Miley Cyrus is twins too

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


In terms of telling these two apart, it is not difficult at all. Below are four photos of Miley Cyrus, Twin One (I will refer to them as 1,2,3 and 4, left to right, and also with Twin two):


I found her to be a little more demure than her twin sister, always fully clothed, and exhibiting facial expressions that seemed mature and controlled.

Here is Twin Two:


Notice the slightly rounder face, a freckle apparent at about our two o’clock above her lip, seen photos 2,3 and 4 above. (While Twin One photo 1 above shows that same  freckle, she is heavily made up in that photo, and I am guessing it is penciled on. It is absent in photos 2,3 and 4.) The freckle is missing in photo 1 below – in that photo Twin Two is nude and covered with all sorts of made-up effects, so I am guessing that they covered the freckle even as they left everything else uncovered.

It is Twin Two that I have found on stage, in wild get ups and freaky apparel, sporting massive penises and boobs the size of pumpkins. She seems willing to do anything for shock value.

But again, telling them apart is not difficult, and here are some face splits to prove this. This is Twin One with Twin Two photo 2 above matched. 2-cyrus-2-over-1-cyrus

They are not even close, in fact so different that this should no surprise anyone familiar with them. They are easily distinguished without the benefit of face splits. The ears alone, wildly misaligned, are enough to give it away. But if they never appear together in public, how would we know?

Here is Twin One photo 4 above aside Twin Two. 1-cyrus-4-over-2-cyrus

Again, not even close.

And, to demonstrate that we are indeed dealing with twins here, here are facial splits of Twin One and Twin Two so that you can see there is indeed internal agreement in the photo groupings.



While smiling confuses the mouth alignment, I look for all the other features and find them to be the same person in each set of photos, Twin One above, and Twin Two below.

femme-bieber-26The next question that came up in this work had to do with Justin Bieber. There is a rumor circulating that Bieber and Cyrus have on occasion interchanged, and that they are each androgynous. What I found was creepy enough, but no, even though Miley sometimes looks like a younger Bieber, they are not comparable now. In one photo of Bieber, shown to the left here, he comes off as quite effeminate, but he is also young and has grown some whiskers since. This photo did indeed align with one of the Cyrus twins and that is what is creepy. We are finding not only twins all around show business, but also people who look remarkably alike. That seems to be where this research is taking us – the replication business, but at this point it is only speculative.

Anyway, Miley Cyrus, former [star of] Hannah Montana*, a product of the Disney empire, is formally added to the Honor Roll of Twins. I have a hunch that there will be many more twins coming out of the Disney factory – right, Christina, Justin, Ryan, Keri, Britney? It could be a gold mine.


*I just learned that she played the character Miley Stewart on the show Hannah Montana – excuse me for not being up on my Disney Channel information.

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46 Responses to Miley Cyrus is twins too

  1. On the topic of look-alike show biz people, I logged in to my email today only to find Yahoo News touting a story of how a photo of Bill Murray mugging for the camera looks an awful lot like Tom Hanks.
    And it does. Eerily so.
    Why do I feel like my nose has been rubbed in something?


  2. Jack33 says:

    I can’t help but think your research is flawed somehow. Is it something to do with the camera lens?, or the angles at which the photos were taken?
    Perhaps the photos we get of these people have been touched-up and monkey’d with to the point they end up looking like different people. Anything to explain away what I think I’m seeing because it’s all so creepy and surreal, the stuff of Hollywood Sci-fi movies..

    The problem is I can’t debunk your research. You seem to account for everything.
    And now I have to come to grips with another mind-f*** that shreds yet another piece of the fabric I once called reality.
    Thank you.
    I really mean that. Thank you.

    Being the father of a 12 yr old girl, I end up having to watch my fair share of Disney programming. One of the more popular and highly promoted programs these days is called ‘Liv and Mattie’, about identicle twin sisters. The thing about this show they’ll have us believe is that the character roles of both sisters are played by only one actress, Dove Cameron.

    In light of what’s been discovered here on this site and knowing how they love to toy with us, I can’t help but think these two characters might actually be twins. It all falls right in line with what’s believed to be going on and frankly, I don’t think they can resist the temptation to rub our noses in it.

    I love your site…keep up the good work.



  3. daddieuhoh says:

    I wonder if one of them played miley stewart while the other played hannah montana.

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    • Jack33 says:

      This would be worth looking into as it helps reinforce my suspicions that Disney is once again using twins interchangeably in their newest program, ‘Liv and Maddie’ which, coincidentally, is about twins.

      Disney claims the star of the show, Dove Cameron, plays the parts of both twins herself and that scenes showing the twin sisters interacting with one another are pulled off with special effects and the use of good old fashion camera techniques and tricks.

      I’m sure.


      • Hey, Jack 33 – now that we know you are for real, you might want to look on the side bar under “Our methodology” and perhaps do some comparisons yourself of Dove Cameron in various photos. I would offer, but each time I do it is a rabbit hole, always at least four times as much work as I initially think. You might come up short in not being able to level the eyes in photos, as that is a PhotoShop (or similar program) aspect, but most computers come with Microsoft Paint, which is a very useful program for this stuff. You would simply have to select photos for comparison where they eyes are at the same level.


        • Jack33 says:

          Okay… I’ll give it a try tomorrow evening and see what I come up with.



          • Check with Annette. She might have already solved it.


          • daddieuhoh says:

            Here is the link Mark is referring to:

            They really seem to be flaunting this in our faces. Like, “Go ahead, I dare you to call these ‘body doubles’ twins!” Not only do they not hide the twins (triplets?) away, they go out in public together, take pictures, and upload them to instagram. If they’re not biologically related, then they must have been found together at one of Tyrone’s cattle calls…

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          • Did you get my stuff on Gandhi? I got a bounce back this morning.


          • daddieuhoh says:

            Yes, I got the one with the subject “More on Gandhi” that you sent last night. Thank you!


          • tyronemccloskey says:

            Cattle call, possibly, but they probably looked around in house for the one that doesn’t look like the other two in, say, a clerical department at Disney to pose for just this one article- The other double that looks close might, I say might, be a fraternal twin of “Dove” without much makeup- The broader faced in house girl with the pointy chin and longer, thicker hair (dye job) is older and looks like she’s there to make the possible twin look even farther afield by comparison- Pic number seven looks like twins being told to affect different smiles to expand the differences- Dove looks actress thin, the other may just be a camera stand-in but doesn’t count calories as closely-
            That said, green screen technology being what it is today, I doubt they need an actual twin for that show- Why pay twice if you can get two characters out of one actress? The show itself (from the clips I saw it looks like an insult to even a 9 year old) might be an attempt to show that twins aren’t used in show biz chicanery by having just one actress play the twins- And since the twins we have outed appear to be used in different ways, the likelihood of twins being trained for the same skills is remote-
            (The Dove character appears to have a ton of makeup on- Who knows what she looks like without it- Not going to look for an answer)


          • Jack33 says:

            That stories fallacious and most probably intended to reinforce the pretense that Dove Cameron isn’t a twin.
            I would guess that I’ve probably sat though at least 10 episodes of that show with my daughter, and I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never seen either one of those girls before.. I would have noticed too because neither one of them looks enough like Dove to be convincing – not even from a distance.

            Also, if you’ve ever seen an episode you’d notice that the camera shots are never set up in a way that would require the use of a body double being filmed from behind.

            Also, I had the thought that perhaps the title of this article, “10 Pics That Prove Dove Cameron and Her Body Doubles Are Real Life Twins”, is a play on words and their way of telling us the truth without coming right out and saying it.
            I remember someone somewhere mentioning how they can only decieve us if at some point tell us the truth.
            Something to do with karma perhaps.


  4. Jack33 says:

    What happened to my earlier comment?


  5. daddieuhoh says:

    Twin 2 looks a lot like Gabby Giffords.


    • daddieuhoh says:

      Actually, looking at Gabby Giffords, it seems pretty obvious that pre-“shooting” Giffords is a different person than post-“shooting” Giffords. Twins or replicas or body doubles or whatever. I suppose the pre-shooting Giffords might have been twins, too. I’m just eyeballing it.

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  6. Roelf_zelf says:

    I can see the evidence you are presenting for the existence of twins. It is pretty clear. What is difficult to imagine though is how this is done logistically, especially at an early age. Everybody living in the same neighbourhood probably knows those kids are twins. Twins stick out and everybody thjnks they’re cute. People remember them but nobody comes out to say they remember ‘Jenny and Denny’ or ‘Miley and Kiley’ or whatever.
    I live in an area where my kids really stick out because of their skin colour. I meet people everyday who know me because of my kids, but I don’t know them and my kids never go anywhere besides home and school. It is very difficult to imagine how to arrange this secrecy without locking them up all day. Just trying to get my head around this.


    • daddieuhoh says:

      Yes, it is hard to imagine the logistics.

      But the scenario you suggest would only mean that the (relatively) few people who knew the Cyrus twins growing up would be aware. But in that case they might think: well Miley gets all the publicity, but what about her twin sister? They might not even realize they are switching the twins. And if they did realize? What are they going to do — report it to the tabloids or something? But we know that even if some reporter were to believe them, the press is controlled, so there’s no way to get the word out, beyond their personal acquaintances. And even then — who would believe them? Only a small handful.

      All of that of course is assuming that these celebrity twins/replicas have the same kind of neighborhood upbringing as the rest of us, which at this point is doubtful.

      The real logistical issue is how they juggle them today and make sure they’re both not seen in public together or something. But it’s probably not that difficult. And there again, they can rely on the mainstream press and propaganda outlets–the might wurlitzer– which they control almost completely, except for tiny little outposts like POM.


    • I thought the same thing with the McCartney twins, that they each attended the same school and people would remember them as twins. This opens a number of possibilities … one, that they don’t live normal lives in normal neighborhoods, the other that since we don’t have a news media or investigative reporting, since we don’t have any kind of process of inquiry besides curious people as exist here and a few other places, that people who knew them do indeed know they are twins, but word never spreads beyond immediate acquaintances.

      If you look at the Anderson Cooper twins on the side bar above, you’ll see two boys and a back story that one committed suicide. But there was no suicide, and Gloria Vanderbilt is shown with both, and then you begin to understand that the family photos are faked, that these boys never lived with her, and that the whole family is fake, and you realize that many people in news media knows this, but never talk out of school. Secrets are kept.

      It is all a puzzle, but for Cyrus, I am going to go with the assumption that she did not have a normal childhood in a normal neighborhood, that she grew up in a factory or on a farm where they breed twins, triplets, and then place them in media, with Disney acting as a springboard. Sounds weird, I know.

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      • tyronemccloskey says:

        A good friend of mine said Miley lived near him in the Hanna years, never saw her, but he was in the far end of the show biz PR pool and rumors, planted stories, urban legends of all the stars made the rounds inside the industry first before “leaked” to the press- My guess is that these twins are integrated to a degree within a “normal” environment for a relatively short time to establish a presence and that helps sell the back story: “I saw Miley and her dad at the Park n’ Shop in Reseda last week- Her head is really big for her body, Yadda Yadda…” And that circulates and the Langley bred bios pop up in supermarket magazine racks and there you have it- As time goes on, details and anecdotes are added-
        As for school, given all the stage names, some could have done classroom time under their real names and their classmates never knew- Plus, twins of this sort could be sent to different schools- I think I read somewhere that Mike McCartney was held back a year and enrolled elsewhere from Paul’s school- Can’t be certain-


        • Good point. I wondered how the majority of these celebs have good to above average social skills if they were raised God knows where, whether underground or surrounded by nothing but spooks. Some of the twins, like Justin Timberlake or Jennifer Lawrence, have exceptional social skills far above the average person.

          They must be indoctrinated into the real world for several years before fame.


        • By the way, your thoughts on breasts versus butts, a little bit of an awkward thing to talk about as we don’t like to objectify women, but I remember very well doing research on Kim Kardashian as possible twins (not), and gawking at that enormous posterior. The only thing that I thought about it was that black guys like that sort of park bench. It never occurred to me that they were perhaps retraining our perception of beauty by making a star out of her, just as they are using Jenner to change our perception of what is manly – Olympic gold medal winner turns into a woman. Bullshit.


          • Yeah. They did the same thing with Jennifer Lopez 10-15 years ago. Plastic surgery on the butt is equally as popular as breast implants now, especially in South Florida.

            I think one of the goals of the psyops over the years is to get men to stop appreciating women and just start objectifying them. So they are pushing us in that direction, all the while playing the shame card on us. Don’t get me started on the “creepy” psyop. Another wildly successful one.

            Most of the “awkward social conversations” we face are manufactured in my opinion. Socializing should be natural, comfortable, and joyful even (especially between sexes). Now it just feels like it’s covered in landmines.


  7. Patrick James says:

    What need would these intel creatures even have for school? If we are going under the premise that they are bred for intelligence purposes, it stands to reason the only schooling they get are developing their “talents”. Has anyone ever seen Miley doing algebra? I suggest she was in twerking class as opposed to algebra 101.


    • annspinwall4 says:

      She certainly received and A+ in twerking LOL


      • If Tyrone is right, that twerking was not done in live concert but rather in a simulated one. But they play it as live and real.


        • annspinwall4 says:

          I wondered about that, makes sense. She seemed such a grounded young woman (teen) and then to turn into this obnoxious person. I enjoy watching the music talent shows – (I know, what can I say). I have never watched “The Voice” but wanted to since American Idol is no longer on. I was horrified that Miley was going to be a judge and wasn’t going to watch it. My sister told me she is acting OK, so I decided to give it a chance…so far so good. I read the article that Straight wrote about social engineering and his mention of Alicia Keys no longer wearing make up…and I noticed that as she is also a judge on The Voice….and she wears what I can only call an Aunt Jemima wrap around her beautiful hair….and I’m not trying to be politically incorrect. It just seems to be part of the “de-beautifying” of a beautiful woman.


  8. Patrick James says:

    That seems to be the trend right? They must identify the more talented one and give the other lessons in decorum, poise and what not.


  9. RoelfZelf says:

    Speculation of course, but it looks like there are these huge Disney factory schools where one of the twins gets schooled in the artistic department (or whatever kind of role they have been assigned from a very early age) and the other one gets educated in the rest.
    Here all those psychiatrists and organizations like Tavistock fit in to do this kind of recruiting and identification.
    When Miles is right that these twins are blood related, it would make sense, but as we see from all the fake pictures where those twins are assigned to these blood-families, then where do they come from? Illegitimate kids? Of course they don’t have to be talented at all, which makes the pool a little bit larger, but what are the odds of having so many twins walking around (actually crawling around because they are probably recruited before they can walk)?


    • daddieuhoh says:

      We have been asking ourselves that same question. Identical twins occur in about 2.5-5 out of every 1000 births (or .25-.5%), so the odds are very low. IVF can boost that number from somewhere between 2 to 8 times more likely. A study in 2010 of births at an IVF clinic found a 2% incidence of identical twins, so that seems like a good upper-bound estimate on the incidence of twins via conventional IVF treatment. We believe this rate is too low to explain the incidence of twins we’re seeing.

      In a comment on another post from last month (don’t remember which), I suggested artificial embryo twinning (or splitting) as a possible mechanism for creating twins (and multiples) at will. This technique was first successfully demonstrated on see urchins in 1885 and vertebrates in 1902. ( It is now commonly used on livestock. It’s not what we usually think of when we here the word ‘cloning’ (which is somatic cell nuclear transfer).

      Artificial twinning basically involves taking an embryo and splitting it with a knife or other means. It has been used on animals to create (if memory serves) as many as 16 or even 32 “twin” embryos, which can then be implanted in surrogates. The medical literature indicates that the procedure has only recently been used on humans, but it is not at all clear (to me) if and how human biology presents a special problem. The earliest known instance of successful human embryo transfer was in 1978. But successful embryo twinning in humans seems to have only taken place in the last 6 years or so. That is what is publicly known. I still think this is the best candidate for a technology that could have been used since the early part of the century.

      However, we have a bit of a wrinkle, and that is: some of the ‘twins’ or ‘doppelgangers’ we’re seeing span multiple generations. It’s one thing to posit the use of artificial twinning to create a bunch of babies that look alike and are born at the same time. It’s quite another to posit that the use of this technology to explain the birthing of twins born 20 years apart or more. Here I am referring to this post on “Factory Humans,” which I suspect is only the tip of the iceberg:

      Of course cryopreservation of embryos is possible, and it has become quite routine. It is a relatively recent innovation in IVF (first known in 1978), but the “know how” predates the first successful use of it in humans and the 1978 is only the first publicly known instance. We also have the problem that some of our ‘zombies’ have the same facial alignments but don’t otherwise bear a very strong resemblance. Could this be due to plastic surgery? Or is there something else going on a sort of partial twinning? Perhaps an epigenetic manipulation to make people with the same genes look less alike? As far-fetched as it may sound, I think it more likely accounts for some of the zombies that have been uncovered here — for example Janis and

      Here’s something interesting: remember Alduous Huxley’s 1931 novel, Brave New World? You might remember that fetuses are developed outside the womb in an artificial environment. But he also talks about another process, which he calls Bokanovsky’s Process. (He may have taken the name from French politician, Mason, and one world government supporter, Maurice (Moise) Bokanowski. The process as described is basically taking an embryo and forcing it to “split” into additional buds. The “plitting” in the Bokanovsky process is obtained through different means than in artificial embryo twinning, but the outcome is the same: multiple copies of a single embryo, as many as 96 in one go. So it seems that the whole ‘factory humans’ scenario that Huxley lays out may have been pointing to some truths to which he was privy.

      Wikipedia says “the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning that combine profoundly to change society.” Was he anticipating them, or was he telling us the (partial) truth about our world disguised as metaphor and dressed up as science fiction?

      Brave New World is taught to us as some kind of indictment or criticism of social trends and totalitarian society. And it could be read as such. But that doesn’t mean that was its intention. The story takes place in The World State (a one world government). We must remember that at this time in history, Eugenics was all the rage–especially among social reformers allied with the Progressive movement in the US and the Fabian Society in the UK. (And I suppose other movements in other countries that I’m not familiar with.) So in fact the type of social engineering going on in Brave New World was arguably just a kind of extension of the goals and aims of progressive reformers of the time.

      On the wikipedia page on BNW, it says that the character of Mustapha Mond (Resident World Controller of Western Europe) is based on Sir Alfred Mond. It says that Huxley visitied Mond’s ammonium nitrate plant in Billingham-on-Tees shortly before writing the novel, and it made a great impression on him. We might think that if Huxley’s named this character after Mond and that the novel was supposed to be a critique of totalitarianism, that his visit would have made a very bad impression on him. But just the opposite: it says that Huxley hailed the plant as a “triumphant embodiment” of the principles of planning, an “ordered universe in the midst of the larger world of planless incoherence.”

      If we take the link to Billingham, we find this little gem: “Aldous Huxley visited the works and this gave him the inspiration for his famous 1931 book Brave New World. Later The Alan Parsons Project would name their 1984 album Ammonia Avenue after the plant.”

      Who would have thought we’d find a reference linking Huxley, Alan Parsons, and the New World Order in an entry on a chemical plant? And who was this Alfred Mond? Here are some juicy bits: Mond was a law student at the Inner Temple in 1894 (three years after Gandhi). He was Jewish and became a very active Zionist. He was also a baronet and later raised to the peerage as a Baron. In 1926 he merged several of the largest British chemical companies together to form one of the largest industrial corporations in the world at that time. One final spook marker: he is mentioned in a poem by spook T.S. Eliot, “A Cooking Egg,” wherein Blavatsky of Theosophy fame is also mentioned.

      OK, some more intrigue. In the link to the page on artificial twinning, it shows that the scientist responsible for the first vertebrate twinning was a German Scientist named Hans Spemann. His mother’s genealogy is scrubbed, and in his Wiki bio it says he was ‘removed’ from his university post in 1937. We might wonder what would prompt him to be removed, rather than, say, retire. Anyway, one of his students, Viktor Hamburger (who was Jewish), accepted a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to study in the lab of Frank Lillie at the University of Chicago. Lillie was one of the major people involved in the Marine Biology Lab at Woods Hole, Mass. In 1902 (coincidentally or not the first year that artificial twinning on vertebrates was documented), he got a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Corp., the General Education Board and his brother-in-law, Charles Crane, to establish the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Crane was a wealthy businessman and a member of the infamous Jekyll Island Club.


      • My work today consists of digging four holes in the back yard for the purpose of making a new stairway. That would be it in terms of accomplishments, unless one might regard outing Jared Leto as a set of twins to be impressive. I have gathered photographs for that purpose, since having never heard of him learning that he is both in a popular band and stars in movies. Kind of a no brainer, so I will be surprised if he is not a twin.

        What you’ve accomplished here in short order is far more worthy of sleuthing, making connections where none knew to look. What you have laid out here is just the beginning, and others will run with it along with you and the others here. I’ll be mulling on it as I dig – we live in the mountains and each time the shovel hits the earth it hits a rock. Digging a hole is more like mining. But if you go into a project knowing that it is going to be extremely difficult, then encountering obstacles is not unexpected, not even unpleasant.

        In the meantime, thanks for what you’ve done so far. I hope many others pick up on it and run with it. This could be a breakthrough.


        • daddieuhoh says:

          Thanks. Agreed it’s just a beginning. So I guess we will both have spent some time today digging foundations. Good luck with your work!


  10. Patrick James says:

    The photo analysis is far from my forte, but I was browsing through google images when I saw this:

    It’s a Spanish language celebrity nonsense click bait site, but the opening picture is a face chop that I feel nails the twin thing down. She/they matche(s) everywhere except the jaw.


    • I would guess without further research that they have blended two photos of the same twin, the one I call Twin One. But thanks for bringing it here – nice to know others are using this technology. I hope they know to set the eyes at common distance.


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