OJ redux: Another visit to the man who killed no one and is not in prison

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” (Mark Twain, attributed)

The above quote is taken from the masthead of this blog and has sat there now for months. Whether or not Twain said it, it is true. People simply don’t like to admit they can be fooled!

Take the most obvious example I have encountered, OJ Simpson. My wife and I were sitting in a doctor’s office flipping through Vanity Fair, which recently revisited the fake OJ saga, treated it as real, and showed photos of all the hoax participants. I looked at the photo of OJ an laughed. “That’s not him,” I said. “It’s someone else.”

Here they are, side-by-side:

Simpson side by side. 2png

The most obvious reason that I could spot the hoax was that the guy on the left is too young. The OJ trial happened in 1995, 21 years ago. OJ was born on July 9, 1947, and is 69 years old now, if still alive. The average lifespan of an NFL player is 55-60, but of course, OJ could easily be on the right side of the curve. All I know is the guy on the left above is not OJ. Can anyone else spot the essential difference?

Simpson OJSimpson OJ 2Before I do that, on the right a photo of OJ during the trial, when he was almost 50. He is developing, at that age, forehead wrinkles, though they are only apparent in this photo because he is lifting his eyebrows. On the left, a 2013 photo, the same lines appear, but notice that even after 18 years since the first photo, the lines have not deepened, in fact, are less so. In fact, his overall skin tone compared to OJ in 1995 is that of a man who has not aged at all. Prison life is good!

That’s one reason to think that this is a new OJ, but not the only one. Another is that his sentence was 33 years. That is a spook marker, a way that Intelligence operatives signal to one another that a hoax is underway. That’s a little esoteric for the average reader, but I’ll go into a little detail anyway. Numbers often appear that mean nothing to us in passing unless we know what to look for: 8, 11, 33, 47 are the most common in use by Intelligence to signal to one another that a hoax is in play, as in “We’re heeeeere.” Each has significance to spooks, 8 a Fibonacci number, 33 the highest order in Scottish masonry, 47 the year the CIA first went into business.  11 I do not know about. (OJ was born in 47, we are told.) So anyone who follows the work of spooks knows when a hoax is in play. Here are a few from recent days:

  • 27-year-old Democratic-staffer Seth Rich shot and robbed, and there is a Hillary connection! It’s fake, no one died, we are just being gamed. “27” is 3 to the 3rd power, or a manifestation of 33, silently alerting in spooks everywhere that it is a false event, a fake death. (Rock stars have uncommonly died at that age, and 53 (5+3=8).
  • The Zika virus was discovered in 1947. Automatically, on seeing that, I knew that Zika was a hoax. There’s plenty of other evidence to back that, but that was an indicator.
  • 33 people hospitalized in New York City after using synthetic marijuana. 8 were taken from the Stockton Street area to Woodhull Medical Center suffering from “altered mental states.” Fake story, don’t know why. Intelligence also controls the drug trade, so perhaps CIA does not like competition from a synthetic substance and is trying to scare people away from it.
  • OJ Simpson given an unusually harsh sentence after breaking and entering in Las Vegas, 33 years. No he wasn’t. He never went to jail. He’s never committed any crimes. But he has indeed disappeared.

The key to distinguishing the two photos is again, ears:

Simpson side by side

The yellow line merely assures me that we have lined up the two photos correctly. The red lines are top and bottom of ears. Not even close. By the way, they did a good job with the replacement OJ. They are very close in facial features, though the noses are in different locations. The mouth, chin, eyes, eyebrows, all line up. But they could not get the ears right!

Now, the casual reader is going to have problems. One, no one in news media is ever going to investigate this. That is because media, like entertainment and drugs, is completely controlled by Intelligence. We have shown you were time and again that supposed commentators like Barbara Walters, Bill O’Reilly,  Charlie Rose, the Amy Goodman twins, Thom Hartmann are Intelligence assets. They are but the tip of the iceberg, as we have much more work to do. But if you are of the type that needs validation from authority sources, you are living in the wrong country. It will not be forthcoming.

Two, and this will be most unsettling: OJ is not in jail, may be dead, never killed anyone. Nicole Brown Simpson is alive and well, masquerading as Denise. That whole 1995 trial was a hoax, a sideshow. If you are of a curious mind, you might want to go back to that time and see what it distracted us from. There was lots of other news that was drowned out by the OJ circus. The hardest aspect for me to comprehend was that they were able to stage a trial, using real and fake attorneys, a real judge, real news coverage, and sell it in whole.

Troubled? Good! Doubt is the beginning, and not the end, of real education.

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4 Responses to OJ redux: Another visit to the man who killed no one and is not in prison

  1. I first read MM’s take on the OJ trial during my first month or two at September Clues. I was still coming to terms with 9/11 being a hoax, dealing with a minor depression from the realization my entire world was fake, that the media was involved in hoaxes, and cut out every single show, sports game, mainstream website, etc. from my life as I tried to figure out who I could trust. Realizing the media is involved was really a back-breaker for me.

    Somebody linked to his OJ article in a SC thread, and while I found some insights from the beginning of the article to be incredible, I still found it a little too much too handle that judges, juries, lawyers, etc. could all be fake. The scope and logistics seemed too much for me. So I put it away, but still kept it in mind to read at a later time.

    After my fallout with SC, and realizing that those guys weren’t the be-all and end-all of truth, I remembered Mathis and started rereading his stuff with caution. The more I read, the more it all came together and I became obsessed with reading all of his articles and checking his site everyday to see if he wrote anything new. I now realize that he’s just human, and we have disagreements on things, but I still respect his work tremendously.

    So this fake-OJ stuff, I feel is one level above crisis actors/fake events. A lot of people have trouble taking that next step to MM. Of course, our work is even one step higher than that. So perhaps my post in the “United States” comments section was shortsighted. Maybe we just need patience as people start seeing the truth, when they are ready to.


  2. steve kelly says:

    Cecile Richards and Denise Brown, both media darlings, have some interestingly similar features. Maybe it’s nothing.


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