The basic fact about the United States

Here are three sets of photos as shown to an acquaintance recently:

That is Taylor Swift and the photos clearly indicates two people. She is twins.

That is Paul McCartney and the photo clearly indicates two people. He is twins.

That’s a photo of Amy Goodman, which she asserts is her at a younger age, coupled with Janice Joplin. They are the same person.

What was interesting is this: In the first two sets of photos, my acquaintance immediately began looking for similarities and concluded that each set was of the same person, and that no twins were apparent. In the third set, he immediately began looking for differences!!! He concluded that they were different people because the hair lines do not match precisely.

This is about human psychology, nothing else. Swift and McCartney are twins, easily apparent. Joplin faked her death as was re-purposed as Amy Goodman. They are the same person.

But I was not asking my acquaintance to agree with me. By showing him polar opposites, people who are different who are supposed to be the same, and people who are the same who are supposed to be different, I was asking him if he could admit to having been fooled. And the answer was no.

He has been fooled, three times. He cannot admit that. This is the nature of the beast we are dealing with.

Propagandists know never to confront people as they live in their skin. They know to work with people as they are, and fool them in place, allowing them to run with their illusions, never upsetting their belief systems. Beliefs are changed only gradually, by means of subtle nudging, often taking years, as with the current push to get us to give up our guns.

If an immediate change of opinion is necessary, agitation propaganda is used – fake mass shootings and bombings and the like. But mostly the recent fake mass shootings, since they have not led to wars, are being used to keep us in a state of tension, unable to think clearly. That’s a large part of why we are so easily fooled, as with the photos above. We are kept in a state of fear.

Consequently, in our country, which is awash in propaganda, hoaxes and lies carry the day, and truth tellers like me labor away in obscurity, the subject of ridicule.

Liars usually carry the day. That is the basic fact about our country.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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7 Responses to The basic fact about the United States

  1. steve kelly says:

    Fear triggers adrenaline production. It’s the “fight-or-flight” hormone. MSM is a weapon directed at us, and all life. Perpetual war = perpetual fear. People can’t turn off their brain. Hormones control everything in our body. We are being systematically altered without our knowledge or consent.

    “Years ago, the only time the body released excess adrenaline was in times of danger. As soon as the danger passed, usually in a few minutes, the levels went down. Nowadays, people are often releasing adrenaline all day and all night, but they are not in danger. Instead, the body is releasing adrenaline primarily to raise sugar levels for the brain – the part of the body that utilizes the most sugar. When sugar is used up in the brain, the brain falls asleep (hypoglycemia). This, of course, can be a concern if it happens when someone is driving. From a survival standpoint, the body always wants to insure that the brain has enough fuel. If someone is relying on adrenaline to provide the fuel the brain requires, they must understand that they have no control over the amount of sugar the body will produce via a process called gluconeogenesis. This is a process whereby protein is converted into sugar. Do not underestimate the amount of sugar that can be produced by this process. When people are lying in bed at night tossing or turning, or grinding their teeth, or getting up at 2:30 am to urinate, or have RLS – they are experiencing symptoms of excess adrenaline, which is being released to increase sugar levels.” – Michael Platt, MD

    Too much sugar. Hmmmm. Could be a big problem.


    • John in Texas says:

      Steve, thank you for posting that.

      I tell everyone that will listen to me that we are in a perpetual state of trauma based mind control. It is awful.

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  2. I notice that when you press people to explain why they don’t believe it, they focus on superficial things. How wide the mouth opens, hairline, shape of nose. All things that can be changed with plastic surgery.

    Fundamental > Superficial – They prefer the latter. When it comes to dismissals, people all of a sudden become experts in facial recognition.

    Other objections rest on us only having one photo that shows similarities or differences, rather than a myriad.

    The thing that gets me most, is the lack of curiosity. I can expect that from people who still believe in MSM, but I expect the people who believe in fakery to at least be more open-minded to ideas from genuine researchers whether they are right or wrong. They grab on to small things in order to dismiss the idea, rather than consider the ramifications of it being true. Humans don’t like to believe that they don’t have everything figured out, despite how much many like to say “they don’t know everything”, it’s all talk to appear like they have humility.

    We haven’t been stuck in this hole for hundreds or thousands of years by accident. There had to be cooperation for us to be here. The cognitive biases inherent in humans are the weakness that allow us to be ruled like this.


  3. annspinwall4 says:

    I was listening to a podcast on Circus Maximus last night. The host was interviewing Ole Dammegard about Operation Gladio and recent false flags. This is the picture that went with the broadcast…from the recent Brussels psyop…”they” are laughing at us. (the pic wouldn’t paste, so here is a link) Very revealing.

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  4. annspinwall4 says:

    never mind, the link opened to reveal the picture


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