Return of the Dragon, Part II

We’ll be out of touch now for a couple of days. I am going to be laughing as we work our way along … at a discovery made by my colleague MH. I am away from my desk and cannot do my own analysis, but this one looks so spot on that I do not question it. He has developed a very sharp eye.

In case you don’t yet know it, the OJ Simpson trial of the mid-1990s was pure show business. OJ did not kill anyone. Both Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson assumed new identities. I don’t know where Goldman went, but Nicole assumed the identity of an invented younger sister, Denise Brown, and is hidden in plain sight.

OJ has since disappeared, now replaced by a body double who shows up for photo ops. The lead prosecuting attorney, Marcia Clark, quit the profession of law after the trial, a wise move since she was an actress, and not a lawyer. The Dream Team attorneys, merely reading from a script, played their parts and went back to their lives, though Robert Kardashian is still inflicting grief on us with that crazy family.

Witnesses, cops, jury … all were paid to act, or perhaps did not know they were in a reality TV show.

Of course, that means that the judge, Lance Ito, had to be in on it too. And he was. He was not a real judge. Rather, he was an actor of a different stripe, a man who could simulate karate on the big screen like no one before. He was the movie martial arts performer Bruce Lee, who supposedly died in 1973.

You can understand why I laughed so hard when MH told me of his discovery. They are rubbing our faces in it!

[Ito’s and Lee’s time lines do not cross, with Ito supposedly joining the LA District Attorney’s Office in 1977 after getting his JD from Berkeley in ’75. Keep in mind that Intel, or Spooks, can manufacture a cv, so that none of this has to be true. Lee could have easily been playing bit parts and minding his business until called on for the part of Judge Lance Ito in 1995. There is an age difference of ten years between the two, but we have seen this often, as with Amy Goodman, said to be 14 years younger than Janis Joplin, Alex Jones, said to be 10 years younger than Bill Hicks, and Betty White/Jayne Mansfield, who is 83, and not the reported 94.]

Anyway, here is all we have at this point, but enough for me, as facial features aligning like these are a one-in-ten-million shot.


Note the alignment if the eyes, nose, mouth, chin and skull shape. The eyebrows and eyes are the same shape. There is no doubt in my mind except … How do they pull something off like this? Fake deaths we are used to now, a common occurrence in Hollywood. That Bruce Lee faked his death? Just one more.

But Judge Lance Ito, with no law background, no presence in the LA court system, was going to raise a lot of eyebrows if he just disappeared after the trial. Here’s how they handled that, from NBC News (a player in this hoax, and not a news agency):.

A spokesperson at the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed that Ito retired on Jan. 5 [2015]. Philibosian said he quietly spent the last 20 years on the ninth floor of the criminal courts building, where high-powered cases involving major murders, robberies, and rapes are tried.

“There’s separate security to get in there. He was assigned there because of his high level of expertise,” Philibosian said.

His courtroom wasn’t easy to find: The Los Angeles Times reported a few years ago that after having his name plaque stolen so many times, Ito gave up and stopped replacing it.

So, you see, he is never seen in the court house because he comes and goes by a secret entrance. Even though he handles high-profile murders, robberies and rapes*, his name is never in the paper. And he doesn’t have a name on a door because even though it is a high security part of the court house, people keep stealing it.

In other words, friends, he is not now nor has he ever been a judge. He doesn’t show up for work, ever. His gig ended in 1995. He has not been around since.

Bruce Lee, our latest Zombie. I am as surprised as anyone.


*It seems to me that a judge with a “high-powered” intellect would be needed in real estate, financial fraud , conspiracy and corporate stock manipulations. Murder, rape and robbery are pretty well defined, and evidence is interpreted by juries with little need for expertise. The cover story is weak, at best.

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25 Responses to Return of the Dragon, Part II

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  2. Here’s another matchup in case you’d like more evidence.


  3. Excuse the “face crop” text, it is the software I use to automatically crop the heads in images.


    • Fakeologist says he hopes he does not regret re-posting this. I think you and I know that feeling. There is risk in this venture, but the rewards are worth it … truth for the sake of truth’s sake.


      • I have faith that we are planting the seeds for the future. If they don’t believe it today, they’ll believe it in a few years.

        Sometimes, people just need to see more people believing this stuff, before they feel comfortable looking at the evidence with an open mind. I think less than 10% of the dissenters have even read the articles before running away or criticizing. Even the genuine fakery community needs social proof.

        However, I applaud AB for having the courage to post this stuff. There’s a lot of disinfo in the Fakeologist comments, so I don’t expect a lot of support. I find that many supporters stay quiet in the shadows, which is fine.


        • I like all this work, all of it, even when we stumble and fall. But this particular discovery on your part is gold. It forces most people to turn away, the normal response, but if not that, then to face not just Lance Ito, but the entire OJ trial, seen to be a farce, and ask why. And that is the gateway. It had participation at all levels, Intel, media and law and justice. It is a threshold experience, if people can bear it.


    • This time, I took my time and zoomed in to make sure everything aligned perfectly and it did. This is as close a match as we can get.


      • There has been no plastic surgery there that I can see. The slight mouth difference is only due to open versus closed smile. In my view, it is dead-on.


        • Larry says:

          Great work and shocking. I had heard stories of famous ppl faking their deaths and getting new identities but never thought it credible until now. Mark I have to ask the big questions that matter most…. Why? What is the purpose of manipulating the public because this is like the matrix. Is it a spiritual manipulation above all? And what is doing this? Also could I inquire as to your views on the bible and God and how this plays into the faked deaths. Thanks


          • Why? It is a troubling question. I speculate that they want trained people at critical junctures, so that a role like Judge Lance Ito would not be left to an amateur. So too with most of our newscasters who used to be someone else, who do not use their real names, and who are nothing but actors, … the whole of our information system is in professional hands. All of them are phonies, actors, but dependably so, vetted, trained, and relied on to turn in a credible performance day in and out. When all of reality is fake, it takes professionals to present it to us without ever breaking character. I suspect that is why they are trained when young as musicians and actors, before faking their deaths, to lead a fake life an never look back.


  4. tyrone mccloskey says:

    Brandon Lee “died” in 1995 during the trial- Where did the Crow fly off to? It’s been over 20 years so he’s somewhere in view- Lee/Ito had a 21-ish year gap of obscurity- Best to keep these ops in the family (If that really was Bruce’s son – Bastard alert!)


  5. John in Texas says:

    Ho Lee Shit. This is off the chain. I am seriously gobsmacked now. I just recently read Bruce Lee’s entire life story online, suspicious death and all and fell for it. Damn, this is good stuff.


  6. henry says:

    ask a 10 yr old to show you how to work Photoshop,
    I told you OJs son did it, he went off his meds,
    have you considered olanzapine?


    • John in Texas says:

      OJ’s son did it. Bwahahahaha!


    • You’re on a short leash, Henry, but your comments are too juvenile for you to be a spook.

      In order for OJ’s son to have “done it,” you would first need to establish that “it” was done. Since we have established that Nicole is still alive, what, pray tell, did OJ’s son do? Change her name to Denise?


  7. OldeVirginian says:

    But I thought they all look alike…


  8. Two disinfo posters in the same thread, and both with a hint of frustration.

    I’d say we’re on to something 😉

    If you’re disinfo and following this, just know that your job is only going to get harder with what else we have in store. There is really not much you can do to stop us, and you are just wasting your energy with these pathetic posts. If I were you I would ask your boss to reassign you elsewhere, because this is a losing cause.


  9. zrxmax says:

    How did this version of reality come into being?. Are you telling us we are this gullible as a society of media nitwits? I saw the pictures where the murders took place ( if they did ) and it looked to be an ugly scene. It looked to be what was described in court. I think this must be some kind of gag or something. How could Lance Ito gain access to the court system without being a sitting judge in that courthouse? Do really think Lance could wing it in front of a live tv audience and come off like a professional judge? I can’t buy it. The fact that Mr Goldman Sr. pursued OJ all the way to the Palace Station incident with detectives or informants tells me the revenge factor was still alive at the Goldman house.


  10. Phillip Solesky says:

    Now this time I DO believe you have a match!!


  11. Phillip Jermakian says:

    Ito’s face seems far to wide to be close, after reading all this I went and watched some youtube trial there are thousands of hours, makes me think they only fix was in the evidence and maybe jury? To even pretend to act for half that time seems fantastical. There was one 9 hour video of F. Lee Baily questioning Mark Fergusion… 353 videos in one play list. Also Orlando and Sandy Hook have taught me they do not care to get quality actors and these guys were pretty real looking. But wow those crimescene photos from the link definately odd.


    • The basic bone structure of the face is unchanged, and alignment of hard-wired features is true in each. As people age their facial features fill out long with the rest of their bodies. If anything, these photos give us a good overview of the aging process of this man.

      Don’t know if you ahve read this overview of the OJ Trial:


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