The Steve Clark blunder

I am just going to get this done and move forward, learning from my mistakes. I will run photos tomorrow as it was all a useful learning experience. There is a lot of detailed analysis involved with this stuff, and I just phoned this one in. I thought we had it nailed.

I got called out on the Anderson Cooper/Steve Clark matter, and have spent hours today working on the matter. In the beginning I thought I might have been thrown off by Cooper twins becoming Clark twins, but that did not happen.There was only one Steve Clark, and while he bears a strong resemblance to Anderson Cooper, they are two different men. It was a bad call.

What we learned is this: Anderson Cooper has a brother, Carter Cooper. They might be twins, they might just be close in age. In 1988 Carter Cooper faked his death. He now plays the part of Anderson Cooper now and then. Both are Vanderbilts, children of wealth. There is a bigger story to tell there, but for now, all we have learned is that Carter Cooper is alive and well. They are a little hard to tell apart, but are definitely two people. I will run some photos tomorrow to bring that all up to date.

Generally when Intel runs twins, there is a larger game in play. Janis Joplin was twins, the McCartneys, Elvis, and those were all high stakes games, major societal movements where Spooks are trying to affect changes in attitudes and monkey with youth to break them from parents. A fake newsman for lowly CNN  is not what I think of as high intrigue. I wonder if the Coopers are just a project that did not pan out.

I originally found five photos of one Cooper, five of the other. I now have them re-labeled as seven of the primary Cooper we call Anderson, two of the secondary one I call Fredo, and one of an oddball character who matches up with Anderson in every aspect except that his ears are way too high. Plastic surgery to raise his ears? It makes no sense! His ears were fine, he’s a good looking man. But High Ears Cooper is a wild card. I will share it all tomorrow. It has been a long day.

Steve Clark was with Def Leppard, and is said to have died of alcoholism in 1991. I am yet to find a death of a rock musician that I believe to be real. So he is probably still with us, but where I cannot say. Maybe he is a newscaster for BBC. Maybe he has white hair too. Nah. Don’t go there.

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6 Responses to The Steve Clark blunder

  1. I’ll take some responsibility for it as well. But hey, that’s the nature of the business. We’re picking needles out of haystacks here, we’re bound to get a few wrong. What’s important is that we admit it. Regardless, Anderson Cooper being twins is out of the bag now and on the internet for the truth seekers of the world to find, so in my opinion that makes it all worth it.


  2. Maarten Rossaert says:

    Mark, your admission of a mistake only enhances your credibility and authenticity to me. I have been disillusioned by just about everyone else in the Truth movement, but your blog is an oasis of genuineness. Thank you,

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  3. daddie_o says:

    Good on ya for owning up to this and dealing with it head-on. You’re working out the glitches as you explore this uncharted territory. We all make mistakes, but only some of us learn from them.


  4. Frito says:

    While your dismissal of Cooper as a lowly CNN reporter is kind of funny, and I love the idea of him reading it and recognizing that he’s in a pretty low status job for a Vanderbilt, you underestimate the benefit to Intelligence of a CNN reporter. He’s the guy legitimizing all the fakery. He’s the guy who interviews relatives of victims after false flags. He’s the guy interviewing the politicos. His influence is not small. The Face of CNN is a relatively important Intelligence Asset position. I’d say he outranks most entertainers. Singers teaching girls to be slutty certainly have a powerful and pernicious influence. But the whole industry does that. Whereas CNN is the place where news stories are turned into video to get inside TV watchers heads. The singers influence the culture, Cooper shapes, translates, and communicates the Narrative, putting every news event, real or fake, into the desired context for Intelligence. All that said, I see your point. The ratings for cable news are abysmal and getting worse.

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