We did it our way

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


The person I have been referring to as “MH” is heretofore known as “Straight.” He comments now and then under a name that contains that word, and wishes to to remain anonymous. Use of “MH” was confusion on my part among various commenters.

Straight has scored again, and in fact we have enough material here in storage while I play around in Europe to last many months. Tonight I am exposing a set of twins he uncovered. It’s a great discovery, as it shows that what we are uncovering is nothing new.

The twins went by the name “Frank Sinatra,” or as my mother referred to him/them, “Old Snotrag.”

Here’s evidence:

Call them OBE 1,2 and 3. (Old Blue Eyes.)

Straight, again using technology that superimposes a program name, did the following combinations:


That is OBE 3 and 2, and is a hit, both the same man.


That is OBE 3 and 1, a miss, two different men.


OBE 2 and 1, a definite  miss, two different men.

So two and three are the same man, and one is neither two nor three. As Straight said in an email,

“I’ve heard somebody mention how 1940’s Sinatra was replaced by more famous 1960’s Sinatra. Well, I did some matchups and while I’m not sure if they played each other simultaneously or if one was replaced, but they are most certainly twins.”

I’ll leave it to others to ferret out details, so to speak. The important thing to understand here is that as we unveil set after set of twins in the coming weeks, that is is not new. Tyrone McCloskey mentioned that Josef Mengele was experimenting with twinning, and we know that certain drugs are known to cause multiple births. It could be that twinning technology has been with us and in use in entertainment, music and Intelligence for a very long time.

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13 Responses to We did it our way

  1. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    From the Sinatra note bank:
    My friends and I over the years have used Frank as the extreme example of a celebrity whose looks have changed dramatically from where he started- Pacino is the only other guy within distance of the rear view mirror, though the actor who played Michael Corleone might not be the actor who was in And Justice For All and all the later pictures- Pacino a twin? I would not be at all surprised-
    The later Frank probably wasn’t the Hoboken saloon singer affectionately known as The Skinny Guinea- The early Frank had a higher, softer voice- The Chairman of the Board was an octave or two lower to my tin ear and sounded marinated in his beloved Jack Daniels-
    Later Frank is hip deep in the 60’s chaos- He made Jay Sebring’s name as his personal hair piece maker- The Jim Morrison look was also a Sebring concoction- Morrison had effusive praise for Frank and I would not be at all surprised if Frank or his vocal coach assisted whoever sang the Morrison part- They are vocally kindred spirits-
    Frank was “married” to Mia Farrow during the Beatles’ Maharishi sojourn- He divorces her in the middle of her shooting Rosemary’s Baby, connecting him again to Lennon and the Dakota apts. where the film, and later, “Lennon”, was shot-
    Frank and Dean-o were BFF’s and connect through the Matt Helm flick The Wrecking Crew starring, wait for it, Sharon Tate- The Wrecking Crew is also the studio band that actually cut all of the LA rock records, including The Doors canon-
    Cut to Frank’s factotum, Sammy Davis Jr. and his satanic protégé, Jayne Mansfield- Cut back to Frank and his favorite name drop, JFK, and the add on, Peter Lawford, Kennedy brother-in-law and Rat Pack member-
    Ocean’s Eleven pass around girl, Angie Dickenson, was another rumored JFK twist- If true, she was almost certainly offered by Frank as part of complimentary swag when Jack crashed at Frank’s Palm Springs digs on his West Coast tours-
    Later on, Frank effortlessly switches sides and squires Ron and Nancy around, liaising with the mob, resulting in the Teamsters endorsing the Republican Reagan- Ronnie appoints the chief Teamster wise guy, Jackie Presser, to help “run things” during the transition-
    There’s so much more that it would indeed take twins to keep up such a pace…


  2. Aaron Morris says:

    This proves nothing and these kinds of photo comparisons are misleading nonsense designed to make any real criticism of the mainstream narrative seem absurd.


    • Sounds like we struck a nerve. Put up or shut up. If you can prove this is nonsense, then do it. If you can’t, then go take your Langley lunch break.


    • Aaron, unlike most who dismiss without thinking, has a FB page, though it is inactive.

      Another guy, a Brit, said on McCartney that I simply had not worked it hard enough, and that he was “not convinced.” It appears that not only the burden of sweat and effort are on us, but that we also have to be so convincing that they can see without straining their brains. Takes work, you know – for us. For them … Put it in the table, cut it up, on a serving plate, and then spoon feed them. Then the wave of dismissal.

      Screw them.


      • He has no FB friends. His website articles stink of disinfo filled to the rim with weird pop culture pictures and videos that Langley loves to throw in for some reason. His articles are extremely long for someone with zero following and zero friends, most of it actually seems copied and pasted.

        I think this is the same guy who has been playing Nathan, Henry, etc. Except this time he tried a lazy or poor job of creating a FB page to add legitimacy.


        • nathan says:

          it weren’t me. jesus christ. everyone’s an agent if they have a minor disagreement with you, innit? and of course i’m a spook because i can’t be bothered with capitalizing first word of sentences. i’ve been following this site everyday, and agree with damn near all of the conclusions drawn. i express concern over the hicks/jones thing ( as any right-thinking person SHOULD, given the goldbuggery origins of it all) and i’m a fucking agent.


          • Yes. Most people who post here disagreeing are agents. That’s because most people who disagree, don’t bother to post anything and move along with their day. It’s the Langley employees who are bothered enough to post. And when it doesn’t work, they try to play Mr. Friendly.


          • nathan says:

            holy fucking shit. i have no words. i mean my mind is racing with all kinds of shit, but, i don’t have the energy. good luck with the paranoid lifestyle you lead. i mean, i kinda get it…but surely you can understand my concern with the research being done here being thrown out with the bathwater when it comes to the subject of hicks/jones/dallasgoldbug, right? or is that too jard of a concept for you to grasp? enjoy your paranoia, fuckstick.


          • Yes, it’s too “jard”. I appreciate your concern with throwing the baby out with the bathwater, as that is surely your assignment. And appreciate the “paranoia” buzzword thrown in there, that Langley loves to throw around.

            I’m sure we’ll be seeing you back soon, with a different username.


          • nathan says:

            oooooh…good catch on my langley-esque typo. paranoia is a thing amd was not invented by the c.i.a. but, you know what? i’ll go ahead and fuck off. no room for disagreement/constructive criticism about anything here. god forbid we don’t all agree with every single detail of minutae. god, you really should rrad the words you type out loud and hear how ridiculous theh sound. “agent” “langley” “spook” all in reference to someome who dated question the wisdom of associating with the likes of dallasgoldbug via the whole hicks/jones horseshit. fucking pathetic…but yeah, you “proved” it because only hicks has a gap in his teeth.


          • Nathan, like everyone who disagrees with us, it is not based on careful analysis nor any attempt to replicate results. No one has done that yet. What we get is “I disagree” without any thought or effort.

            And the reason is simple: Our evidence contradicts your beliefs. Are we to care about that?


  3. steve kelly says:

    Just a “these kind’s” kinda’ guy.


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