The Fresh Princes

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Straight and I worked on this one and I have run all the photos by him so he can examine the angular distortions. He gave it a pass, that is, in the matter of ears, the differences between the Will Smith twins are real and not caused by head and camera angles.

On July 23 of this year I put up a post, part of which was about the unusual ears of Will Smith. We have learned so much since. At that time, just glancing at Smith, it was apparent that in some photos his ears were very high, and in others much lower. I concluded:

“…there is no doubt that we are looking at the same man in both images. But look at the ear height! Smith has been surgically enhanced, his ears lowered. And honestly, it’s a good move, as it makes him look more like a leading man.”

It has been in the back of my mind for some time now that Will is far more likely a candidate for the Honor Roll of Twins, and indeed that is the case. His Wiki page says he has younger siblings who are twins, but we don’t know from Wiki if that is his true family. Further, if real, the younger twins could be merely a way to nest his twin brother, to hide in plain view.

Ears are often the giveaway, but projecting someone as a twin merely on ears is fraught with danger. There has to be more, and indeed with these two, there is. Here they are, side by side:


While skull size is apparently much different, that could be the result of sizing the photos to standardize pupil distance, so ignore that. We could only measure that for real by having them side by side in real life, and apparently in show business, there is a conscientious effort to be sure that twins are never seen together in public.

Here are four photos, with Twin One occupying slots one and three, Twin Two two and four. alternating

Keep in mind that if these were indeed the same man, that pupil distance would be a constant, so that once I adjust the photos to common distance, all other features should align. While there are indeed some camera angle distortions above, we can easily see that the ears are markedly different in position in both the older and young men, and that the, and that on Twin Two the nose takes up less of the face.

Here are four shots of Twin One:


And four of Twin Two:


In the face splits below, I have placed Twin Two, shot one on the right side of the Twin One shots:


And in these below, Twin One, shot three is on the right side of all Twin Two shots.


While straight-on analysis of the faces highlights some differences, placing the faces side by side gives us the best overall view of the two men, the different ear and nose placement and eyes in relation to the rest of the face. Again, if these are the same men, and pupil distant is set at a constant, then everything else should align.

See, for instance, in the Twin One photos, the first shot overlaid on the other three:


Here we can see the slight difference in ear height caused by angular distortion , only a few pixels, but we see that all other features line up, and that even smiles do not distort the alignment.

Here is the same experiment with the Twin Two shots:


Notice how the eyes align with the ears. We don’t get the distortions that we see in the face splits above where I matched Twin One with Twin Two. This is indeed how I was able to determine that these are indeed two different men.

In viewing photos, I learned that in the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, both twins stepped in and out of the role of Will Smith. In the move Independence Day, Twin One was apparent, while in Hancock, both showed up. Perhaps one does publicity shots.  It appears to be Twin One with Sheree Zampino, the first wife. Jada Pinckett Smith has trouble smiling in public, has appeared with both, but appears more lively and lit up with Twin Two. That might be the real relationship there. They look very happy together.

Twins in Hollywood is now such a common occurrence for us that there are no surprises. Our efforts at this blog as we move forward appear to have three facets.*

  • One, of course, is twinning, as we are seeing far too much of it to imagine that it is a natural occurrence.
  • Two is family placement. We have found that both Jim Morrison and John Denver were not really part of the families we were told they belonged to.
  • The third is more like replication than twinning. We are seeing people who are almost exact replicas of each other, but who are too far apart in age, even generations apart, to be twins.

The third phenomenon, replication, is high on the list now, as it holds many secrets. Below is an example, Jennifer Lawrence (a twin, by the way) and Helen Mirren, generations apart:


There is something going on here, and while we can only speculate at this time, the future holds much, much more to be uncovered. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Will Smith, a set of Twins, is/are added to the Honor Roll.


*Four facets, actually – I forgot about Zombies, people who fake their death and reappear as a new person.

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8 Responses to The Fresh Princes

  1. Phillip Solesky says:

    The last part of this post was the most interesting point I’ve heard yet. It’s almost as though they have a kit to work with. The Helen Mirren/ Jennifer Lawrence match up is incredible and yet, to the naked eye I wouldn’t have seen nearly that much resemblance!


  2. daddieuhoh says:

    You guys really know how to make the hair on my neck stand on end. We really should ask the question: is there any celebrity that isn’t a twin? And how have they been able to hide this for so long? I realize they control the media, but you would think there might be rumors or something. But nada. As far as I know. Tyrone, you grew up in Hollywood and your dad worked as a set designer — did you ever have an inkling of any of this? Do you think your dad did?

    By the way, here is the latest disinfo in response to the Pete Ham/Bill Maher “Zombie” you guys unearthed:


  3. Here To Learn says:

    What about the other “doppelganger” Jennifer Lawrence has, the Egyptian actress in this “cloning” video?

    Could you compare this actress to theJennifer twins, or to Helen Mirren?


    • Other than the creepy voice, creepy music, and use of the word “Illuminati,” it is interesting.


      • Here To Learn says:

        Sorry about the illuminati reference and the creepy elements. The reason that I used this video is because it has a lot of footage of the Egyptian actress, and also does a face split of the two that is near perfect. I don’t know if they did the face split properly, which is why I suggested that one of you could do one, or face split this Egyptian actress and Helen Mirren.


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