Scavenger hunt: 1998 yearbook

In looking into Columbine, I thought (only briefly) that the 1999 yearbook for that school would be useful. (The event happened on 4/20/1999.) And indeed, there are page shots all over the Internet of that book, and sure enough, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold feature prominently.  They tell us that the book was in print before the event, but as our blog readers surely have surmised, the event was in planning long before that, and the planners would not have overlooked the yearbook.

RebalationsHowever, I thought that the 1998 yearbook would be useful. Here is what I have found … it is currently selling for $1,650.00. I have a suspicion that Intelligence has driven up the price of those books to gather them all up, as they contain information that might not jive with the official story of that day.

I will call the school after they come back from vacation after July 10. I have a hunch they have long been warned to avoid helping any private snoopers … you know, respect for the families and all of that.

Just on the outside chance that a copy of 1998 Rebelations still exists, I ask readers to chime in – do you know someone who might have it? Are you more clever than me in sniffing out evidence like this? I am not seeking to buy it, and am only looking to see perhaps 38* pieces of information.

Any help is appreciated.

*Coincidentally, 3+8=11.

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  1. bmseattle says:

    I remember having school yearbooks all the way back through junior high.
    Any previous year’s schoolbooks for Dylan and/or Eric would be useful.
    Usually, school libraries keep copies of past yearbooks, so it seems like copies of.these book should theoretically be available.

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  2. All serial killers and all mass killers are complete bull. Really? Their child hoods damaged them so much to go on kill crazy murder sprees? Utter bull. It’s nonsense, don’t you love how these serial killers have all the time and money in the world to indulge their singular passion to murder people? It’s absurd.


  3. ` says:

    There’s a web site that sells any yearbook from any school from any year; I will see if I can find any information on the 1999 yearbook from Columbine
    (that’s the name of the high school, right ?).


  4. I once met a psychologist who wrote and published a book on Seattle’s Green River Killer. In it he asserted that the killer was using ritual religious symbols in his staging of the bodies. Of course, at that time(1999) I thought the killings real, and found the book interesting. Ed Schau was the guy’s name. Easy to see now he was down a rabbit hole.


  5. The Columbine Massacre recurred with me. I couldn’t get my mind around it. It actually traumatized me a bit in that I thought so much about the kind of evil necessary for it to be carried out- the dynamic necessary for not one but two kids to agree upon a nihilistic kill crazy murder spree of their peers. It’s a dark tale- and that was the point. i know now it was fake. I’m disgusted by the authors of these fictions. I imagine them to be snarky little prep school shits and Ivy League dinks sitting in cubicle farms sipping foamy coffe drinks and playing high school pranks on each other all day long in between twisted brainstorming sessions.


  6. Josh says:

    Mark, you don’t live too far from Columbine if I’m not mistaken. Couldn’t you just make up some cover story, go down there, and look at a copy they must have in their library?


    • I intend to call down there to see if a copy is available for viewing. I will also try the main branch of the Denver Public Library. I am not a good liar, so cover story is out of the question, and anyway, I would surely not be the first.

      [The school is shut down until 7/12 or so, and we are traveling anyway.]


  7. tyronemccloskey says: This site has some yearbook stuff in it. Note that the two made videos and acted in them. An easy “tell”…


    • tyronemccloskey says:

      This is a portion of a comment I made for an earlier post here at POM regarding Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park and their possible connection to Columbine. I repost it here to add to whatever Mark is putting together for a full dress Columbine special:

      “Parker and Stone were said to have attended college in Colorado and studied film under Avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage, the namesake of the South Park character, Stan Marsh- I caution that those two may in fact be theater people, trained in the various theatrical arts they have had great success with- BUT, that does not mean they aren’t spooks of the first order- It’s well agreed that no one gets a platform the size of Parker and Stone’s without the right connections and agenda driven content- There are many ways to contextualize characters like these to ultimately smother them in red cloth-

      First, Brakhage as their mentor: Brakhage was born in 1933 (Ca-ching!) He commiserated with a host of modernist spooks in the late forties/early fifties as the CIA made their big push to destroy traditional art and its political potential- Brakhage I would describe as the Jackson Pollack of film- Like Clement Greenberg, the champion of abstract expressionism (an admitted CIA project) Brakhage et al had their press champion in Jonas Mekas who explained at great length in CIA co-opted journals what a great talent these spook artists were to a befuddled public who just didn’t get it- Fake awards soon pushed this ultimately Warhol/Sutcliffe inspired anti-cinema to illegitimate scholarly status (Spoiler alert: All of Brakhage’s films are utterly unwatchable, no matter the attendant superlatives)
      Brakhage had earlier mentored another CIA sanctioned degenerate “filmmaker”, Kenneth Anger, he a Doonsebury-like connector of the many nodes of Manson-era Laurel Canyon- (It’s possible Kenny, the character on SP that dies every week, is named after Anger (Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer)
      As I argued in JFKTV, these blockbuster psy-operas require serious show biz vets to pull these things together and keep track of the parallel narratives that are engineered to divide the public and simultaneously have the public agree that the hijackings/shootings/suicides actually did take place-
      Given the overlay of teenage angst that the Columbine narrative fetishized, I would not be surprised to find that asset Brakhage recommended two of his former pupils to infuse the narrative with up to date memes and imagery that the two much younger protégé’s would be familiar with- The additionally perverse touch of Parker and Stone using their own photos from a decade or so before is perfectly consistent with the brand of sick humor South Park is infamous for-
      I’ll also bet half a day’s pay that Columbine was infiltrated with “transfers” who could pass for seniors to get a lay of the land- A beta test of sorts for such a maneuver was concocted by Rolling Stone magazine in the early 80’s when they sent Cameron Crowe, a featherweight writer/director who was just starting out as a “reporter”, to return to his alma mater after college and pose as a high school senior, thanks to his still boyish good looks, and then write an article on what life was like from the inside of a teenage hive like a white suburban high school- A subsequent book, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and a film version launched Crowe to commercial success- If there was an overall producer/director of Columbine, Crowe would be one of my prime suspects, with input from another cinema knave who made his own film about Columbine, Gus Van Sant-“


      • Grace says:

        @Tyrone: Excellent. If you don’t have your own website/blog, you need to start one. You have way too much erudition and talent to simply contribute to other people’s blogs, although it’s quite enjoyable reading you here at POM. Maybe you do have your own forum??


        • La Salle says:

          I write this with no animosity. It will be a “post and run”. No ad-hominems and no attacks, don’t get me wrong. I do not think it is necessary for him to have his own blog. POM is a good platform. I enjoy his droll (with D not T) and erudite style. My top contemporary speculative writer. Very talented and transparent man. Should become more mainstream. His talents are inversely proportional to how mainstream he is. I just only wish he updates his material. Blue Moon’s waist-deep military/industrial connections is a questions mark. Other than that no complaints.Cheers.


      • Thank you Ty. I remember that comment and will incorporate it into the piece. It really adds depth.


        • Jesse says:

          Mark, just out of curiosity, may I ask why is it Columbine the next big topic you are about to release a post? Is there any particular reason for picking it? Like closer to home, etc? Don’t get me wrong, it is an interesting topic. I’ll share 2 personal ones I find very intriguing and I am not sure if theh blog has put out something regarding those: Kent State and David Koresh and the Branch Davidians.


          • I was working in Pulse, and recalled an earlier post in need of review, the main characters Michael Moore, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, all of whom factor heavily in Columbine. So I decided to follow Pulse with Columbine. There’s no logic to it.

            We have done a brief piece on the photos at Kent State, which appear staged, and Koresh is also ripe for a look. If you want to do anything, I am happy to give you a venue. We are all capable of doing this stuff … is is tedious, and mostly a matter of reading numerology (not as strong evidence but as leading) and resolving contradictions, which are usually abundant in fake events, and otherwise using our brains rather than relying on authority figures to tell us what is true. We are always looking for new voices and insight.


          • Jesse says:

            Mark: Thanks for the offer, it is very nice of you and very much appreciated. As good a reader I am, I consider my writing abilities subpar. If sitting in front of a computer and drinking coffee were exercise, I would be in the best shape of my life!!. I will search for the time, not making any promises, but excited for the opportunity. Will try to keep it short and good (twice as good!!). Perhaps I can put together something about scotsman John Law, Duke D’Orleans and XVII Century’s France.


  8. Josh says:

    Mark, if you do get yourself access to some yearbooks, in addition to looking for Eric and Dylan, you should also look for the alleged victims, both before AND after the alleged event. Do they appear in the yearbooks in prior years? In the same year? What did the school yearbook do (if anything) in subsequent years to commemorate the (alleged) dead and injured?


    • This is my idea in wanting to see 1998 – I assume that 1999, already in print when the event was staged, was littered with clues, in fact, I have seen some of them at various websites. So they would not have overlooked it, and made sure that the two perps and victims were in it. 1997 and 1996 would be useful too. I want to know if the kids existed then, or if they were made up, or transferred in. If they are not in the phone books, two possibilities – they did not exist, or were unlisted.

      Denver is crawling with military – Buckley Air Force base alone is charged with servicing 97,000 active and retired personnel. There is an Army Intlligence branch there. There is the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Lockheed has huge facilities here. There is a missile base a hundred miles north in Cheyenne. It is a spooks’ nest.


      • Greg says:

        I’m sure it was planned years in advance and prior yearbooks would be edited to match a future event? Have you tried posting a wanted ad in craigslist or a make a post in the facebook alumni group? I’m sure one of the former students is in your town and would let you look at one.


    • I have been trying, without success, to gain access to the Columbine library. I think it has to do only with summer business, as the school is open for business but is not answering their phones. These outfits are usually deep in meetings this time of year, planning, laying out schedules, classes, curriculum, staff, all that frightfully boring stuff. Indoctrination of youth is time consuming! Rather than call I will make a trip down there and see if the school is taking visitors. In seeking out yearbooks, I do not need to specify years, and can just say I am looking at the early years to alleviate suspicion. Since the event was fake, and at least one or two there will know this, caution is in order.


  9. 47 Ronin says:

    I’m certain it is a short drive for you. Hopefully it is not 22 miles!! Make it fun!


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