeccability dressed and groomed. I call bullshit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Julie says:

      No way is he faking it, look at those hands. Thats typical of paralysis. I never knew who he was before this but he seems quite brilliant to me. 🤗


  2. anton says:

    hoax culture is …sure…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Miguel Monteiro says:

    I sad… but I agree


  4. Aurora says:

    Once you see this one, it becomes painfully obvious. They are constantly trotting out “Stephen Hawking” to promote ridiculous political crap that has nothing to do with science. Certainly lots of people these days are willing and eager to go on record preening about their progressive bona fides (“Trump’s tweets are simply BEYOND the pale faints.) But it just feels so obvious when they have “Hawking” shiling for stuff. But it does work. Lots of “well-educated” people are quick to post “Hawking’s” “profound pronouncements” on Facebook because they think it makes them look deep or something.


  5. Julie says:

    I watched his doco Stephen Hawkings Grand Design, Did God create the universe?
    At the very end when he said his last few words I saw him move his right leg upwards twice! Impossible right!? But he did and quite a big move too.


  6. Michael Nsumbu says:

    I believe that the real Stephen Hawking died a long time ago and has been replaced by an imposter to take his place.


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