Update: John McCain matters

Just to be clear, I put up a short piece this morning claiming to have found a “smoking gun” on John McCain, but quickly learned that it was not. Rather than leaving the piece hanging out there I took it down, but I do take ownership of it. There was a comment left by “Natwurst” in the brief time the piece was up that called out the mistake. Unfortunately, when a post goes down, so do the comments.

In the meantime, the plot thickens. This photo, which I doubted to be honest, apparently is:


It will be verified as such in the film footage below.

Here’s another look at McCain’s meeting with President Nixon, alongside the one that I posted:

Now we can see that the black and white photo was taken a while after the color photo, so that the man seen behind McCain has moved forward  and owns the hand with the arrow in the black and white photo. So this photo too is real.

The question then becomes “why the crutches?” Below is a Swedish film put upon YouTube of the supposed POW’s re-entering their lives in March of 1973.

He appears slightly underweight and is walking with a limp, but is walking. Many months later he will do the photo with Nixon, on crutches. Was the photo opportunity with Nixon a setup? Nixon did not need to be in on it (just as we learned he was not part of the Napalm Girl hoax either). Nixon has at times appeared to me to be an inside/outside guy, smart as a man can be, and yet outsmarted by those around him. Maybe he was used here for other purposes … Silly me, I tend to want to believe that Nixon was not a crook.

third-guymccain-and-friendsAlso take note, as McCain leaves the bus, the third person leaving the bus – do you recognize him? He appears to be the man in the middle on the far right (when will I ever get this down) in the photo on the right, judged by all who looked at it yesterday as a paste-up. He has put on weight! Honestly, I have to wonder where these guys were during that time – in Saigon? Thailand? Here’s a passage from an Unz Review article I link below regarding McCain in North Vietnam. His former captives were asked about his run for president.

“To the journalist’s apparent amazement, the former jailers seemed enthusiastic about the prospects of a McCain victory, saying that they hoped he would win since they had become such good friends during the war and had worked so closely together; if they lived in America, they would certainly all vote for him. When asked about McCain’s claims of “cruel and sadistic” torture, the head of the guard unit dismissed those stories as being just the sort of total nonsense that politicians, whether in America or in Vietnam, must often spout in order to win popularity.”

How to make that fit? It appears to confirm that McCain was in Vietnam, but with a twist, that the torture was fake. It could be misdirection, or maybe the Hanoi Hilton was a really nice place to live. The US propaganda system is vast and complex, and these people are very good at supplying details in an offhand, seemingly unintended manner.

So what gives? What am I to make of this?

As my dad advised his boys concerning the opposite sex, “Women are complicated.” To this I add, so is propaganda.

That said, however, I stand by my contention that the John McCain POW affair is fake as McCain himself. I stand by the evidence in the post below, with the exceptions of photos that I have over-analyzed that turned out to be apparently genuine.

There’s another thing to consider here: The whole POW/MIA affair. I thought many years ago it was overblown, and done as a distraction, and also an excuse to continue the punishment of Vietnam by means of embargo after the war. That embargo lasted 25 years. H. Ross Perot supposedly went maverick and went behind the scenes to work directly with the Vietnamese government to bring the men home. This earned him the enmity of George H. W. Bush, and is said to be the reason that Perot ran in 1992 – not to win, but to remove Bush from office and to make sure Clinton got the nod.

That doesn’t read right either, in fact, looks like misdirection. If as I read it there were no men left behind, then McCain’s activities were staged, and Perot’s too. Why would they would blow the issue up like that, make it into a big propaganda circus? It could have been to continue to hold Vietnam’s feet to the fire, or simply as distraction. Most news is fake, so either or both are possible. Or, there is a door three.

For instance, in that same Unz Review article linked below we read:

In 1993 the front page of the New York Times broke the story that a Politburo transcript found in the Kremlin archives fully confirmed the existence of the additional POWs, and when interviewed on the PBS Newshour former National Security Advisors Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that the document was very likely correct and that hundreds of America’s Vietnam POWs had indeed been left behind.”

I don’t buy this for the simple reason that I know how they work these issues, playing the confidence game and reverse psychology. Saying that something was found in the Kremlin archives is akin to saying that God came down on a machine and verified it – since the Soviets were supposedly our sworn enemy, and it is a secret document, it has to be true. Then to pad it with Kissinger and Brzezinski is to seal the deal, and is enough to convince me that the story is completely false. Their job is not to tell us the truth – that is almost never done. It is to convince us. They are laying it on heavy.

It all goes to show that most of our “news” environment is fake, and controversial issues are often ginned up just to keep us distracted and occupied. McCain is an insider player now, and has been for years. If so, how did he get caught up in the Keating Five scandal? The answer could be that there are factions playing off one another, and McCain was caught in the crossfire. Alan Cranston, Dennis DeConcini and Don Reigle were all taken down by that scandal, but John Glenn and John McCain, both fake heroes to boot, skated. It was said the McCain exercised “bad judgement.” It seems we have seen that before, and it seems his bad judgment never actually costs him anything.

Here is the article from the Unz Review, a link supplied by Daddieuhoh that covers McCain in depth throughout his career. I am not the first to question his integrity. For me, I am drenched now in this issue and need to back off, as if has consumed my time when I am supposed to be doing accounting and other unimportant stuff.

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18 Responses to Update: John McCain matters

  1. daddieuhoh says:

    No shame in making a mistake and great honor in owning up to it. I have no doubt you are right about McCain being a fraud though. I took that Unz piece as a review of all the sanctioned and phony criticism of McCain. They keep us busy debating whether or not he was a hero or a willing collaborator when he was a POW. And while we’re busy taking sides, we don’t stop to consider that he was never a POW in the first place.


  2. steve kelly says:

    http://www.historynet.com/ho-chi-minh-and-the-oss.htm Answers may reveal themselves if we better understand Ho Chi Minh and his history with the French, Japanese, and U.S. before we invaded Vietnam for fake reasons. Fighting “communism” was no more real than fighting “terrorism” or Iraq’s WMDs. These are global events colored/shaded in false nationalist narratives. Maybe Ho was a fake-enemy player too — like all the rest. How the hell did “Hanoi Jane” get to N. Vietnam if Ho wasn’t party to it, or if she never left Hollywood, helped fake the whole thing?


    • We have struggled under illusions, haven’t we? Now add Ho Chi Minh to Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Allende as controlled opposition. And the list keeps growing.


  3. Greg says:

    The POW appearing behind McCain’s right shoulder in the top photo looks considerably older than McCain and the other POWs. Too old to have been an active-duty soldier in the jungles of Viet Nam. Comparing his face to the faces of the other POWs, I’m convinced he was close to 50 at the time the photo was taken. Maybe he was a French soldier taken captive in the 1950’s when Viet Nam fought for its independence from France!! I’m not entirely convinced that he’s the middle person in the photo of the 5 severely emaciated men. The emaciated men all look European to me rather than American, and I think Mark was right when he suggested in his original McCain post that the “emaciated men” photo is from WWII.

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    • The consensus was that the heads had been pasted on other bodies, and I guess European theater WWII. Others suggest that the bodies, hairless, and one doing a squat, are more typically Asian. But the important point is that the photo is fake.


  4. calgacus says:

    Maybe it’s the time to look closely at various leaders from Vietnam. The Barnes Review covered some intrigues (probably fake) related to Diem http://barnesreview.org/pdf/TBR2002-no2.pdf. Diem is related to a cardinal and to a mandarin (father). I believe I read the article from Barnes 2 years ago but I forgot the details since I don’t have a good knowledge of the history(modern or ancient) of that part of Asia.
    We can expect to see that the elites of East are connected to the West. The last ottoman sultan died in Italy, the Vietnamese emperor died in France, daddieuhoh covered Gandhi etc.


  5. As I mentioned on the main post, would McCain’s hair turn white from trauma only on the top, with the parts closer to the scalp staying brown? Seems to me the roots would turn white first and the ends of the hair stay brown until it grew out and was totally replaced by white. Or all turn white at once. Looks like a dye job.


    • I do not know the ins and outs, but these people are so devious, so clever, that it is not beyond them to make up the whole white hair thing … they are taught to use what is available and make it work. Maybe McCain got caught up with hookers and drugs in Thailand and bleached his hair … who knows? I do notice in the Nixon photos dark hair is growing in.


  6. tyronemccloskey says:

    The color photo with McC on crutches seems all wrong- Nixon looks like an impersonator with an extremely large head, or it was pasted on and the dimensions weren’t quite right- There are shadows cast from the camera flash on clothes but not on the floor- Is the floor able to diffuse light to such a point as to be lit evenly with no shadows? The shadows on the drapery are as intense as the shadows on the clothes much further away from the camera- And who is the yahoo in maroon slacks? He looks like Andy Kauffman- And look at his left hand and the left hands of the two guys ahead of him- Looks like the same hand with a little fudging of the thumb- And the handshake itself is probably of a lodge friendly design, which may be the point of the picture- McCain, gobble gobble, one of us, one of us, we accept him, we accept him… They only needed virtual Tricky and the extras were culled from other sources but for Brothers elsewhere, now they know he’s an initiate, not that that would be a surprise given his legacy, but he’s now of a certain degree so take note-


  7. lux says:

    In the B&W Nixon/McCain photo posted above Nixon’s head is definitely pasted in as can be seen in this section from a larger version of the photo:

    The top edge of his head shows telltale cut lines.

    This is taken from this larger version of the photo:


  8. lux says:

    McCain’s head may well be pasted in too but it’s not quite as obvious as Nixon’s.


    • Thank you Lux. That photo just bugs me, something wrong, sometheeeeeeeng … I am glad there are other sets of eyes out there like yours. I ignored Nixon, thinking the monkey business was McCain.


  9. Vexman says:

    As much as it is fun to read about McCain and with all respect to your time sacrificed for such purpose, I think it is logical to expect such revelation about all of the politicians seen publicly. You see, one has to howl with the wolves if he/she is to join their pack or we would not be seeing him publicly exposed. Which is yet another heavy argument to justify throwing TV out of one’s life.

    Anyway, looking at the picture with Nixon, McCain and his crutch – I noticed something is protruding out of Nixon’s upper chest, growing well over his cheek almost to the edge of his mouth. It looks as some kind of facial tentacle, doesn’t it? So this would point out Nixon being a shape-shifting squid or something like that, rather than a shape-shifting lizard (or whatever that nonsensical fog-farting theory is calling for). I’d really like to stay convinced that this is the point made here instead of realizing bad paste-up efforts and McCain’s POW story fabrication as you’ve shown us. 😀

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  10. calgacus says:

    I want to know if people here are interested in the connection between McCain’s father and USS Liberty. I already asked a few months ago daddieuhoh if he believes there is a connection between Robert Kennedy assassination and USS Liberty (almost 1 year apart, but this connection is weak by itself). I also asked if he believes in the possibility that USS Liberty is a hoax . If it is a hoax, the hoax was left dormant until the elites decide to use it in a bigger project (that was probably planned before USS Liberty). Some Saudis can be scapegoated for 9/11 and some Israelis can be scapegoated for USS Liberty (maybe both for 9/11). These bad Saudis and bad Israelis can also be blamed for conspiring together to create troubles in Middle East (eliminating them finally brings peace). This can also be connected to a possible Trump assassination.

    If they want to make great changes the following few years (consider the Economist 1988 magazine talking about the phoenix currency set to be implemented around 2018), something similar to the scenario above can happen. I hope somebody here has something more solid regarding McCain, USS Liberty and other stuff mentioned.


    • I am interested but there are only so many hours … please do what you can and let one of us know. We don’t have copyrights or large egos, so if you were to discover something interesting we could just pass it through here with full credit to you. It is a search for truth. That’s all that matters.


  11. natalie says:

    I love the photos and footage. I’m a fan of history. I’d also like to note that using crutches to heal a limp isn’t abnormal.


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