The Two of Us: Katy Perry is twins

In the comments in the piece below on the JonBenét Ramsey twins, there was some discussion that JonBenét had become Katy Perry. I do not know who the Ramsey twins became, so I cannot say it is not Perry, but I gather that this particular rumor did not take into account JonBenét being a set of twins.

But Perry is a set of twins too. But the math does not work. Perry at age 31 is five years too old to be a Ramsey, not that dates for these people are reliable.

But set that aside. I repeat – we have no way of knowing what happened to JonBenét Ramsey after her fake death at age 6 because we cannot make comparisons of childhood photos to those of adults. Too many changes are in store between age 6 and 26.

Back to Katy Perry – I have been staring into her face for several hours over yesterday and today, and have a feel for her. The performer, at least the one I saw singing Roar and Fireworks, is the one we call Twin One. I began to be able to distinguish based on ears, but also smile. Twin One often only lifts her upper lip to smile, and it is seldom reflected in her eyes. More often she projects sultry beauty, though it is not affecting me much. I find the green-haired one below most attractive. I don’t know why – that down-home girl next door with the green hair look?

That bottom one is the exception that proves the rule. That is a pretty and, in my view, genuine smile. I had it mis-classified just on that basis, but it is Twin One.

Twin Two seems more gregarious, at least by the photos I have seen, and this again demonstrates what we have seen time and again, that one twin is usually friendlier and outgoing, while the other is more talented, at least, in this case, musically.

They look a lot alike (duh … twins), so I’ll do a side-by-side analysis to point out differences. But I have not seen two twins look so much alike since I worked up Elvis. It leaves me with a queasy feeling – is this right? After hours of staring at these faces, I am pretty much certain this to be the right analysis. Those ears kept showing up different time and again, and I am aware of the angle problem. If someone can work it up differently, have at it.


The distance between the green lines is that between the tops of their ears. A little bit of parallax distortion is apparent,  but not enough to cause such a difference in ear height. so The ear difference is genuine. Twin Two (right) shows a little more gum in her smile. Twin One has rounder eyebrows, if they are real. The teeth appear identical, but I would venture they are not original equipment, so that the dentist was instructed to make them look alike. Twin One exhibits a lightly more pronounced bow in her upper lip – I put the blue line in there so that would be easier to see. (They are both in full-on smile mode.) I will do one face split here and call it quits.


Man are they close! This has been a difficult assignment, but Straight knew she was twins, so I kept at it until the ears finally gave it away. (Most photos of Perry on the Internet do not show ears.)

That is it – Katy Perry is now added to the Honor Roll of Twins, upper right.

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14 Responses to The Two of Us: Katy Perry is twins

  1. The quickest way to tell besides ears is, as always, one twin has a round face and the other has a longer face. Very close though.

    Twin #1 seems to have a wiser look in her eye.

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  2. daddie_o says:

    Does your wife know you spent all day staring at pictures of Katy Perry? (-;


  3. daddie_o says:

    The honor roll is a great addition to the blog. I can’t figure out if I like the Bruce Lee/Judge Ito zombie better or the Jimi Hendrix/Cornell West. Either way it’s a BIG pill to swallow. Anybody got some whiskey I could wash it down with?


  4. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    Having known zilch about Katy Perry until now, my first response was that the cartoon make-up and wear once only wigs would allow for more than twins to essay the role- I then pondered the cookie batch hypothesis and after a few more chews of the cud and a look at wider angle shots, I would like to know how on earth they could replicate such a mammalian carriage rarely found in nature- It may be wishful thinking on my part, but they look real- Katy’s twins, I mean…

    Okay, I need to ask if anyone has actually laid eyes on this individual in actual meat space- Rifling through the possibilities, is it at all possible that this character is a S1mOne? I reference the Al Pacino/Wynona Rider* movie of the same name, wherein a film director creates a media sensation named Simone who only exists in CGI- Yes, there was someone playing the part of KP at the Super Bowl a few years back, but God forbid one would be asked to believe that anything produced on Super Bowl Sunday is real-

    *Ryder is real as I had a brief stare down with her at an eatery once- Her eyes are as misaligned as anyone I’ve ever seen- Matching those eyes to a possible twin would be a thing-


    • They can create reality with TV – The JonBenet case illustrates that. I told Straight yesterday, after hours of looking at Katy Perry, that I thought if I ran into her at the grocery store, she would not catch my eye. Take away the makeup and hair stylists and photographers, and you have just an ordinary woman, not particularly attractive.


      • daddie_o says:

        I have never really understood what the hype is all about, even with the makeup. I don’t think she’s a sim, just because she tours on concert all over the place. There’s tons of concert footage of her on youtube. I mean, it could be all faked, but that seems a bit too much. I assume there are real people who have really been to her concerts, too, though I don’t personally know anyone.

        As for faking people on TV, you folks have heard of that ‘new’ technology for creating life-like recreations of people on TV based on another person’s movements, speech and facial expressions, right? Here is a video demonstration:

        And here’s more from a comment on a CluesForum thread:


  5. i mean, call me skeptical and everything, and don’t take this the wrong way, but you are taking two different images, where the faces are at separate angles and have attempted to align them, to see if they match up. so naturally they won’t match up. perhaps i’m missing something here? could you set me straight? i’m a bit of a noob at this sort of thing, so i could like totally be wrong and everything.

    great blog though, i have really been enjoying it.


    • What we are looking for is alignment of features – lips, eyes, chin, face shape – different angles create distortions, I agree. That is why we have to do literally scores of match-ups to satisfy ourselves that we have or have not hit on something. With KP, I spent hours at my computer here running them all, dealing with distortions caused by head angles, and finally realized that the only real tells were the lips and ears. They are that close in appearance. Even then I was not sure. Finally, I decided that the personality differences between the two women were emerging in the photographs. Our saving grace will be when we can compare ears.

      And honestly, I am not sure myself that I got KP right – maybe 80% there.

      So be skeptical, and don’t worry about it. I understand in total. We have run into so many twins now that it is the first thing we look at when we take on a new project. Most times they are easy to spot. With KP, not.


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