The Chris Brown twins

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.

On further review: The differences between what we thought were twins turned out to be nothing but head angle distortion. Chris Brown is not twins.


Straight is younger than I am, and so has more knowledge of the current pop scene that I do. This is nice as he fills me as we go along on the people we are uncovering. Take a look in the comments under the Drake and Rihanna posts down below for his remarks (and also others) as they add a lot to the background for those posts.

On this one he tells me the following:

“Here’s a couple [of] things to know. Rihanna and Chris Brown are both megastars with hit songs on the radio every week. They have been dating on and off for 12-13 years. In 2006 Brown assaulted Rihanna and left her bruised.


That story was HUGE and really blackwashed him and made Rihanna’s career take off. Now it’s obvious it was fake. Since then Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars in the world and Chris Brown is famous again, constantly involved in some sort of drama. He’s a big player in the pop tabloid scene.”

Once nice thing about Chris Brown in matching up photos is the tattoos. I can usually make them match up too, reassuring me that I am on the right track.

But even saying that, Brown was difficult. I came up with six photos of one of him, and three of the twin. On the twin, two have no tattoos, which means these are either younger photos, or that the twin never got them, or that he has some fake ones put on when he is doing the body double routine. I do not know the answer there. Actually, don’t care.

Here are the six of Chris Brown, Twin #1:

And here are three of the twin:

I am going to do everyone a favor here and not split faces, though that method is tried and true and indeed convinced me that Brown is twins. The differences will be obvious to you. Here are one of each randomly chosen, side by side:


Again, the primary difference between the two is ear height. All others difference are slight. They are identical twins.

Notice in the photo on the right that the neck is mostly covered, possibly done to hide the tattoos, indicating they are fake, or that they do not match up. Twins present difficult management problems, not appearing in public together just one. Continuity is another. The Beatles mastered this feat by using Jane Asher as a beard, dating both “Paul”s”. Perhaps Rihanna is a beard in this regard too, one of the Rihanna’s anyway.

Straight indicates above that the conflict between Brown and Rihanna was fake, and I am only left to wonder which Brown inflicted fake injuries on which Rihanna? Again, don’t care.

By the way, we both realize that by focusing on twins who are also pop stars that the blog is taking on a US Weekly quality. In the future I’ll be interspersing twins with Zombies and also writing about other matters having nothing to do with photos. I do regard all the twinning we see as a layer on an onion, the back story perhaps going back decades. I don’t think all these twins are accidental occurrences, nor do they randomly become famous.

And, of course, our work on Zombies is a search for truth, as with each one we uncover we is making it more apparent that news is fake, and the people who bring it to us are fakes too. US Weekly would never write about that.

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35 Responses to The Chris Brown twins

  1. Good write-up. The best way to describe them is twin #1 looks like an asshole, and twin #2 has a wider, more family friendly look to him. I believe twin #1 is the great dancer, and twin #2 is the good singer.

    In fact, I think both twins are in this video. One doing the dancing, and the other doing the close-up singing (wearing a hat). The chutzpah of these people.


  2. As for the tabloid aspect, it’s extremely important we expose these celebrities. They have an astonishing influence on teenagers, twenty somethings, and women of all ages.

    For example, right now Alicia Keys is trying to start a no-make-up movement for women. The long term goal is obviously gender neutrality. Leo DiCaprio is out there promoting global warming. People listen when celebrities speak. They are truly on a pedestal. They spend money on concerts, downloads, merchandise, and most importantly, many hours of their life on phony celebrities/intelligence agents/bloodliners. Miley Cyrus launched the twerking movement a few years back, further sexualizing women. Well she’s twins too. Try to find a women under 30 today who doesn’t know how to twerk.

    These teenagers and twenty somethings are our future. If these are the people they look up to, then exposing them is equally as important as exposing politicians, scientists, businessmen, bankers, etc.


    • Tyrone McCloskey says:

      I’m glad you mentioned Cyrus, or whatever her real name is- Miley as twins would be fairly obvious given the way she was originally marketed with such a heavy hint in the premise of her show- And though I don’t wander too far from the shore on such things, I wonder, just for shits and grins, if the original baby fat Hannah Miley was replaced altogether with new actors playing the harlot, anti-body shame, polymorphously perverse asshole- That face belongs to a cartoon character- Like Bugs Bunny being slightly different in the hands of different animators, the outlandish behavior hides the slight differences- He’s still Bugs- Same for this Jessica Rabbit- The thongs help, too-
      Billy One Hit’s hand wringing is the lamest part of this farce- Given that the actors playing Miley may not be his whelps, it would be tough to sell any regrets, especially from a wooden Indian like him-


    • Maarten Rossaert says:

      If the Miley Cyrus can of worms is about to get opened, please grab the Justin Bieber can off the shelf as well. These two personae have such similar faces, they must share a LOT of DNA. Even Miley Cyrus herself purportedly posted a face-split photo of the two of them:


      There is also this diagonal face-split floating around on the Internet:


      I In a private email back in July, I asked Mark to take a look at these two: I wondered if they were perhaps fraternal twins … or identical twins, one of which had been transgendered … or even just a single person playing two roles by means of makeup and wardrobe magic. (And Photoshop, since there are pictures of the two together.) Mark drew the conclusion that they must be two people who are related, though he pointed out that the ears differed.

      But if Miley is twins with differing ear placements, maybe one or both twins switches in and out of the Bieber role. Or perhaps they are simply two sisters and a brother.

      Whatever they are, the whole shebang seems to me to be part of the current gender-bending mindrape op.

      (I apologize if the photos I tried to insert do not show up properly. I am of a certain age, and not savvy about such things.)


      • Maarten Rossaert says:

        Oops. Photos did not appear. For the second photo, with a diagonal split, go here:…8452.8452.0.9507.….0…1ac.2.64.img..0.0.0.B3OlHhDjaQM#imgrc=4YKk7EW56qnrfM%3A


        • Justin Beiber is a can of worms himself. The reason for his level of fame seems to be for no other reason than he is an extremely rare case of identical triplets (Madonna being the other). One is the talented performer (drummer, dancer, and slightly above average singer), the other is the “cute” boyish looking one, and the other is the smug one that everyone hates. We put it aside due to the level of analysis required, but I can recognize each one immediately.

          Where it gets weird is that it appears two different twins go to award shows dressed the same, and wearing makeup down to the exact blemish/freckle/pimple (and you can tell which one has the real pimple and which one has the makeup if you zoom in). I have multiple pictures of the two non-performing twins standing in the same exact spot on the red carpet taking the same pictures, but clearly two different twins. Raises a lot of questions about what’s really going on on red carpets, and if every single person there including the paparazzi are intelligence.

          As for Beiber and Miley, it’s pretty much impossible to prove relation through photographs. There are multiple father/sons and mother/daughters we suspect with famous people but how do you prove that? I don’t think they are the same person. Miley (whichever one of the two that is) is only matching up with “cute” Beiber. I doubt she’ll match up with the others.


        • Martin, I back-burnered all this stuff last July, but still want to work on it. I don’t like diagonal splits, as I think they can be misleading. But you right and we agree there is a family resemblance there. The Beiber project (triplets) is daunting.


  3. daddie_o says:

    Looks like there is a lot of stuff out there on methods and algorithms to distinguish twins. I wonder if any of it is publicly available? Here is one example:
    Wonder Ears: Identification of Identical Twins from Ear Images


  4. This is interesting:

    “Famous twins like Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen claim that they are fraternal twins, but they have not had DNA testing done to confirm this. They look like identical twins, even down to having the almost stereotypical tendency towards one twin having a long face while the other has a more rounded face.”

    I didn’t know that was a stereotype but I have found this to be true. One of the ways I initially distinguish twins is by spotting the thinner face or rounder chin.


  5. Nicole says:

    Straight-though I’m pushing it-in my late 20s-i am under 30, and I have heard “twerking” and even pointed out a song from the ’90s that used it prior to Miley(sidenote: i believe decent music died with Chris LeDoux in 2006, the best of which ended in the 70s), but though I’ve heard of twerking, I have no real idea of what it is, let alone how to do it! (:

    Anyhow, I love reading these posts and comments that you folks put up! I love seeing truth put out there, even though I don’t chime in often (or at all). It was hard to swallow when I first started reading here since I was learning about my favorite musicians (such as the Mama’s and the Papa’s, the Carpenters, the Righteous Brothers, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, etc) but you can’t deny facts! And I liked that Mark is a local to where I’m from!

    All of that to say, good work guys! Keep it up!!


    • Glad to have you on board, Nicole.

      Maybe it’s a South Florida thing, but pretty much every girl here is a twerking expert.


    • Yes, welcome Nicole. We do enjoy what we do here, and I think it is useful information. We have left the Righteous Brothers and Mamas and Papas alone, through John Phillips was a big factor in the Laurel Canyon scene. Maybe we will discover him still alive somewhere someday, living on a beach with Cass Elliot.

      FWIW, WordPress gives me stats each day. Today generated about 1000 views from 300 people, and yesterday 1400/500. It is a small blog but those numbers are very pleasing to me. It means we are making a small wave.


  6. For those of you that want to stay anonymous, I suspect they keep track of the FB accounts looking at those pages. Logout before you look him up.


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