Dewey defeats Truman


Notice in-the photo collage above that all the newspapers, regardless of Truman’s pose, look the same and that there appears an unnatural wrinkle below which everything is blurred. (Ignore Obama.)

I think this might be explained … Thomas Dewey won the election. That might matter, might not. It was understood that the election would be stolen for Truman as people slept, so that a story was invented: Newspaper people were said to have gone to bed after putting their morning papers to press, only to be shocked in the morning to learn that overnight vote counting favored Truman.

An alternative: Truman, in a studio (ergo the black background), was given a prop, perhaps a canvas bag, and told to hold it up smiling. Images of a newspaper were then overlaid in a dark room. Because they could not know what other stories might be prominent, they blurred the lower half. The result is meant to look like Truman is on a podium in front of a crowd in celebration. He is acting. (Notice how even in different Truman poses, the newspaper looks the same.)

Dewey defeated Truman.

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8 Responses to Dewey defeats Truman

  1. Stewart says:

    Why have you removed the Denise Brown/Nicole Simson link?


  2. tyronemccloskey says:

    This should come as no great surprise but its an anecdote to illustrate where the loyalties of these mid management types like Truman really lie: A family member had been in the Navy and one of his superior officers related how he had met Truman when the officer was a mere JG. Truman was president at the time and boarded the ship and soon enough, because the JG was a Freemason, he found himself playing poker with the Prez and his Captain, also a brother Mason. Rank was put aside and it was first names, brandy and dirty jokes all evening.


    • As I re-thought this (I put this up last night while drinking cheap white wine), Truman was holding up a real newspaper, that is, not a piece of cardboard or a gunny sack for photo pasting purposes. It might have been a headline done by agreement, and for the purpose of this photo, but that issue of the Chicago Tribune is on record. How this famous photo came to be … might be for real. It was a stolen election.


  3. More like Dewey defeated Robert Ritter Von Greim. But hey, as the 33rd president they had to make this a special one. Surely you didn’t think they’d fool around with such an important number. Nope, only the best for the colonists.


  4. fm says:

    I can, again, only point to that famous quote (supposedly from Stalin). The common man’s vote never mattered. Just the methods of defraud change, and electronics makes it exceptionally easy.
    To come to the point, I’m not wondering about any election fraud.


  5. From the Truman Library…….Subject….favorite food. ” Never notice what’s put before me. Learned in the Army to eat what could be obtained and like it. In my outfit when a man kicked about the food, he was given a chance to improve it. That cured the kickers and they took what was put before them and liked it “. Career general officer of the Heer/ Luftwaffe ? or Pendergast lackey who did a stint in the army ? You decide…..


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