Dream a little dream of … us? The Cass Elliot twins

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


This project started out as something else, and we were disappointed that it did not work out as we anticipated it would. But it is a search for truth, and if truth is something that we don’t anticipate, we need to adjust, that’s all.

Unless she died young, Mama Cass Elliot is out there somewhere. If her reported birth date is accurate (9/19/41), she just turned 75 years old.

I said “she.” I meant they. She is twins. Or was. I hope they are both alive, and have lived healthy and productive lives.

They are Russian Jews, and their last name is Cohen. One was named Ellen Naomi, and the other we do not know. There is a younger sister who was known as Leah Kunkel, a singer with a group called the Coyotes. They enjoyed minor success.

The father was Philip Cohen, and all we are told about him is that he died in 1962, and that he operated a lunch wagon. After his death, the family moved to Arlington, Virginia. Cass attended the same school as Jim Morrison.

All of that is odd, in my view. An alternative explanation might be that Cass’s father was Navy Intelligence, which is why they moved to Arlington. He probably did not die in 1962, but might have faked his death. That is common in the Intel business – once an assignment is over, all traces need to be removed, so the operative fakes death and moves on to a new name and new assignment.

This would also explain how Cass ended up in Laurel Canyon with all of the other children of spooks that made up the Los Angeles music scene of the 1960s and 70s. And it might also explain why she too faked her death. Her assignment, along with 70 or so others who did likewise, was over.

The whole of Operation Chaos wrapped up with the faked Tate-LaBianca murders. The object appears in hindsight to be usurping leadership of the antiwar movement, defining it with drugs, music and weird dress, and then bringing in Charles Manson to traumatize the public and blackwash the whole movement. The antiwar movement died in the wake of the Manson affair. It was a brilliant psyop.

Once done, the fake musicians and a few actors began fake-dying, each moving to a new assignment, a few of which (Bill O’Reilly, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman) we have exposed here.

Cass’s Jim Morrison connection is suspicious too, but I will write about that another time. Just to note it here, however, I am not convinced that Admiral George Stephen Morrison, Commander of US Forces in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, had a son named Jim. There was a young man, incredibly handsome and charismatic, who went by the name Jim and who could even sing a little, and who also faked his death, but I don’t think it was the Admiral’s real son. Weird, it is.

Cass had a booming singing voice – I’ve not heard a voice as powerful as hers in pop music since Kate Smith. I do not know which twin sang, or if both did. I suspect without her, the Mamas and Papas would not have caught our attention as they did, that is, they were a spook operation too. John Phillips was the son of a Marine Corps Captain, probably Intelligence, as that is the common thread in Laurel Canyon.  The Mamas and Papas then were guaranteed concert dates, TV appearances and record deals and the Wrecking Crew to assist them. But without Cass, they might have ended up more like the Coyotes and sister Leah Kunkel, enjoying only modest success. Cass’s voice defined them.

I have spent a lot of time examining photographs of the Cass Elliot twins, and it has not been hard work. I get a feel for these people as I stare at them for hours, and with these two I pick up genuine smiles, some serenity, sadness and joy, much like regular humans.

I originally picked out ten photos, and as I told Straight, thought the project was going to be a piece of cake. One after another matched up beautifully. But photos 7,8 and 9 did not. Oh oh, I thought. Dammit! Twins!

I took one of three non-matching photos and matched it up against the seven that I knew were the same, and got seven mismatches. So I set the two side by side on my computer, and stared at them, trying to decide what distinguished them.


Ignore the red line. That was for my use. I finally decided that the twin on the right had a rougher complexion, showed more gum when she smiled, and had a longer nose. I then when to Getty images and looked through photos seeing if I could spot the twin. I picked six and brought them back and set them up and tested them. Five of the six were the twin. I knew I could separate them with my bare eyes.

I isolated ears, but found they told me nothing. I matched teeth, and discovered the following:


The teeth in the top row belong to the twin on the left, and are smoother, whiter, as if they have had more cosmetic work. Does that mean that the twin on the left was the one doing TV appearances?

Finally, I did some facial splits for show here, as I had established in my own mind that we had twins. Here are two that highlight differences:

Those difference were consistent throughout the 25 or so photos I compared. Counting from the left, on the second one, I aligned nose and mouth, and see what happened to the eyes [and chin]. In the third I aligned the eyes correctly, and the other differences became apparent.

To close, I offer some of the photos I liked best of each twin. Here is Twin One, as I call her. She is the one with whiter teeth.

And Twin Two.

Again, why so many twins? We are working on it. We know if gives the overseers flexibility and control, and expands the public appearances and maybe even offers a division of labor for the twins. But they are popping up everywhere we look. There is more to it.

We welcome Mama Cass Elliot, Ellen Naomi Cohen, aboard, and I will today place her name on the Honor Roll of Twins. I hope they are both alive and well.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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8 Responses to Dream a little dream of … us? The Cass Elliot twins

  1. tyronemccloskey says:

    She/They are perfect candidates for zombie-hood as massive weight loss could leave one or both undetectable to the naked eye-


    • We thought we had them transformed into Paula Deen, the racist Krispy Kreme-promoting TV cook. It did not work out. That was the project I referred to, and we learned that Paula Deen is twins too. But they are two different sets. It may sound a little bizarre, but not knowing she was a twin, I tried to picture Cass after a fat farm weight loss, and so ran her up against NPR’s Terry Gross, but it was not even close.

      But I see your reasoning. We will keep looking. She may be out there in any of many forms. I should try Sally Jessy … she appears to be twins too, if memory serves. Cass lives, or lived.


  2. Brook says:

    I think she may well be twins. I see at least 2 different women. However, I would say that it is chin length that separates them most noticeably. Either that or some of these are labeled on the net as being Cass- but are not Cass. This is using the naked eye. I am no photo analyst and have no programs/apps to assist me.

    In the first group (twin 1) above, the very first 2 pics show the difference in chin length. Yes, I know she is chubbier in pic 2 and that would add some apparent chin length but what’s depicted is quite a large difference. So I’m not sure if they both belong in the twin 1 group.

    Also, I believe pic 5 of twin 1 is the same person as as pic 1 of twin 2- taken on the same day at about the same time maybe? The hair style is the same as is the blouse she is wearing in both pics. The only difference is the glasses so I think these 2 might belong in the same group.

    Cass (or one of her) also has a very distinctive upper gum/tooth line. The gum appears to extend quite away down on the right maxillary central incisor. It’s hard to see in any of the pics above but I have noticed it in a lot of pics. It’s hard to use it though because because her smile is not big enough in enough pics to see if maybe this is not present in any of them.

    This can be seen in a pic at:
    It can be seen better if you can find that same pic on a search engine and click on it for a larger version.

    Just my 2 cents. I recently found your site and I am really enjoying reading here! I am fascinated with the perps’ use of twins and doubles. I wonder if Hillary Clinton is on your list because I think she could very well be twins.



  3. Brook says:

    Adding: I just looked again and more carefully at the pics of mouths/teeth above. You can see the gum/tooth line very well in the last pic on the second row (pic #10 of the whole group).



    • Hey, thanks for all of this. I want to take another look at it using your criticism. Right now I am a bit too busy, but I will get back to it. stay in touch and make additions as they come to you.

      My most effective technique was face splitting, but I did not show a lot of the splits. I can do so at a later time if you are interested. But just doing a quick recheck, your comment that pic 5 of twin 1 is the same person as as pic 1 of twin 2 appears to be correct. I get bleary-eyed doing this stuff. I will fix that up at a later date.


    • I went ahead and made those two fixes, since you were so obviously right. I generally found more gum line showing with the Lower twin, but the picture in your link is definitely twin #1, shown in the upper photos.

      That was the end of a long day when I put up that post. We had a hunch that the Cass Elliot twins had resurfaced, and it did not pan out.

      Anyway, want to come work for us? You have sharp eyes. Not too many people can see these things.


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