Rocket fantasies

Elon Musk and Richard Branson are investing in space travel. Each is a successful entrepreneur/billionaire. Each has started ground-up businesses and built them into empires. These are exciting times!

Musk 2Both are complete phonies, by the way. Branson, of course, was one of the fake Manson victims in 1999, known in that life as “Steven Parent.” CIA spun a wild tale about how he was killed in cold blood by Tex Watson on the night of the Tate murders. Since we now know the Tate murders were faked, and since Tyrone McCloskey spotted Parent in his new life as Branson, I think it safe to venture a guess that Elon Musk is also a phony. Miles Mathis does a nice job on him in a 10/5/1015 paper. (I especially like the photo of Musk’s supposed wife and illusory five kids, evidenced by five bi and tricycles. Good grief they have no respect for us!)  (The dog looks fake too, now that I look at it.)*

And why not? We have fake serial killers, fake news and newscasters, fake musicians, fake epidemics, fake sports, fake serial killers, fake mass shootings – everything around us is fake. Why is it not safe to assume that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg are all fakes as well?  Branson we know to be a CIA plant, as the Manson affair was CIA and he was tapped to be a fake victim. The others?


Paid actor?

And, of course, that would mean that the space travel depicted in the above video is fake as well.

Branson is no rocket scientist. In his first life, he was said to be a mere “hifi enthusiast.”

Regarding Musk, I am not sure if they are really sending firecrackers up into space, or merely using stock footage of other launches, but I do know that the landing of Falcon Nine on a platform in the Pacific, shown in this video, is faked. It is so crude they should be ashamed! They have no respect, none, for our intelligence.

Go to 1:29 in the video, and watch as we anxiously wait for the landing. It looks suspiciously like the kind of smoke you see on sound stages for rock concerts. But what the hell. It is smoke. Nothing happens until 1:47 when a light appears from above, supposedly the tip of the rocket blast as it eases into the picture. And then … it freezes! Nothing.

Communications breakdown we are told, no WiFi out there in the ocean. And then at 2:32, a successful landing!

In other words, rocket launch, possibly real, possibly fake. Platform, possibly real, possibly a sound stage (at Lookout Mountain?). And then:

Light appears from above …

??? …


Yep. I buy that. I buy Branson, Elon Musk. They are no way phonies fronting for fake enterprises. No way are they mere spooks, Intelligence assets. No way. After all, it was on TV. It is real.


*No way does the gal in that photo, supposedly his first wife Justine, look like she has borne five children. Far more likely she is a hired model, fake, just like Musk. She still has a girlish figure. With most women, it just does not work that way.

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10 Responses to Rocket fantasies

  1. annspinwall4 says:

    Miles wrote a really good paper on Jobs being fake – only the face of Apple. Lookout Mountain -intelligence film studio-opened in 1947, now why does that date seem familiar? Oh yeah, the start of the CIA. Lookout Mountain closed in 1969…probably after filming fake footage of the Manson psyop.


    • The Jobs paper speculated that his death might have been faked to avoid lawsuits, as I recall. That might have been a real death, however. We have no way of knowing if or when Lookout Mountain was closed. Its work could easily ahve been moved over to Hollywood, as Intelligence runs the movie business.


  2. steve kelly says:

    And why wouldn’t private finance want to privatize NASA? There is virtually nothing currently funded by taxpayers that isn’t on the menu. Who cares if it “flies” as long as the checks clear?


  3. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Full disclosure: More than one generation of family members have at times been deeply embedded within the nuclear industry- For the record, I am certain nuclear weapons are a religious myth- Nuclear power plants, I’m not as certain- I think one does not negate the other- Why we don’t have cheap nuclear power replacing messy, expensive petroleum* ought to favor it all being a hoax- I don’t have to decide for good**-
    That said, “industries” like nuclear or space or advanced weaponry (sorry Mark) look to me like deliberate brain drains on a multi-generational level- Clever minds that would be hard at work solving the world’s ills and elevating the quality of life for all are instead redirected into dead end industries designed to waste talent in pursuit of deliberately unobtainable goals-
    The wars that development of advanced weaponry require are hoaxes in themselves- Both sides of a staged conflict are owned by the same alliances centered on Wall Street and the City of London- They also own the media that sells these fake conflicts- Espionage is the real objective- Finding better ways to keep tabs on peoples is what all of this “industry” is camouflaging-
    Elon Musk, et al, are just like The Beatles and every other fake face(s) trotted out to anthropomorphize these fictional concepts like the cold war, generation gap culture, moon shots, nukes- (Einstein, anyone?)
    *The debate over whether oil is renewable or finite has muddied the waters over oil’s real value- I can’t take a side at this time-
    **Others have suggested that the very real power plants are nothing more than electrical energy surplus dumps- I like that concept- It seems plausible and lists high on the plausibility index, even above the glowing green rods in the water tanks my grandfather helped to design-

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    • The discussion group at the MM meetings sided with you, not unanimous, of course, as some of us don’t know enough to have an opinion, that nuclear power plants are surplus energy dumps.

      I have decided to put Dr. Judy Wood on the back burner, along with 9/11 now, as I fear she may be just another waiter in the Intel restaurant. That will be decided on the outcome of vicsims and real victims of 9/11 in the coming years, as Dr. Wood has 1200 “jumpers” leaving the building voluntarily.

      I tend to think that oil is in superabundance, as is natural gas, even as these are finite resources, and that alternative energy sources are held back until needed. There are no “markets” so that price is propped up by artificial shortage, just as the market for diamonds is.


      • fm says:

        I tend to think that oil is in superabundance, as is natural gas, even as these are finite resources, and that alternative energy sources are held back until needed.

        Are you aware of a Russian theory that oil/gas does not origin from decaying natural matter (wood etc.), but is synthesized in the earth from water and CO2 under high pressure ?
        The process is easily reproduced in the lab and industrially, but expensive compared to drilling. And with the ongoing Global-Warming-Scare, there can be no honest ‘scientific’ discussion of this theory.

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        • I am aware of that theory, though not possessed of enough scientific chops to have an opinion on it. I am more qualified to say that markets are not real, that while supply and demand might have an effect on our markets, it is largely under control so that powerful people are protected from market forces.


          • fm says:

            And artificial scarcity would be a good reason to hide any scientific evidence of continuous re-creation of oil – our most crucial power source.
            Not that I’m a qualified geologist or chemist, but logic commands so.


  4. CJD says:

    I love that photo. I can picture the production assistant picking up the per-assembled tricycles and bicycles at the local Walmart now (I doubt these people are exactly handy with tools). Brand new – out of the box and shiny. And yeah- doesn’t her body just scream at you that she has had five kids in the last ten years?

    It really does just take common sense when you think about it. We have been given businessman/inventor characters with near super human powers. All these Hero Billionaire characters in popular culture seem to live in a dimension in which time is slowed down about ten times given all that they are said to have invented and created and built and know. These guys literally must never sleep given their supposed accomplishments. Musk is supposedly bankrolling/managing/developing multiple super tech projects any one of which would consume the energy entirely of any real businessman.

    I looked at a few Billionaire’s from the past and I think Carnegie was a project. Perhaps even the Rockefeller family itself as well- not exactly powerless- but not heavy hitters in the power structure. I think they are more stand ins.


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