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Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.

Further research 2/17, this post was mistaken. I’d like to make it go away but my conscience makes it stay. _____________________________________________________________

Here we go again, more twins.

First, a brief discussion of twinning. Straightfromthedevilsmouth left an interesting comment under the De Niro post. He referred us to this article from Wired.  It says that there are about 605,000 famous people in the world, judging by Wikipedia living person entries.  That is about .000086% of the world population, and extrapolating to the U.S., means that about 27,350 of us are famous. That’s qualifies as a very rough guess.

Other sources tell me that twins occur in about 2% of the population, so that of our 27,350 famous people, there should be 547 twins, or 274 sets, assuming no triplets or quadruplets.

Now, judging from 1) the grocery store, 2) the post office, 3) Target, and 4) COSTCO, it is my judgment that, even though many of us are reasonably attractive, perhaps only one in fifty of us is good looking in the movie/rock star sense. That means that of the 274 sets of twins in our famous population, 6 sets would be good looking.

However, MH and I  have a list of 42 potential twins sets, of which we have so far confirmed, to our satisfaction, that 19 are indeed twins! Another 15 need to be investigated.

This is way, way out of whack! My speculation, and we seem headed in this general direction, is that the population of people who are “famous,” who are mostly related to one another, and usually having royal ancestry. So they could well be the product of selective breeding. (There is also, perhaps, a drug regimen to enhance the possibility of twins.)

If this is the case, then it might not be out-of-bounds to speculate that the five children that Angelina and Brad Pitt have adopted are part of a selective breeding pool, and though we only see five at a time, there well might be five more twins behind close doors. They take them out for public viewing five at a time. In Hollywood, twins are never seen together.

That is just speculation, of course, but this is not: Brad Pitt has an identical twin. Here are all the photos of Brad that we have looked at:

Can you spot the two that are different from the other six? It is not easy, I guarantee. I will make it easier here by narrowing the field to four:

Pitt side by side

Again, I have given away the game by use of the (red) lines to delineate relative ear height. (The yellow line merely lines up the eyes.) The two in the middle have markedly higher ears than the other two, and are the second Brad Pitt, not seen as often as the first. Let’s call the four Brad Pitts 1, 2, 3 and 4, left to right.

Here are some face splits. I believe in this technology – it is the only way I could pick out the ringers in the above eight. Only then did I notice that ear height differed.

These are, left to right, 4/3, 1/2, 1/4, and 2/3.

1/4 is a match, as is 2/3. Those are the third and fourth face splits, left to right. 4/3  and 1/2, the first and second, look reasonably close, but do not match because of slight facial differences (mostly seen in the noses),  and, of course, the ears give away the game.

Which one is sleeping with Angelina Jolie? Do you really want to know the answer? If not, stop reading, right now.

OK. Ready? Neither is sleeping with Angelina. Both the Pitt twins and Angelina all go home to separate bungalows each evening, and the five (if not ten) kids are taken back to the star breeding compound.  Pairing in Hollywood is a press agent matter, mates assigned to one another for certain durations. Then they break up and re-pair. So Brad and Angelina have never been Bradgelina, and certainly not BradBradgelina.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

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47 Responses to Bradd Pitttt

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Dateline Hollyweird!!
    A friend of mine worked closely with Pitt on a movie that will go nameless to protect the innocent- I’ve no juicy gossip as said friend doesn’t do that, mostly for professional survival, though all reports indicate that Pitt has knee buckling charm to go with that smiling mug- But, if Pitt is a twin, my suspicion based on the mundane details of life on that set that I heard is that one Pitt does all the acting as there was no indication of a trade off from scene to scene as there is, say, in HELP! with Paul/Mike- That would leave the other Pitt free to do stuff like tour Africa with Angie and the kids as they move intel for the CFR and such- Jolie has not hidden her affiliations with outfits like UNICEF, the United Nations and the CFR and she and travelling Pitt seem much like William Holden: overt tools for the globalists- Big Bad Bill Holden, nee: Beedle*, openly discussed the weapons dealings he had with Adnan Khashoggi back in the 70’s**- Then he died later of being a stumbling drunk or some such and Tom Naguchi took care of the rest (which included cremation, the ashes tossed in the Pacific to make sure no one went looking for a body down in Brazil) Beedle and his girl, Stephanie Powers, ran around Africa tending to wild life preserves as a cover- Operation Brangelina appears to be a continuation of that sort of process-
    *In my home town of Pasadena, the Beedle family was serious money- I couldn’t find the citation, but I recall Holden descended from what sounded like important Brits long ago- He had a brother “die” in WWII, much like Joe Kennedy Jr., so we could have a spook family that stretches back some- I’m digressing because the bloodline connection secures one’s career if one has any charisma, so I suspect Pitt’s ancestry is equally linked- (That doesn’t preclude illegitimacy: Francis Bacon was rumored to be the bastard whelp of Elizabeth I, ie)
    **Mae Brussell discussed Holden more than once- Though she sounds now like, at best, a useful idiot, this was one piece of info that rang true to me-


  2. nathan says:

    one of my wife’s toilet mags a couple months ago said pitt and jolie are grtting divorced and so is jennifer MANiston from “her” hubs. looks like they’re fit’na re-pair pitt and maniston.


  3. There might be an AngelinaAngelina, I haven’t really looked for her. Would make logistical sense, but then again she doesn’t really act anymore, so maybe there’s only one.

    The best way to describe the Pitt twins is that one is the very good looking one with a pointy chin and more prominent jowls, and the other one has a squarer jaw, but looks a bit more rugged.


  4. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    One thing a lot of these guys share is they’re short- Pitt isn’t that tall- Redford, Hoffman, Pacino, Cruise, Clooney… they don’t seem all that angry, as short men can be- But then, fame, adulation, cheese, chicks, that can salve a lot of perceived wounds- The reason I bring it up, though, is it may be a genetic marker for some of these families that provide recruits for the media- It’s claimed that small boned people photograph better than normal sized folks but I don’t see a difference- Big eyes were the most vital feature for film actors beginning in the silent era when facial expressions had to say what couldn’t be title carded- That’s carried over but isn’t as vital today (Richard Gere) Another thing that actors often share are large heads- I’ve seen Sean Penn in person (looks about 5’9″ soaking drunk) but a lot of that height is his unusually large head- Joe Mantegna has the biggest head I’ve ever seen in human form- Sorry for the name drops but if these people are one or two cousins removed, it would show in various ways-


    • That’s interesting. I saw Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey on the Tonight Show promoting their second Dumb and Dumber movie, and Carrey made a point to talk about how Daniels has a big face and he doesn’t, so that throughout the movie they had to place them apart so it would not be so obvious when side by side. They always place Carrey in foreground, Daniels behind.

      In My defense, never saw movie.


  5. And yes, I suspect Cruise of being twins…at least. Still need to do more work on it though.


  6. depatridge says:

    Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:



  7. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Don’t forget Fast and Furious Paul Walker who died in a horrible car crash while making another horrible car crash picture- Like Wile E Coyote, Walker bounced back to finish the picture as his “nearly identical” brother, Cody- Expect “Paul” to resurface with Heath Ledger in a reboot of Crossfire some time in the next few years, reinvigorating the false left/right dialectic- I digress…


    • There is funkiness between Paul and Cody. I don’t think they are the same guy, but it is possible we are dealing with two sets of identical twins. Way too early to say, but just a hunch. If we find that to be true, that is a strong point in favor of the “inducing twins” theory.

      And I think Heath Ledger had a twin too. I haven’t sent that to Mark yet, but I feel strongly about it, looking at the pictures.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        If Heath has a twin, it was that guy in the Joker makeup- All of the vanilla faced performances of Ledger starting with The Patriot make me wonder how in the hell that monotone face and voice could then pull a miracle performance out of his ass like the Joker- It had to be someone else- (Note: I haven’t seen all of his movies- He was a zombie in Monster’s Ball, The Patriot, I’m not There [apt title] and that last thing he didn’t finish, The Something of Dr. Something) Odd that he should die in property owned by one of the Olsen twins- I’ll just wait for the photo splits-


        • Mark says:

          I have already had my posts deleted on this thread twice. Oh well, maybe the third time is the charm. As far as Ledger goes, and the Joker character, I am thinking that I have seen something similar posted by other researchers, but to me it looks like River Phoenix — just looking at his pics on google. So, River could be Ledger or there are TWO people playing Heath Ledger with one being River Phoenix. Or, River came out of retirement for one last hurrah…


          • I’ll be honest, River Phoenix-Heath Ledger match up a lot closer than I expected. This one’s a possibility, and if there are two Ledgers, then there must have been two Phoenix’s. It’s getting kind of late but I’ll look closer tomorrow.

            Would love to hear who you think Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford became. Make sure you don’t include any links, sometimes the comments block those posts.


          • Mark, I am on spook watch, and your comments were sarcastic put-downs of our work here. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but as I said, “spook” watch where guys living in Mom’s basement try to ingratiate before unloading debris on us, earning beer money I suppose. So just be nice and we’ll have no problems.


  8. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Phoenix went out similarly to Belushi- Quite unexpectedly as his star was still rising fast- He also “died” the same day as Fellini, which was convenient as it helped to sell the death by coupling it with a most likely real one- He looks nothing like “brother” Joaquin, at least to my near-sighted eyes- Like projecting the careers of rookie baseball players by looking at their minor league stats, my reading is that River wasn’t going to translate into a mature adult star- He seemed too beady eyed and slight to be an action guy, wasn’t particularly suited to deep thought acting (for my money Denzel Washington is the best at conveying thought while doing and saying nothing- he would have fit in well with Ingmar Bergman if Bergman ever needed an African-American actor) and, though he was apparently popular with teen girl audiences, he was no young Leo DiCaprio- Given all that, there may have been no room for him, especially as Hollywood has all but stopped making mid-priced pictures, save for a few pre-made pick ups for Oscar bait- Joaquin has been in some interesting indies, so maybe he was the Phoenix they chose- You don’t hear really anything about the rest of those kids- Whatever cult they were supposed to have been raised in, that kind of op has been shuttered- It’s hard for cults to compete for children’s souls with things like Tumblr and Instagram free and at one’s fingertips- Passwords are more useful than secret handshakes-

    oh, right…twins- Um, back to you Straight…!


    • Andy Kaufman’s brother said he was just “tired of being Andy Kaufman” and so faked his death. I don’t think actors get to decide on their own fake deaths. They had created such a quirky off-the-wall character with Andy that they could not maintain a the edge, I am guessing. But the other end of fake death appears to be retirement, a nice life without fame, aka Jerry Garcia, Robin Williams, John Denver, Prince. Denver and Prince each sat on a large body of work that needed to be given some serious monetization, I suppose, and I am no Price fan, but Denver’s work was in serious decline. If indeed he wrote his own songs, he had lost his edge years before. So those guys won’t reappear.


    • Just like the other day, when Lou Pearlman (who I’m pretty sure is a reassignment) died followed by Jack Riley at age 80 who was one of the voices of the Rugrats.

      I’m going to take a close look at Pearlman tomorrow. His entire bio doesn’t make sense.


  9. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Doing a Mathis-like look at Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. (Denver) there are a lot of Jewish first names in his family tree which would give MM wood- I don’t really get the crypto-stuff so I’ll leave that alone- The interesting names otherwise are Koop and Swope- Yes, of course he’s connected, otherwise he wouldn’t get airplay- His father (a Lt. Col.- Ca-ching!) was at Roswell AFB when Junior was born- Nuff sed!


    • No surprises … In his younger years he looks very Jewish. I guess at this point I’d be surprised if he were not.

      I am half Jewish myself, I have recently learned, my father’s side so it does not count. I have been reading about the Khazars, to so-called 13th tribe. This is the origins of the Ashkenazi, my father’s roots. There was no Diaspora, no Twlelve tribes, in my view, that stuff all being based on astrotheology, twelve constellations, twelve apostles, twelve months, all of that, just made up. But the Khazars and Jews did form a powerful alliance, uniting Hun-like fighting qualities with Jewish scholarship and wisdom. I think that the Asheknazi, far more than Semitic Jews, are the ones causing us so much grief.

      But hey, take it easy on my people! (My son married a Jewish girl, a beautiful treasure, and she has told him she was suspicious he had some Jewish in him.)


  10. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    As always, I give you more than you probably need: I don’t have the citation at hand, but within the last five years or so, a DNA survey of Ashkenaz descendants was taken and the results were surprising to say the least- The results showed that over 80% of the Ashkenazim originated in Saxony beginning around 800 CE- The obvious answer as to why is that when Charlemagne defeated the Saxon pagans, he then threw the women and children into the Jewish/Levantine enclaves and slaughtered the pagan men- The women converted, not by choice but by survival- A later supplement from the remains of the Eastern hordes joined them (your father’s line?), along with that trace of the original immigrant Levantine stock-
    The Khazarian saga is a controversial one in Israel- Some scholars do not support the mass conversion version of history- The idea got legs when H G Wells published on this theory- You can trust his motives as far as you can throw his anti-Semitic carcass- I suspect that in the mid 8th c. CE, the King, Bulan was his handle, first converted his family and court jesters/advisers and the local business leaders followed suit to keep those tax breaks healthy, as well as keep their heads attached- The peasants and foot soldiers were probably pacified by allowing them to keep their old gods (always a smart move- Stalin, for instance, never closed the churches despite the propaganda about atheistic commies) The record keeping was likely in the ready-made literacy of the imported Hebrew, so the record may imply comprehensive conversion where it probably did not happen, save, as I say, for the royal/literate/monied class- Khazarian kings with styles such as Moses and David and Solomon would suggest a Jewish state, but the reach of the Khazarian empire at its apex was probably host to many religious rites and superstitions (a fine distinction, that)-
    PS- Apparently the Ashkenazis in the Wehrmacht numbered around 150,000- Also, Field Marshall Erhard Milch, the head of aircraft production for the Luftwaffe was also Jewish- Another win for the internets! Another defeat for simplistic propaganda flavored official history-

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    • Tyrone McCloskey says:

      Speaking of Nazis and twins, the “research” of Joseph Mengele was centered on just that- If there is an actual program running on twin breeding, it may have originated with the good “doctor”, who, by the way, was not prosecuted because he was a naturalized American citizen ( a deliberate strategy enacted pre-war to keep certain individuals safe from legal reprisals- Otto von Bolschwing, an early financial facilitator of Silicon Valley via Nazi flight capital, was another) – I think this Mengele trail is one worth a look- Yes, it has been tainted with fictional accounts like “The Boys From Brazil” to make it appear to be twisted “Nazi” science when, in point of fact, it seems consistent with the research being done in the 20’s at the Rockefeller funded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute- That’s enough for now…whew!


    • We are scratching, scratching at the scabs of some disturbing and hidden features of a parallel reality to our natural existence. I always marvel at how thoroughly history is distorted only 15 years ago. Then again 53 now. How on earth do we know anything real about 70 or 80 much less twelve centuries ago?


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        The archaeological and architectural record filtered through common sense is a sturdy baseline for educated guesses, which is about as good as it will probably ever get- For example, as John Bartram at Google plus asserts, there is no recognizable Christianity before Charlemagne- Therefore, in my view, and certainly not exclusively in my view, the pre-Carolingian monasteries that are assumed Christian were actually forts- Therefore, the alleged monks were actually soldiers- Therefore, the mass conversions were actually occupied people being indoctrinated- The martyr’s stories are propaganda to fill in the non-existent history and cover for what those occupying forces were really all about- In that era after the collapse of Rome, population redistribution was the agenda, with east and west remnants of the Roman empire battling for turf- Hiding it behind the triumphs and tragedies of non-existent martyrs and preachers and mass conversions is a huge emotional firewall that few can get around, at least for the moment- I’m confident that within the lifetime of the millennial’s children, Xtianity will be as credible as the myths of ancient Greece and Rome- Maybe sooner-


        • This just in … Jesus faked his death!

          I enjoyed the writings of Dorothy M. Murdock on the astrotheological roots of Christianity – she asserts that the pagan sun and moon and star gods were merely given human faces down through time. Nicea in 325 however, conflicts with Charlemange by about 500 years. As I understood it, after Nicea there was a massive purge of writings, leaving only remnants here and there along with approved gospels and other works. These were stories fed down throug the ages, beautiful works anthropomorphizing the movement of the sun, moon and stars.

          Each year in the northern hemisphere the sun slowly appears to move south, taking with it life sustenance. Finally at solstice it appears to remain stationary, and then on the third day, it begins its journey north, and life returns. Its rays appear to walk on water, its warmth causes plants to grow, turning water into wine through through the grape.

          Murdock died last year, or perhaps faked her death too.


        • Tyrone, are you on board with the Post-Flavian view that Jews may have been bred around the time of Abraham for the purpose of being scapegoats? I find that theory fascinating.


          • Tyrone McCloskey says:

            Straight… My incomplete understanding of Post F’s theory is that the Jews were not bred but indoctrinated and eventually became the Chosen- Egyptian/Hittite/Other agents known to us now as Levites entered southern Canaan after the disastrous attempt by Akhenaten to bring mono-theism to downtown Egypt- These Levite/Agents suppressed the local Canaanite pagan cults and forcibly converted the peasantry who are recorded in the OT as constantly backsliding into false idol worship- The local elites were either absorbed, along with their wealth and genealogies and therefore the record of their existence, into the host culture of the invaders, thus requiring history be rewritten (ie, the OT) or converted and intermarried within the conquering elites and the offspring sent back to rule their half-people in the host’s interests- Either way, the true history of these people are lost to time- The Egyptian derived monotheism was not taking very well at first, thus the litany of hits ordered on various peoples from the catchall despotic concept known as Yahweh/The Lord which was the alias of which ever empire had control of these proto-Jews at the time- Rape and slaughter followed, detailed extensively and with great relish in the OT, written after the Babylonian exile which conveniently lasted two generations and therefore none of the “returning” Jews had any experience with the Promised Land-
            Prior, the tribe of Benjamin suffered extensively, followed by their resurrection from which they produced the first king, Saul- This would be similar to the US taking over Iran and installing the Shah- David usurping Saul smells a lot like the Ayatollah in turn “overthrowing” House Palavi to tighten things up a bit- With David installed, monotheism takes a big leap forward, paving the way for Solomon and the Temple culture-
            The objective was to streamline local religions and the attendant tithes and place the faithful under one god and one tax system- We call it globalism today- Yeah, I buy this- It may not be what Post F is espousing, but I think it’s close-


          • Thanks for the summary. Post-Flavian can be tough to read without a solid foundation of knowledge of the time period.

            You may remember a few months back I was very into my interpretation of Wiki numerology. I have not turned my back on it, I simply have backed away a little due to the lack of evidence and my incomplete understanding of it. One thing I was going to write on my blog was that Wiki flagged King Tut’s tomb as fake, as well as Akhenaten and Nefertiti, and certainly the famous bust.

            I’ve only found this theory on one other blog, which was well written, although reading his bio he is certainly disinfo. So I’m not the first one. But the glamorous nature of Tut, Nefertiti, and Akhenaten should raise a few eyebrows, especially the discovery of Tut’s tomb and Nefertiti’s bust around the same time period.

            When you consider the unorthodox size of Tut’s tomb, the odds of finding the final tomb in the Valley of the Kings on the final unsearched plot of land, the boom to tourism, this talk of Nefertiti’s tomb being behind Tut’s, and the potential misdirection of “was Tut murdered?”, we may have a British fakery on our hands. In which case, all the theories surrounding Amarna could be called into question. Or perhaps, Amarna was something else entirely, and Tut, Nefertiti, and Akhenaten are just a cover for it? I don’t know enough to say, but just throwing it out there.

            Among the other things Wiki flagged were the Antikythera Mechanism, bodies at Pompey, Terracotta warriors, Amphipolis, Philip II’s tomb, and pretty much every major archaeological discovery of the 20th century.

            Again, no evidence at the moment, but something to consider.


          • In fact, the opening line on the Wiki Nefertiti bust article is “The Nefertiti Bust is a 3,300-year-old painted stucco-coated limestone bust of Nefertiti”

            Note the 33.


          • I think Gobekli Tepe in Turkey may be a modern fake. It just looks wrong.


          • I’m open to that. Gobekli Tepe is a big deal for “alternative historians” like Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, but since they are disinfo as Miles Mathis showed, who knows what the truth is. I used to be a big fan of theirs.

            However, Gobekli Tepe puts a big question mark on the mainstream timeline of history, so it’s good in that sense. I have no reason to doubt the deluge theory of 10,500 BC, and I’m a big believer of large civilizations prior to that and Gobleki Tepe points in that direction.

            What would they be misdirecting from with Gobleki Tepe? That civilization was much more advanced at that time? To keep us focused on 10,000 BC instead of archaeological finds they may have discovered thousands of years before that? I lean towards the latter.


          • See the movie 10,000 BC for an example of how they would like us to think about that period in time. Cavemen, sabre-tooth tigers, woolly mamoths, the most basic of tools, etc.


          • The link points to a large website, kind of interesting too. I got sidetracked there.


          • Good! NB it’s all in HTML, and doesn’t go through the home page, as most sites do. Most visitors don’t even know there’s a home page. I think my site gets underreported as a result – under the radar, which I think suits me.


          • For a well-considered analogy regarding the deep antiquity of humanity, you might find interesting this post of the blogger Dave Mathisen:

            (I don’t buy Mathisen’s astrotheology, though. Like Sagan said, there’s billions and billions of stars up above us. To my eyes, there is enough going on celestially to provide “parallels” to every story in the Old Testament or New, along with everything that happened to me in kindergarten. It’s just a variation of cloud-watching.)


          • Thanks. Imho Judaism was swung onto the world by inserting the fake story of Jesus; I think there was a campaign much like the holohoax, going on for a few centuries. I think the bible has to be jettisoned.
            I want to do a youtube (and asked Sinead to do a version with a US voiceover, which she kindly agreed to do. I still haven’t written it though)


          • I think Gobekli Tepe may have been a simple moneymaking idea. In the 1960s Catal Huyuk was excavated and an exciting find to Turks. (And it looks genuine). As I said in my article, some Turk might have mused over this, then faked T-shaped stones (good for cranes) and crudely arranged them. Some are carved and there are absurd things such as elongated arms with hands. There are also (H) and (i) carvings, which look very like hi to me. I’d guess the site was built, then covered up with stones, possibly just spoil. Then rediscovered and made a tourist thing.


          • I was quite impressed bY DM Murdock until she went through what appeared to be a fake death, making her work a psyop. I tend to agreee with you now Maarten, though I would not have ten months ago.


          • maartenrossaert says:

            Mark, take a look at Robert M. Price’s original review of The Christ Conspiracy:
            I agree that Murdock was a psy-op, and a sloppy operation, at that. Lots more to say on this subject, but I owe you a blogpost, so I will save it for sometime down the line. I walked a long way down the Christ-myth road before retracing my steps. What I learned on that journey opened my eyes to the kinds of fakery your team exposes here.


          • Thanks, Maarten. I became suspicious of Murdock when they moved her date of death back to Christmas Day 2015. Only later did I suspect the whole thing was fake, which made her writings, always tough to follow*, just a set of attacks on Christianity. That was always a soft spot with me anyway. My upbringing in that faith took no account of my free will, something my teachers harped on as if they really believed in it. They wanted nothing if the kind for me.

            I look forward to any writing you can offer on the subject.

            *I should have known better, as writers who over-cite are usually short of their own resources. She cited like her every sentence was going to bring down an avalanche if critics.


  11. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Straight… The British Empire’s spin on history is a thicket of racism and ideological presumption- And, as I learned studying art forgery over the years, when there is a market for something rare, fakes will hit the street fast, with attendant “histories” to back the artifacts in question- Would the upper crust of British inbreeders fabricate the history of the Middle East to make a few bob along with their usual mind fuckery? Well, they lied about almost everything else, so why not?
    The Amarna letters could be the “foundation” of this fabricated history, depending on how accurate the translations- Again with art forgery, the fakes always have a trace of their modern prejudices worked in to grab at the emotions of the dupes- If there is a strand of British effrontery embedded in the translations, that would be a huge red flag as to their authenticity- Amarna would require serious study to determine if they really reflect their times or are a slanted fiction from the peak of the Empire’s powers-


    • The timelines are suspicious, with the Amarna Letters first discovered by British Egyptologist Flinders Petrie in 1891 (or 1887 depending on where you look), then the Nefertiti bust in 1912, and Tut’s tomb in 1922. These great discoveries must come in 3’s, just like the fake deaths.

      The first explorations of Amarna happen between 1825-1875, around the same times the Evolution and Theosophy projects got off the ground. Are they related? These were the same time they were making other “discoveries” such as dinosaur and neanderthal bones.

      Plus, all the Egyptian discoveries were inspired by intelligence agent Napoleon Bonaparte’s Egyptian vacation. Afterwards we have an amazing series of discoveries by circus performer Giovanni Belzoni (who died at age 45, could be an early reassignment). Were the locations of these treasures known all along, but kept secret until the right time? Were a few faked to help along with the Evolution project, or tourism and propaganda reasons?


  12. Twins? You’re kidding me right? Maybe he had a twin born at age 30 and then has had about 15 more twins born all of different body types for different movie roles. Heh.


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