The Bieber Bunch

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


[See footnote]
truman-showI am reminded of a scene from The Truman Show where Truman, walking down the street, is almost hit by a lamp falling from the sky. He has no idea at that moment what this piece of evidence means, no notion that he is the star of a reality TV show. He will only slowly piece it together.

That is all we are doing on this blog at this time – trying to understand evidence as it falls from the sky.

This has been going on now for several days. I have passed photos among the other writers, and I do not imagine we have agreement. However, I am simply tired out. I can Bieber no more.

I think there are four Justin Biebers. Perhaps only three. But if I could get Bieber 1 and Bieber 4 to line up, I would say only three. But they differ by ever so little, and consistently so. In the end, I had no choice but to call them different people. It was either that or continue to study them. They appear to be handsome and are probably nice young men, publicity stunts aside, but I can only look at them so long before I need a vacation.

Before you scoff at the notion of quadruplets, remember the direction we have been going on this blog now for some weeks. We have run into not only twins, but replicas. We have begun to suspect that there is a breeding program that produces our movie and music stars. We have seen them bleed into the news business, and probably politics as well, though that has not been our focus.

I knew way back last August that the Biebers loomed large, that they would be a complicated project. Straight suggested they were at least triplets back then. I knew it would be a nightmare, and it has been. So let’s dig into it.

One on top of the other, four each of Biebers 1,2, 3 and 4:





The most common Bieber I picked up in photographs was Bieber 2. And yet, I do not think he is the performer. That appears to be Biebers 1 and 4. One of them, Bieber 4, is buff, tattooed and sculpted, the one most often seen shirtless. Biebers 2 and 3 may be around for photo ops and interviews. I am picking up gay vibes from Bieber 1, but who knows. Maybe they are all, like many Hollywood stars, sexually impotent.

I randomly chose one each from the above groups to match against the others. The first three are B1B2, B1B3 and B1B4.

You can see the very slight difference that I found on B1 and B4, but it was persistent and consistent. One suggestion is that I caught them at different ages, as these boys have grown up before us. I will accept that as logical, but also note that there is internal consistency in the B1 and B4 groups, and both contain the younger and older boys.

Here are B2B3, B2B4, and B3B4:

I invite criticism and suggestions here, and outside input. Straight and Daddieuhoh have been invaluable, and will surely chime in as well, as they have formed their own opinions.

Finally, for comparison, here is one from each group side by side:


I am adding Justin Bieber to the Honor Roll of Twins, but think I should do it six times to capture each pairing of the four boys.


[Footnote, 10/31/16] It appears, and makes far more sense after hashing through the comments below, that with the Biebers we are dealing with a set of twins and two body doubles. The twins would be B1 and B4, and these would be the ones seen in and around performances.  It is not clear to me that one or both are on stage during a show, or that they are lip syncing. If not, they are far more talented than given credit for, as it takes a lot of energy to sing while engaged in such energetic theatrics. The other two, recruited early on, are used for photo ops, B2 far more than B3, who might just be an occasional paparazzi subject.

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16 Responses to The Bieber Bunch

  1. daddieuhoh says:

    This post got me riled up enough to pen a strongly worded letter. Shall I share it?

    To: TPTB
    Re: The Four Biebers of the Apocalypse

    Dear The Powers That Be:

    I just read in a post on Piece of Mind dated October 28, 2016 that there are four Justin Biebers running amok. One was way more than enough, thank you! Now would you kindly stuff your Biebers in a sack and stick them where the sun don’t shine?!?


    Daddie Uh-Oh

    Problem is I don’t know where to send it. Does anybody have their address? I plan on sending it COD to really stick it to them. Ooh what I wouldn’t give to see the look on their faces…


  2. annspinwall4 says:

    I can’t help but think of Ellen D’s involvement in the promotion of “The Beibers”. I just googled it and as of Nov 2015, he/they have been on her show 22 times.


  3. tyronemccloskey says:

    This one is the best example so far to sell the batch baking concept- But I have to tell this one anecdote to give some perspective, as the more I look at the Biebers that seem further afield from that classic Beiber look, the more I’m thinking a HUGE cattle call was held to cast this character and that some of the closest comps have possibly been used, probably just for photo shoots and supplemental material, and probably not related to the lab bred Beibers that leave sinkholes across the cultural landscape-
    Back in 1993 I had a meeting with someone at a huge hotel in Pleasanton, CA- That town is off the main track of No. Cal. but for some reason a casting cattle call was held there- At least 200 eleven-ish year old girls swarmed the lobby- They were all blonde, all in green onesies and blue jeans, all with their shimmering blonde hair in a tight bun- I had no idea what show the call was for, but these girls looked so alike you’d think that some bot factory had had its walls breached and the synthetic livestock had been set free- This recall puts me in mind of that Em&Em performance where a hundred or so Marshall Mathers swarmed the auditorium hosting one of the music awards shows- I wonder if that was a tell we all missed-

    Liked by 2 people

    • That is just the kind of off-the-wall thinking I am looking for. It is a curve ball, that rather than breeding they are doing cattle calls. We are seeing them age together, they do all have the same Cupid’s Bow lips. One of them has gone buff, one gay, the other two are falling to the wayside. But cattle call explains all.

      Liked by 1 person

    • So if I understand you correctly, there is a good chance that we have a talented set of twins here, and two somewhat-lookalikes that are hired to be seen in public and photographed? That would make sense, if anything does.


      • tyronemccloskey says:

        When I was about 8 years old, there was a custom car show in Pasadena and the word was that the Batmobile, with Robin, would be there- Since me and my friends lived only for the Batman TV show, we were able to get our parents to take us- Robin stood us up, but we had the car and that was all that mattered- If I can ever find it, I’ll post a Polaroid with me standing next to the coolest car ever-
        Why did I bring that up? Well, had they pulled a fast one and sent a substitute Robin instead of Burt Ward, we kids would have spotted it immediately and that would have been far worse than having the no-show Robin- We would have embarrassed the stand-in by not accepting him and the parents would have some explaining to do- How could ROBIN do this to us?…
        Anyway, the only chance anyone has to see the Biebs is from a distance or in two dimensional media- The lip-synching actor on stage (if he actually performs live or are those YT clips just studio constructs) is too far away live to be outed as a double- The distant tweens would be more than satisfied they saw their guy if the lights, sound, sodas and T-shirts do their stuff- The giant video screens would tell a story, though maybe not the real story- The meet and greet Bieber has to look like the real guy or the girls will sink into immediate dissipation or cut themselves to ribbons- The Biebs in the teen rags, posing and gang signing and all that rot could be hires from central casting with some Photoshop help- My guess is twins, one for stage and one for handshakes and Conan, the look-a-like actors for photo shoots- There is too much to do and not enough Bieber to go around if stand-ins weren’t available- Just don’t let the kids get too close-


        • I agree … but would not have pieced it together. By far there were more shots of B2 than the others, as I looked for them because on-stage shots are hard to work with, head is tiny and usually mouth wide open or obscured by microphone. So I skewed in favor of meet and greet shots and got a lot of twos. Only a few threes. That guy may be just for paparazzi.

          I don’t know that on-stage Bieber is lip synced, that is your expertise. But it would be so much easier to train him to do the theatrics if he did also not have to sing. That makes perfect sense, as just from an athletic standpoint, it is hard to do the gymnastics and voice at once. Maybe impossible.

          And I like what you say about kids not being so easily fooled, Hans Christian Andersen stuff. I am not sure it is true, but want to believe it. In Billings, Montana, 1960, age 10, I was able to maneuver under the adults and get my hand out there for JFK to shake. And he grabbed it and shook it, just a finger shake. If it was not really him or his hand, I would have been fooled.


          • tyronemccloskey says:

            I don’t know about kids today but in my early years we called a spade a spade- I recall going to the Pasadena Playhouse for a kid’s matinee and the opening act was a classic magician with top hat, cape and domino mask- Some of the rowdier boys took great delight in loudly deconstructing each trick’s mechanics to the amusement of the snot-nosed assembled- This poor sot was probably a student at the Playhouse and this was one of those tough houses bush leaguers had to endure if they were ever going to develop a hide-
            The main card was the host of the local Popeye cartoon TV show- His shtick was scribbling lightning fast cartoony caricatures on a large drawing pad set on an easel- We ate it up because he was the real guy from the TV, no dime store fugazi- And that’s all a kid really wants- Respect for his intelligence-


          • That is delightful. They’ve been years now dumbing these kids down with TV and education, so I don’t imagine we get that wide eyed innocence and clear eyed ability to describe what they see as real. Have you ever noticed that people change their behavior, automatically, when they see a camera? I was 20 years old before I saw myself on a TV screen. What a shock! These days kids are used to it from an early age, and know to take on a different persona for benefit of the camera. It is all around us in news and entertainment. People change their behavior when they see a camera.

            I suspect that kids are different, you and me back then, and now. We were not yet so immersed in media that we lost our ability to see and say.


  4. Ab Irato says:

    Wasn’t there a Paul McCartney look-a-like contest as well from which they could draw future Pauls from – or is this myth as well?


  5. tyronemccloskey says:

    “There was a famous Paul McCartney look-alike contest held in 1966. The winner was neither Scottish nor anyone named William, but rather Keith Allison (left), an accomplished American musician who would soon find success with his own band, Paul Revere and the Raiders.”
    This excerpt from this site:
    (It’s an interesting series, but far afield from what we do here)


    • Fascinating, though I don’t necessarily buy that there was a contest by this one blog entry. What would be the point? A body double? After all, they already had their Paul lookalike. If they ran a contest, it would only be to misdirect people looking for clues.


  6. Steve W says:

    CIA at it’s best!!!!!!!!!!!!


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