OK, now it is just getting weird

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Barack Obama is a shady character. For example, he is said to have attended Columbia University from 1981 to 1983, but no one remembers him being there. No one. His transcripts from Harvard Law are not available.

This is known as a “rabbit hole,” from Alice in Wonderland, one that I am not going down. I don’t care about the man. Since I know the office of president is a sham without real power, I do not care who occupies it. So I have never cared about his birth certificate or place of birth. He could be from Saturn for all it matters.

But consider this: The birth certificate issue was promoted by well-placed people, Donald Trump for one, and received wide media coverage. It litters the Internet like peanut shells after a baseball game. This can mean only one thing: misdirection. They want us to focus on that so that we do not think on other things. That is Propaganda 101.

What other things? Perhaps his whereabouts when supposedly attending college. Perhaps his parents – who were they, really? His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is an odd duck. Miles Mathis, in tracing Obama’s genealogy in a recent paper, wonders if this is really his mother. Anyway, who in the hell names their daughter “Stanley?” I asked my own daughter, Dave, about that, and she says it is indeed rare. (“Stanley” is the key, of course, and Miles connects this woman to John Lennon’s (mother: Julia Stanley)  through that name,  and here I go, down the rabbit hole. Read the paper, judge for yourself.)

That is not why I am writing this post, because it gets even weirder. See for yourself beneath the fold.

Michelle Obama is twins. We have been seeing two of them stepping in and out of the role of First Lady these past eight years.

During the campaign I did not watch any political advertising, but did say to my wife one night seeing Michelle Obama doing an ad that she looked different. Has it been suggested elsewhere that she might be twins? Perhaps the idea was already planted in my mind?

Her Wikipedia page, full of lies as usual, said that she and her older brother Craig were often mistaken for twins. (It doesn’t say that anymore, so I am using my memory here.) It is highly unlikely that a young girl and her two-year older brother would be mistaken for twins, so Wiki is (was) misleading. There could well have been a set of twin girls in that household, and history is rewritten now.

Here they are, side by side:


Right away we see two different noses, and higher ears on the right photo. Then there is a marked difference in the “labret”, or area below the lower lip and above the chin. Michelle in public often wears her hair to cover both ears, perhaps because a woman so often photographed does not want her ears to show for a reason.

Here is twin one:


The one on the right threw me, as it does not look like the other two on first glance. But it is the same woman with different hair creating a different frame on her face.

Twin two:


The high school photo is of a serious, even severe-looking woman, and I noticed that in other photos. The woman I saw in the TV ad was a friendly looking person, and is perhaps that ingratiating and welcoming woman we see in all of the White House settings. face-chop-1

Here is a face split using the photos above. Note the differing noses, ear lobes, chins. While you might think the chin is lower due to her smiling on the left, that difference is consistent throughout all of the photo work I have done. Note in the side-by-side above the differing labrets.

Here’s another with the photos on either side of the split:

They look enough alike to pull this charade off, but again, the nose, ears and chin tell the tale. These are two different woman.

And, as usual, as they did with the birth certificate scam, they are hiding the fact that Michelle is twins by use of misdirection. They are littering the Internet with posts and blog posts claiming that Michelle is a man in drag. If we ask the wrong question, then the answer does not matter, right? Propaganda 101.

So the obvious question: Which one is the mother of Malia and Sasha? Is this the right question? Which one is married to Barack? Again, are we asking the right question?

Following the obvious path, but fearing a rabbit hole, I did further analysis on Barack himself. The results were troubling. I’ll stop there. Another day, or perhaps never. He’ll be gone soon enough. Maybe, since so much of his life is fake, they will fake his death too. That would be a perfect ending to a perfect lie.

If I might anticipate an obvious slur coming this way, that I am attacking Michelle and Barack Obama because they are black: Please be aware that none of our presidents can withstand much scrutiny. Just in my lifetime two others (along with Barry Soetoro) changed their names as young men. Gerald Ford was one, (Lesley King), and Bill Clinton (William Blythe III) the other. That’s suspicious. Since Nixon we’ve not had a real president. We have had actors, weasels, chumps, and near imbeciles. That Barack and Michelle Obama are just actors is but a continuation of the game.

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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16 Responses to OK, now it is just getting weird

  1. steve kelly says:

    What if you (and I) are looking at the first woman president? Her face and speeches were front and center on MSM in the final days of Hillary’s campaign. An audition, like Barack’s at the D’s convention? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWynt87PaJ0 I fear we have not seen the last of Michelle(s).


  2. Phillip Solesky says:

    More proof of the Jewish line. Stanley Black & Decker?


  3. John in Texas says:

    I certainly would not press you but I would like to know what you came across studying Barack. I almost became obsessed with this guy a few years ago trying to figure out who he was. At one point I was confident that he was the bastard child of Malcolm X. I would also like to see a facial match of him and Bin Laden. Dead serious.


    • I merely compared photos that indicated there were two people at work as POTUS, sighed, shut down the computer, and read a book. I’d be happy to run a comparison for you of BL, so . stay tuned. I’ll do it tomorrow or shortly thereafter


      • John in Texas says:

        Thanks, I really appreciate it. One thing about Obama is how much he has aged in 8 years. It just seemed impossible to me to age like that in just 8 years-stress or no stress. Maybe if he was a meth addict…


      • osama-obama

        Of course, we have to remember that they ran three or four Osama bin Laden’s by us. This is the most commonly known one, and is not a match. But who knows, maybe Obama was moonlighting as one of the others.


        • tyronemccloskey says:

          Ahhh…he sighed, as the light bulb popped on- This chop job on Osama/Obama indicates another level of fuckery from the boys in the basement- In ancient lore, the Divine Man had a celestial twin- The physical twin would be sacrificed but the spiritual twin would ascend into immortality- Even proto-Jesus was in twin form prior to his ascension into formal Xtian myth (One of many elements of the old systems Charlemagne’s scribes had to amputate when creating the religion we all know and love today)
          I wrote in JFKTV (shameless plug) that two Oswalds, who may now indeed be actual twins, were arrested in the Texas Theater, one on the main floor and one in the balcony- One was dragged out the front entrance and one out the back entrance- Back door Oswald was spirited away to parts unknown- Front door Oswald was mock sacrificed on the basement floor of the Dallas police headquarters-
          If I had the energy, I’d go back and see what other tip offs there were when Osama was allegedly gunned down- Pitching the body in the drink may be a variant of the cult of Antinous, the wide spread cult kick started by the flaming Emperor Hadrian in the second century CE-
          Antinous was his nibs’ favorite concubine and so the lad was drowned in the Nile and resurrected as a network of statues distributed throughout the empire- These statues were not art, but spiritual cell towers of a sort that loyal observants sought direction from*- They believed the stuff the interpreters at the temples gave them, straight from the celestial Antinous (with editing provided by Hadrian’s boys in the basement)
          I’d need to do more cogitating, but this ancient tradition may be part of the twinning phenomenon today and that somehow the collective consciousness is being massaged by these ancient memories- That’s all the high weirdness I can handle for now-

          *Today, of course, we have real cell towers that disseminate heavily edited guidance to the easily spooked-

          Liked by 1 person

          • If they can create events out of whole cloth, then it is a good guess the killing of Osama was such an event, scripted, complete with a main narrative and the alternative put forth by Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks. If that is the case they would be completely in charge of symbology. I might go back and look at the event too, just seeing what jumps out at me. Since we know that they buried the body at sea, and confirmed DNA in a circular fashion, and that no pictures survive, we know that there was no body, probably no event. So it should be a gold mine of clues, as it was written by spooks.

            Aha! New project! As if I needed one. I am hoping you are feeling a surge of energy.


          • tyronemccloskey says:

            Three days off this week- If the tryptophan doesn’t do me in I’ll have something to give-


          • Enjoy your turkey day.


  4. basireid says:

    What if… the internet, product of loads of Darpa (mil/ industry) preplanning… was given to sheeple to observe, beta testing, and looking for free thinkers, to then be reprogrammed with ‘tidbits of Reality’ …

    Just asking and free thinking outloud

    btw, great site and info here…
    first time commenting here
    brian in canads who does not conform to
    proper english form and grammer
    it’s all part of the everything

    Liked by 1 person

  5. basireid says:

    Remember the fiasco of the initial swearing in oath taking…??

    Was there not an incomplete first public version.. and then a secret, or hidden ceremony that was the legit one?

    I recall something to the effect of nerves due to the enormity.. mainstream media rhetorical something

    Anyway.. maybe two different people taking two different oaths

    Who is dragging who down this rabbit hole? 🙂


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