Bruce Lee – Lance Ito Revisited

With the recent confirmation of Jimi Hendrix/Cornel West, I decided to take a 2nd look at Bruce Lee/Lance Ito with Mark’s help doing some face splits.

A few months ago Maarten brilliantly pointed out that many of our zombies have similar names before and after death. In this case, Bruce Lee has the same number of letters in the first and last name as Lance Ito. The name Lance Ito has an English Gematria of 474, 47 and 74 being prominent spook numbers. Other words with an English Gematria of 474 include “murder”, “sword”, “Orlando“, “Ukraine“, and “Lincoln“.

Another definition of Lance is the sharp spear used by soldiers to stab enemies. Ito translates as “Aim” in Japanese, the supposed country of Ito’s birth. So another translation of Lance Ito is “Aim the Spear”. Is the spear aimed at OJ, or could the translation be as simple as “Stab It”, further planting the idea that OJ stabbed Nicole Brown Simpson to death, while objectifying Nicole as an “It”?***

Back when we first posted about Lee and Ito, I had a hunch that Lee was twins. Mark was on vacation so we never got confirmation and it had fallen to the back of the pile for months. On recent closer inspection we came to the conclusion that Bruce Lee was twins, but Lance Ito was not.

The Lee twins are actually pretty easy to tell apart. Twin One is the fighter who does all the stunts, and Twin Two is everything else and is sometimes pictured in fighting stance but never actually fighting. The quickest way for me to spot them is that Twin One has very unfriendly eyes, and Twin Two seems much more approachable. Here is some of Mark’s work:

Twin One with the unfriendly eyes, and longer and narrower face.

Twin Two with the friendly look and rounder face.

Here are the two twins compared to each other.

*** To continue the name game, Christopher Darden was one of the prosecutors in the OJ case. In 1995 (the OJ murders were in 1994), Darden Restaurants was spun off from General Mills and went public. Some restaurants in their portfolio include Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, and Yardhouse. A nice little product placement. I question if any of the names we see in fake events are real.

***Mark Fuhrman was a police officer in the OJ case accused of racism. Fuhrman may have played on everyone’s (white and blacks) subconscious racism to correlate Fur Man with blacks as apes to further ignite the racism flame which the trial was really about. We’ve been seeing the blacks as apes theme a lot lately with Harambe, Michelle Obama, and banana themed music videos.

19 thoughts on “Bruce Lee – Lance Ito Revisited

  1. A couple of notes – first, here is a gif of Bruce Lee (twin) morphing into Judge Ito, enough to convince me we have our man:


    It appears Lee was called out of fake-death/retirement to play one last role.

    NBC News ran a bullshit story about why Ito was never seen around the court house after the OJ trial, saying that he was so talented that he only dealt in “…high-powered cases involving major murders, robberies [and] … rapes…” That is nonsense. Murder, rape and robbery are mundane fare in LA courts. It said he came and went by a private entrance and so was never seen. And, it said, his name plate was constantly stolen off his door due to his notoriety.

    Two things to conclude by that story: One, “Lance Ito”/Bruce Lee is a ghost and went back into retirement after the trial, and two, the mainstream press is complicit in selling the fable and reinforcing it.

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  2. And yes, agreed, the article reveals he’s a ghost. They sell his “office on the 9th floor” a little too hard. The office with no name plate. The office behind an extra layer of security. How funny that the curious could never find Judge Ito’s “office,” but name plate stealers were able to get past security countless times? LOL. Just a lame attempt to cover a few embarassing loose ends during the year of multiple OJ miniseries!

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  3. This is timely because it looks like they may be killing off the actor that plays Charles Manson, from the original courtroom drama that preceded OJ Simpson. He has been transferred to a hospital and is seriously ill. Time to bring the Manson psyop to a close.

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  4. The twin discoveries add credence to the zombie theories, as the fact that they are faking things from the beginning lends itself to continuing the con to extract maximum value from their assets. Obviously the twins are fine with the duplicity, so they don’t have to bring in new converts to their methods when they need a zombie.

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    1. According to the most recent Mathis paper, an update of Golden Suicides, Jay Sebring (a Manson victim) discovered Bruce Lee.

      But if Bruce Lee was a set of twins just waiting on the sidelines, that is not likely. Sebring would have been some kind of facilitator.

      I would like to find Sebring, as he is still alive (at at least did not die in 1969) and might be someone powerful and important today in another guise.

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      1. Well I suppose I could mention that OJ’s last movie was Naked Gun 331/3 and that the Hornet’s first episode was called The Silent Gun, A story about a man who was shot at a funeral and none of the 20 witnesses heard anything. But I think the monsters have had a good enough laugh as it is.

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        1. Funny – I was just standing in line at the Post Office, and in a display case there they have the original NY Times reporting on the Lindbergh flight to Paris. The headline says he completed the flight in “33 1/2 hours.” It was fake – not the newspaper, but the flight. .

          I never made the connection with the Naked Gun series, and seeing now “33 1/3” makes me slap my well-slapped forehead one more time.

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          1. Rofl….Well I assure you that well slapped foreheads are quite common around these parts. But I never saw the full circle on the OJ thing until I saw your article. The links are endless as I take a closer look, and I don’t usually work on cases concerning celebs as I prefer 18th 19th century stuff. I just happened to remember the Hornet as it was a favorite when I was in 2nd grade. Anyways, keep up the good work, please remember some people appreciate all you and the gang do. If I find anything that seems of interest I’ll send a note. Thanks again!

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  5. Just happened to see the “Game of Death” movie yesterday. You know, that one Bruce Lee supposedly worked on when he died. And while I always fancied those Bruce Lee martial arts movies, I deemed the plots as stupidly week. Gosh, I see it with different eyes now… :

    A celebrity actor “Billy Lo” is bothered and threatened by a mobster syndicate (who could that be …?). They offer him a contract he can’t refuse, or else ..
    When he still refuses, he is shot while filming a scene for his movie, by replacing some blanks with real cartridges. He is rushed to hospital, where he is soon declared dead officially, but actually getting an aesthetic (face) surgery. And while he receives new, faked documents, a fake funeral with a fake corpse is officially celebrated.

    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it ?
    Could it be they tell us (and told us) straight to the face how they do it?

    Oh wait – didn’t his son Brandon supposedly die exactly the same way ?
    On 3/31, 1993 ?
    OMG, what a torrent of coincidences …


    1. Almost forgot it.
      While his face is still covered in bandages, the movie character “Billy Lo” ponders about the appearance of his new identity. He draws a full beard on one of his photos, and later actually wears a false beard.
      And guess what – it looks exactly like Lance Ito in the animated image above …


  6. How hard could this be to prove I mean seriously? Go confront Ito, film it and get some DNA off him by force if necessary. Lee has one child alive to compare it with. This would literally shatter the matrix of true. Personally I don’t think it’s him because Bruce was fanatical about fitness and Ito is a out of shape old man and Bruce loved martial arts demonstrations and doing film so to give it all up just seems a million to one odds.


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