The latest Spook attack: Quora

[Note: This post was published in draft stage by accident.]

Quora is a website founded by former Facebook employees that uses its community of users to answer questions submitted by members. So we are told. I tend to think that if it was founded by “former Facebook employees,” that those employees were merely designated for reassignment. Quora then would have an unstated purpose.

My guess: Gatekeeping. Quora seeks to establish itself as a trusted source. In that manner, it can  tell lies, hide truth, and be believed.

That is also, by the way, the role of SNOPES, a CIA front. They pretend to ferret out lies and truth, people tend to go there for the final answer. They have developed trust.

Q: “Are you sure about that? have you checked SNOPES?”

A: “Yes, I SNOPED it.”

What a beautiful way to lie!

Facebook is a data mining operation using DARPA (Defense Advances Research Projects Agency) technology. Over the past couple of decades we have seen DARPA technology, like IPads and phones and laptops invade our daily lives. They track our whereabouts, and can be mined for personal habits. Facebook is a technology we voluntarily use to give them our personal infirmation, friends, photos, what we had for lunch … It goes hand-in-hand with the phones and devices. We are basically spying on ourselves.


Straight goes to Quora, I don’t. He does not trust it but finds it useful to see what scams are coming down. Our face-splitting technology has been wildly effective in outing Zombies and twins and the like, so much so that we have drawn trolls. Their only object ever is to create doubt. I think we have uncovered them and I routinely delete their comments. It is important not to engage in dialogue with them.

Straight noticed this post a while back. In it they are inferring that it is not at all unusual to run into someone who looks exactly like us! That is nonsense, of course. It is extremely rare for two people to look exactly alike. Even identical twins we have found are different.

But Quora would have us think that having a doppelgänger is the norm. Here are two they located:


According to Quora, the two had never met, are not related, and were on a flight to Ireland. They had beers together. They follow with this:


These are, in case you cannot see it, identical twins. They did not meet on a plane. They have common parentage, same birthdate. The whole thing is a big lie. (The object of the second photo is to infer that one is very much shorter than the other. One is standing on the sidewalk, the other in the street. That is all they had to do for tha effect.)

The object, to create doubt.

Thereafter at Quora follows phony baloney testimonials to doppelgänger events. The object, to reinforce the doubt. You are not to believe that the human face is unique, and further, are to roll your eyes when we discover a Zombie.

There are many, many more to follow. the whole of the news business is made up of Zombies and plants, people with made up names and fake backgrounds. It starts at the top, and works its way down into comedy and punditry. They are all fakes. (Don’t even trust your local news outlets – just like baseball, there are major and minor leagues. The only real people in local news are the “meteorologists,” hired based on looks alone. They at least have the integrity to openly lie about their training.)

Straight has I examined the photos closely trying to figure out  the game that Quora is playing. There could be one guy PhotoShopped in twice, or twins used, but whatever they are, there is a tendency for the photos to both match up and not, indicating that Quora might also have flipped the images so that right is left, etc. that would explain why the airplane image is the same guy, the street image not.

Nothing is really clear other than that they are fucking with us. This whole thing is phonied up, top to bottom. That is what spooks do. They try to muddy the waters. That is why Quora exists.

Here is one final image, called an ELA, which Straight did in PhotoShop. I don’t know how to read it, but to him it might indicate that the boy(s) were digitally inserted into the street image above, the one where they were drinking beer in Ireland.


I would guess that photo is fake just based on circumstances – the two men were chosen for the piece as twins. They are not about to fly them to Ireland just to make the story ring truer. They can easily fake a street scene and call it Dublin.

Fake fake fake fake fake! That is all this is about. The Spooks are on to us and wanting to undermine us, and are using Quora, their own invention, to do so.

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12 Responses to The latest Spook attack: Quora

  1. Thanks for the post Mark.

    Couple things I want to add. First, I am not an expert on ELA. That ELA could very well not say anything, but I thought it was worth throwing in.

    The Quora post was posted by someone who did not know these people, he simply linked to a random blog. That is suspicious in and of itself if you look at the Quora article. Something about the poster’s picture gives me a sim vibe. I get the sense the Quora question was posted as an excuse to post this answer.


  2. 01stevekelly says:

    Don’t know Quora. I do know that once a conduit/vehicle is installed, whatever is running over it can be sent back the other way. Once engaged, the credibility of Quora — presumably, a much larger audience — is no more secure than their subject(s)’. Do they really want a piece of this? I suppose at some point they’d just ban you like the other techno-actor-agents.


  3. Well, the larger point is that these two men are identical twins. To say otherwise is to insult our intelligence.


  4. annspinwall4 says:

    I love it, your work on this is being noticed…and to such an extent “they” feel something has to be done to discredit what has been uncovered. Keep up the good work. I need to find that list so I can start looking for these zombies again.


  5. O'Sé says:

    I remember the story about the ‘stranger twins’ who meet on their way to Galway from when it was first published about October 2015. It triggered my mental fake news filter at the time and I wondered if it might have been a planted viral news story to plug an Irish website called

    Their suggestion is that everyone has 7 doubles in the world and incredibly one of the so-called founders on the website claims to have already found three doppelgangers of herself using the website.

    If this website and ‘twinstranger’ meme is indeed CONINTELPRO to scupper any ‘spook twins’ discussion it seems they’ve been preparing this contingency for a while.


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