Catholic priests and pedophilia: a fake scandal

[See update.]

A while back another blogger came to this site, full of angst and bitterness, and attacked my late older brother, who happened to be a Catholic priest. He died in 2011. The nature of the attack was to associate him with the Catholic pedophile scandal. Everyone who knew my brother knew he was a man of high morals and integrity. The attack was a shock – how could someone who knew nothing of the man sully him that way?

Last night I picked up the iPad to read another writer’s work concerning the movie Spotlight. I too have had the insight that if the mainstream press is behind exposure of a scandal, then something is rotten, and it is not Catholic priests. After all, we do not have real journalism in this country. Instead we have lightweights, actors, poseurs and outright fakes. Real research is done by blogs like this and a few others. Smug journalists refer to our work as “fake news,” but we know who the real fakes are, and they know

Update: Just to address this matter in a little more depth, the pedophilia scandal, the whole notion that there are pedophelia rings, that one in sixteen of us could be one, is an Intelligence psyop. Spooks, who have nothing but time on their hands to dream up these schemes, have hidden objectives. They want us to fear and distrust one another, to be gloomy and depressed, and of course, afraid. It makes us easier to control, to market antidepressants and consumer stuff too. It is all done for control purposes. It is also why they provide fake mass shootings and assassinations and terror attacks – to keep us scared and unhappy and under their control.  But think about it – if we are really that evil, why do they have to invent this stuff? Why can’t they just film it as it happens rather than hire actors?

I wish to make two more points here:

One, I was raised Catholic, and left the church at age 38. My children, given a choice, elected to follow me. My parents and other relatives were scandalized, since they knew that born Catholic, I had to stay that way. In their view, I did not have free will. The one person who supported me, who understood free will and choices, was Fr. Steve. I am no fan of the church, have a cogent view of history, but also know that not all people can go it alone, as I chose to do. They need guidance. The church at the essential level provides that guidance. Intelligence does not  like any powerful organization that comes between the people and the controllers, and so naturally hates the essential church, the men and women trying to do good work. That’s why they dreamed up the pedophilia scandal, to drive a wedge. It’s their way. It is how they roll, never enjoying an honest moment of living. Spooks are creeps – I don’t like (or understand) the way that Mathis brings the Jewish question into it, as he does introduce the element of prejudice. But he does understand the creepy nature of Spooks.

Secondly, I underwent an attack last night from William Skink at this blog, and answered him. He also attacked my brother, again. If he ever spent five minutes with Fr. Steve, he would back off.  Wish I hadn’t answered him, but he laid out the bait and I took it. As usual, I walked away from the encounter with that man upset and depressed. He’s so gloomy in outlook, passive aggressive to boot, and seems to need scandals like the pedophilia one (he’s all over Pizzagate too) as part of his world view. In other words, the psyop is working, having its intended effect. Look at the effect it has on his outlook!

But set it all aside. We can be happy, be optimistic about people and the future, and enjoy this crazy effing planet. We do not need to be gloomy, afraid, or distrustful. Life is fun, people are good, and pedophiles are extremely rare. They are not organized, they don’t form rings.

So relax, dammit.

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11 Responses to Catholic priests and pedophilia: a fake scandal

  1. larry kurtz says:

    Your capacity to hold shit astounds everyone who visits here. The Roman church is a pedophile cult that colluded to murder a billion people including 100 million in North and South America alone. While your brother may have been above the fray you are not: you are a bomb of flaming poo.


  2. Mathis makes quite a compelling argument. And a great point about how these institutions have to take some black eyes in the short run to keep from damaging the big racket that they’ve sold their souls to. That really is the glue that holds it all together. The corruption is so pervasive, it’s hard to avoid getting trapped in it.


    • It is not that pedophilia does not exist. It does. But it is more like necrophilia, weird and not tolerated and unusual. And the gradations are important – our friend Maarten makes the point that public school teachers are more likely to be offenders, but there, I warrant, we are taking about statutory rape, as the kids are older, past puberty. It is wrong, teachers deserve to be fired, as they abuse power, but it is not pedophelia.


      • Just so, Mark. Rates of pedophilia are the same across religious groups, and across the population generally. Why should it be different for the subset of Catholic clergy?

        Oh, yeah … that celibacy thing that needs to be blackwashed so badly. But, of course, the Orthodox Church has married priests, and yet the same rate of pedophilia among its clergy. So celibacy can’t really be the issue.

        The Spotlight psy-op seems to have celibacy in its sights. Why? Huxley hinted at it in his Brave New World: one of the hypnopaedic proverbs was “Everyone belongs to everyone else.” And this seems also to be the mantra of sitcoms and movies: young people, give your bodies over to others freely. Shows like Friends and Big Bang Theory seem to run just look enough to allow every main character to sleep with every other main character … and lots of minor ones, as well.

        Huxley had a wonderful prescription for fostering a pliant population—break down that psychosomatic wall that maintains a sense of self-possession. Sexual selectivity brings a sense of self-ownership. Holding forth celibacy as some kind of ideal encourages sexual selectivity. Ipso facto, celibacy must go in this brave new world of ours. So paint it with the brush of pedophilia.


        • To add to that, ejaculation release life force. The more you do so, the more energy you lose (happiness, vitality, etc.). There’s a reason Tantra was and is so respected in certain quarters. I agree that they want the public to look at anybody, particularly a man, practicing celibacy with suspicion.

          I’ll add some more twists into the topic after having read MM’s paper. I agree that pedophilia is unnatural and rare on it’s own. But part of the reason Spotlight, To Catch a Predator, JonBennet Ramsay, etc. etc. etc. are kept in our minds is not just to scare us and build distrust, but to plant seeds in our heads. Attention + Interest = Action. In a future post I will show exactly how they try to do this to us. It’s insidious.

          While I agree with Mathis that it is unnatural on it’s own, I disagree that it’s uncommon. He also underestimates the shame that stops kids from talking. This is a serious problem in the world and throughout the last few thousands years. But it is being planted in our heads under our radar causing high risk men to act in private.


  3. Inside Baseball says:

    I remember hearing that one of the big 60 Minutes anchors from 10 or 20 years ago had a mansion in Haiti, and Arthur C. Clarke had moved to an island near Thailand known to be a haven for these types of predators. Hard to imagine any reason to have a nice place in Haiti when there are better options. Hopefully Miles is correct on the lower estimate, but with all the agit prop directed at sexualizing children in schools and everywhere else, it would be against huge odds…


  4. pau says:

    Here is quite a list of accusations made against priests. Well documented. This abuse is real.
    My father was Jewish; my mother Catholic. I was raised Catholic & while doing some family research, I came across articles on one of my relatives, a priest, who was accused – after his death – of molesting a young student of his. His name is on this list:
    I have no use for any church. And recently, I have seen church leaders participating in many of the psy-ops that the government is behind. They are all tied together.


    • In those instances where it is documented, it might well be real. But my point is that the Catholics were singled out, and that no other faith fares any better under close scrutiny, nor does any other public institution, most notably public schools. There is a minority, a small one, active on all large organizations that abuse power. Further, since you did not read the Mathis paper, I remind you that you need to distinguish between pedophilia, or abuse of prepubescent children, and older kids. Again, while the abuse of older kids is punishable and wrong, it is not pedophilia. It is statutory rape. It is quite different to be attracted to an older and more developed child and a child. Agreed, creepy, but not pedophilia, which is rare.


    • By the way, I urge everyone to link to the “accountability” page in Pau’s comment above. While it looks impressive on the surface, as I scanned it it became less incriminating. It is a case for study on its own, as I found accusations that were not substantial antiated, and by and large activities that are not sanctioned by church officials, but that are not pedophilia. I suppose it has to be done, and I doubt there will be a volunteer, but the list needs to be analyzed in detail. [Sigh – not enough hours in the day.] I suggest any large organization, be it churches, schools, corporations, government agencies (remember MMS?), would be able to construct such a list.

      In it I found my brother’s friend, David, who indeed confessed to inappropriately fondling some older boys, and who voluntarily laicized. He died in 2014, age 70, which made me very sad, as he was a gifted man and died with a huge stain on his legacy. But his case is instructive. Prior to that he pleaded his case, saying that as a seminarian (he was gay, common in the priesthood), he was basically under house arrest, his daily activities strictly monitored. Each night after dinner and prayers was silence and then bed, and anyone caught in the wrong place would be punished, probably expelled. He said quite frankly that the regimen stifled his development, so that by the time he was ordained and his attractions should have been towards adults, he merely picked up where he left off, attracted to adolescents. Not children, but post-pubescent boys.

      That was not justification for his acts, but merely explanation. I don’t find it wholesome, and think he was treated appropriately. It is an indictment more of celibacy than homosexuality. The church put a lid on sexuality, but it is a leaky canister.


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