New menus: Recycle Bin and “Under Review”

Recent public criticism of our work mentioned that there is a Gresham’s Law at work in research as done here, that bad work will crowd out good work. I was defensive about that, but on further reflection decided it is valid criticism, and I need to take a good hard look at past work I have done.

Much of my work on twins will stand, I hope, but not without review. Some of it I will leave alone – McCartney, John Lennon, Janis Joplin for instance, as we found confirming evidence in childhood photos and/or the fact that they are so different in appearance that they are easily distinguished. Elvis Presley, discovered by another researcher (who is given due credit in the article), is very difficult to distinguish but had two certificates of live birth, good evidence. Mark David Chapman stood against background wall height measurements as a fake prisoner, one a couple of inches taller than the other. This confirms the photo evidence. However, if photo evidence is by itself questionable, the project has to die.

So far I have reviewed Jennifer Aniston, Robert De Niro and Taylor Swift. Out they go – the articles will stand with some cautionary words added, but they’ll be removed from the menus on the right.  I don’t want to simply make defective work disappear without some formal acknowledgement that it was defective, as that is in my view cowardly. On the other hand, once a mistake is acknowledged it should go away, not to be repeated.

So on the right are two new menus, “Recycle Bin” and “Under Review.” After a mistake is openly acknowledged the research will be put in the recycle bin for a period of time, say ten days or so, and then it will disappear from the side menus forever, though the articles will stand with some added words. If review confirms the old work to be defensible, I will breath a sigh of relief and return the item to its original menu.

Eventually I hope to be able to say “This house is clean.” This will be a long process. When done, the lists to the right will be defensible, and the recycle bin will be empty. The two new menus will disappear too when all is done.

My primary motive is to protect my fellow writers here from Gresham’s Law. Another, however, is that I have to live with myself, and as a pain-in-the-ass idealist, my inside and outside must always be in harmony. When not, when I have internal turmoil, as I do at this moment, I need to rectify it. Jeez I hate that.

There will be little or no new work from me as this process goes on. Enjoy the other writers, the four already on board, and two in the wings whom I hope jump on board in the near future. Their work is not under review.

About Mark Tokarski

Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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2 Responses to New menus: Recycle Bin and “Under Review”

  1. Greg says:

    So you are saying officially that Jennifer Aniston, Robert De Niro and Taylor Swift are not twins or replacements?


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