Needed: Ideas on why the fake deaths …

Just curiosity here …

What we are uncovering with our Zombies is, for the most part, use of (fake) musicians who have faked their deaths before filling slots in the news business.

Would it not be just as easy for Intelligence, usually called “CIA”, who is running these people, to hire them, train them and set them up without all the trouble of teaching them some bare bones musical skills then, on top of that, fake dying them too?

That is all they did with Anderson Cooper, after all, and it works as well. He’s a trained seal, just like those who come in that business the fake death route.

Then again, maybe Cooper is another Zombie. Maybe the whole Vanderbilt thing is just his fake bio.

Censorship, true and chilling censorship, is all around us, but underground word is getting around by means of rumor. CIA knows this. Most people are immunized by the “conspiracy theory” meme, a thought control device. Even so, we don’t need that 90% of the population that is brain-dead anyway for an awakening to happen. It only takes a few. That is all that it has ever taken.

I have no doubt that Bill Maher got a phone call or email earlier this week informing him that his true identity has been discovered. No doubt he made a phone call to his Intelligence or CIA contact, most likely a cutout working upstairs at HBO, asking what to do. And no doubt he was told just shut up and ignore it, as eventually it will recede into the woodwork. It will never be publicized, he is told. No authority figure, the “trusted sources,” that non-thinking people use, will ever repeat that news.  And so regular people will never hear about it, much less believe it. They know how keep a lid on these things.

But why all the trouble? Why the fake deaths?

There is the added factor that these fake dead people are often connected to wealthy and prominent families, and mostly related to one another. Is fake death a rite of passage? Is this the selection process by which they are chosen for fame? Do they get to meet dead Kennedy’s?

We are uncovering the “what”and “how”, and need to better understand the why. Any ideas are welcome. I am stumped, frankly. The very best I can do is to speculate that it is a level of Masonic ritual, maybe level 27 of 33 or so fake die.

These people and their stupid secrets … it is weirdness!

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18 Responses to Needed: Ideas on why the fake deaths …

  1. steve kelly says:

    Love the order of operation: #1 What, #2 How, only then, #3 Why. (full-spectrum) Censorship of this kind distracts nearly everyone from getting the order right.

    Preservation of wealth and power, ie. “status,” is the simplest explanation — kinda’ “baked in.” These elite families must only trust in a small, interrelated workforce to maintain what they’ve rightfully stolen, and control. These criminal, family businesses, like most outlaws, trust only those near and dear. The “legitimate” side of the business is run by interlocking boards of directors. The shadow side is likely a similar structure, IMO. Why mess with success?

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  2. I agree with Steve Kelly. Keep it all in the family. Cut the workforce in half by having the agents play two roles instead of one. That’s called ingenious efficiency.

    I also have my doubts about Cooper. If Paris Hilton is fake, then I’m not sure any of these guy’s bios are real.

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  3. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Some of these manufactured personalities would not play well as older versions of themselves- Precious few people I know ever wanted a Boy George in their cultural stock pot, but these days absolutely no one wants to know anything about that character as a 50 something old wreck- Sinead O’ Conner is another un-beloved annoyance that just won’t “die”- But those two live because they have no posthumous catalogue to exploit- Just a couple of hits- But, as old and washed up, they do serve a small purpose in that they demonstrate that not all “stars” die young- Their survival into decrepitude gives more credence to the “deaths” of the others-*

    Case in point is Ricky Nelson who did not age well as a performer- He did have a catalogue to exploit posthumously and the smart play was to death him when it was obvious he did not really want to be an oldies act- That said, the SSDI could be an effective arbiter, or it could be that all bets are off with the ground swell of media fakery reporting and that the judiciary is no longer going to prosecute fake death certificate issuance as part of the deliberate collapsing of the legal system- Off on a tangent here but this upcoming election is going to reveal just how terminal the American system of government really is- Appealing to the courts for justice now is just as dangerous as going to a licensed American physician- You will be bled white, literally and financially-

    Speaking of vampires, I absolutely agree with the importance of bloodlines- These people run things like the fictional mafia of the silver screen- They use trusted associates with sturdy track records on a deal by deal basis, and there is nothing more trustworthy and binding as blood when needing help in controlling the collective imagination unseen- Reusing an already bonded individual is a solid guarantee that the new persona will not be betrayed- Omertà is observed beyond any doubt with a blood relation- Unless you’re simple minded like Fredo Corleone- But then, he would never have been allowed any freedom at all- Like some of these inbred types, it would be off to a heavily secured island resort for the weak links-


    • Tyrone McCloskey says:

      (Forgot my footnote) Freddy Mercury- There’s no way to sell that character as an old guy- Once dead, Queen made a killing that is still heard today in sports arenas across the globe- I actually liked Queen’s music, even after the discovery of homosexuality by the suburban middle class- In high school, no one, and I mean absolutely no one, had a clue about Elton John- That’s how naïve things were back then-


      • Straight, it appears, found Freddy Mercury, and it blew me away, never would have guessed. More research to do when I am done with this damned vacation (from what!?). We have such a backlog of Zombies and twins that it is going to be a clearinghouse when we are done, and I have thought about a special website to list all the findings. And you are so right, if Freddy is as Straight has discovered, he did not age well

        Sorry to be mysterious. Contact me privately, Mark at mpthct dot com and I’ll pass along what I know. They might have an aging program that projects how young people will age … They ran it out with Ricky Nelson and decided that the Garden Party had to end? It could be he really is driving a truck.


    • I’ve been looking for Ricky Nelson since he was on the original Laurel Canyon list we had. I’ve since expanded my Excel file with young death databases on the internet and currently have around 1200 celebs and I haven’t even included political leaders, activists, journalists, etc.

      I’m pretty sure Ed Sullivan is a reassignment, for example. And I can’t wait until we figure out who Rudolph Valentino became.

      I found that it’s easier to find a reassignment, estimate around when they showed up and then look for dead celebs in that age range who died the previous decade. Backtracking from dead celeb to reassignment is far more difficult since anybody could be a reassignment.


  4. nathan says:

    part of it maybe: “too many” of “too many people would have to be in on it” fame is cut perhaps damn near in half.


  5. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Here’s a tough one because there aren’t many good pics of her, but Patty Donahue of The Waitresses (I KNow What Boys Like) reeks of an intel reboot- From her very short Waki page: After The Waitresses broke up, Donahue generally kept a low profile, though she is credited on Alice Cooper’s Zipper Catches Skin with “vocals and sarcasm.” She later worked for ABC in the Political Unit and then at MCA in the A&R department.
    (Dead at 40 from lung cancer)


    • Well, she’s not a terribly attractive, probably not very talented to boot. Do any of these people ever just have 9-5 desk jobs after fake death?


      • steve kelly says:

        Don’t hear much about cloning lately. With all that money and power, it seems likely that at some point TPTB will be cranking them out like cell phones. Maybe the artificial intelligence install isn’t ready quite yet. I mean, what would be the point of independent-thinking clones? Any books out there on the subject?


        • Back when I did Wiki Numerology, there were signs pointing to cloning being a sham. And that all of the clones we heard about like Dolly were fake. That would explain why we never hear about, just like we never went back to the moon.

          There is a board that specializes in outing celebrity “replacements”. Except the word twins has never been spoken there. It’s all about secret cloning, reptilians, satanism etc. The most down to earth theories there say they are body doubles, not relatives. But we’ve found that body doubles are glaringly obvious compared to identical twins. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get a nearly perfect match on a human being if they are not related. And then you need to remember that this body double would have to be on the “inside”, so either a bloodline, military, agent, or child of one of them.


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        It is entirely possible she worked in a basement cubicle at Langley for the last 20 years, doing data entry and going home to her cats- I came across her name and since she was a charted, lip syncing early death pop starlet, I thought it worth a mention- Her one hit was yet another middle finger to male/female relations and just one more female(?) voice in the chorus of callousness that the Madonna project wrought, selling distaff asshole-ism as some form of feminist defiance- Yadda Yadda-


        • Speaking of distaff assholism, Alanis Morrisette fell in love and went nice on us, as I read it. But if you want to enjoy a spook movie, top to bottom laden with suspects, enjoy 1999’s Dogma, with Damon and Affleck. As I watch it now, I think it is so bad that it might have really been written by the two spook boys, Matt and Ben, and be their real work as opposed to the fake Good Will Hunting.


    • By the way, she is on the list and we will get to her. Did not mean to be dismissive. I know nothing about her.


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  7. I agree that the faking of one’s death is tied to freemasonry, the occult and secret societies. It must be some sort of ritual that has significant meaning.


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