Somewhere, out there, are the JonBenét Ramsey twins, alive and well

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


The Fake Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

One of the most sensational murder cases of last century concerned six-year old girl JonBenét Ramsey, found dead in the family basement in Boulder, Colorado on December 25th, 1996. Coming as it did on the heels of the OJ Simpson trial*, it served to capture the public’s attention for several years. Just last week a local station was revisiting the crime here in the Denver radio market.


Dave McGowan

Straight emailed me several days ago with his latest discovery. It is another set of twins. Their name … JonBenét Ramsey. I will get into the details and do an analysis of photographs to make our case, but before doing that, want to discuss a book and a man that I have come to believe is a disinformation agent. His name is Dave McGowan, author of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, which chronicled over seventy deaths of rocks stars and actors in Los Angeles in the 1960s and later.

That is the book that started Straight and I on our hunt for Zombies. I knew all those people could not have died. Even war zones have lower death rates. Something else was up. McGowan did not suspect any fakery going on except, perhaps, in the case of Jim Morrison. So I began to suspect that something was up with Dave McGowan.

What McGowan did in that book is called “misdirection,” getting us to “look here, not there.” People were beginning to assemble clues about the Los Angeles music scene of the 60s and 70s, especially the military and intelligence family background of so many famous actors and musicians of that era, people like the Fonda’s, John Phillips, Frank Zappa, Joan Baez and on and on. The cloud of deceit was lifting. McGowan was, in my view, assigned the task of leading the opposition. (“Misleading” is a better term.) In classic “limited hangout” style, McGowan let us in on enough information to make us think he had thoroughly investigated matters. But he left out essential details – fake deaths one of them.

McGowan died last December, or so we are told. I suspect he faked his death. After all, his assignment was over.

JonBenét figures in here because McGowan also wrote the 2004 book Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder, in which he recounts stories of our country’s most famous serial killers. As with Laurel Canyon, McGowan uncritically treats each one as real. He never doubts the official stories. The book left me with a sense of horror at the evil that people do to one another. That was the Intel objective – to scare us, make us distrust one another, lock our doors, stay inside after dark. Frightened people are easier to govern.

Chapter 20 of that book is about JonBenét. Here are some inconsistencies that McGowan uncovers in his description of the JonBenét Ramsey murder:

  •  Quoting from the book, “For reasons that have never been adequately explained, the investigation was compromised from the very beginning. Officers inexplicably failed to secure the crime scene … no effort was made to prevent contamination of any potential evidence. Detectives did not arrive on the scene until 8:10 AM, over two hours after the first patrol officers arrived. Around 10:00 AM, detectives allowed John Ramsey to leave the house unescorted for over an hour.”
  • JonBenét’s parents, Patsy and John, were never separated for questioning.
  • Ann Louise Bardach, writing in Vanity Fair, quotes an anonymous officer who claimed that John Ramsey carried the body upstairs but never cried. Neither he nor Patsy ever attempted to console one another.
  • Biological materials in the case were examined by Cellmark Diagnostics in Germantown, Maryland.
  • No DNA evidence has ever been produced in the case.
  • Gregg McCrary, a former FBI profiler, was asked to join in the investigation, but declined saying that it looked like a “staged domestic homicide.”
  • While some members of the Boulder Police Department did attempt a real investigation, their efforts were impeded by the Boulder County District Attorney, the Denver Police Department, and the FBI.
  • James Michael Thompson, who worked for a private company that specialized in transporting corpses, stole two pages from the morgue book at Boulder Community Hospital, the pages that had recorded the arrival of JonBenét’s body four months earlier.
  • A witness from California, Mary Bienkowski, intervened and offered evidence about a pedophile ring operating in the Boulder area. She claimed this ring had direct links to the Ramsey family.

McGowan wrings his hands over all of this – what does it mean? As with Laurel Canyon, he fails to ask the right question: Was there a murder?

  • If there was no murder, if it was a staged event, and if the upper echelons of Boulder Police and the Boulder County Coroner** knew about it in advance, then police response would be slow, even indifferent. No one would particularly care about the behaviors of John Ramsey.
  • John and Patsy would only be given cursory treatment, as it was understood they did not commit a murder that did not happen.
  • If the event was staged, then descriptions of the scene inside the house would have to be anonymous, as they are fake too. Ann Louise Bardach, writing in Vanity Fair, was part of the scam, doing misdirection.
  • Cellmark Diagnostics of Germantown, Maryland, is a CIA-connected outfit, and not coincidentally was also used in the OJ Simpson trial, also highly suspicious.
  • No DNA evidence is available because there was no crime scene or body. (Absence of DNA evidence is probably hiding something else – parentage?)
  • Gregg McCrary used the word “staged.” He appears to have been an honest man, and so wanted no part of a farce.
  • In a staged event, the people at the top of the District Attorney’s Office, Denver Police and FBI will naturally want to impede the activities of honest police officers and detectives trying to do a real investigation.
  • James Michael Thompson, then, did not steal evidence of JonBenét’s body arriving at the morgue, but rather evidence that her body did not arrive that day. That’s why he was dispatched to commit that crime.
  • Mary Bienkowski, then, a convenient witness, is part of the scam and is doing misdirection. She wants to deflect from absence of a crime, and so turns our attention to pedophilia. The news media ran with that theme, and is echoing it to this day.

The existence of a JonBenét Ramsey twin adds credibility to the no-murder hypothesis. It is a glaring piece of evidence that people on the inside have to know about, ignore and cover up. If there had been a real murder and a real investigation of the murder, it would be known. It all smacks of Intelligence running a psy-op on us.

In this scenario there would be no investigation because there was no crime. The public only knew of one twin, and her disappearance had to be explained. So they invented a murder, probably much more than just that. It has also served, like OJ, as an ongoing pubic distraction.

Photo Analysis

There are a couple of hundred photos of JonBenét Ramsey on the Internet. Most were taken in her final two years before going underground, and so involve kiddie beauty contests, creepy enterprises that were highlighted in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. McGowan describes the industry as “cater[ing] primarily to the pedophilic tendencies of the adults,” and I agree. Studying these photos has been a creepy exercise.

But getting on with it, the girl is five or six years of age in the images, and we are aware of development between dates that photos were taken. We are aware that beauty pageant photos are heavily augmented, and that these kids are asked to wear contact lenses and lipstick and assume adult poses, some sexually suggestive. I am the father of daughters. It has been a difficult task in all aspects. It appears to me to be child abuse.

Here we go. Below are four photos that we have identified as “Twin One.”

Note in these photos the similar shape of the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Note how the one on the left has bright sea foam blue eyes, either a photo effect or contact lenses. (Thus, with all photos, we ignore eye color.) The lower lip rim is identical on all four. Here are a couple of face splits that, among many others, helped us decide that these four photos are of the same girl:

Again, aging, angles, parallax distortion, creates slight difference, but understand that these photos are known to be the person JonBenét Ramsey, so that there should be wide acceptance that they are of the same person.

“Twin Two:”

Twin Two has a slightly rounder face, lower ears, and slightly rounder eyebrows. The alar rims of her nose are lightly narrower at this point in her development. (Across the top, the first and second from the left look like real little girls. The first one is labeled as a Christmas photo on her mother’s lap, which would have to be 1995, as she supposedly died on 12/25/1996. The second looks like a school photo, very natural.)

Again, a couple of facial splits among these six photos that helped us arrive at the conclusion that these are of the same girl.

Keep in mind that there are age differences, but that all agree these photos are of JonBenét, so our comparisons showing them the same should not surprise.

At this point I am adding a side-by-side comparison of the two girls, Twin One on the left, Two on the right. This is offered without commentary to allow the reader to examine them and detect differences without aid of visual devices like lines and face splitting, or mere power of suggestion by me.


The following are face splits of photos, all shown above, showing differences between the twins:


That is Twin Two on the left, with the rounder face. Twin One on the right has markedly higher ears, and there is no parallax distortion, as the head angle is the same. The lips and nose do not match, the sub-nasal distance from nose to lip slightly longer on Twin One. But they are close, right? I would judge them very hard to tell apart were it not for the ears.


Differences are highly pronounced here. Twin One on the left again has a narrower face, higher ear, this time pronounced. The eyebrows do not align and are of differing shapes. All might be explained by angles and expressions, but frankly the differences are too great.


Ears are not comparable in this, but the same discrepancies appear in lips, nose, eyebrows and facial shape and length.

These discrepancies will be apparent to anyone to performs the same experiments as we did with any of these ten photos. I urge that you try.

Our conclusion: JonBenét Ramsey is a set of twins.

We speculate that neither twin was killed on 12/25/1996, that the event was staged to 1) take the character “JonBenét Ramsey” underground for training,  possibly as an actress, singer or news reader, and 2) to create a public distraction of lasting value. We assert that this explains all of the inconsistencies and incongruities in the Ramsey death case.

The matter of twins and twinning

I have written much more than is published here about twins. It is an ongoing discussion topic in the comments on this blog. Think about just the ones we have written about – Elvis, McCartney, Taylor Swift, Anderson Cooper, Drake, Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Timberlake, Buddy Holly/Geffen-Katzenberg, Beyoncé, Mark David Chapman, Frank Sinatra and many more to come. Why so many twins?

The reaction to the current and tentative hypotheses is often off-putting, a quantum leap people are not willing to make. It reads like a John Carpenter movie script, and we do not have enough solid evidence to back it up. It takes us into uncharted waters, something I and the others who comment here do not fear, even enjoy. And we know something is up, something unusual and highly secretive. We will keep pushing.

In the JonBenét matter, Straight, in his usual insightful manner, noticed something odd about the photos – they are supposedly of the young girl in kiddie beauty pageants, but it is only her, always alone. (Do an Internet search and see for yourself.) Why no photos of lineups and promenades? This is indeed odd, as if the photos were staged. Further research is needed – did JonBenét ever really participate in these contests? If not, then we have with the JonBenét Intelligence project a psy-op long in the planning and making, and designed to capture the public’s attention and insinuate that there are pedophilia rings operating about us. Again with the division and fear!

The JonBenét twins are 26 now***, and I would guess are busy in their reassignment. They might be a Fox News Anchor, a movie star or a singer, or who knows what else. We will search for them, but it will be difficult. We have only childhood photos, and are not able to conjure up an image of the JonBenét twins as they look now. The skull and face are not fully formed until age 20, and predicting at age six what they might look like is nothing more than a wild ass guess. But we will have our eyes peeled.


*Which we now know to have been fake.

**I have in my files here the Monterey County Coroner’s Report on the death of John Denver, a thorough document of many pages, and completely fake. Intelligence Control of the Coroner’s Office is essential in all fake deaths.

***That is, they are 26 now if anything we are told about them is true, if the pictures are set in the correct time – for all we know, these girls could be older now, the photos merely taken from inventory in 1996 and used to advance this scam. The Boulder scene could have been manufactured out of thin air. If that is the case, I have suspicions about who they are … something for future research.

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44 Responses to Somewhere, out there, are the JonBenét Ramsey twins, alive and well

  1. so are you claiming there aren’t organized pedorings, ritual abuse and widespread child trafficking?


    • I am claiming nothing of the sort. I have no way of knowing. I am claiming that the JonBenet Ramsey murder was a hoax, and that a pedophilia ring was implicated as part of it to enhance that fear.

      Fear is a governing tool, and the occult and pedophilia rings create fear.


      • but you don’t think there is anything to actually fear, right, because it’s all just an intelligence hoax.


        • I don’t walk around afraid. It’s a beautiful life when you realize that almost all people are good. There are 1) Intel creeps about who want to instill fear of one another, and who are continually (for centuries) running these psy-ops, JonBenet just another, and 2) some real creeps, small in number.

          There is also poverty, desperation, love affairs, alcohol and drugs. These have the effect of making good people do bad things. But then we have religion, which helps us try to be good people.

          I sometimes write with a little hyperbole, as if things are simple, but they are not. They are mostly one way, not another, and that way is good. So be happy.


          • it’s a beautiful life when you’re a financially privileged white man in America who gets to travel around the world sipping Chardonnay. I don’t think you actually have much of a clue about how people survive outside you’re privileged bubble. have fun with your toddlers and tiaras, Mark.


          • I’m not privileged. And I agree with Mark. Most people are good if you show them love. Fear is the only thing that brings out the worst in us.


          • there is a great scene in Donnie Darko where Donnie’s character obliterates the stupid teacher that tries reducing life to the simplistic binary of love/fear. if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s one of my favorites. I’d also offer the Milgram experiment as an example of how there is more than just fear involved in getting normally decent people to do sadistic things.


          • As a former psych major, I am very familiar with the Milgram experiment and the Stanford Prison experiment. I have doubts whether the experiment were real and the results replicable. It fits too neatly into the agenda you are suggesting.

            As for Donnie Darko, I expect nothing less of Hollywood to try to blackwash a concept like that. If you want to point to Hollywood movies for tokens of wisdom, you’ve come to the wrong place.


          • you’re right, I’m definitely in the wrong place.


          • Goodness, listen to you! I drink cheap white wine, usually Pinot Grigio, as beer goes straight to my ass. When I was your age I counted the change in my pocket, wrestled with a pencil and adding machine to make ends meet. It was always a struggle. I never thought for a second that I would have good fortune and be able to travel, enjoy being alive, and have to deal with jealous liberals.


  2. Nicole says:

    I don’t know the accuracy of this statement, but I was informed a couple of years ago (and looked at pictures, and if you move the “mole” it looked right) that Jeanbenet and Katy Perry (before fame was known as Katy Hudson) are one in the same…i don’t remember where I read that, but maybe worth looking into with the actual skill that you guys have…


    • I have not looked into the KP matter, but Straight has and regards it to be misdirection and disinformation. I think moles to be aspects of our appearance that are far too easy to replicate via computer to be trusted. Further, projection of a face from a six year old to an adult is, as the blog post states, a “wild ass guess.” I have my own suspicions, and am keeping them quiet. It is too speculative by 10X.


  3. Nicole says:

    Turns out in February of this year the rumor that they are the same was pretty widespread. Even to enough so to make Snopes do a “False” article on it. (I agree with you on Snopes purpose.)


    • As stated in our piece, speculation from a six year old to an adult is nothing more than wild ass guess. (Why do you know about my opinion of SNOPES? That was a long time ago.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • daddie_o says:

        Mark, great write-up.

        In all fairness, you did write about snopes just a couple of weeks ago, in your post from Sept. 8th about ‘full spectrum dominance.’ I remembered it because I wrote you an e-mail about it. But I have also gone back and looked through about a year’s worth of your blog archive (and poked around a bit even earlier), and I did see a much older post about SNOPES. Maybe that’s what you had in mind. The reason I went back through your posts was mainly to see if I had missed anything important, but I was also curious about what you were writing about before and especially when you came around and “woke up” to all the hoaxing, etc. (Appears your discovery of Miles’s work on JFK late last year was a major catalyst — you beat me to it by a couple of months). For what it’s worth, I enjoyed reading your commentary and seeing your evolution. I also saw Skink/Skank/Skunk slinking around, trolling the comments. Worse than a shill.

        [Going way off topic, I saw that you mentioned more than a few times passing references to Judy Wood and also to ‘cold fusion.’ I’m a cold fusion enthusiast. Did you know that Miles’s revolutionary work in physics holds the key to explaining how cold fusion works?]

        Oh, one more thing: The “Jean Benet is Katy Perry” conspiracy meme was so popular earlier this year that I thought for sure when I saw this topic that you were going to address it. I was going to ask about it in comments but saw Nicole already did. I agree that going from child to adult puts you on mighty thin ground. So perhaps better that you didn’t bring it up. It might very well be misdirection. Perhaps it’s true but just sounds so outlandish that it was used to blackwash ‘conspiracy theorists’ (like the flat earth). In fact if you google Jean Benet Katy Perry, pretty much all you see are mainstream news outlets talking in February about how crazy conspiracy theorists actually believe it’s true. So if you hop on that bandwagon, you can be lumped in with all the others.


        • I do have suspicions about the eventual placement of the JonBenet twins, but given fourteen years of physical development after the photos we saw, it would be pointless to even try in public. And I am probably a little paranoid about Nancy Nicole, I suppose, but these no-link commenters who timely drop in from nowhere make me suspicious. (Katy Perry is on the list of possible twins, however. Straight is so dead-on in spotting them. I never would have thought for a second to look into the JonBenet matter had he not seen them.)

          I have gone around the block a couple of times with Judy Wood, not knowing if her photos are real, if she is a spook, if she has been snookered too. It is good to hear that there is supporting evidence from a trustworthy quarter for her work. I want to spend more time with Miles’ science work, but where is time?

          And Skink I think has far more to offer than we have seen so far … There is a little cognitive dissonance going in there, which often manifests as anger, and anyway, I can produce anger in others. (It’s a gift.) He’s far better than the wave-of-the-hand dismissal of our work that he puts up here. Like me a couple of years ago, he’s asking the wrong questions at this point in his development.

          Would you, Daddie_O, consider doing some writing here at this blog? I have selfish reasons for that, and have made the same offer to Straight and Annette, and will also lay it on the table for Tyrone and Maarten. I know people are busy and don’t expect a lot of yeses, but you folks are independent thinkers who arrived at the same destination, and are bringing real value to the content here. I would like to lift it out if the comment section. It also allows me to step back a bit, the selfish part. I don’t like being the center of attention. I even hate birthday parties. I like just being a part of things like this.

          Straight mentioned that I need a redesign here, and I agree. I am no visual web artist. I am going to go to work on putting our twins and zombies in the link section today, but the layout here is clumsy, as if some guy just stumbled into a free design, like what really happened.

          Anyway, all that goes in here is downstream Mathis energy, though Tyrone’s JFKTV paper was a huge boost for me too. I feed off others, which we all do. There is synergy here. Please consider the offer.


          • daddie_o says:

            You might very well be right about Nicole, who knows. You’re right to be suspicious.

            As for Judy Wood — I wouldn’t say there is confirmation of her hypothesis about the 9/11 towers. It also has, as far as I can figure out, nothing to do with the so-called Hutchison effect, if that is even real. I don’t know that you could do what was done to the WTC towers with some kind of cold fusion weapon, though I wouldn’t rule it out. It’s simply that Miles’s physics is the key to unlocking the secret of cold fusion/low energy nuclear reactions/ “free energy.”

            Here is a link to a paper I wrote on it earlier this year, which provides a brief intro to parts of his theory (the first half is kind of like Cliff’s notes):

            Yes, I’d be delighted to contribute and am honored by the request. These next 4-6 months are going to be so busy at work that I can’t say I’ll be able to step up to the plate (and anyway I still owe Miles a paper that I’ve been slowly churning out the last few months). But after that clears up, yes I’d be happy to take a more active role here. Thank you. (I know it seems by my comment habits like I have all the time in the world, but this is just my outlet for procrastination.)


          • Miles has an addendum to his JFK paper out today. I am saving it for later.


        • Phillip Solesky says:

          Interesting, I never even heard about the Katy Perry thing.

          I notice you keep referencing the flat earth and Miles has twice (that I know of) denied the earth was flat in his articles. I can see where that might be a psy-op, but the information I’ve read and seen (about 80 hours of it) seems to indicate to me that the earth can’t possibly be round. I’m wide open to an explanation. I’m sincerely interested. I just want to know the truth. I’ve already found myself with 34 years of believing JFK and others were killed, so I’m hesitant of going all in either way.


          • I grant flat earth no credibility. No amount of study will change the basic laws of physics.


          • daddieuhoh says:

            Phil, when I woke up to the realization that 9/11 was in inside job, I swore to myself that I would never dismiss another ‘conspiracy theory’ outright, no matter how outlandish it seemed. I promised myself that I would always examine the evidence and come to a judgement myself. And I actually think the flat earth idea should be treated the same way, although every fiber in my being tells me it’s wrong. I have looked at some of the arguments, and to be honest I can see why many people have been convinced — there are some seemingly compelling arguments. But compelling arguments are not that hard to come by. When I was in 6th grade our teacher asked us to debate whether the world was round or flat. Nobody wanted to take the flat earth side, so on a lark I volunteered. I ended up debating my whole class and winning. But I still think the Earth is round, and I think the arguments for that are far more compelling and conclusive than Flat Earth arguments.

            But this really is not the forum to discuss any of that. The contributors to this blog do not believe the Earth is flat. Instead, we view the recent wave of arguments and propaganda in favor of that idea as being a deliberate attempt to convince honest, well-intentioned open-minded people (including “conspiracy theorists”) of something that most people view as being irredeemably ludicrous. This is so they can later say, when somebody brings up 9/11 or JFK or whatever, “oh, and I bet you believe the Earth is flat, too.” Furthermore, we tend to view people who bring it up here, especially in support of it, as trying to associate this blog with the idea that the Earth is flat. So please, drop it. If you want to discuss it via e-mail I’ll be happy to do that.


      • Nicole says:

        You had made a comment about Snopes a few weeks ago.
        I apologize for your suspicions of me. It makes sense with all that you have come across, and the fact I don’t have a link to follow. I just was introduced to your page by a friend a maybe up to a year ago and have enjoyed reading it ever since.


  4. daddie_o says:

    Gotta say that picture up top of McGowan is super creepy. Here was another one I found allegedly of McGowan, which I thought was kind of odd given that we’re told McGowan was a contractor:

    It looks like his first day on the job at Langley. A much younger version, but seems to be the same guy (or his twin) judging by the point of his nose and deep, long dimples. I found it (through a google search) at this blog:


    • daddie_o says:

      On second look, it’s clearly not the same guy. And then, after doing a reverse-image search, I found out it’s a Law Professor who has the same name:

      Still and all, the nose and dimples are quite similar…


      • You beat me to it, but this is as far as I was willing to go anyway. Got work to do today. (Similarities abound.)



        • Very weird.

          Same smile, nose, dimples, and eye distance. Different jaw, ears, and forehead.

          Terran Downvale on his Google+ page believes that they take faces of celebrities and morph them when they create “sims” for news stories. The goal being for you to subconsciously associate the celebrity with the person you are seeing. This way they can drop all the subconscious hints that they want.

          I’m not sure that’s the case here, but something to consider. It’s as if these two share the same face “template”. Perhaps McGowan is a sim and everything was written by a committee? Are there any videos of him?


          • That’s interesting … I did watch a video of him talking about Weird Scenes, and throughout the interview he chained smoked. This set the scene for his premature death, the unstated suspicion, of course, that he was given cancer by spooks to punish him for writing his book, so he died young, Bill Hicks style. They love to fuck with us.


          • It’s mostly audio interviews but I found this weird one:

            He looks like he’s on his knees the whole time, head on his hands, and in a tank top. Weird.


          • That is creepy. They never explain his underwear and only seeing shoulders and above appearance. Is that some kind of Masonic signal, wearing underwear for interview?


          • daddie_o says:

            Caravan to Midnight


          • bmseattle says:

            pretty good video series of McGowan in a bookstore, promoting Weird Scenes.
            “Good,” as in, you can get a sense of him visually… mannerisms, etc., not necessarily content-wise.


          • McGowan accepted every death as real except perhaps a little questioning on Morrison. He only talked about what was already known, He never interviewed any of the musicians. By his own admission in the intro this stuff came to him from others and he only followed up. It is classic limited hangout stuff. If the guy had any chops he would have questioned the deaths, like we did – did he even even look at SSDI? No! We could do that, we did it easy. Why did not investigative Dave not do something so simple?

            He should have named the book “Blue Bayou,” or better yet, Blew By Me. Because that investigative writer investigated nothing, discovered nothing. And I will tell you one more thing I suspect – he faked his death. It is perfect symmetry! He, like all of the other fake deaths in Laurel Canyon, was on assignment and ran out of string and had to be cashiered. His heavy smoking in interviews was like Joplin’s drugs and drinking … fake. Predictive programming. They set you up for his death well in advance. He’s still alive, doing something else. He was disinfo. He was hired to take a pickup truck full of what what was already uncovered and drive it up a dead end alley.

            So don’t grieve him. He is still with us, watching, laughing.


  5. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Mark- I’m game for writing something but I don’t want to go first- Even without knowing anyone, I know I’m the least tech savvy guy/gal here, shills and drive-by shooters included- I wouldn’t know how to post anything myself- (an old 58)


    • Don’t worry about that … it’s quite easy if I can do it, and anyway, the object is to get words from your brain to the screen. If you need an assist in that matter, you’ll have all the help you need. (WordPress accepts pasted-in words as real words, so that you could write as oyu normally write and paste, and one of us can do the editing for appearances and all of that, maybe insertion of photos too.)


  6. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Great- I’ll need both hands held-
    Meanwhile, searching prominent 26 year olds, just to have a place to start on the twin JBR’s, the name that immediately jumped out was Jennifer Lawrence- Not because there is any apparent match, because, I agree, no one can hazard a guess what a 6 year old will look like 20 years later- But it got me to thinking about Lawrence- Is she twins? Could be- One athletic and one more hyper and dramatic- Her Waki page is pure BS, but does mention hyperactivity which some of her characters have displayed—She has also played very low key characters- I think of the Di Nerii splitting serious and funny roles-
    But what gets me about Lawrence is how eager Hollywood is to promote the crap out of this admittedly plain looking and not so much better than anyone else talent- Of course she’s connected, having descended from Thomas Jefferson and through Woodrow Wilson’s wife, but that is to be expected- No 14 year old Kentucky tomboy gets discovered by talent scouts in New York, which is how her story begins-
    But back to JBR: Babies, toddlers, little kids in films and TV are generally played by twins- The labor laws are extremely strict about very young kids and the general restlessness of terrible two’s and such require quick swaps- Film shoots are often tedious affairs and mothers have their work cut out for them-
    Just so, the psy-op involving the taping and photographing of JBR might follow along the same stringent guidelines, what with Hollywood being a long term psy-op itself- It would follow that twin spook babies would be required for even such a deception as the likely phony beauty pageants JBR was shown as starring in-
    Then what? It’s likely that JonBenet Ramsey was the name of a fictional character played by two girls now living under one “real” name if they now are a public figure(s)- If they were involved in such an important, long range psy-op as kids, they would be “of the blood” so to speak and be trusted- My hypothesis is that illegitimates play the public roles, as the main lines stay hidden to maintain the real power- These trustworthy, possibly IVF altered twins, would also be the ones trusted to play the star to the hilt- Real talent does not get such platforms, only connected mediocrities do in order to keep the cultural aesthetics at the lowest common denominator- To my mind, Jennifer Lawrence evokes just that level of sleep inducing plainness that weighs heavily on the eyelids of the culturally starving masses- Was her first starring role as JonBenet Ramsey? There’s no way to know- But generational control of the collective imagination requires very long and intricate plans that most of us would never dream of-


    • I did not think of her, though I have suspected she is twins. Isn’t it funny how all they have to do is suggest to us that someone is really talented, and we have a star? I am working on Katie Perry right now, more difficult than I thought, but I’ll put Lawrence on the docket, but then Straight might have another brain storm and everything gets set aside, as it did with JonBenet. She was never on my radar, and the whole post above is my weekend education as a result of an email from him.

      The name JonBenet is weird, out of the blue, and has to have meaning to someone on this scam. I currently think that the whole affair was produced in the upper stories of the mansion, no police calls, no body, no parents, no morgue … They can manufacture events like this out of whole cloth. It was a TV thing.


      • Hope says:

        Is their a birth certificate of Jonbenet that the public can look at? An original or one on record with the court house? It usually asked on their if this was a multiple birth of twins or more. I would think if she were a twin it would say so on the birth record.???


        • I would not know where to look, as I don’t think that is the real name and I don’t know where they were born. I doubt they ever set foot in Boulder. JonBenet was, in my view, a TV show with no reality on the ground.


        • Not so simple. This is a massive deception. We can expect all traces to be cleaned up and seeing that most likely children of Intelligence are involved, it is unclear what the JonBennet twin’s real names are or where they are located (probably near Langley).

          We no longer suspect these twins are regular people who are recruited into the system, rather they are born into the system and used whether they like it or not. Thus, we don’t expect there to be any real birth certificates.


    • I think we have J-Law on our list. Somebody mentioned her a while ago and I’m pretty sure I found twins. One cheerful, and the other more serious looking. I assume that like Timberlake, one is the personality and one is the talent, although I would need to do more research.

      She has similar features to Ramsay, but like Mark said, how in the world can we prove it? Maybe one day we can, but I don’t know how right now.


  7. CJD says:

    If Dave McGowan was a misdirect artist he failed miserably. In fact he was a big part of my journey to where I am now. McGowan was beginning to catch on to his own mistakes as was evident with his Boston Bombing series and his views of Sandy Hook as being outright hoaxes. His Laurel Canyon series pretty much said that the 60’s counter culture was manufactured. I had never heard that before. And finally- his Wagging the Moon Doggie series I found the most compelling- but flawed in some areas.

    McGowan- in interviews- was cautious about he said. He didn’t sign onto theories about the Moon being a hologram- about flat earth- he just sorta skirted around them- like he knew he was being lead into a trap.

    If McGowan didn’t make the leap on certain subjects that they were hoaxed entirely I don’t think that in any way discredits his work. I think he was getting there on his own.


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