The Jewish question, again

I wish to revisit the Jewish question again, if perhaps only to push forward with some new analysis. The first time through was useful in that we immediately were introduced to the hateful concept of Jewry, and then a more analytical treatment, trying to understand who they are, where they came from, and what their role is in our world.

I mentioned in the comments that in the word “Jewish” used to describe a person, I see no religious faith, and perhaps a cultural background having nothing to do with that part of the world described in the Bible. Most of them seem to hail from Eastern Europe, while those of true Semitic origin seem less important in world affairs. There is a Negro component, and surely Asian as well.

Then there is the matter of Freemasonry, or the world of secrets. The closest I ever came was on a tour of a California city with a person whose family name is associated with our “Founding Fathers,” who took me by a large imposing building he said was a Rosicrucian church. I suppose he wanted to know if I understood it’s significance. Since I did not the subject was never broached again.

On the outside looking in, secrecy is of utmost importance, to the degree that I wonder if severe punishment is inflicted on any who violate it. These people do not talk. If they are playing themselves in real life, they keep all that they know close to their heart, symbolized by the hand hidden in the vest. If they are lifetime actors, they never break character.

Then there is the matter of gaming, the fake events, the manipulations of ordinary people via education, entertainment and propaganda. A couple of people questioned my integrity, suggesting I was perhaps a disinformation agent since I so not see evil in all of this. I was trying, without success, to take it to a higher level, suggesting that life on earth is a test of character. We are given free will, it can never be taken from us. We are always able to grow, perhaps even transcend the realm of merely uncovering mysteries. We can lead our lives as truly free humans, unaffected by events and yet charitable, understanding and giving to one another and those who are unable to break the spell.

It is true that the vast majority if humanity is working the trenches, afraid and suspicious, confused and even angry at what goes on around them. We here who write and read and comment are above that. No one gave this to us. We got here on our own. We have much of which we can be justly proud. Is our purpose then to help others? Perhaps, though it is easily seen that most are unreachable.

Maybe we were given our brains and life experiences to simply take in this life as it exists, help those few who can be helped, but otherwise enjoy ourselves, free of suffering, angst and anxiety. That is a nice reward.

To me, then, the “Jewish” question is not about Jews, but about insiders who I see as controllers leading their subjects through endless trails of tears hoping that a few break free. For those of us who do break free, it is not punishment that awaits, but peace and solidarity.

In other words, despite the castigations of a few, I just can’t get angry about this world. I cannot change it, even affect it but just a tiny little bit for people close to me. I just accept it.

These controllers … are they good, or evil? The answer is, I believe, yes.

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  1. Is one of your points that the would be controllers are actually controlled by a higher power , in that what they are doing in trying to subjugate humanity , they are unknowingly moving some of us to a higher level of consciousness ? (the Devils bargain)
    Because if you’re saying they are moving us higher by their choice , I disagree .
    They are global criminals , yes they are mass murderers , being good by accident is all I’ll give in to .

    Does being born poor in Gaza make you by God’s will one of ” those who are unable to break the spell. ”
    Under Islam , I have read , you are supposed to feel blessed by being crapped on , tortured , murdered in this world ,
    as you are then made better in Allah’s judgment .
    Sounds like a thing your controllers would want/need you to believe .
    I think they believe things very differently from us non members .

    I take joy in that these creeps cannot escape natural law and irony .
    inbreeding makes your family wealthier it also makes your family less healthy .
    Ever see a portrait of Charles 5th – king of Spain/Holy Roman Emperor ?

    And they are pulling us truthseekers into a censorship trap with all the
    “it’s the jews” free speech that we all see , and sites like Makow , Brother Nathaniels and even Miles’
    will be used as evidence against seekers rights .

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  2. A long time age when I was 27 or so , I had a job delivering flowers and made one
    to the big Masonic Hall on Broad st. in Philly Pa .
    I would describe myself as a hyper sensitive person and the vibe I got from
    being there was memorably frightening , and it was supposed to be a joyful wedding anniversary
    celebration . I knew little if anything about Masons at the time ,
    this was before the internet and my exploration of the truth was limited to the public library .

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    1. I cannot emphasize enough that I see all of the evil in the world that you do. I forgive nothing, but importantly control nothing. I also see a conflict underneath, and this exhibits in events like 9/11, Boston and Sandy Hook, where great suffering is visited on the population, but no one is killed for real. There might lie underneath a conflict between good and evil, and karma, or fear of karma, that has kept them from really killing people in these events.

      Regarding poverty, hopelessness, I see it too. I just had an exchange with my son on our trip, a polite and friendly one, in which I said that it is up to blacks to lift themselves up, that no one can give them those things they need to take for themselves. It did not rest well, but I stand by it. I cannot give you your freedom, your self respect and dignity. You must do that for yourself.


    2. Dave, I know exactly what you mean. I was in Philadelphia for a conference in the 80’s and I took a guided tour of that Masonic Hall. I remember asking a question about the swastika designs in the ceiling. The irritated tour guide gave a brush-off answer. Then a moment later, another man entered the room through a door that blended into the wall, so that you wouldn’t know it was there unless you witnessed someone opening it. The new fellow followed the tour group around and gave me the hairy eyeball for the remainder of the tour. Someone’s hiding something there …


  3. In my younger years I fell for the blue pill trap
    of too much empathy/sympathy .
    I now feel I’m being fooled by a “nobody dies” trap .
    As if it’s a cremation of care ceremony for seekers
    and the public is being run , without them knowing it’s
    being done , of course . And I’m not accusing you of running it , Mark .

    I think the elites have a belief system that is based on the nighttime skies ,
    and sometimes the Titans they worship , who have given them their successes ,
    who have allowed them to be the gods of the earth , demand the spilling of blood .
    Were there three thousand 911 victims , no , was Jeff Bauman legless the day before
    the Boston bombing , yes .
    But that was for the convenience of having less angry people coming at them ,
    not any benevolence .
    I believe Sept 11th was the crypto demonstration of a new weapon
    and some human victims were needed for the effects to be shown,
    I believe the blood from the jumpers was real , and some photoshoped
    jumpers were added to the evidence to taint the pool .

    That is my personal version of the truth .
    I do enjoy the space you give us here , but on
    the nobody dies at the hands of them theory, I disagree .


    1. I think there is plenty of evil committed both in the fact that they use these events to control the masses, and that in other events in history real people have died or been maimed for no good reason. I wish to emphasize once again that I cannot control it, cannot have access to all the facts, but suspect that there is a battle being waged, and that there is fear of karma among those who pull these things off.

      Regarding 9/11, I did see footage of people invited to appear int eh windows of the Twin Towers for photographic purposes. This was months before the event. I assume that the “jumpers” were pure fiction.

      I also know that a life without challenge produces pretty and useless people of no salt, much like the rabbits described by Richard Adams in Watership Down, those that were being fed each day without having to forage.


  4. I do not want to put forth ideas that have been shown to
    have been debunked , I’m also not going to limit myself to any
    single source of info .
    I read the Israeli art students fake making the
    photos info . But some of the sept 11th photos show people
    removing their wet clothing as if they are being microwaved .
    Could the art students think to do that ahead of time ?
    And if they could , what does that tell me , they knew about
    the weapon that would be used .
    US military admits to having directed energy weapons and
    test subjects describe burning sensation to skin that’s much
    worse when wet .
    I also read the eye witness accounts of
    the first responders who were dodging the falling bodies .
    The photos of the blood on the building .
    For me there is too much evidence that can’t be explained as
    known demolition technology unless all the photos/testimonies are fake .
    There is a lot of info that the truth gatekeepers kept from me ,
    not just the multitude of fake victims . Judy Woods book turned some
    of that around for me . She is limited in what she exposes to being photo
    evidence , eyewitness accounts , and her expert opinions on material physics .
    And I’m not taking everything in her book as the totality of the event .
    But when she asks where did the towers go ,
    she’s not just talking about toilets , filing cabs. etc ,
    the concrete should have been left in pieces that could be scooped up ,
    not piles of dust . And she gets shot down again and again by people
    who should have an open mind , who have not read the material .

    I am thankful for the work of Sept. Clues people , but they do not give me
    all the answers , like the damage to the Deutche Bank aka Bankers Trust
    building . Flipped over , partially burned cars , some one third of a mile away .
    Piles of paper next open burning fires but not igniting the paper .
    They only seem to want me to think it was all CGI .
    Is all this photo evidence fake ?
    I’m gonna keep digging .

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    1. I made a conscious decision to avoid all 9/11 related inquiries some time ago, as it was fraught with rabbit holes, my Judy Wood experience telling me just how treacherous these people are, how far ahead they are in anticipating our various responses. I saw all of the photos of burnt cars, the hurricane, and left it there, as I can be fooled and have been fooled so often that I realized that it just has to sit and percolate. I cannot do the necessary work to uncover her deceit, if it is that. 9/11 is gradually unfolding, but I have no more faith in Sept Clues than any other group, seeing how devious they can be. At this point I am satisfied that if one death was faked and that a fake bio was constructed, then they all are. Why bother with just one? That is as far as I can go, and life is too sort to be obsessing on it.


  5. I remember something said by the 19th century freethinker, Robert Taylor. In one of his books or essays, he said that words like Christian, Jew, Hebrew are ranks in a secret order . Maybe I will try to find the quote to get the exact info. The important thing is that some words most likely have an esoteric meaning. The Bible is most likely connected to this esoteric religion of the elites.
    I still think that the average Jew (especially Ashkenazi) is closer by blood to the elites when compared to non-Jews. The elite Jews (Atonists to use Tsarion terminology) probably condition the average Jews to become zealots using different techniques for different demographics (secular, orthodox , Sephardic etc) .


    1. OK, I accept that. But why do they mess with us as they do? Money? They seem to control everything. When is enough? Power? It is all behind the scenes, but appears consolidated. Murder and mayhem? I have a hard time believing that a whole lot of people did not die in teh various war through the ages and those going on now.

      Is their being “Jewish” of any real relevance? I think perhaps “Freemason” is a more likely case, and if they are one and the same, then is being a “Jew” even important as opposed to belonging to a Masonic order dedicated to secrecy?

      I suspect there is something are deeper and less sinister going on than all of this secrecy leads us to believe. But I am just now on the scent trail and have no idea where it might lead.


      1. There are no physical Jews. All modern day so-called Jews are merely descendents of the converts to Talmudic Judaism and are not real Hebrews. The Freemason fraternity is real and all that identify as Jew or Gentile must participate in various ways if success in certain areas are desired. If you don’t participate yet have a lucrative successful career, either you are surrounded and guided by those that do or related to someone that does participate. They can make you or break you regardless of your intelligence or skill sets.


      2. “But why do they mess with us as they do? Money?” Money is for us not them. They don’t need it. All those events are fake. It’s entertainment. We, the slaves need to fear something, otherwise we won’t obey, we would stop working, we would stop building the world. Why was there need to build cities in the first place? Why bother to concentrate people in one place? It requires infrastructure, sewerage, garbage disposal, etc. It makes live more complicated so why bother? And its against our nature too, we prefer to live in countries, close to the nature. But our controllers made us build skyscrapers, streets, blocks, concrete, glass and steel everywhere. I think the fake fear goes for much longer. The ancient wars, histories of robberies it’s all the same: fear porn to make people build cities. Cities always go together with factories. Factories make people come to cities. cities get crowded and expand. We see what happens in China now. People from countries prefer to come to cities, live in small cages, work the entire day, …for what? They weren’t hungry in their previous simple live, they even had better food they’re having now. Is having a TV-set such a desirable prospect? No, there must be something else, another reason for all this. We are a part of a plan, we do not know about and it goes on for a very long time now.

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        1. There is some sense of order to our existence on this planet that transcends mere happenstance … we are intelligent beings, far more so than mere survival would require. Apes can self-provide, fight and survive and reproduce, but cannot form a simple sentence. That is why I think evolution is a crock … why evolve to a state of being in excess of immediate survival needs? We live in cities because our brains are far too complex to be satisfied by farming and hunting. We write, invent, perform, build, and all of this is assisted by cities and infrastructure. The artist doesn’t not have to grow his own food or slaughter cattle. Cities make perfect sense for higher intelligence beings.


          1. then why do artists prefer to create their art in country houses? The majority does not create any art. Our understanding of art is poisoned (or contaminated) with the “modern art”. I’m with Miles Mathis here. Originally art meant something like “perfection in handiwork”. Painters of the Renaissance, like Michelangelo or Da Vinci (to just name the most famous) were craftsmen. They did not consider themselves as artists. And today’s artists are no craftsmen, there is no perfection in handiwork in today’s modern art. I don’t think, cities aroused spontaneously because we needed it. It’s them who needed cities not us. Maybe it’s just easier to control sheep in crowds.

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          2. I am with you on that, though I must say I did not begin to notice how bad the art around us is until reading MM. Now it stands out.

            Artists and writers often prefer a pastoral setting, as do I, as most of us do I imagine. But we do not got to the country to grow our own food, make our own clothing and slaughter our own meat. All of that is done for us.


          3. “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.” – Paul Gauguin (painter)
            The debate about and around art is centuries old, and endless. As you know, I do not follow what I consider the retro/”classic” definition of art to be any more valid than modern (post-industrial-revolution) opinions. It is a subject that deserves more investigation and attention, IMO.


          4. You might want to consider writing about it here … Tyrone has some strong opinions on art as well. For myself … a friend of ours painted an apple blossom, and I saw it and bought it instantly … this was when we lived in Bozeman. Years later my wife took an art class, and I learned what made this so appealing to my eye … use of negative space. It is not worth the canvas it is painted on, but I really like this work. That is the extent of my art expertise.

            Apple blossom


          5. Mark, you are right about evolution being a crock, it’s perhaps the biggest “project” ever foisted on us. It may be that all the cult projects that MM writes about like the Mormons, the Quackers and the JWs, etc. were really started to divert attention away from this most insidious one, that tries to bring men down to the level of monkeys.

            Nothing about evolution makes any sense, when broken down and examined. A great example of the method by which it’s pushed is Penn Jillette, whom Mathis nails brilliantly here: (Not saying Penn pushes evolution per se, but embodies the combination of bullying and shaming and strawman that moves it forward.)

            The outlook of the “matrix” or TPTB or whoever is running things is understandable as the logical outcome of seeing men as advanced monkeys who are no better than cogs in a machine. We’re verbally endowed dumb animals who need to be farmed and managed or everything will devolve to chaos as they see it.

            So in a sense it’s no more evil than running a milk farm, if they are correct about the nature of man (which they aren’t).

            Taken as a backdrop of what’s been put in place for who knows how long, it’s easy to see that the current people in charge are just as craven and blind to what they are doing as professors who teach evolution. They won’t even question it for fear of losing their tenure and status. Most are too confused to even see how ridiculous it is, and those that see through it either stuff it down to keep the perks or are noble enough to forsake it all and we never know about them as they are sent beyond the pale in terms of access to the stage.

            They have to keep expanding things because they’re on a hamster wheel like the rest of us, and want to get their buddies and brothers-in-law in on the action, etc. Scripture speaks of having one’s conscience “seared” and that’s what we see here.

            You’re right in that there is hope and we don’t have to play, and ultimately we can free ourselves and them as well. In many ways they are like the child or criminal who keeps pushing the envelope because deep down they want to be caught and corrected.


          6. There is or was a comedian who I would have to look up, but he said something like “I was born in Iowa. It took me a long time to realize that I was free to go.” That is really my point. We can live our lives without regard to these numbskulls and their psyops. We have free will. All of us. Even Mormons..


        2. This comment about cities made me remember a song from my teenage years that I now see in new light. It’s called Less Cities More Moving People by the Fixx. Link to video and song facts follow. These guys were ahead of their time and definitely on to something.

          I’ve been reading this site for about a year now and this is my first time sharing. Thanks for the inspiring blog. Shawn


  6. Mark, just because I see you’re a travelling man. The quid, the crux of the question posted is this: pharmakós, scapegoat, “chivo expiatorio”. The Matrix is very ancient. The Masters of the Universe, the Architects of the Matrix, they know it. There is nothing new under the Sun. This archetype is at play and being applied to the named group in question.730,000+ and counting. This group is the pharmakós in turn. There is one little secret, very deep, but this is one of the basic principles they use to continue the ruse: The root of all disturbance, if one will go to its source, is that no one will blame himself. The upcoming economic cataclysm is near. In general, USA is very oblivious to the suffering of rest of the World; but if pain reaches the wallet… Remember Wannacry just a few weeks ago? Trial balloon. When due, this pharmakós (among a few others in the current global scenario) will be on hand for the rulers. The following just for you and your readers amusement: “In 1794, Washington agreed to sit for a portrait commissioned by his Alexandria Lodge No. 22 for specific use by his fellow Freemasons. Joseph Williams painted the portrait of Washington dressed in full Masonic regalia. In 1805, the lodge renamed itself the Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22 in honor of the late president.”


    1. Sayonara sounds like a storm out. I am not denying the evil of our world. I am merely deciding to be happy in spite of it. I have tried, spent much of my life writing and wringing my hands, and will continue to do so. But at this point I want to know why. I have notions, but cannot give voice.


      1. Mark, you are right. For Westerners, the japanese “goodbye”, “sayonara”, sounds over-dramatic. Perhaps I should have used, just Ciao!. Also, I share your individual optimism. BTW, Art is another tool to see a better outlook for the realities around us. Not the current art of course. Art used to be Art+Propaganda, now Art is just Propaganda, period; devoid of any artistic merit for the most part. And, as you may know, Miles Mathus has thoroughly documented the reasons for this. I have not read the following book yet, just the synopsis, but know Bill Gates had recommended it before: “The Better Angels of Our Nature”” by Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker. By your opinions I infer you would be interested in taking a look at this tome.


  7. Well you are quite correct Mark, There is no good reason to let the Schwartz interfere with your life. Yet it intersects with you at every level as you go about your journeys.But you at least have the ability to see it for what it is. Whether a blessing or curse, you have chosen the red pill. Just don’t bang your head against the wall too much. I am reminded of the motto of the band…Flat Out Liars….Because you can’t handle the truth. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Just be content in the fact that their machinations are losing ground , step by step, day by day. And the more ground they lose, the more desperate they become.


  8. I just saw this , begs alot of questions .
    also why I don’t believe anything coming from ” “Israelli art students ”
    but then again Gilad is an ex Jew ,
    By Gilad Atzmon on June 22, 2017
    Gilad Atzmon — June 22, 2017

    For a few days we have been perplexed by the story of Otto Warmbier and his tragic death.
    Warmbier, 22, was traveling on a tour of North Korea last year when he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster. Following international outrage, North Korea agreed to release him admitting that he had suffered a severe neurological injury. Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center reported that Warmbier was unresponsive and has suffered extensive brain damage.
    Today, pretty much, out of the blue, the Jewish press announced that Warmbier was a Jewish boy, active with Hillel at the University of Virginia. In addition, Warmbier visited Israel at least once.
    In 2014, Warmbier went on a Birthright mission to Israel, where he received a Hebrew name. Following the trip, he became involved with Hillel and the Jewish community on campus.
    Rabbi Jake Rubin described Warmbier as “a beloved member of our Hillel community.”
    “He was a regular at Bagels on Lawn, celebrated Shabbat and holidays at Hillel, and even led a seder for other students that focused on issues of environmentalism and sustainability,” Rabbi Rubin wrote.
    And now the six million dollar question. Was Warmbier an Israeli spy?


  9. Here’s my understanding: Large irrigation projects in places like Babylon severed the direct connection man had to the soil. It created a leisure class and from there that disconnect to nature and the relationship that spelled survival sent man off into uncharted waters of the mind. Perversions of nature followed. Sex, always a good example, was no longer seen as singularly made for survival. That perversion of nature is seen all over the net today, and you don’t even need to be an elite to experience at least a facsimile of it. Cities are compensation for this removal from the land. It is a by-product of perversion of original intent, but also vital to maintain a balance of power in this new disconnected state of existence. Civilization, in part, speaks to adaptability, if not outright evolution. (Season to taste)
    Food and water, the staffs of life, have been perverted, thanks to this disconnection. We are programmed for a certain length of life and programmed to follow specific protocols as we age and die. A facsimile of life is now on offer. Reality is an option. (Just watch the sea of hands filming a concert rather than watching the concert itself)
    Art is no longer an articulation of immediate perception. Abstract and modern art deliberately commenting on craft by not displaying any is the same kind of perversion. Though good art is once removed from reality, it is within arm’s reach psychologically to allow for contemplation of one’s own reactions to phenomena. Bad art simply demoralizes, on purpose.
    That’s all I got today.


    1. The art promoted by the elite people is a sign that tells me that there is something wrong with these people. The modern paintings are one of the most useful signs.

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    2. Cities are connected to the centralization mentality. Solar energy and other types of energies can bring decentralization. But the elites don’t want that, so they create other problems.


  10. The “evil” of the elites probably comes from their slave mentality. If you try to enslave other people you have slave mentality yourself. The superior man does not need slaves. Slavery will create many problems in the end. The elites also seem to have the need to centralize and control most things. They seem to be similar to the Borgs from Star Trek. No wonder they promote transhumanism (transgender booshit is probably related to transhumanism). Akhenaten is a nice example of centralization. To me the elites are similar to Erik, The Phantom of the Opera.


  11. Another key element, remember, elites do not have to be super smart. Only above-average intelligent and have pretty much unlimited capital (which they have). My real tip of the hat goes to the Architects of the Matrix. One thing that works in their favor (elites) as well: There are a lot of people willfully stupid and ignorant, which makes the work easier. Besides, many people find delight in being deceived. Digest that. They enjoy being taken in.
    A Spaniard journalist once wrote that a squirrel could traverse his country beginning to end just by hopping from one fool to another one. He wasn’t referring to USA… but he might as well would have. Metallica dixit: “Sad but true”.

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  12. I’m suspicious of all group blamings. Zionists, Jews, illuminati, CIA, the Queen, secret societies . . . I don’t buy it. I repair shoes and I know all sorts of people and a few phrases in many languages. There is no demon group of Psychopaths. There is- as far as I can tell- a system of money that literally involves everyone and that’s all there is to be said. When I see alt media blaming this it that group I shut down. I don’t accept storybook answers anymore- good guys vs bad guys.


  13. Tyrone
    “Here’s my understanding: Large irrigation projects in places like Babylon severed the direct connection man had to the soil. It created a leisure class …”

    Let’s not forget the traveling trader element moving between the more civilized areas
    , that’s still alive today , globalism , internationals demanding even
    more borderless former nations , intrigueing into the courts they
    infiltrate … all that still seems to be at the present , time ,
    to be THEM , a well protected cutthroat group .
    remember Postflaviana’s expo of ” Abraham ” …
    and every time ‘SOMETHING’ happens anywhere
    they are there EVERYTIME !

    Like a human virus or plague , needs to keep the hosts alive .
    Sorry to seem too dark but living on the east coast it’s a more
    clear picture , once your filters adjust ….


  14. Mark, ” But we do not got to the country to grow our own food, make our own clothing and slaughter our own meat. All of that is done for us.” What you really address here is division of labor. It does not explain the building of cities. IMO it would be perfectly possible to organize our life without concentrating us in one place. We live in cities and still have to be commuters who spend a lot of time on the road. And the most things all the factories, all the big corporations produce today are not really necessary. Do smartphones really improve our life? Do I need the possibility to send an email at any time and any place? It only appears convenient but its more of a burden. On the other side, if you work on producing something, if you make a living as a craftsman or farmer you will not earn much. The most jobs today are “bullshit jobs” (see D. Graeger), where people are paid really good for doing nothing useful. Like all the bankers or insurance sellers. All those people do is sorting numbers. Production of goods does not need much labor anymore. And we are wasting so much. I work in Frankfurt and see offices being refurbished regularly not because the interior is no longer in good condition, but simply because someone has money to spend. It is forced on us to keep us busy. And we obey and not even realize that we are obeying here. Its perfect slavery, where the slaves don’t consider themselves being slaves. And yet there must be a higher reason for all this.


    1. I do like the way you think and the things you write resonate within me. I was once able to list the various means of making money having nothing to do with actually making something useful. Just one, for instance, is to publish works for mass consumption. As an author you could recite your work to individuals, one by one, or to people crowded in auditoriums, as Mark Twain did, but the most efficient way to do this is to publish a book, video or podcast. I think it is called “scaling.” You reach many more people with much less effort.

      But the types of income producing activities you describe have more to do with “rent seeking,” or what I think if as “leaching off others.” Take an activity, for instance, like provision of health care to one another … in the US, the insurance industry has built a fence around the health care system (“enclosure”) and charges a fee for entrance. This fee is rent, or health insurance premiums, and adds nothing of value to the system. They have taken a productive system, extract massive wealth from it, add nothing to it.

      I think perhaps you are describing other forms of rent seeking when you describe new offices in Frankfurt dedicated to financial manipulation adding nothing if value to the human condition.


      1. Mark, rent seeking is perfectly ok to me. there is nothing wrong in allowing others to use your property in exchange for some fee. What all those numbers sorting companies do is different. Healthcare does not care about your health. It cares about your money only and it creates the illusion of helping you. It’s a scam, a pyramid like that one from that Madoff guy. That’s what all insurance companies do. Healthcare is insurance. The original idea to let many people pay some small amounts regularly to stem the costs of something which can happen occasionally and is so expensive then that one person cannot pay for it itself sounds not bad. The same explanation is given to tax paying. And IMO it is all part of the control program where we are given some money for our labour and have to give away part of it immediately just to show, we are following the rules. The communists never gave this additional part to the workers creating the illusion, that those services are free but this way round seem to work better for control reasons. It’s all an illusion of freedom.


        1. Good thoughts, and I agree in essence except to say that rent “seeking” is quite different from mere rent, which is essential and useful. “Rent seeking” takes useful and productive activities, say health care, and fences it in to gain rents, or admission fees, without adding anything of value to the activity. That is the definition of “health insurance,” and why most countries provide a means to attain health care without use of insurance.


    2. Wow- that’s why I got into what I do – shoe repair and cobbling. I was raised quasi upper middle class- but not really. My trajectory was seemingly mapped out for me- college- maybe graduate school- and some professional white collar job the rest of my life. I tried it- worked in finance- worked in technology- but I never knew what I was doing? What was my purpose? To shift paper around? Attend mind numbing corporate meetings all day? Respond “diplomatically” (lie) in endless emails? Then date and marry someone from a corporate cadre class who may not share my values or even give a shit about the future? I opted out. It’s been a learning experience these last ten years- street level commerce. But I’m happy- I know what I do!


  15. And by the way- shoe repair is dying for one reason and one reason only- labor. The demand is there- I turn people away because no one wants to learn the craft and they don’t seem to have the presence of mind it takes to even fix a heel. I only have so much time in the day and I can’t do the volume of work that comes in my door.


    1. Not here in Europe.
      Shoe repair, like many other (craftmanship) repair shops, started to die out 20 or 30 years ago. The reasons are monetary. Repairing an item by a craftsman costs much more than a new item from a Million-Items-Per-Month-factory in China (Malaysia, Moldavia, Pakistan, …). And repair instead of new-buying won’t fill the coffers of TPTB-attached corporations.
      And why it’s so expensive ?
      Taxes and regulations. Most of the money you would pay for such a repair just transits to the ‘government’. Almost all of this regulations are specifically designed to kill off small business. IMHO it’s naive to think otherwise. And a not-so-unwanted side effect is the total dependency on big business and its official appendix, the ‘government’.


  16. as I wrote before, production became cheap, no need to repair anymore. Instead they build things with a planned lifetime. There even is a term for it: planned obsolescence. Some things though still have to be maintained so some craftsmen are still necessary but they don’t earn much. I think we don’t know enough about the real costs of production. I suppose we really can produce everything now in any amounts, we recycle better than the media tell us, etc. The German “philosopher” Peter Slotterdijk once said in an interview, “the process of conversion is completed now”. It sounds absurd but it probably describes the reality. He is an insider and he knows what we don’t. And he used that sentence on purpose. Looks like we have no energy problem anymore, there is no shortage of anything. Yet still, we cannot give everybody everything. The communists propagated the guideline: expect from everybody according to his abilities and give everybody according to his needs. I think maybe we are in a position now to do that and only the people are not mature yet for it.


  17. The communists propagated the guideline: expect from everybody according to his abilities and give everybody according to his needs.

    This is a insidious piece of euphemistic propaganda. Take the Engels quote “Freedom is the realization of necessity”, and you understand that this guideline presupposes brainwashed slave minds. The Dear Leader of The Great Party will determine your needs, and judge your abilities.
    Engels evidently suggested force (including labour camps) to make the proles accept their bright communist future lives. The modern education system and mainstream media do this much more efficiently.


    1. dear fm, of course its propaganda. All of it is. That’s the most efficient way to manipulate people in masses. Read Edward Bernays. Engels and Marx were propaganda agents too. No more no less. Read what Miles Mathis wrote about them. The times were different, there was real shortage back then. Now we are in a different situation. I really think we don’t have any shortage anymore. No energy problems either. There is no need for violence or labour camps anymore. We even don’t need enough labour to make all people work on something productive. That’s my point. The most work today is generic and not really necessary. Communists dreams became reality. That’s why the east block has been switched off. And that’s why the cold war was replaced by the war against terrorism, which also is generic.


      1. dear fm, of course its propaganda.

        I just wanted to bring it to the attention of the un-initiated reader, i.e. those unfamiliar with the communist rhetoric. As in Orwell’s 1984, everything actually means the opposite of what it sounds like.


  18. Mark, I’m a little confused by this new-agey woo woo take on the Jewish Question. I agree with you that we can all control our mindsets and find at least some peace and creativity in this fallen world. But as truth seekers, we should be asking questions, not blowing them off.

    Let’s leave aside the hoaxes and secret illuminati controllers for a second. Let’s just look at concrete, unhidden facts. In spite of representing approximately 1.9% of the American population, Jews represent 30% of Harvard students, 30% of the top 100 wealthiest people in America, they are wildly over-represented to the point of dominance in: Finance, Entertainment, News, Lobbying, Foreign Policy.

    Why such over-representation in all the corridors of power and wealth? Maybe it’s due to superior intellects or greater ambition. Maybe it’s due to ethnic solidarity and nepotism. Maybe they ARE supported by secret controllers higher up the food chain. But whatever the causes, the results are clear. Jews are statistically the richest and most powerful ethnic group in America on a per capita basis. And in many cases, Jews wield this power as the intellectual and financial drivers of rapid societal change: cultural Marxism, pornography, divorce, gay rights, black lives matter, banker bailouts, war in the middle east, etc. etc. Jewish preferences tend to drive American policy.

    The question is, can this Jewish power even be discussed? Or must we pretend that Jews are a downtrodden minority group even as they dominate American society, culture, and policy?

    Why does this topic make you uncomfortable? Are you an open-minded truth seeker? Or do you yourself feel an ethnic solidarity compelling you to move your readers off these topics as quickly as possible?


    1. @Catalunya Freedom: A very honest and forthright comment on your part. I am of the mind that tough questions need to be posed if we are ever going to get anywhere.


    2. Yeah, I don’t mind the question at all. Part of the reason I don’t want to go all negative on them is that my daughter-in-law is Jewish, and my grandson will be raised Jewish, and I love them all and think them more important than anything.

      Another thing to consider is that they are cloistered and support one another financially. We saw this with interest-free loans available to them. The rest, I think, is like the game Monopoly where an advantage grows slowly and then exponentially.

      Are they evil? From the down side looking up at all of their success and fortunes, it is easy to say that. But I am not the jealous type. I am happy in my own shoes and look at them and take pause …

      There is a lot of evil and I will continue to write about it. If it happens to be perpetrated by Jews, so be it.


      1. Candor. Very much appreciated, Mark. Blaming. Blaming an individual or a group. I wrote about it recently somewhere else in this blog. That is why escapegoats are created… Let me share a personal meditation. Some call it The Matrix, some others the Big Game, etc. All readers here kinda know what we are talking about. I consider there are several stages in this journey (Each of us consider to be at a particular one, though really might be at a lower stage):
        I.- You do not know about the existence of the Matrix. Ignorance is bliss!
        II.- You sense something is wrong in the world, but do not know what it is.
        III.- You know about the Matrix.
        IV.- You know about the Matrix… but do not care. Keep swallowing the Red Pill.
        V.- You know about the Matrix, but do not understand it at all.
        VI.- You know about the Matrix and think you understand it… but really, you do not understand it. The reality is you are still sort of clueless.
        VII.- You finally grasp the Matrix.

        If you come from a G8 country, you are lucky if you get to VI. As an example, I consider our texan friend VI-and-a-half-ish. He’s made some cracks, wheels stuck in the mud lately (too many whos few little hows), but still far away.


    3. CF- The key word in your comment is “Nepotism”. That is how the world works. It is the path of least resistance. It is being comfortable with your own kind. Almost everything I have in this life comes from family and friends. Same with my family and friends; and it’s a multi-generational thing. I’m not surprised that a small minority would remain self-contained and highly motivated to succeed in allegedly the most prestigious industries, which they would then continue to promote as the most prestigious.
      Personally, I don’t give a fig for Ivy League academia, Wall Street shenanigans, corporate driven media, mood stabilizers, politics or porn. One might shriek that they have the power to take your resources and pitch you in a ditch and so monitoring and exposing their nefarious schemes is the greatest gift you can give to humanity, that great mass of victims that only “I” with my X-ray vision, can save.
      Thinking there’s a J.E.W. holding the switch at every pressure point in society is not just taking the bait but the hook, line, sinker, rod, reel and boat. You’ll sink to the bottom with your catch while real life passes you by.
      Sure, working summers in your father’s hardware store while you sort out your life and ambitions isn’t as sexy as being an “associate producer” on your uncle’s next cinematic spectacular before going off to Yale for graduate studies, but so what? Nobody is guaranteed anything, really. Do for yourself. Being in control of your day is as good as it gets in my view. Fame and fortune is just another job.

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  19. The Jewish discussion is more nuanced as I said in previous comments. But am I the only one that feels that the elites declared war on us. For example you can read Brandon Smith regarding the financial aspect of the war. He only calls them elites/globalists, but he agrees that these people must be defeated. This is not about them having a Ferrari in their garage or being CEO of Booshit. Look at the demographic engineering and white flight. I want to know how your father’s shop is going to survive when the neighborhood turns into a favela. Baltimore, Detroit, St Louis are a good example. Look at the increase in people over 70 that have to work instead of enjoying their retirement. Look at the suicides rates, especially for whites. I have to mention the racial aspect, because I believe this is an important aspect. The engineering of the demographics is towards the last phase. Many people are pro 2nd amendment, I invite them to look at how different demographics view the second amendment. Many things will probably be worse from an economic point of view but also regarding personal rights.
    In Germany there is some organization that portrays people that go to live in the countryside as evil whites. Now it is about name calling, but what will happen in the future. Now you can move around (white flight), but when their plan reaches the desired stage there will be no place to run.
    I am angry at the elites, but I don’t hate them. And you can have a more cold anger or more calm anger. Not a hot anger that makes you scream at things, wasting your energy. You can actually be like Lazarus from the play Lazarus Laughed. In many ways the elites seem to be laughable, believing they are superior while at the same time they seem to have a slave mentality. But as you laugh you must prepare for war because war was declared. On the large stage they will probably win. The individual person should be aware of the storm and get prepared. In the end I agree that a virtuous person cannot be really conquered, but I don’t have high hopes for the world. The virtuous person can adapt but a part of him will probably feel sad for the state of the world.


    1. This demographic engineering alone is clear evidence they are at war with us. At a minimum one could say it’s their method of creating in-group identification that’s gotten out of hand and they don’t care enough to stop it. Maybe Trump is in place to slow it down a bit. But it’s so destructive and malicious there must be more behind it. I think it’s driven by “resentiment” as described by Nietzsche and expanded on by Scheler in his book by that title. A German half Jew himself, Scheler says that Jews are the most resentiment filled people on earth. It’s an effect of the difference between how one views himself vs. how he perceives himself to be viewed by others. Jews saw themselves as “the chosen people” yet were despised by the Christian European population.

      Whoever “they” really are, this enmity is ancient, and central to understanding history. Resentiment is sub-rational, according to Scheler, and can’t be reasoned out of. It’s a cancer that affects everyone, and is endemic among all groups now. The difference seems to be the elites ability to channel it for their own interests.


      1. The average Jew is probably conditioned to resent by the top Jews(or at least they try). The top people I believe to be Atonists (top Jews,Christians Muslims etc). Akhenaten was probably kicked out of Egypt. Even when he was young I believe his parents kept him away from public festivals due to his physical problems. He and his priests probably started this trend to centralize everything. Then they were kicked out. Since I believe in a revised chronology, I believe there is a possibility that Cyrus the Great was the son in law of Akhenaten. Herodotus denies that the mother of Cambyses 2 was Egyptian but he says that Egyptian priests told him that the mother was Egyptian. Immediately after he tells us that Cambyses makes an oath to his mother that he will turn Egypt upside down. Remember that Cyrus the Great is called the anointed of God=Messiah in Isaiah. And there are many Egyptian and Persian connections. Persia was conquered by the Alexander. These ancient events are probably connected to the resentment of these elites. Overall I am interested in these inner Jews, not the average Jew that is conditioned like most other people.


  20. My opinion is that Jewish identity is bigoted and supremacist .
    Will you ask exactly what your grandchild will be taught .

    One of my friends was in a mixed marriage , he an athiest , his parents devout
    Polish Catholics , she a non practicing Jew . Their daughter , when his folks wanted to baptise
    were told if they did she would get no financial gain from the wife’s wealthy brother
    , was not baptised but refused to learn any Jewish anything and had a much closer
    relationship with the Polish GPs . Then when she was 12 or so she decided to not
    batmitzvah , again there was a fight by some to cut her trust fund , but could not legally .
    The wealthy brother is now immensely wealthy as a pain medication dr. ( imo – an opiate pusher )
    who invested that millions into now billions . Ironically the child is so intelligent , she
    could have gotten full scholarships for university . And the Polish GPs sold some of their
    Pocono’s property for fracking rights and made a few million for themselves .

    I myself am 50% Catholic Irish , 25% mix of English/French/Scots-Ulster
    and 25% Latvian , My ancestors fled Latvia in 1870s , but none of us alive
    know why , so maybe I’m a Waldminowitz not a Waldman on my dad’s mothers side .
    But when I could think for myself I gave up my Catholic identity because the whole
    thing looked like BS to me . I asked the tough questions to come to that .


  21. There is compelling evidence that Jews form much of a “hostile elite,” acting aggressively against the interests of most Americans. It’s not just that they are “successful,” it’s that they are successfully hurting their host country. This is not intended to be racist stereotyping. Not all Jews are involved in this kind of thing. Most aren’t, in fact. But many of those who are invoIved in this kind of thing happen to be Jewish.

    Israeli dual-citizens dominate U.S. war policy with disastrous results. Jewish bankers pushed for and got multi-trillion dollar bailouts from non-Jewish taxpayers. And Jews are the financial and intellectual core of the open borders movement that has moved America from 90% white to less than 65% white in just 50 years. That’s full-scale demographic replacement. Not even outright war could have been as effective in population replacement.

    The advice from Mark and Tyrone is the same advice the hostile elite would give. “Don’t worry about it, don’t think about it….focus on the man in the mirror, etc.” Tyrone, you may not give a fig about Wall Street or politics, but they are actively bleeding you and your fellow citizens through taxes. You may not give a fig about war, but they are bombing people around the world in your name and with your money. You may not give a fig about mood stabilizers, but 40% of the white female population is on them. You may not give a fig about divorce, but it leaves behind millions of traumatized kids.

    The question is, are we truth seekers or not? Can we really be trusted to follow our “out there” theories to their logical conclusions if we self-censor this hard when it comes to forces that are not clandestine at all? Who successfully pressured the U.S. government to bail out the banks, invade Iraq/Libya/Syria, import El Salvadoran gang members, lock in high prescription drug prices, etc.? If we are unwilling to see it or say it, are we really truth seekers? If we “call out’ invisible controllers but are afraid to point the finger at people openly working against the American people, are we really courageous free-thinkers? Or are we actually contributing members of the cover-up coalition?

    “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?”

    This site has bravely included the phrase “the Jewish Question” in a couple of post titles. That’s pretty much forbidden in normie mainstream circles, so kudos. But, come to think of it, I’m yet to hear any actual criticism of Jews from this site’s authors.

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    1. Catalunya Freedom(great nick!… too bad is already taken): You have some good points, but also some propaganda in your observations. Certainly top jews are a hostile bunch (much of the businesses or industries they control do not add any value to humankind. If they were to disappear tomorrow they wouldn’t be missed -the Big Board comes to mind), but the food chain does not stop there. It is much more complicated that that and the controllers know human tendencies to search for single causes or explanations/answers, also our innate desire the answer to be simple. There is more way up. As for propaganda (who is pressuring US government? nobody, the owner of something cannot pressure the thing owned to do anything, it just accept orders. Importing gang members from El Salvador? Did you get that from CNN? It is the other way around, really and I can go on). So I still cannot decide on your position. You won’t get a clear statement from some the hosts of this blog last time I checked. If you comb around the whole site and mine the comment section you will get a clear picture of the position of some. The posts asking the question are akin to honey-traps. Name-calling, witch-hunt, etc. they expect us to do precisely that. I was not going to post anymore and not going to come back. Why? Because I can. Here is something to think about:
      Back in 2013 it was revealed or leaked details about the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program. What did Americans, in general, do about it? What has been done since then? It was not any conspiracy site, not any texan, not any french or martian making those revelations. We can say it was mainstream. If you care, you need to start planting the seeds in your children to become free, current young and generations are pretty much hopeless as a whole, but individual effort can thrive and success. We will have to soon face the robots on a daily basis. They are now here, and are here to stay. They are certainly not a threat for the ones apt. Keep caring for yourself, eat well and strive to stay healthy that way, you will live long enough to dig the graves of the stockbrokers. The real warriors, fighters you won’t find them on the Internet -try the Deep Web- or in blogs like this or in mainsream society. Americans have had it too good for too long. Power. You don’t have power, you exert it. If you don’t exert it you lose it. How do you exert power over another human being? By inflecting suffering. How is it a man with a gun would obey an unarmed man?


  22. This world is full of bitter irony.

    On the one hand we have a group of people, whom some might call a “race” or an “ethnic group”, others a “religion” or “belief system”, who by their own testimony have been persecuted pretty much from day 1 of their existence. Everywhere they go they’re hated. Every place they choose to lay their heads or make their beds becomes, sooner or later, inhospitable to them if not outright hostile.

    Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, these people are “downtrodden”, castigated, chastised, scapegoated and bullied. For MILLENIA.

    And yet these very same people, somehow, some way, always seem to float to the top of whatever society they land in. Even AS they’re being persecuted and scapegoated. When one poses the million-dollar question, “Why?” the answers betray that bitter irony.

    This group of people will themselves answer it by saying that they’re persecuted because they’re capable, intelligent, resourceful, have strong familial bonds, etc etc. Essentially their answer is “Because we’re better than you.” Yes, that’s a strong generalization, but I think it’s a fair assessment. In fact it’s quite similar to the “they hate us for our freedoms” mantra any American is so familiar with. “They persecute us because we’re successful.”

    In other words, everyone else is just haters.

    For the most part every other group seems to go along with this answer, naturally excepting those who quickly assert that these people are persecuted because time and time again they’re recognized, however belatedly, as predators. “Where there’s smoke…..”

    I realize that I’ve left out quite a lot. I’ve left out many of the details of this group’s own “holy” writings, for instance. Should we mention or debate these things? Is it proper for us “goyim” to discuss the merits of a worldview that begins with attempted infanticide? Is it alright if I point out that the very same “divide et imperium” philosophy that’s used so very successfully by “TPTB” today is documented by this same group, in those same writings, thousands of years ago?

    Isaac and Ishmael, anyone? Jacob and Esau? Cain and Abel? Should I continue, or am I trampling someone’s “religious freedom of expression”?

    Is it okay if I remind everyone that this group’s own account of their origins begins with the exact same claim they make of themselves today, as an explanation of their universal suffering? It is, in point of fact, their own god who chooses (to an outsider seemingly arbitrarily) their progenitor Abram because he “found favor” in said god’s eyes. Why? What was so favorable about him? We aren’t told. He was just really great, so this god decided to offer him and “his seed”… well pretty much everything. The globe, eventually. Everything in and on it.

    “Chosen” people. Chosen by an invisible eye in the sky. Is it okay to talk about these things?

    I mean, let’s imagine for a moment that someone stood up right now and made the same claim. “I’ve been chosen by God to inherit the Earth, and all nations will bow down to me and my descendants, forever.” Think anyone might take issue with such a claim? Mightn’t you be a bit wary of the type of person who would make or endorse a statement like that?

    As I write this I’m sitting in Switzerland. Zurich, to be exact. Here amongst the Gnomes. And yet one more bitter irony becomes apparent, in that much of what I’ve just written could be framed as “hate speech”. Were I to extend my analysis to more… recent events, say those of the last century, I’d open myself up to prosecution, which is to say persecution. I’d be made the scapegoat for a group of people who seem to have made a living playing that same role. Can you say “irony”, children?

    There’s a suggestion, toward the end of your post, Mark, that we’re all being led along this merry-go-round of hypocrisy in the hopes that some of us will “break free”. That reminds me of the book God Emperor of Dune, and the “Golden Path” that the book’s protagonist lays out for humanity. In short: his plan is to become the universe’s worst nightmare, in a sense. A Tyrant. Someone who so oppresses the human spirit that when they finally, someday, somehow, wake up and break free from that oppression they’ll never ever ever again, not in a bajillion years, allow someone to dominate them in that way. They’ll scatter in every direction, out into the void, preferring a life of hardship and unpredictability to the enforced tranquility of “Leto’s Peace”.

    If that’s a fair analogy to what’s actually happening in our world then it’s the only good outcome I see from any of this. Leto, the God Emperor, at one point explains himself to his majordomo: “I am a predator, Moneo.” It’s not until that word is uttered that poor Moneo finally understands the “Golden Path”. It’s his moment of satori or enlightenment.

    There are predators, and there are prey. Without predators, the prey cannot experience growth. It cannot learn.

    So I hope and pray, pun intended, that there is some hidden Golden Path that TPTB, which this group is very much a dominant figure in, wish us to travel. “Tough love”, in a sense. I don’t think it’s very likely that that’s actually the case, but perhaps.

    Apologies if this post stepped on any toes, and I apologize for the length. At least a little bit. This ain’t my blog, but I trust it’s evident that the subject is one I’ve got more than a passing interest in, and that I’ll be forgiven. Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be about, anyway? Forgiveness?

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    1. I really enjoyed your post here, very interesting and informative and opinionated – and I agree with much of your thoughts on this topic. Everywhere I turn, people chastise me for critiquing anything remotely Jewish. It’s ridiculous. It’s disheartening at times, too.

      But I am replying to offer a correction or rather an addition to one of your best points:

      “That reminds me of the book God Emperor of Dune, and the “Golden Path” that the book’s protagonist lays out for humanity. In short: his plan is to become the universe’s worst nightmare, in a sense. A Tyrant. Someone who so oppresses the human spirit that when they finally, someday, somehow, wake up and break free from that oppression they’ll never ever ever again, not in a bajillion years, allow someone to dominate them in that way. They’ll scatter in every direction, out into the void, preferring a life of hardship and unpredictability to the enforced tranquility of “Leto’s Peace”.”

      This Scattering and disdain for rulers was not the Golden Path. It was only the first few steps in the process. You won’t find out more in God Emperor (which in my opinion should be mandatory reading by anyone interested in understanding power, religion, or politics – without it, we’re unarmed), but you do find out more about the Golden Path as the story continues, beyond Heretic and Chapterhouse.

      In the story, The Golden Path is, quite directly, the path to the merging of man and machine. The mating of Omnius and Erasmus to Paul and Leto. What Leto II understood in the story is that sooner or later, humanity MUST meet its great and ancient enemy (Omnius, the artificial intelligence that caused the Butlerian Jihad some 10,000 years prior and destroyed the Earth, or we can call it Skynet or any other name, but it’s robots basically). And meeting this enemy of our own creation, we can either be damned to their superior violence or merge with them and teach them compassion. In the story, there is no real alternative. Machines will win any confrontation given enough time, so Leto’s Golden Path was set in motion to counteract this eventuality.

      So how do the Powers That Be, Jewish or otherwise, lead us forward into any kind of such victory? I don’t think they do. I think quite the opposite – ALL these greedy banksters do is weaken us to any real future enemy. What if an alien race were to visit us, bent on domination? We wouldn’t stand a chance. We would stand just as much a chance as we would have 2,000 years ago, perhaps. But I seriously doubt our greedy masters are thinking ahead that far. And I also believe they would have NO problem devising a malevolent AI, though I don’t think of that as the threat that Hollywood or Herbert make it out to be. We still have no AI to speak of, only Artificial Stupids. It’s a bit of sci-fi.

      Anyway, your post was great, and I just wanted to add some info on the Golden Path to anyone else interested. Herbert was amazing, and if any of you haven’t read God Emperor of Dune, do yourself a favor. If you read no other Dune books, read that one.


  23. Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, these people are “downtrodden”, castigated, chastised, scapegoated and bullied. For MILLENIA.

    I might add, according to an official history that was basically created by Jesuits. Which where marranos. Seems somebody had put the fox in charge of the henhouse …


  24. I praise your courage Joki ,
    I would not want to live were freespeech is outlawed .

    The only thing authentic about the leaders of this group is the continuous long line of
    criminal activity that then ensures it’s emerging dominance .
    The things that they are ” better at ” are usury , slavery , profiting from war ,
    promoting drugs , booze , porn , abortion , gender/sexual chaos .
    Are they even necessary ? Would all these things proliferate without their guidance ?
    Or would we , without them come to a more evolved society ?
    If it’s true they are just the convenient pitbulls/scapegoats of a more
    powerful group , then unmasking them must surely be the first step .

    And the only thing authentic about the average identifier to this group
    is that they are history’s most obedient cattle .

    They are not a race , not an authentic state , not even a religion ,
    as one can , not believe in anything religious to belong .
    They are a political identity , an historic deception .
    And their alleged persecution comes from other groups reactions
    to their behaviors not their beliefs , or it comes upon the weaker
    of their own group , by the hands of their leaders .
    That’s what the goyim are waking up to .
    That and humanity is in debt to the banks ( them )
    by 200 trillion dollars and counting ,
    Predators rarely hunt prey for sport but not this group .


  25. They are the strongest. But contrary to propaganda, not because of superior intelligence or talent. Not even superior physical attributes. They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. Why so, then? In a Capitalist society the strongest are the ones with the most money. Money controls everything. Buys politicians, breaks the arm of law, etc, etc and long etc. We can figure out myriads of ways Money makes you powerful. They have controlled its creation out of thin air for so long. It is not a recent phenomenom. I try to be clear. They control it but they are not top dogs. they are the visible group, the escapegoats, the culprits but they are not the end of it. That tale is for the masses. The silver surfers know there are more behind. Not from other planets, from this very own planet. I commend all truth-seekers. Do not fall for the “NOthing is real” propaganda. Not everything is fake. Just the important things. This applies to 1st world of course. In lower lever worlds as in Africa and Latam, suffering and other miseries are very real. The boogeymans are others. Just embark on a research of the dominant economic groups in Latin America. Several countries are run by Arabs, christian-palestinian or catholic-palestinians. But then again, as jews, they are just immediate group behind the curtain. They are the Wizards of Oz, not Lewis Carrolls.


  26. They are the strongest (the group in question, the subject of this post). But contrary to propaganda, not because of superior intelligence or talent. Not even superior physical attributes. They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. Why so, then? In a Capitalist society the strongest are the ones with the most money. Money controls everything. Buys politicians, breaks the arm of law, etc, etc and long etc. We can figure out myriads of ways Money makes you powerful. They have controlled its creation out of thin air for so long. It is not a recent phenomenom. I try to be clear. They control it but they are not top dogs. they are the visible group, the escapegoats, the culprits but they are not the end of it. That tale is for the masses. The silver surfers know there are more behind. Not from other planets, from this very own planet. I commend all truth-seekers. Do not fall for the “NOthing is real” propaganda. Not everything is fake. Just the important things. This applies to 1st world of course. In lower lever worlds as in Africa and Latam, suffering and other miseries are very real. The boogeymans are others. Just embark on a research of the dominant economic groups in Latin America. Several countries are run by Arabs, christian-palestinian or catholic-palestinians. But then again, as jews, they are just immediate group behind the curtain. They are the Wizards of Oz, not Lewis Carrolls.



    Unless you live on the east coast , you can’t know what their matrix is like.
    Here is the movie theater five minutes away , looks good on paper ,
    independent owned , not for profit , But the films they offer hate me for being a
    white , straight male with christian values .
    I also don’t want to link to , so search hiwaytheater-dot-org in Jenkintown
    The two I’ve gone to in the past two years ,
    The Light Between Oceans and The Lady in the Van , I enjoyed but even they
    had propaganda moments . When they ask me to buy a season pass I tell them
    no , and explain why , they mouths were left agape at my audacity .
    Oh , buy the way the guy who wrote The Goldbergs TV show grew up there
    and they show eps. of the show at the theater .


    1. I can’t get on board with anything related to Lasha Darkmoon. Neither can I stomach things like the image plastered in the middle of the article. I mean, someone had to sit and make that collage, yeah? Either Herr Schaefer put together the image himself or he ok’d it, and either possibility makes me cringe, even though I’m somewhat sympathetic to the general outlines of his problem. It’s just so… juvenile? Tasteless? I dunno quite how to describe it other than to say that when I see websites like that, with poorly slapped together images like that which are the visual equivalent of incoherent screeches I’m immediately put off.

      Which I’d suggest may be exactly the aim of such sites, and stories. Would you put together an image like that to accompany your tale? I wouldn’t. Who’d take me seriously? There’s no shortage of people out there who are also questioning things, but manage to do so quite tastefully without vomiting a stew of nazis and brains on the screen. It just makes the whole thing look like a joke, to me, which it very much is not.


      1. An Anti, as MM calls them, a special form of controlled opposition. The German version of David Irving, to put any person asking questions in a certain corner.


        1. I have it on good authority that MM has stated that he does not trust Lasha Darkmoon. I bet you “she’s” intel.


  28. Quoting from excellent Miles W. Mathis’ paper: “Because it is all a con:
    Nazism is nothing but theater, and these people like Haider are simply crypto-Jews, directly related to the same families that have been pulling this con for a century. As in the US, they create two fake parties that appear to be opposed but that are really allied fascists. They then divert your attention from any real events with a constant stream of fiction. “1

    I get Nazism is theater, fiction… Nazis did the “Shoah/Holocaust”. Does this mean the “Holocaust” is theater, fiction, a racket, a con too? Think. Think about it.

    1 Mathis, Miles W.: “Hitler’s Genealogy”,, page 45.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Quoting from excellent Miles W. Mathis’ paper: “Because it is all a con:
    Nazism is nothing but theater, and these people like Haider are simply crypto-Jews, directly related to the same families that have been pulling this con for a century. As in the US, they create two fake parties that appear to be opposed but that are really allied fascists. They then divert your attention from any real events with a constant stream of fiction. “1

    I get Nazism is theater, fiction… Nazis did the “Shoah/Holocaust”. Does this mean the “Holocaust” is theater, fiction, a racket, a con too? Think. Think about it.

    1 Mathis, Miles W.: “Hitler’s Genealogy”,, page 45.


    1. I get Nazism is theater, fiction… Nazis did the “Shoah/Holocaust”. Does this mean the “Holocaust” is theater, fiction, a racket, a con too? Think. Think about it.

      In several European countries (like the one I live in), it is illegal to voice an opinion different from the official, government and MSM-touted story. It is even illegal to ask questions, or for ANY proof.
      The truth never requires protection by law.

      If you are not a troll, ask yourself one question: CUI BONO ?


      1. fm: Troll? Hey, I thought I posted a serious question and in a respectful manner. Well, I’d rather not discuss what I am or am not, since that is not relevant to the question I posted. Yes, I am aware of the sad situation of your beautiful country of residence KK (Kakanien, right?) and of Europe as a whole. They played really well the “guilt” card, over there. Anyway, I was asking since MM and others promote the idea of Nazism being fake and significant members of the party being actors. But MM has clearly and explicitly dodged the Holocaust topic as well as other researchers. MM considers it an open question but not worth diggin’ into it, why so? He currently does not live in Europe last time I checked. I have asked him to no avail. By the way they write it seems to me they imply the Holocaust is fiction as well, another con. I’m just guessing since he and others omit that topic in the bag of their fake events. Is the Genealogy work a pretext to keep avoiding it? I do not want to discuss the event here, my question is if any other readers get the impression they indicate or also imply the Holocaust is fake as well since the ones who supposedly executed it were just smoke and mirrors and why is it that they do not mention it when they publish they papers pointing to crypto-Jews running cons and fake events. So these crypto-Jews ran the Holocaust con as well.


        1. Perhaps FM meant the universal “you” in his question, “if you are not a troll” . At first I thought he might be saying La Salle was a troll, but maybe not. I tend to say YOU in a general, universal way and get into trouble, so I say “If ONE is not a troll, ask the question…”

          I tend to think the holocaust has been completely blown out of proportion and it’s not what the controllers say it was. Why MM is not touching it, yet, I can’t say.




        2. I believe everybody here believes that the Holocaust is fake. The Holocaust is one of the first things that is questioned by many people that wake up. When I started to see some dubious things regarding the Holocaust I started to believe Hitler fought the NWO. At the same time I was aware of Tsarion and Sutton, so I was 50%-50% on Hitler being good. MM paper showed how ridiculous was his rise to “power” (Napoleon’s rise to power is also ridiculous, I mention this since Napoleon is some kind of Hitler with better image according to history book and movies). Maybe MM should make a clear statement about the Holocaust since some people might find his silence dubious.
          The Holocaust is the greatest weapon when it comes to the demographic change of white countries. Many times when you see a debate about immigration, the Holocaust and WW2 is brought up. WW2 was also the transition between the Old World Order (“White” Empires dominating the world) to the Interim World Order (domination of the world by the multicultural/multiracial empires called USA and USSR). Now we see the rise of the NWO with the rise of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). BRICS countries were chosen to represent various regions and races.


          1. “I believe everybody here believes that the Holocaust is fake.” I’d tread lightly when trying to speak for anyone but yourself, Calgacus. I have a take on the Holocaust but tossing around a term like “fake” in such a manner will only put people trying to get at the truth of the matter on the defensive. You have every right to believe something, but belief and knowledge often diverge. I’ll post a Holocaust essay sometime in the future when I have the time to give it it’s proper due. People, a lot of them, did die- were robbed of their right to exist and by the same ghouls that ran every other aspect of the “war”.


          2. Thank you Grace and Duncan for your feedback. Let me be clear, I am not accusing, attacking a person, just ideas, concepts… but it is something developed over the last months that started with the MM/POM rif-raff. Truth-seeking, that’s what I do, same as all of you fellows, we are in this same quest all of us… Over the top? A bomb perhaps… call me crazy, nuts, I will not let my qualms stand in the way of a bold idea, it finally popped out. Could Josh G / Allan Weisbecker be the same person? Not 2 but one and only 1 person?


          3. When I say fake I don’t mean that nobody died. I refer to the standard narrative. Germans also died. I believe that typhus/famine was a problem even for people that were not in the concentration camp. I refer to the Holocaust narrative, where people gassed and shot innocent people by the millions.


          4. Thank you Grace and Duncan for your feedback. Let me be clear, I am not accusing, attacking a person, just ideas, concepts… but it is something developed over the last months that started with the MM/POM rif-raff. Truth-seeking, that’s what I do, same as all of you fellows, we are in this same quest all of us… Over the top? A bomb perhaps… call me crazy, nuts, I will not let my qualms stand in the way of a bold idea, it finally popped out. Could Josh G / Allan Weisbecker be the same person? Not 2 but one and only 1 person?


          5. Thank you, Mr. McCloskey, for your feedback as well. Yes, when I say “fake”, I mean the event as presented is not so. The same way MM uses fake in his papers. BTW and as a FYI, I also did send Miles my concern about Allan W… All I got from him was a “I don’t think so”.


          6. In the past, I have thought about MM’s silence on that one too. He just bypasses the topic. Weird. At this moment, I do not care if he says yes/no to the question, but I look forward to his take on it -if ever!- publishes a paper about it. I do agree it is one of the first questions rookie truthers ask. It is not about people dying or not, it is about analyzing the story, to unwind the whole thing and look for contradictions in the standard narrative. Tough one.


        3. The local Jewish Federation is amping up Holocaust denial events. They recently made a large expensive real estate purchase to put up a memorial, which uses all the old narratives and figures, forgetting that the story has been officially updated.

          They are trying to make Holocaust denial or even a small implication of it a crime, and at the same time boost their status as an elite group. Yes they have very nice houses and cars. All the local politicians and corporate leaders are at every event and they are all Gentiles. Not one has ever mentioned that the Holocaust may not have happened like we are told. There is no debate, there are no questions accepted. MM knows, that if he puts out a very factual and truthful Holocaust debunked blog, the webpage will probably be taken down and he could be arrested for a hate crime, if not now, possibly in the future. I’m not sure posting more truth and facts on this issue would help, as the big money, TPTB have obviously made their decision. Debunking 911, JFK, Columbine,etc even though it’s waking people up, doesn’t look like it’s going to save the future, yet people have to try.


      2. No offense intended. Just don’t know you, and sites like this are primary targets for trolls. The government-payed discussion interrupter, you know.
        But there are several points I cannot mention here without getting into trouble, legally.

        They played really well the “guilt” card, over there.

        Exactly. Destroying the ambitious German Empire was one of the goals of WWI, and the WWII in continuation.

        So these crypto-Jews ran the Holocaust con as well.

        The same kind of people ran both sides. That was new to me. Until about 3 month ago, I never suspected the top-ranking Nazis to be crypto-jews themselves. But I knew about Bush, and US owned factories important for the Nazi war machine (Opel/GM, Ford, IG Farben).
        And several really strange stories about the last month of the war …


        1. “there are several points I cannot mention here without getting into trouble, legally”
          You still have a small window of time to mention and list all your points without getting into trouble. Your posts can be taken down, yet buried here within all these comments, I doubt they would get much attention.


          1. Perhaps I’m paranoid, but (in difference to many people around me) I tend not to suppress certain facts/memories. Like the official confession of several large US companies a few years ago to very willingly cooperate with the CIA/NSA. Say, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, etc. I knew that since about 2000, but mentioned always earned me a “paranoid freak”.
            As well as I know that Secret Service Agencies (let’s abbreviate as SS ;-)) here and elsewhere always listen to phone and IP traffic. Forget about that judicial authorization, it’s only for legal usage against you. Luckily I’m not perceived as threat, obviously …
            I am of the opinion that the level of crackdown on private communication depends much more on technical possibilities (storage space, search/filter performance) than anything else.


            1. I am of the opinion that they only want us to imagine we are being watched and monitored. That is usually enough to keep people in line. It worked for STASI.

              At this blog and a few others, with MM and his circle, it is not unusual to be in possession if un-shareable information. I often wonder the purpose, why to use our curious minds to discover things that, when shared, only make people angry and cause them to block their senses and go into isolation and rage. Most people exist of a very low level of intuition, and seem happy that way, want to stay that way, and are content to watch football or go fishing or mow their lawns … Edward Abbey said of fishing that he had no desire to outwit a creature with an IQ of one. But that sort to behavior seems to satisfy most.

              I have long thought the most boring job on the planet is to be the film editor for a fishing show. Why would anyone want to eavesdrop on a fisherman?

              Oh well, we are what we are. There must be a purpose to it all.


        2. fm: No worries. No offense taken here. I am fully aware what a hostile environment Internet can be sometimes… You take the good with the bad, and you know the bad’s coming, so you prepare for it.
          Jesse/Greg/Ahmad/Inside BB: thank you both for the insight as well.


  30. There’s a reason MM and others don’t bring up this topic directly, as it’s such a tar baby. It doesn’t take much to read between the lines of what he’s already written, and why give his enemies a club to beat him with. It’s clearly not what we’re told, whatever happened.


    1. You could be interested in Miles Mathis own words regarding the Holocaust:
      “It is also worth mentioning that Irving has never denied the Holocaust happened. He proposed that the
      numbers may have been inflated and questioned the use of gas chamber and other specifics, but he
      never denied atrocities occurred on a large scale. For the most part he has tried to shift the blame for
      the camps away from Hitler and to those such as Himmler. I won’t get into that here, since we will later
      see it doesn’t matter: it is all misdirection of one sort or another. But for now, you should know that at
      trial, Irving admitted that millions of Jews had been murdered by the Nazis. That was one of the
      desired outcomes of the trial, as well as Irving’s conviction and jailing.”
      He is usually very inquisitive but not this time. He says it is misdirection but does not expand on it.

      Click to access irving.pdf


  31. At this blog and a few others, with MM and his circle, it is not unusual to be in possession if un-shareable information…

    I agree. For the majority of people, including most low-level eavesdropping SS* pawns, we are just freaks doing their monkey business. A kind of protection.

    I am of the opinion that they only want us to imagine we are being watched and monitored. That is usually enough to keep people in line. It worked for STASI.

    Not so sure about that.
    Watching had been done mostly the Gestapo-style then, with infiltrators. I knew some people that had been beaten up and thrown into jail for years, caused by snitches.
    And the same happens again, with improved modus operandi. Now they are framed by placing child p**n or “right wing extremist” material on their devices.

    Edward Abbey said of fishing that he had no desire to outwit a creature with an IQ of one. But that sort to behavior seems to satisfy most.

    Albeit this is off-topic, I do not buy the current / accepted definition of “IQ”. It fully favours a left-brain imbalance (which one might as well define as mental disease). I met lot’s of “high IQ” people in my professional career, who had astonishing capabilities in abstract fields (like math), but were totally incapable of integrating unpleasant hard facts into their indoctrinated world view. Not to mention, quite often they were total a**holes, on a personal level …


  32. I’m going to wax all philosophical up in here for a moment, if I may.

    To exist is to interfere. Hell, the word “interference” could serve as a working definition of “life” with a capital L. You’re here, and since you’re here and I’m also here we’re automatically in conflict of a sort. The primary threat to any species is its own kind, if for no other reason than that the species consumes necessary resources. The opportunity for growth of the species is constrained by the availability of the least prevalent of those resources, whether it’s water or food or whatever.

    But truth isn’t a necessity of life. What I mean by that is that we do not have to be in competition with one another for truth. There is an inexhaustible supply of the stuff, just as there’s an inexhaustible supply of lies, and both can be damaging in their own way. Have you ever attempted to force the truth onto someone? I bet they didn’t react well, did they? How could they? You tried to shove down their throats something akin to poison, something alien to their internal system.

    If you’re a truthful person, or a “truth seeker” or however you wish to label it, you feel anxiety and anger etc. when someone tries to force a lie on you, no? It sets up another interference pattern. That lie conflicts with your internal narrative, so you rebel against it. The very same thing occurs with any person who has swallowed a lie, though, when you attempt to confront them with the truth. They react with hostility.

    Since each person is deciding for themselves from moment to moment, day to day, what they accept as true and what they reject as a lie, am I espousing moral relativism? Yeah, sort of. Only I don’t personally take the view that “it’s all good in the hood” and one can do whatever they wish because there’s no real difference blah blah. I take a slightly different route that relates to “magic”.

    Magic is the art of transforming the insubstantial into physical substance and vice versa. That’s it. It’s that simple. No one ever really defines it this way or talks about it in simple terms because (my opinion here, mind you) when you discover what it really is it’s quite empowering, and most of your fellow humans aren’t out to empower you because you’re in competition with them whether you like it or not.

    To illustrate what I mean by my definition of magic: Imagine you have an idea for a new soda. You know what you want it to look and taste like, how big the can should be, what color, how the logo should appear, etc. All of this is only in your head, however. It’s a thought, nothing more. It has zero substance and thus no reality of its own.

    If you wish to make that transformation from thought to manifest reality then you’ll need to do a bit of magic. First you must define your Circle. Forget drawing it on the floor with chalk, though. That’s a bunch of nonsense. Your magic circle is the area within which you’ll work. It defines it. In the case of your soda it may be (geographically) the East coast; a particular demographic; the chain of stores you plan to sell in; etc. All of those things that taken together will allow you to make your idea real define your Circle.

    You’ll need your wizard’s staff representing your backbone, your will. You’ll need to invoke a bit of water magic, air magic, earth magic and fire magic; meaning you will need the various liquids your soda requires, your voice to spread the Word about your product, the chemicals necessary like sugar and caffeine, and the fiery process by which all of this is blended together as well as the fire in your soul pushing you onward.

    Once you actually have a can of your soda in your hand you have completed exactly half of your magic spell. You’ve turned a mere thought into reality. Now you must turn reality back into a thought, i.e. the desire of another person to buy your soda. That requires a whole new set of spells and incantations, but you can see where this is all going, no?

    Once another person sees the reality you made, and decides they want it, your magic spell has come Full Circle. You’ve caused another human being to do your bidding through your Will. You’ve also affected the universe around you in a very profound way. This is called Creation. This is why the Bible begins by reminding us that in The Beginning was The Word, which was both with God and was/is God.

    From Thoth or thought to Word to reality, God just created a soda. With a bit more hand waving He made another God buy it.

    And for my little spell here to come full circle I need to remind everyone that this process is going on all the time, every instant of our lives, whether we’re performing our magic with intent or not. Every one of us is a magician. Every one of us is a Hero, which is to say a Horus, a Heru-Ptah or Harry Potter like the kids are so fond of. The main trouble is that most of us have zero clue that that’s what we are, and that this is what magic really is. We’re blasting off spells at one another left and right, all the time, and yet think we’re powerless for the most part.

    You’re far from powerless. The truth is that you’re as powerful as any God that’s ever existed. The main difference between you and the Wizards sitting atop the pyramid is that you’re totally unaware you can even do magic, while they are not only are aware but have several thousand years of practice observing and manipulating human behavior to drawn upon. They’re intimately familiar with the workings of their spells, and one of their most successful is the one that clouds your mind, making you convince yourself that it’s folly to even attempt to oppose them.

    The word “spell” is very, very old, and its original meaning was “to speak”. To open your mouth and utter a Word is to cast a Spell of Creation into the World. So, use it to the best of your ability. It’s not always a fast process, but it doesn’t need to be because it’s eternal. And lest you think I’ve diverged from the topic at hand completely I should point out that in my opinion the group of people we’re discussing are no doubt intimately in touch with the truth of everything I’ve just told you, and they are if nothing else a very patient people. They don’t mind not seeing results from a spell for a decade, or a century.

    All of which goes to say that if you wish to change the world, you first need to recognize that you’re already doing just that. Once that sinks in you’ll begin to look at everything from a vastly different perspective.

    Apologies for the length. I’d not intended to go on that long but for clarity’s sake I felt it necessary. I’ll understand, Mark, if you wish to chop it. 🙂

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