Greg Gianforte fake punches a reporter

6/13/17: Well, serving of humble pie handed me this morning, I am told the following: “I Heard this afternoon that the congressman pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, sentence suspended, assigned 40 hours of community service, ordered to undergo 20 hours of anger management training, and given a $300 fine. He’s also made a $50K contribution to the Committee to Protect Journalists and apologized to Jacobs.”

My answer, not to deny fault, was to simply observe that the narcissistic personality has a tendency to piss down on lesser beings, and flying into blind rage is but one aspect. I did not say, as it was contrition time, that before we have a Committee to Protect Journalists, we could use some journalists.

GlassesAlthough we have lived in Colorado now for nearly eight years, I still have many ties to my former home state of Montana, and so pay attention to events, weather, elections and all of that stuff up there. One thing that caught my eye, and still has me scratching my head, is this:

There was a special election up there, as former Representative Ryan Zinke had been promoted to the  official position as sock puppet for the timber industry, aka Secretary of the Interior. On the night before the election and in Bozeman, Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the British Guardian based in Washington, went up to Greg Gianforte, one of two candidates for the seat, and held a voice recorder in his face and started asking questions about the Republican health care bill. Gianforte, as Fox News reporters recalled the event, “… grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, ‘I’m sick and tired of this!'”

From this story, we know that the election had long been conceded to Gianforte. This is fairly typical of Montana, possibly everywhere, where the “two” parties usually huddle in advance to decide who will hold the available seats. Party designations for candidates are meaningless. Their only task is to keep voters involved in the process., and make it look like a real contest where votes are really counted.

Right away when I saw that story, I suspected the whole event was trumped-up. All we know for sure is there was noise, a broken pair of glasses, and reporters on the scene. I had to wonder why a British Guardian reporter was in Bozeman, Montana for a low-level election to a virtually meaningless office. (William F. Buckley was once asked if he would consider running for House of Representatives. I paraphrase his answer to the effect “Good God no! Not unless I could hold all 435 seats at once!”) We have to wonder why the event happened the night before the election, knowing that Gianforte had already been designated the winner.  We have to wonder why it was reported in a high profile manner, and why it is still being harped on in the Montana media.

We learn now that the charges against Gianforte barely rise to the level of misdemeanor, giving the lie to the Fox reporters who claimed above that Gianforte had grabbed his neck, slammed him to the ground and began punching him. That is assault. That could land a man in jail and subject him to a lawsuit and punitive damages. What is going on here? It looks to me like staging, or setting up controlled opposition. Wikipedia has a long list of candidate positions for Gianforte – from abortion to public lands to Mother Russia. He is mouthing the right words, just as Bernie Sanders did in his presidential run for benefit of clueless progressives.

Face palmOK, I get it. I am face palming here. The reason for the staged encounter with the reporter was to set him up in the eyes of Montana Democrats as an evildoer. He is now free to do as he pleases in office, as Republicans, given that Democrats now loathe Gianforte and consider him a low-level thug, will support his every move. The incident gives him political cover.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh as I drive about, and long ago came to realize that he does not work for the American right wing, but rather the American “left,” such as it is. For eight years he harped on Obama and Hillary too, calling them leftists and demeaning their every action. The effect of that was to insulate the views of his listeners, reactionary right wingers, that 1) we even have a left wing, and 2) it is personified by Obama and Hillary Clinton. That was political cover, and allowed Obama free range to carry forward with business as usual for eight years, in essence, acting as Bush III.

That is how it is done in politics. If you see it, read it, hear about it, you were meant to see, read and hear about it. Everything is staged.

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20 Responses to Greg Gianforte fake punches a reporter

  1. B. Müller says:

    that’s exactly what I’m always saying. The democracy is but an illusion of being part of the decision making process. It’s a show. Politicians don’t decide anything, they only proclaim the decisions to us on the political stage in scripted debates and that’s why the places all those debates are being played to us are build like theaters. Elections have the same function as the religious meetings we call baptist service or catholic mass or even mosque prayers. It’s to make sure the believers or church members or voters still legitimate the status quo.


  2. Dave says:

    This was also covered nationally Mark , part of the upcoming pre-planned backlash against Trump . Google search – republican>violent preload .
    When I saw it back then , I thought , No video of this , Really ?, then I thought the staged video must have looked so unbelievable , they storied without it . No time for second takes .
    Yeah , I can see Rush secretly rejoicing as Obama is elected , Cha ching , I’m relevant again ! Ad prices through the roof !
    Elections are like Vegas odds making , have to keep the line equal .

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    • With Limbaugh I mean real political cover, and not just ad dollars. He’s not for or against anything Obama does, as Obama has no control over that stuff. It is all above his pay grade. His job is to reinforce the perception of two parties and a right and a left.


      • Grace says:

        Correct. Miles Mathis often talks about Limbaugh being a phoney mouthpiece as there is no right or left. There are just the controllers behind the scenes pulling the strings of all politicians. Limbaugh a hired hack playing a role.

        I had a spiritual advisor who last November admonished her grown up consultees to do their civic duty and vote (I guess some must have been dismayed at the sorry choices). She’s always been a Democrat, a daughter of the 60s and trusts the system, although I don’t know why. I thought “I am a grown-up; I don’t need to be told what to do by this woman. I make my own choices”. I woke up to the fact finally that presidents are selected not elected and I don’t know if I will ever vote again… unless for local issues.


      • “Local issues” are my bugaboo, the only reason I stay registered. But my vote has never mattered, and I have to wonder if even way down low they are really counting votes. Power is so deeply embedded, so entrenched down to all levels of public policy that I cannot imagine that the will of the people is ever allowed expression. Even some down home issue like a school bond or budget affects the mighty, and so would not be left to the whim of the uninformed voter.

        I should add that I ran for office, and visited every doorstep in my district, thousands of doors. I met everyone. My defeat was the result of mere TV images, which rule perceptions, not that I could have made a difference anyway. Had I made it to the legislature I would have been steamrollered. I could not have stood up to the power that is focused on those 150 or so poor schmucks who won their elections.

        But my takeaway was the voters I met … it was a desert! They had no grasp of any issue, from mining pollution to minimum wage, the two I used as a foot in the door. Impulses were good … they wanted people to be able to make a living and have clean water, and people were essentially well-intentioned, but I realized at that time what every politician of any experience understands: when people get in the voting booth, they are mesmerized and have no clue about anything except very the top of the ballot. They fall back on their impulses. If brought up Democrat, they vote D all the way down, and if there is no D or R to guide them, they either don’t vote or do a wild ass guess. I know this to be true of myself as well in those years where I voted too.

        And knowing that, I would ignore voting too. If there were a way to avoid elections, we would have no elections. As long as people need to feel they have a voice, we will go through the motions of elections. But the idea that there is any wisdom coming out of mass expression of opinion through voting booths is ludicrous. Leadership would be insane to allow such a situation.


  3. fm says:

    Elections – and choice – are no invention of democracy. In medieval times, convicts could usually choose between the sword and the rope. I see no substantial difference to choosing between two (or more) politicians …


  4. Dave says:

    You can be a great (lifetime) actor and love $$$$$$$$$$
    the fact that it is theater is not lost here on me
    Also interesting fm , that the aristocrats could afford being drawn and quartered as it’s better theater


    • fm says:

      And there is a much-more-fun execution play, as supposedly exercised with “Braveheart” William Wallace. With emasculation, disemboweling and chopping into pieces alive. I wouldn’t choose it for me in real-live, though …
      But, referring to other threads here, I think there is a lot (mostly) of pure fiction involved in so-called medieval history.


  5. Dave says:

    Limbaugh seems to be a steering agent for any right wing thinkers who may want to think for themselves and get off the path . His monotonous drone and pauses tell the tale of a mesmerist . He knows fednotes are bogus but will never tell you that , but the status of ‘earned it for yourself’ wealth is something he sells and I think personally important to him . All repubs must be made ‘wanna be country club’ repubs . Keeping the herd from seeking a spiritual life .
    Ever see the Family Guy episode where Lois , becoming a news reporter, discovers who Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore actually are ? it’s “Fox-y Lady” – the tenth episode in the seventh season . Yeah , I know it’s agitation propaganda or worse , but chuckle worthy to me …


  6. Dave says:

    Fm : here is something interesting as , Leonardo relates the the Eyke bloodline ( his uncle is named Arturo ) , also see Eyke Village in the UK
    King Arthur: Lord of the Grail – Google Books Result
    Kaye D. Hennig – ‎2008 – Great Britain
    With her reading (or writing) stand and her book, Leonardo’s “sacred queen” has
    … portraits we had identified as those of the Merlin, Arthur, and his valiant men.
    Arthur & Merlin


    • fm says:

      Might read it, if I find the time – still about Carl James “SciFi and the Hidden Agenda” that came up here. Interesting stuff as well.
      Actually, those legends (like King Arthur, the Edda, etc.) might tell us more true facts about our past than so-called historians. Just ignore the Hollywood-movie interpretations.

      And just as a side note, I never observed MM going prior the 15th century in his genealogy research. Nor have I found him mentioning ancient Rome and Greece. He might realized as well there is something fishy. But I never saw him talking about the obviously fraudulent “Onestone” …


      • calgacus says:

        He went prior to the 15th century. In this paper he goes a little bit over the genealogy of William the Conqueror.


        • fm says:

          I didn’t mean this as an exact limit. Just can’t recall him ever descending into the “mythical” dark ages, before the 12th/13th century. Or even the “post-Roman” period …

          Documents from this time are from Catholic priests (mainly Jesuits) and –only– as copies, (admittedly mainly just copies of copies). Shamed be he who thinks evil of that …


          • OK, I’ll bite … How could “mainly Jesuit” priests be the primary producers of documents in the so-called “Dark Ages” (“before the 12th/13th century”), when the Society of Jesus did not come into being until the 16th century?


  7. fm says:

    OK, I’ll bite … How could “mainly Jesuit” priests be the primary producers of documents in the so-called “Dark Ages” (“before the 12th/13th century”), when the Society of Jesus did not come into being until the 16th century?

    Only the Jesuits where that late.
    Think “backdated forgery”.
    How do you think the “nobles” came to “their” land ?
    It is established fact that none of the documents granting a fiefdom to a noble is an original. Not even e copy of the original. Read Kammeier …


    • Hmmm … OK … So you’re saying that Jesuits in Rome were responsible for forging the voluminous literature of the Byzantine East … in Greek … producing a corpus that evinces a realistic evolution of rhetoric and grammar and philosophical ideas from classical forms to Byzantine paradigms to demotic Greek, and then convincing the Greek-speaking scholars of the Eastern Empire that these forgeries were the product of their own civilization? And, for that matter, I guess we should ascribe to the Jesuits the Arabic writings of Muslim scholars from the era in question?

      What a stupendous feat of linguistic science that would be. Truly superhuman. Unbelievable, in fact.

      And if the Jesuits were capable of such great achievements in Greek, why did the Renaissance in Western Europe have to wait until the imminent fall of Constantinople in AD 1453 and the flight of scholars from The City to the West?


    • calgacus says:

      I also want to add some points since I am between fm and Maarten when it comes to chronological revisionism. The documents and literature should be considered soft proof. Buildings, infrastructure, coins and weapons should be more important in my opinion. These “hard proofs” point to a great collapse, as I see it. FM can you make more clear your belief about the periods before 15th century. Do you believe it was a collapse but it was something totally different (no Roman Empire, Greece, Egypt etc)? Or maybe the human civilization started around 12th century? Or maybe you are not sure, you are just skeptic about many things from this period (skeptic about almost everything).

      The term “Byzantine Empire” was invented in 16th century by Hieronymus Wolf. The people in the empire called the empire The Roman Empire (other variations like Romania, Roman Republic) and Graikia (like Greece). Also the Roman (western) elite was fluent in Greek . This is a nice quote “The Church issued the dogmatic definitions of the first seven General Councils in Greek, and even in Rome Greek remained at first the language of the liturgy and the language in which the first Popes wrote. During the Late Republic and Early Empire periods, educated Roman citizens were generally fluent in Greek, although state business was conducted in Latin”.

      The elite of the Byzantine empire was from the same families. Theophanu married Otto 2 in the 10th century. You can also read the wiki page of Palaiologos family and see their connection to the Gonzaga family . Welser family claimed descent from the general Belisarius. In previous comments I said that I have the suspicion that the Muslim elite belong to the same families. Mathis may call them Jews, Tsarion calls them Atonists (and maybe this is a better term).

      This is more for fm. You once mentioned Scots and Scythians. You can read the Scota wiki page. One of the sources says that the husband of princess Scota was Scythian. Of course the name should come from the name Scota, not Scythian. Nonetheless there is some connection.

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  8. Dave says:

    Perhaps the earlier myths and legends were filtered through the mind of Leonardos family and put ink to paper , just in time for the Gutenburgs press . Have you ever looked at Leos wiki page . Born a bastard of lowly parents yet received high class learning and welcomed in royal courts all over Europe , really ? Many years unaccounted for , he had no children , really ? , even the gay renaissance Popes fathered heirs , self portrait as a very very old man , yet said to have died at age 68 .
    Peter Cane claims to trace Leo’s Eyke family back to Henry 2nd and the name Arturo is used in many generations ., wiki tells me : Village of Eyke was first mentioned during the reign of Henry II .
    And : Eyke has quite a strong history of revolt and rebelling against authority figures within the local community. one account of this was during the year of “1310” when “they attacked the Manor House of Eyke Rectory, burst open the gates and rifled a chest, in order to destroy the records of the services due to Robert de Redenhale.” Thirty-one years later, in the June 1381, there was a peasants’ revolt: “they broke down the home of John Staverton, destroyed various records and carried away booty to the value of 100 shillings.” Whether this was politically sparked of just a mindless act of theft is unclear. It was reputed that in “In 1589, 1590 and 1591, Eyke people were fined because they persisted in wearing German felt hats on festivals and Sundays instead of the English hats made of pile.” The last reported act of rebellion from this time period was yet again in relation to “John Staverton”, where in “1644 some testified against John Stoneham, the rector, for the way he conducted the church services and his behaviour generally” …… Hiding something .
    Perhaps Sir Thomas Malory who wrote Le Morte d’Arthur was Leos Ancestor as well .


  9. Dave says:

    I’m not arguing against a much earlier source for the ideas in King Arthur , are they really more like word for word , Maarten ? And did the Byzantium borrow these from previous groups ? I just finding the links to Leonardo da Vinci interesting .
    I’m two thirds through Peter Canes ” Aly Michelangelo’s Son ” , Cane could just be some old nutter , seeing things that are not there , but I do not believe he is disinfo , ( the first link I got to him was on Clues Forum ) and he is getting no promotion or traction in any media . My throat still hurts from having Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code shoved down it .
    Cane’s book is 750 pages , very dense with geo political intrigue from the early renaissance through to Elizabeth 1st . You can see the genealogies and paintings he refers to online to follow along . They confessed their deeds and secrets in their paintings .
    And they are reflected in what Mark is reporting on POM here : fake lives , faked deaths and then a new fake lifetime actor , again and again … oh and ” St. Francis ” had a secret twin .
    The reason the controllers do not want us to know these things is , the same method of operation is still in place today . A very few families steering the fate of so many . And our benefit to their actions are not on the menu .


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