Beyoncé is not dead, was not replaced by a body double. She is [not]twins.

[See Addendum 2/18/2017]

We have been sitting on this one for quite a while, not for any particular reason other than is so much material at our disposal. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is, in my humble opinion, beautiful, talented, and twins. In fact, the twins aspect is so easy to spot that I am not going to split faces or even draw lines through eyes. You’ll see it.

Here are two photos of the one I find intriguingly girlish in her beauty, along with welcoming and inviting in her charm. Let’s call her Twin A.

The other twin is a little more threatening, maybe casting a nasty glance to warn us away. She is Twin B.

Twin B has a rounder nose and slightly shorter chin, a shorter face in general. But these two are as easy to tell apart as the McCartney brothers once you study their faces a bit.

I must add here that I am not a fan boy, don’t have her poster up in my workshop. I don’t pay much attention to pop culture, but am doing more since this work cropped up. I enjoyed her work in Austin Powers: Goldmember, where Twin A even demonstrated some comedic chops. But note that in that movie it was Twin B that did the singing number, and Twin A that did the acting.

That’s Twin A on the left, Twin B on the right [from the Goldmember movie].

Here is Straight’s summary of her power and attraction, and also a current move to perhaps run a “Paul is Dead” psyop on her to misdirect curiosity that they look so different in their assigned roles.

Beyonce is a megastar. She has more genuine female fans than any other celebrity I can think of. Women of all ages are obsessed with her, black or white. Since she is so beautiful I believe they look at her pictures a lot and admire them. Since the twins are noticeably different, I believe Intelligence is either A. responding to questions from people as to why she looks different when performing or B. preparing for that scenario.

The beautiful, better-looking, long-faced Beyonce [A] is the diplomat who is very sweet, nice, and non-judgmental in interviews or TV appearances. That is one of her main appeals. How nice she is. The other twin [B] is an absolutely incredible singer, and even better performer and dancer. A true talent. However, she has a bitchier look on her (rounder) face. So like Justin Timberlake, one is the personality and the other is the talent.

So either in response to, or in preparation for questions, Intelligence is pulling the old “Paul is dead” card by saying “Did Beyonce die and get replaced?” which is meant to turn off inquirers, and for those that ask questions will get led down the Illuminati/Satanism/Cloning/Abuse disinfo rabbit hole.

Something else is interesting about Beyonce. Her, Jay Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West are notorious on the internet for using Illuminati symbolism in all of their videos, concerts, etc. This is commented on everywhere, in Youtube comments, Vigilant Citizen, and every once in a while Jay Z and Beyonce make fun of it in their songs. This is mainstream knowledge. I believe they do it on purpose as misdirection from the social engineering they are involved with in their lyrics, and to push the “Illuminati/Satan Worship” disinfo rabbit hole, while discrediting the idea that they are just puppets of puppets (Geffen, etc.). Reasonable people make fun of it, the curious get sucked into the rabbit hole and get called kooks. I’m sure there is more to it, but that’s my two cents.


Addendum 2/18/2017: In 2008 the Beyonce machine produced an album called I am …Sasha Fierce, essentially taking Beyonce’s wholesome image and turning it dark. Beyonce has always dressed provocatively, but none of that can hide what is obviously the warm and friendly person who easily comes through in the thousands of photos available. Sasha on the other hand was dark and serious and intensely sexual. Here’s Sasha:

Sasha always directs her gaze downward. The photo on the left has been manipulated to show her having a dark and light side. There must be some part of our psyche that links the downward gaze with darkness – to me it means introspection or sadness. Beyonce then began doing interviews trying to distance herself from the Sasha Fierce character. Here are some quotes from Beyonce in an interview from around that time:

From there sprang Internet rumors that Beyonce had been replaced by a body double. If you cannot see what I see – another “Paul is Dead” maneuver done as a psyop to promote the woman who was already a megastar – then we need to have a coffee date, as it seems obvious to me.

We were thrown off in our photo analysis by the dark and foreboding Sasha Fierce, who does appear as Beyonce in many photographs. That’s just us on the learning curve. All photographs in the text above are of Beyonce. Just to prove that point (actually, I was trying to validate the original claim), I offer the ear of Sasha against the ear of Beyonce:


Other than better definition on the right, they look to me to be the same ear off the same person.

So Beyonce, off to the recycle bin with you. My methods are improving by means of this trail of tears review of prior work, but that does not help right now. I am feeling kind of useless, my gaze downward, and both introspective and sad. .


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12 Responses to Beyoncé is not dead, was not replaced by a body double. She is [not]twins.

  1. We’re beginning to see trends with these twins. One usually has a long face and the other a rounder face. One is the extrovert and the other is the introvert.

    I’m starting to think that Intelligence trains these twins from childhood. They identify the extrovert and teach them how to be charming, and they train the introvert to be the singer, dancer, actor, etc.


  2. In 2008, Beyonce released an album called “I Am… Sasha Fierce” which she claimed was her tough alter-ego.

    This now makes sense when you consider the other twin is less friendly. Fans interpret this as “Beyonce’s bad-ass side”, but the truth is different. The last few years Beyonce traded in her wholesome/classy image for an ultra-sexual, gender conflict (her recent album had songs attacking her husband for cheating on her), and racial conflict (Black Panthers homage at the Super Bowl, in-your-face “I’m black, deal with it” type lyrics and imagery (despite being completely unnecessary). I believe that is because you are seeing more and more of the other twin, who sells conflict much better than pretty and nice Beyonce.


  3. tyrone mccloskey says:

    For me the speculation of which Wonder Woman is really a dude belongs in the illuminati/Satan trash bin… but, recalling the handle Sasha Fierce, it clicked on a notion- Back in the 90’s I was moonlighting as the cashier at a movie theater- On Saturday nights in the summer the place was overrun by drag queens attracted by campy stage shows and really bad movies- Sasha Fierce is exactly the kind of moniker a drag queen would adopt (Fierce being the equivalent of Bitchin’ in drag queen argot) and it got me to wondering, when Beyonce’ first aired that name out, if she might be an advancement on Ru Paul, and actually trying to pass as all female-
    But recently I was listening to a guy named Paul Romano, whose Pockets of the Future YouTube channel is popular, and though he is a mélange of odd notions, he often talks about the technology seemingly available to, in effect, switch genders at the IVF level, thus producing females that act like males- Aggressive, athletic, fearless, vulgar- I’m not certain of any of that, even as I expand my file on Nazi bio research*, but if any of this is possible, it might be that one embryo is given at least a dash of testosterone while the other is allowed to gestate as all female-
    All of the preceding is in light pencil-

    *I don’t know where to start, but I wonder if some of this research began in earnest in the American south in the first half of the 19th century- The racist attitudes of the slavers I don’t think were confined to ignorance- Reading Darwin, racism was thought to have a scientific foundation, and that would lead inexorably to the laboratory-


    • There is a famous rumor that Ciara, a gorgeous R&B singer, was born as a male. This rumor has lingered for 10 years so it might be pushed by disinfo. Similar stories abound for Jamie Lee Curtis back in the day.

      What’s the purpose? To blackwash a gorgeous girl? Or maybe to cover up what you are proposing? Not sure how you prove it.


  4. Tyrone says:

    For legal purposes, please take with a cow-sized salt lick-
    Years ago a colleague told me that she had attended a lecture at the Mayo clinic and the lecturer had cited Jaime Lee Curtis as an example of a pseudo-hermaphrodite- Why her name was used and not an anonymous case history pseudonym begs a red flag- The lecturer had likely been fed something from some journal, published by a spook institute, and used the name drop as a celebrity anecdote to keep his students awake- Years later I heard a snippet of a radio interview with Tony Curtis and the morning zoo shock jock matter of factly asked Tony if his daughter was a pseudo-hermaphrodite to which he glibly replied: No, she’s an Episcopalian- Was that some sort of admission? Why would the spooks run this possible urban legend with the Curtis family playing along? An early test of the tolerance and normalization of the “androgyny/sterility is good” agenda?

    Her mother, Janet Leigh, was born a Morrison, one of the spook family names snaking through Miles Mathis’ recent genealogy digs- The future movie star was an only child who was discovered by Norma Shearer, arguably the most powerful woman in Hollywood in the forties- Legend has it that Norma espied Janet’s picture at a ski resort where her parents were employed- NS then hooked the college co-ed up with MGM- This was a teenager with no acting experience, though she had already had two teenage marriages behind her (?!?!)
    Janet then goes right to radio and shortly after to the silver screen-
    Sound likely? Of course not- What kind of picture would catch the eye of Norma Shearer at a ski resort? A family snapshot or a Hollywood portrait studio photograph where she was made up, costumed and lighted for maximum impact? The story is bullshit, but none of this is shocking news-
    Back in my father’s day, it was hotly rumored that Mr. and Mrs. Curtis were two beards, or Smith Brothers in the parlance of the times- Not really a consummated married couple- Can’t say one way or another- Because Hollywood, right?
    Tom Cruise is forever rumored to be gay- He’s been compared to Stony Curtis from time to time- See The Sweet Smell of Success for the best Curtis/Cruise comp- Tom Cruise was born to play an updated Sydney Falco- Anyway, Cruise was first married to a much older woman, Mimi Rodgers- I have it from a good source that Rodgers, upset at being dumped by Tom, began the Tom is gay rumor out of spite- By then he was endwelt in the bosom of Scientology and his marriage odyssey went on, divorcing subsequent wives when the wives turned age 33- This first marriage to Rodgers mirrors John Travolta’s first Hollywood live-in romance with a much older woman named Diana Hyland- She died of cancer and Scientology came knocking- Back then I knew a screenwriter who was a dear friend of my father- She was Italian and considered Travolta’s west coast mother- I heard her myself lament how the gays had pulled Johnny down into the Scientology morass-
    Boy, am I digressing-
    Scientology has been relieved of its tax free status so the end is neigh for that military Intel abomination- A shield for gay actors is not really needed anymore- Scam marriages of the like speculated above aren’t going to fool too many today- So too the rent-a-kids may be a thing of the past soon- Yes, Brangelina is still a going concern, but that project has an international scope so the old tropes are still employed for the beards involved-
    Wandering back to the main path, I’ll wildly and recklessly speculate: Janet may have been a royal-ish bastard and a connected Morrison couple were available to raise Janet as theirs- Two teenage “marriages” provided some kind of training, and when Janet was ready, Norma Shearer, possibly a handler (in more ways than one) of young starlets, steps into position the asset within MGM-
    In time, Janet, a fully vetted blood relation to the controlling oligarchs is set up with another trusted beard, Tony Curtis (née Bernie Schwartz) and the game’s afoot-
    Jaime could be theirs, or an early experiment- Regardless, she mirrored her mother by also starring in one of the seminal horror movies of all time (Halloween) which, like Psycho, did nothing for proper male/female relations or mother/son relations, to say the least-
    And then, to top it all off, the family is rewarded by having Jaime marry the effete Christopher Guest, a member of the peerage in Royal England, thus creating “Lady Guest” complete with tiara and a seat in the House of Lords- Circle complete-


  5. daddie_o says:

    Is John Kerry twins?


    • kerry-kerry

      It is a matter for further study, as a quick comparison of the two faces above does not produce alignment. My docket is full today. (Obama is also on the list.)

      I must say, however, that looking in to those cold dark eyes gives me the creeps. This guy is sinister, the one on the left [of your two photos] anyway. Yikes!


      • daddie_o says:

        Yeah, super creepy. The alignment is close on many counts but the mismatched ear alignment seem to be a dead giveaway. And the eyebrows make them easy to tell apart. I just googled ‘kerry twins’ and there is A LOT out there about Kerry getting plastic surgery/botox to explain this obvious switch. I think it’s another kind of the “so-and-so is dead and was replaced” kind of misdirection. I don’t think plastic surgery can be used to move your ear canals…

        OK, I am officially weirded out by all this twin stuff. And it’s not just the creepy stare of someone who is dead inside and has no soul.


        • Nice one. John Kerry is pretty big. If we confirm that, then it opens up the world of politicians to twins, which we’ve been suspecting but couldn’t quite confirm yet.

          I’ve found a few athlete twins (one plays and the other does promotional material), and now with politicians this scope extends out far past movies and music. Just how many identical twins are out there? And how do they do it?


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