Sir Faul revisited

Note to readers: The following is a piece I wrote in early 2016. I was still quite wet behind the ears, and new to the idea that the truth is not only “out there,” but barely hidden and often easily discovered. I originally wrote it in hopes that Miles Mathis would publish it (without using my name), but he found it to be of low quality, and said he could not use it as I had put it together. That was OK, as it was a first attempt, so I gave him all of my work and asked that he merely credit me with any that he used as a “Friend in Colorado.”

He did so, and added much, much more. I wish to be clear, he did not plagiarize a word, and his final piece was his own with due credit to my small contribution, the discovery that “Paul McCartney” is actually two men whose real names we can only guess at, and that “Mike McGear” is a hired actor.

I am still damp behind the ears, and would have written the piece much differently then knowing what I know now. So I am rewriting it now, just for sheer enjoyment.

Sir Faul

Boat photo with arrows

It all started with the boat photo, and two “Paul’s” visible. I have arrows pointing at them in the photo above. I saw this photo long before I discovered the McCartney twins, and it stuck with me. But I did not know to follow my instincts. It just struck me as very strange.

The main characters:

There are three players here. Not knowing their real names, I will use their public identities.

Paul 1959McCartney 1964“Paul McCartney” is the original Beatle we came to know, the “cute one,” the one who starred in the movie A Hard Day’s Night. Keep in mind that we do not know that “Paul” is his real name. It could be, like “John Lennon,” a stage name, an invention by those shady men behind the curtain who formed the “Beatles.

Mike 1957McCartney 2007“Mike McCartney” is Paul’s twin brother. Again, we do not know that this is his real name, but for purposes of this essay we will call him “Mike.” He, for the most part, played the part of “Paul” in the movie Help! He is known today as “Macca.” Paul mostly disappeared from public view, and has re-emerged on occasion, as will be seen below.

“Mike McGear”mike-mcgear is a hired actor. He claims to be Paul’s brother, but bears no resemblance to either Mike or Paul, as can be easily seen. McGear is a “lifetime actor,” or a person whose entire life is a lie. If the Beatles were going to use “Paul McCartney” as a set of twins,  then it was necessary for Mike McCartney to step out of his life and allow a replacement in. To pull this off, the handlers invented the character McGear.

Lennon 12I cannot help but notice that McGear bears a strong, perhaps familial resemblance to another character in this stage play, covered elsewhere, another lifetime actor called John Lennon. I say this because of the curvature of the nose lightly to his right. I see this same feature in Lennon. It could well be that they are keeping it all in the family.

The Hoax

In the fall of 1969 radio disc jockey Russell Gibb, WKNR-FM in Detroit, received a phone call from “Tom,” who told him that Paul McCartney had died and had been replaced in 1966 by a lookalike. Thus began a cottage industry that continues to this day, now called “PID”, or Paul is Dead. It is continually churned, new clues added now and then.

It is misdirection, designed to get us asking the wrong question. Paul McCartney was indeed replaced by a virtual lookalike, and I know who the replacement is. It was not hard to discover. If I could do it, so too could all of the sleuths who make those PID YouTubes and run those PID web pages.  Why don’t they? It is, I suspect, because they are tasked with keeping the mythology alive. They are disinformation agents.

The phone call to WKNR and subsequent publicity was obviously a staged event. The troubling question why? Had the managers of the Beatles not done the whole business with album and song clues, the whole switch would have gone down seamlessly. It was done so well that we would never have known to question it. Why did they clue us in? Did they overplay their hand?

The Beatles in 1966 stopped performing in public. In a period of five years they released a series of albums – Rubber Soul (1965), Revolver (1966), Sgt. Pepper (1967), White Album (1968) and Abbey Road (1969). After the phone call to WKNR we would learn that the albums were littered with clues hinting at the death of Paul. Hundreds of thousands of kids rushed to buy them to examine the clues and, if somehow able, play the songs backward. (I never could pull that off.) We love a mystery, and they provided it.

Below is what is in my view the most impressive album “clue:”


That is the drum from the cover of Sgt. Pepper. If you mirror the top as the bottom, as done here, see how it spells out I ONEIX HE ^DIE. That could mean he died on November 9th, September 11th (Europeans list date and month rather than month and date, our custom) or they could be taunting us with 911 clues. (I ONE=11, IX=9.) Although the Twin Towers had only been recently completed at the time of the PID hoax, it seems that the numbers “9” and “11” have significance preceding, or even superseding, the events of 2001.

Who knows, but good lord! The effort, the sophistication of the PID psyop is impressive! There had to have been some of the top graphic artists of the time behind it. I can assure you it was not four twenty-something mop-tops who assembled the album covers. I also suspect they did not write the music or play the instruments in the studio. We had a long discussion in a previous thread where some claimed that the rooftop concert was lip synced. These were not the musicians we were led to believe them to be.

The boys as kids

Here’s a photo of the McCartney boys, Paul born on 6/18/42, and Michael, we are told, on 1/7/44, (am I seeing two 8’s?) or eighteen months later.


As I studied this photo, I realized that these are indeed brothers, as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears are a match. The one on the left looks two, perhaps three years old, which would make the other 6-18 months old. But wait! At that age he should exhibit more babyish qualities, in fact, should still have baby cheeks and be smaller in size. But these two kids could easily be the same age.

I began to suspect I was looking at twins. I found other photos:


That’s a lovely family shot of Mary and James and the boys, but again, I am not seeing eighteen months age difference between left  and right. In this photo I noticed something that would appear again and again over time.  I originally thought that it was Paul on the right, but looking at later photos, I discovered one key to telling them apart – one of them parts his hair on the right, in fact has what looks like a natural cowlick, or an unruly section of hair that goes against the grain of the rest. Hair partIn later years that cowlick would turn up in the twin I call Mike. (Note that Mary has dressed them in identical shoes, socks and shorts, and shirts of the same maker. It was common practice in those days to dress twins alike.)

Paul Mike Mom

Hair part 2Getting our bearings here, I can now assert that Mike is on the left here, meaning that must be Paul on the right. The cowlick is apparent again. Paul has lost a front tooth, so he must be about six. Again, they are dressed alike.

But I did find a photo of the two where there is a definite age difference. This photo is said to be of Paul and his younger brother Mike.

McCartney sister

It is hard to say which twin that is, but I am guessing Paul due to the part on the left.  There is, however, a slight problem here – the one on the left is not Mike. It’s a girl wearing a dress and strap-on shoes, girlish in style. I don’t know who she is, perhaps a cousin. That they assert this to be Mike and Paul … it reinforces the age difference, but is absurd.

Mike Paul twin shotThere are other photos of the boys in this era, such as the one on the left here, an obvious shot of a set of twins, Mike with the cowlick on the left. Check here for yourself, and see what I saw. What a revelation!

Photographs of the boys dry up after this time. They will appear again in the late 50s, and then again as fully formed Beatles.

In the meantime, Mike McGear appears around 1962.

Mike McGear

McGear is one of the hardest aspects of this psyop for people to grasp (along with the role of Jane Asher – see below). If a guy has a musical career, claims to be Paul McCartney’s brother, and no one contradicts him, who am I to doubt?

We have found in these complicated and long-running stage acts that there needs to be certain characters in play to misdirect us and distract us from the truth. McGear, who doesn’t even remotely resemble a McCartney, is such a character, He is a lifetime actor hired to play the part of Mike McCartney to allow the real person to slip into the role of Beatle Paul McCartney.

The photos below appear in both my work and that mentioned at the outset. They were part of the work I submitted, so I am not borrowing or plagiarizing. They tell us all we need to know.

McGear apparently got married without the presence of fake Paul, who had to be pasted into photos. Below is supposedly McGear’s wedding day in 1968, also attended by “Paul” and his girlfriend, Jane Asher.

Mike wedding

The composition of this photo makes it appear that he’s an awkward man, even gawking at Angela’s chest. The wavy vertical line between “Paul” and “Mike” is just sloppy darkroom work, even to the degree of embarrassment for some lowly technician. Notice that “Paul” has that cowlick, which always gives him away. There are two sets of people in the photo, Paul and Jane, and Mike, Angela, the young boy and the older woman. “Paul” and Jane and McGear were not together that day, so “Paul” had to be added. Real Mike McCartney did not attend fake Mike McCartney’s wedding, it appears. Mike Wedding day

Same day, and an odd one, as Mike and Angela are not even front and center at their own wedding. They don’t seem to be important players. Notice again … the cowlick. That’s Mike, not Paul and Jane Asher. Mike and the man next to them were pasted into this photo. They are looking one direction while everyone else is looking at the camera. Another fake.

Just for fun, let’s take the same photo and see where they eyes are looking:

Wedding bells

My guess on this, an informal photo taken while setting up for real photos, which would explain the back of the head in the foreground. They are staging, as all of us who have been through wedding ceremonies know about. That’s why participants on the right are distracted. I think the three on the left, Jane, “Paul,” and the older man are inserted later, in the darkroom. A floating hand on the older man’s shoulder (red circle) is a clue. That often happens in paste-ups.

Anyway, forget Mike McGear, who is mere misdirection. He’s fake. They had to fake “Paul” being at his wedding, so did it in the darkroom.

Jane Asher

We are all familiar with the concept of a “beard,” or a professional starlet (usually) used to conceal the fact that a male star is gay. They are all over Hollywood, from Angelina Jolie to Kelly Preston to Katie Holmes. They are also present in politics, Melania Trump coming to mind. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been referred to as a “double bearded” set.

But beards perform other functions, as well. Jane Asher’s bearded role was that of “Paul” McCartney’s girlfriend in the early years. He supposedly moved in with her parents, Margaret and Richard Asher, a music professor and a doctor. Peter Asher, of Peter and Gordon and later a music producer, is Jane’s brother.

George MartinGeorge Martin was one of Margaret’s most prominent students. It is my suspicion that much of the early music of the Beatles was written in the Asher household, though not necessarily by any of the Beatles. Yesterday and Michelle have highly sophisticated chord progressions, far beyond the capability of a twenty-something kid with no formal music training, in my opinion. I’ve long wondered if they are George Martin compositions, or perhaps a committee in which  he participated. Often referred to as the “fifth Beatle,” he was the only one with serious musical training.

Jane and MikeJane and PaulJane’s bearded role, to be seen in public with both Mike and Paul during these years, was not something she relished, if these photos are any  indication. This was an acting gig and done to misdirect and sow confusion. How can we claim they are twins, or that Paul has been “replaced” when Jane is there riding sideboard, seen with both. She provided continuity.

Anyway, that was Jane Asher’s role. Look at the fun she is having! Have you ever seen three people so deeply in love?

How to tell them apart

Photo montage

The above photo montage is page 118 from the book Face to Face: Analysis and Comparison of Facial Features to Authenticate Identities of People in Photographs, by Joelle Steele. Oddly, Ms. Steele, a facial recognition expert who has been called to testify in court on occasion, cannot tell the difference between Paul and Mike. Given her obvious qualifications, I would attribute that failing to the power of groupthink. Claiming that there are two “Paul’s” would endanger her career. I do not suffer that problem. My sleuthing “career” has never paid me a penny, nor will it ever.

Here are photos in order, left to right, top to bottom, year given by Ms. Steele:

1957: Mike
1959: Paul
1964: Paul
1965: Mike
1966: Mike
1968: Mike
1975: Mike
1977: Mike
1985: Paul (He’s alive! He’s alive!)
1995: A composite photo, upper half Paul, lower half Mike
2004: Mike
2007: Mike

Easy enough, right? I learned to tell the difference early on by the hair part, but in addition, Paul’s eyebrows wrap around and down, his ears are lower on his head.

Here are two photos of the brothers, side by side, both at young ages:


I have set pupil distance at one inch (if they are the same man, no problem, right?).


Their features line up very well, so much so that most people cannot distinguish them. That is an overlay, left over right photo. The arrows point to detectable differences. Look how the eyebrows do not line, up, the mouth, the size of the face. (The outline of Mike’s face on the right bears indication of paste-up, common with these very famous men at that time. Apparently his face was superimposed on someone else’s shoulders, or for some unknown reason the photo was monkeyed with. That is why there is a white line around the face in the overlay.)

After a serious amount of gazing at computer screens, you too will be able to see the differences. But one other way to tell, and this is with a hat tip to the work of others, can be found in this YouTube video. It is an 8:32 piece, and I am not showing it here – just go to the link if you have time. I will capsulize with this screen grab:


“Paul”, on the right, has a “…narrow palate that causes his upper left molars to be misaligned and angled inwards.” “Grendoza,” the maker of the video, uses the word “had” instead of “has” as the video is intended to advance the PID psyop. But it will come into play again momentarily. For now, understand the three easy recognition tools to distinguish between Paul and Mike: 1) wraparound eyebrows, 2) cowlick on the left versus part on the right, and 3) misaligned upper left molars.

In the video we learn that Paul and Mike have been stepping in and out of the role of “Paul” since the beginning, on Ed Sullivan, and as part of Wings up until about 1990. At that time it appears that Mike permanently took over the role, and Paul was retired.

The following clip, supplied by our writer Tyrone, is instructive of just how “in your face” they have been with the McCartney twins.

At 1:28 we find Paul talking about their dress style, and at 1:48 it is Mike! They pull the switch right before our eyes, expecting us not to notice.

John Halliday

The following video is about three minutes, It is worth a watch:

It came out a few years back, and was brought to my attention in the comments. I can add a little clarity to it by use of Photoshop:


I was able, on the right, to capture a moment in the video where Halliday is looking at us straight on. Here is an overlay gif:


The years have not been kind, the lines around the eyes evidence of heavy plastic surgery. But the same features are present, with longer ear lobes, of course. “John Halliday” is in my view “Paul McCartney” in retirement. I’ll go one step further – John Halliday might be his real name. If you watch the video, do pay attention to the teeth. Screen grabbing them proved impossible.  (I learned later that “Halliday”, caretaker of the McCartney childhood home, had been fired due to drinking on the job.)

Paul in later years

More fun: Richardjuckes in the comments below my recent Bill O’Reilly piece offered up a video of Dhanny Harrison, George’s son, doing a 2013 cover of For You Blue, a George Harrison composition. (I do suspect that George wrote his own music, including some high quality work in later years.) In it he noticed that both Paul and Mike were present in the still photographs used. Here are two screen grabs:


The photo on the left is Paul wearing a wig, and heavily made up so as not to look his 71 years. He has, by that time, developed severe wrinkles around the eyes, not apparent here on either one, either slick photographic retouching or makeup. Richard noticed how, for purposes of this video, Paul and Mike were wearing the same clothing and wig, indicating that the psyop is still in active production.


The Beatles were an expensive and highly sophisticated psyop, introduced on the scene in the wake of the fake John F. Kennedy assassination.  I was around then, and remember all of the screaming girls, and although I was too young to understand the word “orgasmic” or realize that what I saw was an outpouring of pent-up sexual frustration AND grief over JFK. I suspect at this time that the two events, both highly choreographed, were timed to happen as they did, part of a major restructuring of our society, and destruction of a once great land.

And Paul is alive. He’s a set of twins, by the way. And, oh yeah, John is alive too. That’s a whole ‘nuther can o worms. The working class hero was set up to take a fall, to inspire a whole generation to follow a supposedly idealistic but mushy-brained pop star, who was then offed in public. Some other day.

68 thoughts on “Sir Faul revisited

  1. Excellent, excellent work, Mark.

    I think this is what was missed from the beginning–twins with both playing the JPM part.

    This may be what Heather had over Sir Faul, with her box of evidence that she talked about.

    One thing though–if both bro’s still play the JPM part (on occasion) where does that leave the Halliday guy ? And yes, I agree that Halliday may very well be the early JPM–what’s iffy though is his back story as well as an article I saw on him when he was first being offered the position to be the house sitter. Not iffy enough to disagree with what you wrote though. But interesting nonetheless.

    There is sooo much chaos in this saga; the whole thing reeks of Dionysus-like tactics–keep everyone–us youth back in the 60’s–stoned and in paralyzingly ecstatic idolization of the lads–while Adorno hands off the charts to EMI who passes them to Margy Asher who then slips them–after she works them a bit–off to the arranger, her former student George Martin–who then brings in the best studio cats he can find who then really tunes them up with certain ‘feel good’ tunings–recording at 432Hz instead of the Nazi inspired militant 440Hz–then combines what we hear in the tunings with what we feel in the beat, which physiologically dictates to our bodies WHAT to feel and WHAMMO–hooked for life on this music. All it takes for me is to hear one single bar from most any of their songs and my perception shifts to The Land Of Enchantment, where Nothing Is Real and Everything Is OK..

    Thanks for your work Mark.

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    1. Thanks – are you saying they played the 432? I have listened to 440 and 432 and cannot tell teh difference, however, not on great speakers.

      Regarding Halliday, he is, as I see him, both that and JPM on occasion. not so much after 1990.

      Heather Mills was, in my view, acting, probably part of her settlement. She implied something quite sinister had happened and was being covered up, and that her life was in danger and she was protecting her daughter. More likely she was given TV exposure to further the psyop in return for cash. She had to have known about the twins, perhaps even dined with them during the marriage. These are all deceitful people, but no murderers were lurking about.

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    2. 432Hz occured to me as a possible reason Neil Inner sounds so Lennon-like in the Rutles (I can’t conciously hear the difference myself, I just guessed it might be). Did other bands record at 432, was it a specifically Beatle thing?

      Another thing that occured to me, thinking about that certain quality of the Beatle recordings – yes, perception shifting – was some of the engineering black-boxes they use in recording studies. Is something like a compressor used on the raw-sound? Is there another step as well? I wondered if there any settings that were particular to Beatle records.


    3. Agree, excellent post. Also, I think Miles Mathis also mentioned that in that first photo, with the party on that boat, a possible third Paul, in the bottom right hand corner. Anyone else think that may be correct?

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      1. What looks like a 3rd ‘Paul’ in the boat photo (on the extreme right hand side of the pic, sitting) has been shown to be, quite probably, Derek Taylor. It does resemble a ‘Paul’ from how the photo is taken showing the left side of his face. I thought it was a 3rd ‘Paul’ at one time as did many others especially since he’s wearing that suit jacket which resembles the stage attire that the Beatles wore during one of their American tours (1966 maybe ?).


      2. I know which one you are talking about, and I think Tyrone identified him as one of the Beatles’ staff, Aspinall Derek Taylor (thanks Michael) or someone like that. Anyway, he is not a 3rd Paul.


        1. After looking a few more times, and magnifying the image, grainy as it gets, agree this is not a third Paul, although at normal size, looks somewhat close.


    4. The question is……What was the motive in all of this? Why would they want to go through all of this inst ad of just being the original line-up of Beatles? It doesn’t make much sense!


  2. Thank you for another well-balanced piece.

    In this so sophisticated psy-op, I think the whole concept of talent is an important part. If rich kids get the best teachers, the best guitars, have the motivation of knowing what’s really going down, and get paid, then above average profiency is to be expected. Then following that, their output receives the full promotional hype, and we, the consumers, accept the idea of stellar talent without question. (Since Mozart?)

    The latest iteration of this strand is in the talent shows, and the YouTube videos of “amazing random Street performers”. The talented in both cases are probably professional from the start, again humbling the rest of us to shut up and watch, and the sprinkling of truly dreadful acts – that have already been through three of four layers of off-camera auditions – are there to remind us just how bad and untalented we are, so that most never even dream of putting their own experience and feelings into any kind of art. This probably feeds well into the depression strand of the greater psy-op.


    1. Guess you are right.
      I recently came to a similar conclusion. Why is the “Glamorous Fashion World” with it’s selected Photoshop-ed models still held up, despite most of the cruel and sickening practices are known, and reported even from famous insiders ? Because it makes the regular, non-PhotoShopped guy/girl feel inferior, looking up in jealousy to the “rich and beautiful”, and perhaps buying lot’s of stuff to simulate their idols. It goes hand in hand with the other psyops, and can’t be given up. A few more skinny clotheshorses collapsing do not matter at all. Fashion is the way, not the goal …


  3. I agree with the above but also consider there will always be ambitious people and as much as crowding them off the stage with bastards, keeping the bar low for “quality” music will direct real talent into mimicking crap if they don’t know any better. Dumbing down the ear is as important as dulling the critical faculties and feeding the mind with processed wisdom, so to speak.


  4. I think we all agree this was a highly sophisticated ops, among many and counting… What is interesting to me is thinking that this was not the product of the brains of the Duke of Northumbrella, nor the Baron of Pocantico Hills or the Cardinal Richelieu or whoever royal paying the bills… There’s got to be some masters of propaganda and psychology out there. I figure Bernays, Pavlov are just the tip of the Iceberg. Curious that we usually hear about famous students at X or Y University or College, but we seldom hear about the teachers and professors, say, Leo Strauss, etc. I just know the title… but someone’s (somewhere, sometime) got to write the book: “The Architects of the Matrix”. Plato, Sir Francis Bacon, de Vattel, Leibniz and so should each have a chapter for sure.


  5. Let’s take a contemporary example of talent vs. bloodline/promotion , Johnny Depp.
    I was looking at him yesterday , as along with Jack White , he looks like Marc Bolan ,
    I saw this headline : 2016…/johnny-depp-is-hollywoods-most-overpaid-actor-for-the-second-year-in-a-row/
    He is not Bolan , but his wiki has the usual markers , ancestors settled in Virginia around 1700 ,
    he is 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth 2nd , his family moved frequently during his childhood. He and his siblings lived in more than 20 different places, ( in seven years ! ) eventually settling in Miramar, Florida in 1970 , after her divorce from his father , Depps mother married Robert Palmer (died 2000),

    “With the gift of a guitar from his mother when he was 12, Depp began playing in various garage bands.[19] A year after his parents’ divorce, he dropped out of high school to become a rock musician.[19] He attempted to go back to school two weeks later, but the principal told him to follow his dream of being a musician.[19] He played with The Kids, a band that enjoyed modest local success. The Kids set out together for Los Angeles in pursuit of a record deal, changing their name to Six Gun Method, but the group split up before signing a record deal. Depp subsequently collaborated with the band Rock City Angels[22] and co-wrote their song “Mary”, which appeared on Rock City Angels’ debut Geffen Records album Young Man’s Blues”

    Sure , happens all the time in LA .( only to the right people )


    1. I happen to think that Meryl Streep is highly overrated. I was discussing this with a friend, a woman one time, and she just gushed – Meryl is wonderful. I told her that I would bet that she is of royal lineage, which is why she is famous. And sure enough, she is descended from William Pitt.

      I joked to my wife that the academy passed a special rule that Streep has to actually be in a movie before they can nominate her for best actress.


      1. I can’t stand Meryl Streep – have always felt she was overrated too. I started noticing that she had these ticks that appeared in every role she played and I thought “hmm, not such a great actress – she can’t even control her own weird ticks. So much for her being a chameleon”



  6. Comparisons are not fair but for my generation, Guns ‘N Roses were as big of a rockstars as could get. They took a backseat to no one. I wonder what they were up to and what derailed that project. Man, they made up such great songs… just for fun like “1 in a 1000000”


    1. Ya sure, whiney voice non educated dudes from Lafayette, Indiana have no problem just moving to LA and becoming top dogs in the global rock scene within a few years. Rose isn’t a Bailey he is a Lintner, and combined with the other band members relatives, easy to make a connection. Although they had some good drinking tunes, not so sure Axl wrote them.


      1. G n’ R have all the accoutrements of the Grateful Dead. The connection is the purported father/daughter combo of Hank Harrison, manager of the Dead, and daughter Courtney Love, skank gadfly of the post punk LA music scene who brought the band together from the set of the film Sid and Nancy. That is probably a legend as well. Just more bastards given tasks to further the degradation of the culture.


  7. You need to be in a quiet place with zero distractions if you’d like to absorb the difference between 432Hz and 440Hz. It’s not just something that you ‘hear’ (the difference): it’s something that your whole being will ‘feel’. It’s real though. The lovely Nazi’s forced the change to 440Hz way back in the earlier part of the 20th century (sometime in the 1930’s maybe ? Someone can look that up if they’d like). The 432Hz gives off a certain healing tone that the body, mind and spirit absorbs (believe it or not). The 440Hz tone does the opposite: the energy it gives off destroys. There are a couple of web sites–also a few good videos on you tube–where comparisons are made of the same songs that you can listen to of the two vibrational tones–432 vs 440. Put on headphones and have a listen. You’ll see-hopefully at least, if you’re relaxed and in a good place for comparisons like this to occur-that the 432Hz is an actual thing, and that your whole body and being just does a deep exhale as if it’s saying “THANK YOU” for this…


    1. The lovely Nazi’s forced the change to 440Hz way back in the earlier part of the 20th century (sometime in the 1930’s maybe ?

      Or so the story goes. I have read often about this topic, and came across wildly differing opinions and heated debates. And I have not made up my opinion about that story yet, thus avoiding any judgement. Suffice to note the “Evil Nazis” were controlled themselves.

      However, the effect of harmonics and sub-harmonics (audio and EM, including light) on the brain is a matter of fact. Just as different states of mind manifest in different EEG frequencies (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta, …), feeding back those frequencies into the brain WILL affect you state of mind.

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      1. Quite a while ago I decided to tune out modern music (everything 1950s forward) and listen only to classical. I cannot say how it has affected me other than I am always playing some song in my head, and it is nice simply to have the feel of the music without drums and words. The words are the most annoying feature of all of the music of my life, as they carry embedded ideas, maybe just happy thoughts, but just as easily trash.

        For instance, and this is way before your time, I always enjoyed a song called Sister Golden Hair by America, mainly for the drums (I am not supposed to know this, but they were done by Hal Blaine of the Wrecking Crew). But I got to thinking about the words. It is a guy who is horny and wants his girlfriend to have sex with him, but without any sort of commitment, just her giving it away. The song repeatedly says “Will you meet me in the middle” as if a negotiation is going on, but no, it is something else entirely. It is a reference to sex itself.

        And that is what I mean about the words being annoying, carrying ideas that are not wholesome or useful. That was early 70s and they were trying to loosen us up in the era of the pill and free sex, trying to get girls to lower their standards. That is the business of music in general, and I will bet the stories everyone can tell us are similar, that some song gets locked in our heads due to nice guitar or drum work, and only later do we realize that the embedded message is carried along with that work.


        1. The words are the most annoying feature of all of the music of my life, as they carry embedded ideas, maybe just happy thoughts, but just as easily trash.

          Fully agree (albeit often listening to a different music without words/text …)
          Check out the “Radio Free Albemuth” novel by P.K.Dick (Really his name …). Not SciFi at all, IMHO.


          1. I ahve 800 pages of PKD here but that is not one of them. (I have only read A Maze of Death.) Albemuth is a movie with lousy reviews … but I can get the book for three bucks. Might be fun!


  8. Sure, NP. Any evening which you aim to focus and meditate will do. Also: Arvo Pärt, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Olafus Arnalds come to mind. All of them worthy to give them a shot. You will like some most than others perhaps, but is good to have options. You have a restful one 2night.

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    1. I just discovered Argo Part! Here is what captured my imagination—

      “The liturgical text of the Te Deum consists of immutable truths. I am reminded of the sense of immeasurable serenity imparted by a mountain panorama. Swiss artist Martin Ruf once told me that he can distinguish over twenty shades of blue in the mountains when the air is clear. His words immediately turned into sound; I began to “hear” those “blue” mountains. I wished only to convey a mood, a mood that could be infinite in time, by delicately removing one piece – one particle of time – out of the flow of infinity. I had to draw this music gently out of silence and emptiness. The work Te Deum was a quest for something evanescent, something long lost or not yet found, the quest for something believed to be non-existent, but so real that it exists not only within us but beyond our being as well.”


  9. I thought the winkwink to Sister Golden Hair was ” Oy Vey , a natural blond is worth giving up a little freedom for ”
    But if there is a report from iron mountain type expo of music I’d sure like to study it .

    This had some telling info on PK Dick . (free pdf)

    Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda – 2016 Edition
    Jan 1, 2014 … that examined the history of the science fiction genre


    1. Not sure what you were linking to, but it says:
      “Unfortunately, the document or file you were looking for was not found on this server, perhaps because it has been moved, or because it was not linked properly from where ever it was referenced…”


      1. FYI – found the PDF elsewhere.
        The chapter about PKD does not come to a definitive conclusion about his relation to TPTB – me neither. But I like his bizarre style, even more when realizing most of his dystopian visions became true already. And his books describe several of the spook’s psyops – like subliminal and not-so-subliminal manipulations via music and song texts …


        1. I always lumped Dick in with Burroughs who seemed to be his own handler. Dick’s books get made into movies (Bladerunner, A Scanner Darkly etc.) so he is approved content for the agenda. His handler was probably the Episcopalian (Church of England, stateside) bishop, James Albert Pike (great name) a man whose CV is as spooky as anyone’s. Pike officiated at Dick’s last wedding and was one of the first men of the cloth to have a TV show where he would play the piano and sing with his wife and kids. He was implicated in a possible murder/suicide of one of his female assistants, ran both St. John the Divine cathedral in NY and Grace Cathedral in SF, where he arranged for MLK to speak. He was a roaring drunk and philanderer, including dabbling in homosexual practices when young. He was arrested in South Africa while railing against apartheid, was brought up on charges of heresy three times, made the cover of Newsweek or Time, I forget which, railed against America’s abuses in the jungles of Vietnam from the pulpit which was very, very bold for the time (mid-60’s) He later took his last wife to Israel to “walk the path of the Lord” where he promptly got lost in the desert and fell off a cliff, dead.
          Not sure I buy that last bit.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I remember that last part – a guy getting offed in Israel, but for some reason he became Justice Douglas in my mind. Thanks for the information. Is it not true that Dick died at age 53?


          2. Well, that would mean he dropped some insider knowledge in his books. As I suspected. As mentioned before, I grew up in an authoritarian state – I’m quite clear that whoever gets published has made his deal with the devil (TPTB).
            Still enjoying PKD’s books.

            He later took his last wife to Israel to “walk the path of the Lord” where he promptly got lost in the desert and fell off a cliff, dead.

            As you mention it – that exact same motive appears in one of PKDs books …


  10. I got to go find my cardboard cutout moustache

    I have thought the Pink Floyd debut a year earlier to be a better listen


  11. Mark, when you try to hear the difference between the 432Hz and 440Hz recordings of the same song you need to be able to switch between the two very quickly. Maybe listen to the first few bars of one then quickly switch over to the same opening bars of the other and you should be able to feel the diff. Very amazing stuff ! Even if the ‘experts’ have been arguing and contradicting this info for some time now. You (we) need to make our own conclusions. Any time I hear the word ‘expert’ I gag then dismiss anything they say, or at least I look very closely at the opposite of what they’re telling us.


  12. Thinking about their real names, I read the Wikipedia page for Kintyre and found the Dukes of Argyll. Following their link, shows that the title is held by the Campbell family. This name features strongly in the PID narrative (of course a subset of the greater narrative, probably with the same authors) where William Shephard Campbell was said to have become Faul. They do seem to like leaving clues, and perhaps this is one. Is it more tenuous than linking “Lennon” to the Stanleys?

    Although there are traps in thinking about the boys as children of the peerage, it could also explain the apparent degree of executive freedom that they have had over the years, and how they have stayed continually in-character and on-message.


    1. Mathis’ latest paper, June 16th 2017, compares the family trees of the Beatle McCartneys and of the Barons Macartney, finding many similarities, including Campbell. Two points:

      Firstly, googling around with Macartney, I found a Halliday Macartney on Wikipedia. A familiar name, and an unusual one.

      Secondly, Miles refers throughout to “Paul McCartney” in the singular, no hint of the twins.


        1. That the actors in the fake narratives are shown to be all from the same group of families is I think useful, showing how such big scams are controlled, but, yes, the label “Jewish” is problematic. There is the issue of emotional reaction, in one of several directions, which hinders clear thinking, but also it seems to me that the label is hugely dependant on an acceptance of the official history narrative. JFK, Hitler, Lennin, Marx, Napoleon: what was really going on behind all these names and their constructed stories? And then, in that presumed truthful reality, which, please, must surely exist when all the lies are unravelled, what does “Jewish” then mean? It’s a fair bet that it won’t mean the same as in the current prevailing reality.


  13. Ahh, the clues, so many it seems. Speaking of which, while we are on the subject of music, another one I just noticed. While you might think I’m off my rocker on the Jim vs Jack theory, no not the whiskey one, I did see that in the Carter attends Allman funeral photo that he has gone back to parting his hair on the left side.


    1. Hi Kerry–if you wouldn’t mind and if you’d be so kind, please help me understand what “in the Carter attends Allman funeral photo…” means ?
      It just sounds as if you didn’t read it back to yourself before you clicked on ‘Post Comment’..

      Lot of that goin’ round these days…

      Please ? Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I was watching the first fifteen minutes of the new public broadcast special “50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper”. Then they started to BEG FOR CASH ! , So I tuned out . They talked about the Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane single . One thing is that the host seemed so patronizing , as if speaking to the viewer as a child , standing so large next to the actual gates of the Salvation Army hospital . Now I’m looking at the wiki page for SFCH , and the gates should be taller than the host . Then the hidden meaning of the song dawned on me.
    The surface meaning is John’s thoughts of the special childrens home near his boyhood home .
    The hidden one is that you , the listener , the fan , the citizen , are a child , and a dumb one at that . Unable to see through to the controllers machinations .
    “Let me take you down
    “Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields
    Nothing is real”
    and then :
    “Living is easy with eyes closed
    Misunderstanding all you see”
    Strawberry Fields becomes your immature suspended ignorance , forever .
    “That is you know you can’t tune it
    But it’s all right
    That is I think it’s not too bad”
    Learning to accept your mental enslavement , forever
    “Always, no sometimes, think it’s me
    But you know I know when it’s a dream
    I think I know I mean a “Yes” but it’s all wrong
    That is I think I disagree”
    Childish banter from a confused mind , just the way the controller wants.
    The duality is also reflected in the hosts explanation of the splicing of two takes , each at a different key and speed , only when the controllers of the recording can do smart grownup stuff , to reconcile the final product , are you allowed in .

    Then from wiki : “‘Strawberry Field’ dates from 1870, when it was owned by one George Warren, a wealthy shipping magnate.” yeah wealthy folks loving on poor orphans , again .
    And : “The Salvation Army’s work greatly prospered during Evangeline Booth’s leadership (1934-39), with Salvation Army activities being commenced in Singapore, Algeria, Egypt, French Equatorial Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, and Penang (Malaya).”
    Convenient cover for espionage , again .


    1. Paul Alexander Rader was an officer in the Salvation Army (1960-1999) serving as General 1994-99. His genealogy is scrubbed, but he is great-nephew of Paul Rader, America’s first nationwide radio preacher. This Paul Rader descends from several Earls of the peerage including (Stewart, Hamilton, and Leslie) and also from the Booths of Scotland. Rader wrote the song “Only Believe” recorded by Elvis Presley in 1970. The lyrics are ostensibly about Jesus:

      Only believe, only believe;
      All things are possible, only believe;
      Only believe, only believe;
      All things are possible, only believe.
      Fear not, little flock, He goeth ahead,
      Your Shepherd selecteth the path you must tread;
      Fear not, little flock, whatever your lot,
      He enters all rooms, “the doors being shut,”
      He never forsakes; He never is gone,
      So count on His presence in darkness and dawn.

      The reason I say ostensibly is because these Raders were probably Jewish. Check out Stanley Rader’s influence over Herbert Armstrong and the Church of God, for an example.


      1. Oh gosh, those darn earls again! from Miles Mathis just this week on Paul McCartney’s links to nobility (those earls again!)

        “Some will say, “So Paul is a noble. Big deal. That isn’t much of a story, is it? Is it supposed to be a cut? Won’t many just look up to him more?” Some may. But they will have missed the point here, andwith all my papers. What we have seen is that these “nobles” are all or mostly Jewish and that they are lying to you all the time about everything. If that doesn’t concern you, OK. They are stealing trillionsfrom national treasuries worldwide, and taxing you for things they aren’t delivering. If that doesn’t
        concern you, OK. They have faked most of recent history, and they have done it to control and confuse you. If that doesn’t concern you, OK. Many of the things they are delivering, like fluoride, vaccines, pesticides, “health” care, chemtrails, wireless radiation, pollution, sex de-education, pharmaceuticals, PEDs, fake science, modern art, and 24-hour propaganda on all topics are toxic. You are being forced to pay for your own disempowerment and your own destruction. If that doesn’t concern you, OK. Go on as before.”

        Click to access macca.pdf

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Again, I agree, and you can supply endless detail to support your claims. Why doesn’t it bother me? I don’t know. I feel like I am a free human being. They cannot take that away from me.


  15. Down as in lead . Strawberry Fields released Feb ’67 , and by that summer , indeed the children of the greatest generation would be dancing barefoot or naked , fingerpainting , playing with flowers and rejecting their duties , a real tantrum . And any intellectual opposition to the war would not be media covered , paving the way for oldman Reagan to take the governorship in Calif.
    anyone have ideas on “nothing to get hung about ” ? or Penny Lane ?


  16. To me Strawberry Fields was always a coded admission by “John” that he was gay and that his alleged love/sex life with Yoko was a sham. Nothing to get hung about…Living is easy with eyes closed..Misunderstanding all you see..It’s getting hard to be someone ..But it all works out.. It doesn’t matter much to me… Something about an abandoned tree that is high and low but untunable… The passive voice just screams “LATENT”, as in, no libido here, groupies, move along…


  17. So nothing hangs on his fallen tree , and if she is frigid to hetero , as well . it all works , doesnt matter much to me … hmmmm
    That is when they met , 1966 or so ?


  18. The only thing very strange about Penny Lane lyrics is how inane they are , while passing for entertainment . The song could be a payback to the town for helping to sell the Fual myth for so long . The four – Faul , the barber , the banker , the fireman as the masonic embodiment of a greater system , and the pretty nurse as the dupe , who is ” in a play ” . He is repeating “blue suburban skies” while saying that it is in fact raining , very strange .
    found this:
    “The mysterious lyrics “Four of fish and finger pies” are British slang. “A four of fish” refers to fourpennyworth of fish and chips, while “finger pie” is sexual slang of the time, apparently referring to intimate fondlings between teenagers in the shelter, which was a familiar meeting place.”


  19. although i believe paul was replaced, i really can’t believe that john halliday is paul. his ears are lower on his head, not the same person


    1. I hear you, but a hard lesson we learned here is that head angle distorts apparent ear location. It caused many mistakes on my part. That is all you are seeing, in my view.


  20. Re; John Halliday who has attached ear lobes, I found a video on youtube with Paul and the others wearing apparently false ears. Paul’s ear lobes are ever changing, attached and detached, and broken off!


  21. they all had twins,even george and ringo..theres a tall george and a short gearge,one plays great guitar..the other ..not so. ringo , one twin is short and the other tall,one has a long narrow nose,one a big croked nose..they both play drums similarly. way back when i first started looking at the paul is dead stuff. i found a pic of linda who appeared to be serving tea to 2 pauls,they were sitting in a small country kitchen. i thought it was probably at the cottage they lived in in ireland. they probably lived together during the transition period. i watched the video of the reporters who showed up and paul or mike said come back tomarrow and you will get an interview. this was strange why didnt he just give it then. maybe one wanted to talk more than the other. but ive looked for that pic and have never found it again.


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