I know I’m walking right into the trap they have set, but what the hell…

I spent the weekend trying to make sense of the public immolation of the persona of Harvey Weinstein. I looked at it from several economic angles and nothing made sense. Film, streaming, gaming, they are all chugging along at record profits. What’s Harvey Weinstein to all of that? His crap wins awards. Prestige is a thing in Hollywood and he delivers. He’s a valuable asset to the propaganda machine.

At first I thought Weinstein’s greatest creation was being protected from some scandal and Harvey took the bullet. But it turns out the era of Tarantino was closing fast already- QT not so subtly had hinted of retirement last year (There is nothing subtle about Quinten Tarantino, anyway) With his mentor slain, we may have indeed seen the last of this filmmaker, a crass and vulgar plebe with a dangerous level of talent and learning. But that was a feverish bit of Grassy Knoll thinking. I deleted all of my notes and went back to watching Russian dash cam car crash videos to clear my mind.

Then the other spiked heel dropped.

The “Me Too” meme has swept through the social media landscape as fast as the Napa fires and the entire gender, male division, seems to have been called out on the street. Now burning Weinslob at the stake makes sense. Thanks to an actress who has spent her whole life in front of a camera and seemed, early on, to willingly accommodate the image makers desire for her to drop trou on cue, women everywhere are being encouraged to slap the “Me Too” slogan on their Facebook page and Twitter accounts. It is an acknowledgement that vast numbers of heretofore silent female victims have suffered abuse from men, just like the actresses on Weinstein’s hit list.*

What bugs me more than this being another collective chain pull to get women and men further at odds with each other, is that some otherwise good men are dropping a knee and apologizing for being born male. No, not as explicitly as that, but implying shame for what other, privileged assholes allegedly have done. I’m no macho asshole like those clowns, as far as I can tell, but this particular psy-op is like a kick in the nuts. I am in a foul mood about strangers emasculating themselves. That’s how insidious this is. I am not one to tell a man how he should spend his day or what he should fill his head with, but this bad reaction I am having is certainly widespread and part of the engineered response the creeps were expecting. A man can negotiate and rationalize a great many things to stay on the path of least resistance, but an invitation to self-emasculation is where I draw the line.

This division between men and women is now supplemented by divisions within the male population: Sensitive lib-tards ready to confess thought crimes and men who do not wish to be lumped in with the Rush Limbaugh ditto-heads are now at odds over an arson set conflagration of emotions regarding the fundamental differences in the approach of each gender to sexual attraction, and I don’t mean a man’s attraction to women is ipso facto “rape”. That sick notion hangs just outside the parameters of this operation, but its stench is subtly creeping into the subconscious. This op has nothing to do with a Hollywood clown and the scores of compliant women who have been feeding that propaganda mill for over a century. This is about emasculation without complaint.

And with emasculation comes submission. Submissives don’t ask questions. They say thank you. If they are allowed a question, it is: May I have another?

Women marched because they sensed themselves victims. They wore pussy hats to underscore their victimhood. They post “Me Too” to expose the scars of their victimhood. If being a victim is the way to show support for equality of the sexes, let me quote a classic Hollywood asshole, Sam Goldwyn: “Include me out!”

PS: I’ve been abused by women. A lot of men raised by a good mother probably have, too. It’s hard for a boy scout to believe such duplicity exists. I was a very slow learner on that score. It’s more subtle coming from a woman, more emotionally than physically punishing, but that punch in the face she gave me (while driving, at that) is still abuse, no matter who is wearing the pants.

*What are the odds Milano and MaGowan, who are the key figures in this psy-op, are not only related, but related to Weinstein? The mothers of those two have been scrubbed from the genealogy sites I’ve visited.


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  1. Thanks Tyrone … this needed to be brought to the surface. Ever heard a story about how a couple of juiced-up kids got to rubbing against each other and the rubbing eventually caused removal of clothing? I call that nature, that the urges are so strong in youth that it doesn’t take much alcohol to remove the inhibitions. Now that is called “rape.” The woman, an avid participant, is a victim, and the man, at “fault” is in remorse and is possibly looking at prison. We have elevated women to a position of such power that they can reduce men to wimpering idiots for doing something as natural as farting. Where at one time it was called making a pass, or mashing it up, copping a feel, traipsing the bases, now it is criminal and the woman, avid participant, even temptress, dressed to the edge of seduction, can afterward hold the man’s balls in a vice grip.

    If there is violence, of course it is criminal. If there is a mutual game that ends up in a thrust session, it is life.

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  2. You are looking at huge Hollywood money and power. Men that have that DO NOT go without! They do not have to risk their reputations, or careers for that or get there bedroom activities in the media like this. It’s in abundance, from young pretty high priced escorts to young pretty low priced escorts. Creme dela creme! Sad that guys that look like bloated out roadkill like Weinstein get that. However it’s even harder to believe these kinda sorta attractive B list move actresses over 40 think they had a shot on the audition couch. This psych op is working as recently I feel I need to keep a distance from my female coworkers with all the hype in the air.

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  3. But why drag one of “them” on the scaffold ?
    Aren’t there plenty of other “famous” guys available for this kind of psy-op ?
    Just guessing he had double-crossed one of his brothers-in-blood with deeper pockets.


  4. Perhaps a sign “the economy” is slowing (or dying). There’s more than one way to acquire, merge or consolidate (gain market share) when “range-bound” stock prices head the other way. Boom and bust. Smart “investors” make money on the upside, and the tumble. Stagnation is the killer of “unearned” wealth accumulation. Poor Harvey — or Harvey’s character, anyway. The Crown lives on after the persona dies. Long live the Hollywood Dream.


  5. I’m thinking that Weinstein would be glad to have been immortalized into
    the current Mythology that the Elites are now creating wholecloth in realtime .

    See it for what it is , sacrifices at the baby steps of the Aquarian Age ,
    as Hurricane Harvey’s Cali-fornication career going down
    in a lusty flaming wildfire burnout .
    Don’t miss GEOSTORM , ” After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world’s leaders came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe. But now, something has gone wrong: the system built to protect Earth is attacking it …. ”
    Only the System builders can save us from , well everything .
    Docile feminine infants will be easier to control .

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    1. Yes, I think he’s getting a kick out of getting this gig. Probably gay with ED for all we know. These turds crave the spotlight, and like to portray themselves as jerks, a la Larry David, Seinfeld et al. They’re the toast of the backstage party, no doubt. (Saying this having never seen nor heard of this guy outside of POM)

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  6. I’ll be honest about what’s happening to me: an immense contempt for the elite and a contempt for the “normies” who can’t see what’s going on.

    The only people I respect are those who’ve taken the “red pill” and can see “red flags” like MM can.

    I’m losing patience with blind, cowardly people.

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    1. I think the term “normies” is not descriptive, as they may be the majority, but their cognitive functions are severely impaired. They are incurious about the major events of our times, and are also smug about it, presuming that their incuriosity is a sign of intelligence. It is not. These are not “stupid” people for the most part, but they are willfully ignorant. Stupidity is permanent, but ignorance is curable. But they are under a spell, controlled by electronic media.

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  7. Cheer up Mick , knowing these things makes you one in a billion of all
    humans to have existed , you are literally more informed
    than the graduating class of any university , yes I get that
    thought when witnessing people ” how do you have more than me ”
    But would not trade places with them .


    1. Thanks Dave.
      I think there’s a definite “battle of the sexes” aspect to this Harvey Weinstein psy op.
      And Tyrone and Straight as well have done excellent work on sexual psy ops on POM.


  8. Spook markers on Stephen King: born in 1947, first published novel in 1974.

    He is being promoted hard now with the nasty “It” and “Mr Mercedes”.

    “Mr Mercedes” has predictive programming of recent vehicle-ramming attacks and the Manchester Arena bombing.

    “Maximum Overdrive” has self-driving vehicles.

    “Rage” (1977) has predictive programming of school shootings.

    He seems like an intel project to me.

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    1. Stephen King IS a project or the front for a Langley writing committee. I stay away from him and have done so for a very long time. I put away childish things.


    2. He’s related to the Pillsbury family, which makes his rags-to-riches story suspicious to say the least. That he’s one of the astounding number of famous people born in 1947 is the least creepy thing about him.

      IT, by the way, is puberty. That’s the crux of that entire story. IT is the clown/crown/corona. IT’s change, specifically of the body, a la the Werewolf that one character fears, i.e. the growing of hair and the transformation of the body. IT is blood, that which comes upon children when they reach puberty, hence the fear of it. Change, the unknown, etc. For the Bev character it’s literally blood and hair sprouting from the drain, just as one example. And lest you think I’m reading too much into this bear in mind that in the book version of the story the entire group of 6 pubescent males has sex with Bev to defeat the Clown. Yep, you read that right. Stephen King’s popular book about a scary ol’ clown ends with group child sex.

      I have not seen the film but saw screenshots and several clips at a friend’s. Dead children are literally piled up into a phallus/obelisk in IT’s underground lair. The whole thing’s about puberty in about the sickest, most fucked up way you could tell that story. Every child in the story has fucked up parents. Not one comes from a stable home, much less a happy one. This is King’s forte: in nearly every book he’s ever written a child, usually pre-pubescent, discovers him/herself to be gifted with some great power they come to realize, and their first order of business is typically to kill/get revenge on/get away from their parents or parent figure/s.

      Carrie. Firestarter. Salem’s Lot. The Dark Tower series. Take your pick.

      The guy’s M.O. seems to be to take that most natural and human of events, puberty, and present it in the sickest way possible.

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    3. SK was always promoted as the master of horror, which made me wonder back then when I read his first books because I did expect something different. He is a real writer, maybe one of the spooks being open shown to us. I followed his books through centuries and it was a constant development. He now reflects a lot of his aging in his protagonists. For instance, the detective in Mr. Mercedes, Bill Hodges is an old guy feeling all the pain from being old. In Duma Key he reflects his own car accident. That’s very consistent. On the other side he admits to write books under the name of Richard Bachman, so maybe he directly works for the Intelligence as his own writing committee. Or maybe he simply found a way how to get published propagating the propaganda of fear and political correctness TPTB wants to publish. Nevertheless many of his books are very entertaining.


    4. I’m not a fan of King (though I was in high school a million years ago.) I think he’s either a useful idiot, or that he at some point was inducted into the fold and became part of the agenda. His pretentious insecure tiresome vanity has metastasized as he’s grown older and is consistently reflected in his novels, his pop culture articles and his interviews. I actually think our behind the scenes leaders have simply surrounded him with people who have told him things that appealed to his ego while also serving their agenda. When he was young, he quite aptly described his work as “the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and large fries at McDonald’s.” Now he is constantly at pains to tell anyone who will listen or read that if they don’t take him seriously as a “literary” writer they should really consider the possibility that they are just snooty stuck-up assholes. He has become a part of the pervasive campaign to dumb us all down, but I actually think he may be too dumb and too full of himself to realize it.

      Also, though I am convinced numbers are used strategically in psy-op/hoax projects, I’m getting really sick of everyone seeing the CIA everywhere in numbers. I narrate audiobooks on a royalty share basis and get daily updates on my sales. Yesterday one of my audiobooks showed a total of 47 sales; 33 of them were from members of the audiobook club where they were sold who used membership credits, 7 of them were from members not using their credits, and 7 were from non-members. The audiobook club is a division of Amazon and most definitely a CIA-controlled or -owned corporation, but I’m not CIA, and I don’t think those sale numbers were code that the CIA is watching me. Sometimes numbers are just numbers. Frankly, I think a preoccupation with the numerology makes all of us look like idiots on the level of Goldbug.

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      1. I take the numbers more serious when I see them in the biography of famous people or in movies, games etc. For example Star Trek is full of 47 references. 47 is also connected to Pomona College. The 47 Las Vegas guns are probably a big red flag. Interesting that a hip hop group has a logo with the number 47, which supposedly refers to the heart chakra (4) and the brain chackra (7) ( ) . The attacks are on emotional (for most people) and intellectual (especially for more aware people) levels, so 47 is a nice spook number.
        It is good to be aware of some numbers but I really don’t know the origins of their symbolic value. Some important numbers are important in astronomy. For example 47 is connected to the cycles of Mars. The maximum solar variation in altitude one any location over a year period is 47 degrees (Earth’s tilt times 2 or 23.5*2). CIA was formed in 1947. If 47 is important, these are a few possible explanations but maybe there is something totally different.

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        1. Yes, I’m not saying there isn’t anything to it, but SK being born in 1947 doesn’t necessarily mean anything. So was my mother.
          And it’s tricky to call “predictive programming” shenanigans on the work of genre writers, especially when they are as prolific as King is and the author is as steeped in the tropes and demands of his genre as King is. Genre tropes and state propaganda seem to form a feedback loop that does not necessarily reflect conscious intent on the part of the author. Sometimes it surely is conscious, but not necessarily. The idea of a kid shooting up his school and holding a classroom hostage is horrifying. When I read “Under the Dome” I thought it had a lot of propagandistic elements, but I wasn’t and still am not sure that King was aware of them. (I think the people who turned that book into a shitty TV show and marketed the hell out of it were VERY aware, however.) I’m not saying you’re wrong about King or that paying attention to the numerology is wrong … I guess I’m just saying I get a different vibe from that guy. I think he really did come from poverty and got famous when he was young and naive and he has either existed in a bubble of privilege that has kept him naive, or he got with the program later in life. I suspect the former, but I have no way of knowing.
          I think my initial reply was snarky and I’m sorry about that.


          1. 1947 was a time shortly after the war ended and men got back from the war fronts to their lonely wives and that’s what is called baby boomer time. Stephen King is just one of the many baby boomers. He is not an idiot, useful or not, he is an excellent writer and he is aware of any detail in his books. Every line in Under the Dome was written on purpose. He may get some rough ideas what to put in his books from the intelligence. That’s how all the bestsellers are made. Ken Follett got officially a contract for a trilogy on the first, second and the cold war. I’m sure this contract described in detail what propaganda had to be put in the story. But the story still has to be made by the writer. If the story is good to carry the propaganda the book will be made into a bestseller. I’m also pretty sure Ken Follett used ghost writers for parts of his war trilogy. There were clearly many different styles, especially in the second book. And still the books are a good read and page turners. I enjoyed them a lot. The main intelligence author this days seems to be Dan Brown. His books are much worse than SK or KF.


          2. And it’s tricky to call “predictive programming” shenanigans on the work of genre writers, especially when they are as prolific as King is and the author is as steeped in the tropes and demands of his genre as King is. Genre tropes and state propaganda seem to form a feedback loop that does not necessarily reflect conscious intent on the part of the author.

            I remember MM’s take on the beatles “popularity” here. Just like the famous (pseudo-) antique example Nero, payed audience – or busloads of screaming girls – were presented to the public. Just for the purpose to push the propaganda embedded in the songs. Just as with politics and history, most people don’t have a “taste” or preference on their own, they just “like” what the group likes – or what they are made to believe the group likes.
            Pushing ridiculous songs or books up the charts for that purpose is a simple thing for those people.


      2. Does anyone think that Stephen King’s books are written by committee? What are the signs, if any, that a book is written this way? Miles Mathis I think says the Harry Potter and the Game of Throne books are written this way.


        1. One of the most prolific authors in history, a romance novelist “named” Barbara Cartland, was quite open about her methods- she would remain in bed, breakfasting with her pooches while a phalanx of secretaries were told what subjects to write about and in what sequence. Then these scribes would put together a first draft and they would describe the draft, after which, with a few changes ordered, they would go off and write the damned book(s). Like Peter Paul Rubens, who would paint only a portion of his paintings, the portion size depended upon the price offered, authors become brand names. If King ever wrote anything, which I doubt, he’s certainly fronting for a committee now, though I suspect his scribes meet him in a saloon for extended liquid lunches.
          (Hell, they may even use a modified version of Burroughs’ cut-up method.)

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        2. to have an opinion on that you have to read the books first. I read almost every one of them through the years. He writes about one book every year, which is a lot of stuff. You may read his book “On Writing”. It gives very convincing insides about the writing industry. He definitely is useful for TPTB for he creatively uses the fear porn they are feeding us. But with that in mind his books are not scary and still very entertaining. Bestseller authors have to obey and toe to the mainstream or they won’t be bestsellers. The same applies to movie makers. Entire entertaining industry is connected and forced into line. That’s why we are sceptics in the first place, no? I’m convinced they are authors fronting commitees of real writers. Or using ghost writers for some works. In Germany we don’t have any real writers anymore. I tried female and male German “bestseller” authors and with very few exceptions they are not readable and still effectively pushed on us as “bestsellers”. Or take “The Martian” which is being promoted as scientific. It’s such a crap. And still even educated people take this for real.

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  9. “Harvey Weinstein”.

    The Harvey reminds me of Harvey Milk – the supposedly slain (faked death?) and supposedly gay City Supervisor of SF.

    And the Weinstein is one letter off “Feinstein”, the surname of supposed gun-grabber Dianne. Interesting timing with the Las Vegas shooting and all.

    Oh how we’d laugh if it turned out that Harvey Milk was straight and Harvey Weinstein was gay.

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    1. If you ever feel like writing up your thoughts as expressed here, Mick, I’d be happy to publish them over your name as a guest. It is hard work, but very rewarding. The trick is to examine the known “facts” on the ground, of the Milk shooting, for instance, and then look for contradictions, which always pop up in fake events, and spook markers.


    2. Mick: I lived through those times in S.F. If it was a FF, they did a bang-up job. Sorry for the pun! As far as I know, it was real, but I’ve learned an awful lot since then, and I’ve changed and become cynical in a healthy way. Someone far smarter than I would need to deconstruct that whole sordid affair. The City by the Bay descended into utter chaos, terror, fear, mourning and grief, and was turned over on its head. Dianne Feinstein was catapulted onto the national scene and would go on to “greater things”. Such as standing on the steps of the Capitol accusing Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. “The men are pigs project” as MM calls it was now well underway. I never jumped on any bandwagon and have been happily married for 38 years. I like to think I had good (and still have) good instincts. Good people exist; quantity over quality. If you have one good friend in which to talk to about these kinds of things, consider yourself blessed. Fortunately, I have two awake thirty something sons that I can talk to about these kinds of things all the time — they educate me!

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    3. The Harvey reminds me of Harvey Milk …

      In German language, Milk is “Milch”. And there was a famous person named Milch …
      A Jewish (!) Nazi Luftwaffe Field Marshall named Erhard Milch. Supposedly tried as war criminal in Nuremberg, he (supposedly, again) served just 3 (!) years of his lifetime sentence in jail, to live happily ever after …
      But wait, his Wiki page can even top this:

      On surrendering, he presented his baton to Brigadier Derek Mills-Roberts, who was so disgusted by what he had seen when liberating the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp that he broke the baton over Milch’s head.


  10. Tyrone, boy do I hear ya man.
    But any woman who feels empowered by this Harvey ‘FUGLY’ Weinstein nonsense or any other kind of emasculating of men wet dream is NOT a quality woman. I have high standards when it comes to women and have fired all women from my life who so much as insinute ‘they’re better’ than me. And I can’t stop laughing when they imply they’re smarter too, not realizing they are about to be shown the door.
    ‘Play Misty for Me’ isn’t just a movie, I lived it. Same goes for ‘Fatal Attraction’.
    Sounds like they’re overdue for re-release.
    I’ve been physically and emotionally abused by women too Tyrone. I’m lucky to be alive. I’ve been thrown in jail due to false domestic violence charges. And during my divorce my ex-wife didn’t pay the mortgage for over a year, trying to get the house to foreclose. Even worse, nobody believed me when I told them the woman was nuts and/or what I was going through. They all thought I must’ve done something to the poor woman to make her do these things to me.
    It took me forever to learn the key to keeping women in their place is ‘to be a challenge’ for them.
    Either way, the bottom line is a quality woman does Not believe in emasculating men.
    A quality woman desires real men.

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    1. My husband and I raised masculine (and kind boys) and they are in happy marriages. I love strong men who of course have heart and empathy. The last thing I would ever want is a metrosexual feminized male, but then again I am from another generation. We can only learn the lessons and move on, and hope we meet someone sympatico. If we all start trusting our better instincts and stop looking to media and celebrities for our role models, we would be a lot happier. Lucky for me I have sons who are awake and who are onto this whole emasculation project. Men and women need to be a team, looking out for each other, bringing out the best in one another. That is what it’s about.


  11. MM has weighed in on Weinstein fiasco and as always, nails it.

    He’s voiced my sentiments: “I encourage you not to fall for any of this… find a good lover and cling to them. Stop buying all the lies and products. Bankrupt the mainstream media and then bankrupt the investment groups. Or, better, arrest them all, try and convict them, and march them off some Tarpeian Rock into the sea.”

    Wouldn’t that be nice!


  12. Weinstein or no Weinstein (only wimpier last name I’ve ever come across was Spamcake, no lie) I wanted to share link/shrink4men info at bottom I discovered last year that was helpful to me. And I hope in some way others may find this helpful to them as well. Particularly in relation Tyrone’s P.S. at end of his post.
    For me, it reinforced my belief that “I” was Not and am Not the problem in any of my failed romantic relationships. Instead I allowed myself to be reeled in by wolves in sheeps clothing.
    I made concessions and excuses at every turn for their nut-jobness and bizarre self-serving mainstream reinforced beliefs, thinking it was a phase or they had a bad day. YA RIGHT!! It only gets and got worse.
    Well, I’ve paid my dues IN FULL.
    But I had to figure it out for myself, and I did, at age 49, two years ago.
    I put maximum effort into figuring it out because I love myself.
    You have to WANT to know the truth about things.
    You get out of life what you put into it.
    I’m a 24/7 open minded Truther.
    “Dr Tara J.Palmatier began Shrink4Men because she recognized that men who are in abusive relationships in which the perpetrator is a woman do not have the same support resources as their female counterparts. Much of society and support organizations refuse to recognize that men comprise approximately 50% of relational abuse targets or, worse yet, ridicule men who seek help for this reason”.



    “Malta cannot be a sham EU state where elections, the rule of law and the courts are just for show. The continent’s citizens accept EU governance because every member state is a functioning democracy. When one of its own backslides on democratic commitments, when a life is lost in the pursuit of truth, then the EU must take action.”

    It’s instructive to see the unsubtle use that the spook mouthpiece The Guardian makes of this murder.

    I can’t even be sure that this was an actual murder.


    1. Of course it wasn’t an actual murder. Does it look like one?

      It’s just a heap of junk parked on farmland to fool all the liberal idiots who lap up the Guardian”s “revelations” on Wikileaks, Panama Papers and every other psy-op which is sent its way by friendly spooks.

      About as realistic as this 2016 Maltese “car bonb” model


  14. I was familiar with Calcified Lies before the post on him on this blog.
    I came across his piece on Kubrick and 911 about a year ago. On one of his YouTube videos he favourably mentions the blog

    “…but the most likely scenario is that the globalists will script the destruction of the USS Carl Vinson (either through conventional or nuclear means).”

    Could the scripted destruction of Harvey Weinstein foretell the scripted destruction of the USS Carl Vinson?


    And also remember the destruction of Otto Warmbier?

    Does not the surname of “Warmbier” associate nicely with “Weinstein”?


    1. Does not the surname of “Warmbier” associate nicely with “Weinstein”?

      At least Warmbier was a brother-in-blood, as his Wiki page admits.


      1. Need to correct myself: “was” should have been “is”. I do not believe he is dead.
        BTW, like the site as well. Ken has some interesting ideas and theories. And predictions are a difficult, ungrateful business, especially of the future …


        1. Would the world not seem more just if say David Sassoon had to change his name to
          Opiumberg or Monsanto to Roundupiwitz … Larry Flint to Pornstein ?


  15. Also why the ” Men are pigs ” project anyway ? , would not normal males/females
    spend money and add to the controllers wealth , masculine men
    buying big trucks , feminine women buying lingerie and anything else
    to attract a man . I see that all women are attracted to
    manly men , they can’t stop themselves . The PTB have perverted all that , but why
    would the sexually normal not make lots of babies , spend their income any less
    the sexual-psychos ? Is this program aimed at ‘ more advanced ‘ whites/blacks only .
    Is it to promote a more controllable population Muslim/Latino ( they don’t seem
    to be falling for it or even targeted ( yet ? )). Can we see a deeper meaning .

    I’m thinking as stated above , it has to do with the changing of the age of Pieces
    to the age of Aquarius . I’ve seen that the end of the age of Taurus is shown as the
    hunting/slaying of a bull , the end of Aires as the sacrifice of a lamb/ram .
    Was the end of Pieces the wars/mass murders ( netting/harvesting of fish )
    of the 20th century , whether the actual killing actually happened
    or was symbolic .

    Thanks B. , in your above :
    ” accelerate the aging ” = Weinstein = why he is in this Myth .

    The ends of the ages seem to show a pattern of tarring down/violent destructions .
    We see that in the conspiracy numbers – 11 ( chaos ) is the murder of 10 ( perfection ) .
    I have yet to delve fully into the mythology of this new age , but the agrandizement
    of the feminine over the masculine is easy to see at a glance .

    But the programers are victims of de-evolution , not capable of creating
    Gilgemesh they give us Gilligans Island .


    1. The fact that whites are probably the main target is a very important observation. Blacks, Mestizos and Muslims have lower average IQ ( the concept of intelligence is more complex than IQ tests but I believe that tests like Raven Matrices are relevant and meaningful enough). East Asians have on average a slighter higher visual IQ (like on Raven Matrices) but they seem to be more compliant and conforming (culture probably plays a great role in their conformity). I believe that white countries had more real rebellions in history. Many revolts were controlled by elites but I believe there were many real rebellions. The controlled rebellions/revolutions were probably preemptive measures against real popular discontent. The greatest attack against whites is immigration.

      I have a different view regarding the ages due to the fact that I believe in chronological revisionism. For example I believe that Taurus and the slaying of the bull is connected to the Taurids meteor shower. I believe that a great disaster from the past is connected to the Taurids . Meteors can be dangerous even when they don’t impact the Earth, see this pdf book .


      1. I do find the subject , chronological revisionism interesting , calgacus
        I also find it hard to then readjust my thoughts to fit into it .
        It is interesting that the experts can’t agree on when the Aquarian Age
        actually started or will start , where does the first star of Aquarius
        signal the change or …. maybe … 600 skipped over years .
        But surely Precession of the night time sky can be used a clock/calander ,
        to look back in time .
        I’m halfway through ‘ Hamlets Mill ‘
        ( The myth is born of science; science alone explains the myth )
        and have finished ‘ The Mathisen Corollary ‘
        with alot of new previously unknown to me info to think about .
        His theory of the timeline is a global geological flood destructive event
        5000 bc or sooner , with human witnesses who then recorded the
        before and after in their myths , in the math of their structures, Giza built as
        soon as 500 years after the event . Then the evacuation of Egypt by these advanced
        humans ( sorry no aliens involved ) who then spread their crypto knowledge around
        the world . I’m not fully on board with all that , but his arguments are compelling .
        Pondering the unprovable , Cheers !


          1. Yes Grace , in fact that’s what led me to read that book ,
            I’m not one to NOT look at something when someone ,
            including MM , tells me not to . Just as I would NOT do
            a hallucinogenic drug because anyone told me to .
            I did not read or buy anything from Hancock , as they did not
            interest me . I saw the Mathisen book on GH website and that did
            pique my interest so I read it .
            ‘Hamlets Mill’ can be found online for free .

            I am subjected to ‘the Bible is the unerring word of (OT/NT) God’
            meme , and have been all my life , when it turns out that the
            flood myth was recorded all over the world , some say 600
            occurrences . I had known that but the fact of , ALL the themes they
            share is new to me , not just the single family surviving , two of
            all the animals , sent out bird/brings back a plant , but also
            common aspects that lead me to think the current PTB are creating
            myths .

            That’s what we are seeing , and they have the knowledge
            of these past events , I think the Romans looted this knowledge
            from Alexandrian library in ! 47 ! bc , or that’s the year
            that new alliances were made and continue to now .

            And it turns out at the end of his book David Mathisen
            reveals himself to be a creationist of sorts .
            We all have unanswered questions , here’s my fav quote from Hamlets Mill –

            What the I hell should I care for my silly notions of yesterday?


          2. Dave: I understand and of course, it’s good to check things out for ourselves and draw our own conclusions. Believe you me, I read Hancock years ago too, but I love Miles’ keen observations about GH and I am glad to have Miles’ view in my tool belt. BTW, I got so much I needed to sweep away the cobwebs of mental and religious superstition from the ignored genius, Gerald Massey. Now there is someone who is not promoted, in fact his work is suppressed. Everything you would like to know about precession, study of the skies, the changing of the ages, the truth behind the flood, astronomical mythology, astro-theology, etc. is in Massey’s 3 massive works (The Natural Genesis Vol I,II; the Book of the Beginnings Vol I,II; Ancient Egypt: Light of the World Vol I,II). Almost every darn thing that religious institutions push as historic is actually inverted myth.


          3. Dave: Massey might not be the easiest of reads but simply open up pages at random and you will always find a nugget such as this —

            ” Unfortunately that secrecy in the mode of communication became the fatal curse of all the ancient knowledge by allowing the false to come first in being publicly proclaimed.

            Everything noble and ennobling unselfish and spiritual in the ethics of Jesus or rather in the sayings assigned to him as a teacher of men had been anticipated by the Egyptians, the Essenes and the primitive Christians of the Gnostic religion.

            The “new teacher” is merely made to repeat the old sayings with a pretentious air of supernatural authority. The commandments are not new.

            Christianity began as Gnosticism refaced with falsehoods concerning a series of facts alleged to have been historical but which are demonstrably mythical.”

            I know my life began when I put behind me superstitious nonsense – it doesn’t believe that I don’t think religion has its value and place, it’s just that I would rather know the truth behind what’s passed off as irrefutable truth that we are not allowed to question. Good luck with your journey! You are well on your way – trusting your heart and your gut as to what does not sit right with you.


        1. ” The “new teacher” is merely made to repeat the old sayings with a pretentious air of supernatural authority ….”

          If that does not sum up The Sermon on the Mount , I don’t
          know what does .

          Yes Massey has that long winded Victorian style ,.
          The controllers must have been conflicted , they wanted to
          use him for the Theosophy project , but could not let his full-on
          Truth message get to a larger public .

          ps Grace – can you put a link to your blog , I was looking for the
          bookmark I made , now I don’t see it , thanx !


  16. The idea that conflict between the sexes equals more profits for the rulers, as suggested by Miles Mathis, is moronic and stupid. If more women and men got along together, then more marriages, then more children and population growth, then more consumers who buy more stuff and spend money, which leads to more profits for the rulers. If anything, the so-called rulers should be encouraging better relations between men and women, which would be in their interests of increasing their profits. Or maybe then our covert rulers are indeed morons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The point that Miles is trying to make is that miserable and dysfunctional people actually do buy more stuff, more pills, alcohol, drugs, professional sports tix, elaborate cable packages for mindless entertainment – generally quick and easy pleasures. My personal theory is that the happier and more balanced one is, the less external stimulation is needed. The more sane among us seem to do with less and our happiness emanates from within. If Miles’ theory is moronic, then why do we see escalation of drug and opiate use? People must be feeling dis-ease because they are pursuing and running after quick fixes in bigger and bigger numbers. Big Pharma is big business, so is the movie and music industry. The more balanced, healthy and detached I become, the less I want – I don’t watch TV, rarely see a movie, don’t buy the latest music pushed by the industry; and I don’t pay attention to the CIA controlled magazines and newspapers. I get my high from exercise and visits to the ocean and mountains (which costs me very little). For spiritual sustenance, I practice deep breathing, yoga, prayer and meditation and attend Alanon meetings to help cope with family and societal issues, and that program is free. TPTB hate me because I don’t buy into their latest advertisements for the next quick fix.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I see a larger agenda, reduction of population with thrusts on many fronts, m/f conflicts, women working outside the home, the pill, feminization of men and masculination of women, normalization of LGBT, lowered testosterone in men, lower sperm count caused by things I do not understand in the food supply, student loan burden causing delayed marriage and children … perhaps thye think it all more humane than castration or other unspeakable solutions.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree with Mark on the larger agenda. All that he mentions any person with a healthy mind and healthy eyes can see! Thank God for POM where many of us come to get a dose of sanity and reality check… and to realize that we are not the crazy ones.

          Mick: I too have seen all the hype re realistic sex robots. Drudge report covers it quite often – I think Japan is part of that push from what I can tell. It’s pretty darn sick. Turns my stomach. Any person connected to their inner guidance would recoil in horror. I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than give my precious life energy away to a robot.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. The Church’s stand on birth control is not necessary the most important thing. The catholic countries are more family oriented even if you look at White catholic countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal. Some Catholic white countries also have very low suicide rates compared to Protestant countries. The suicide is probably connected to the state of the average family. Some lower income catholic countries like Poland have high suicide rates, so there are many other factors. Nonetheless the family is probably stronger in Catholic countries compared to individualistic Protestant counties. Also if you look how much people worked during the centuries, the average worker in protestant countries worked more hours per year (the climate is probably an important factor).


          2. Strong families are a roadblock to the controllers’ plan; that is why it is sweet revenge to belong to a strong Scots-Irish clan who value and foster clannish behavior. I come from a family of 4, my husband from a family of 10 (post WWII). One of his siblings had 5 children, and everyone else had between 2-4 children. Our clan progeny are marrying, breeding and there is little divorce. I have been married 38 years to the same man and we have an 8th grandchild due soon. We are Irish Catholic (non practicing). Our 3 children defied trends and 2 of them got married in their early 20s and started families right away. The third married in his mid 30s and is on his way to bringing a second child into the world. Many of us are awake to the LGBTQIA project (the list of letters keep growing!) in addition to all the other projects that MM and POM discuss.

            I write this to showcase that strong families who stick together and get (as MM might say) their joy from each other, are a nemesis to the controllers who are playing god and want us to look to them, celebrities, pop and sport stars as our gods. Look at how men and fathers are portrayed in TV shows or commercials? Ridiculous. So TPTB attack anything (religions, countries, cultures) that encourage family first – the controllers want to be the head of the family and tell us what to do in every aspect of our lives. Try to raise a free range kid – verboten by the state! Clans, families, nationalism, patriotism all a thing of the past because they are impediments to the NWO agenda.

            Then there is this…
            “The Hispanic paradox, or Latino paradox, also known as the “epidemiologic paradox,” refers to the epidemiological finding that Hispanic and Latino Americans tend to have health outcomes that paradoxically are comparable to, or in some cases better than, those of their U.S. white counterparts, even though Hispanics have lower average income and education

            How to explain the Hispanic paradox other than this group has traditionally strong family connections and you can see them every weekend enjoying a public park outing, laughing, singing, loving and joyful. For the most part. Of course there are always exceptions as there is for any demographic. And whom do we have politicians pandering to but the Hispanics and trying to get their claws into them. I say “watch out, because your plan may not turn out like you expect”. Gov Gerry Brown wants to make California a sanctuary state, but if Hispanics stay clannish (and of course the macho and family element rejects the LGBTQIA agenda), well then the plan to destroy the family may not go as the controllers plan.

            So as MM advises, find your kindred spirit – nourish him/her and find joy in each other, and boycott mass media and all it entails 🙂

            Just some thoughts from my corner.


  17. Off-topic and somewhat controversial and distasteful, but…

    has anyone looked at the high-profile, “blameless” AIDS victims like Kimberly Bergalis and Ryan White?


    1. Interesting:

      I was noting that the maiden name of Ryan White’s mother is Hale and I noticed that Ryan White was born in the same year (1971) as Matthew F. Hale.

      “His projected release date is December 6, 2037.”

      So Matthew F. Hale’s projected release date is on what would have been Ryan White’s 66th birthday!?!

      It seems that Matthew F. Hale (already mentioned in brief by Miles Mathis) and Ryan White might have been lifetime actors in spook projects.


  18. Just an attempt to read the tea leaves here if you’re into that sorta thing.

    So in late August and early September, Hurricane HARVEY wrecked havoc in the Gulf region. And then in early October, wildfires began wreaking havoc in California’s WINE Country region. What’s missing now is the STEIN. Stein means stone or rock in German. Will FIERY ROCKS raining down from the heavens like a HURRICANE be our next big “natural disaster?” I’ve seen a number of “fireball meteor” stories over the past several years that could be priming for a more significant event. And then in late July, I noticed this highly suspicious event with equally suspicious witness interviews:

    The ride was called “The Fire Ball” and appears to have a meteor/space theme. “Truly traumatized” indeed! There are some other interesting things shown in the background of this clip if you look closely. Maybe this is nothing and I’m just being silly reading into all of this. But if we do see some alleged “meteor” action in the near future, we will know the “Harvey Weinstein Prophecy” has reached completion!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. TD- I like your stuff over at Fakeologist. Welcome aboard. Just off the top of my head, what about the Houston Astros? The first game back in Houston after the hurricane, they faced Mets pitcher Doug Harvey. Now they are in a dog fight with the Yankees for a spot in the World Series. Maybe “Astros” in some form is the stone you are looking for.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Howdy, Tyrone. I’m a great admirer of your stuff as well. I must say the above post is a work of art with an engaging writing style that puts the likes of QT to shame! That Astros connection is definitely worth considering. Thanks! It is difficult to separate evidence of script-writing shenanigans from genuine coincidences and I’m always worried I go way overboard. But my theory is they lay out as many morsels as possible which creates a “web of connections” that ensnares the unconscious mind in some way. I dunno, there may be many reasons for it, some bordering on mystical but we don’t need to go there!

        Also notice the girl holding up a sign in the background of the Today Show set in the video. It says “All the way from H-Town.” H-Town being HOUSTON, which also ties in with the space theme by way of NASA. Of course I don’t know what all of this means, if anything. But I have often noticed in hindsight what appear to be symbolic hints and signs related to big events that occurred later. So I like to try and catch them ahead of time and offer some predictions.

        This is going way off topic from Weinstein but still Harvey-related. Shortly before the storm and flooding in Houston, a suspicious story caught my eye about a dramatic citizens arrest of an alleged drunk driver weaving through the streets of Houston. All caught on camera by the badass arresting “hero.” Well, the story seemed bogus for a number of reasons and in my investigation I discovered there’s been a massive city project going for the past few years called “Rebuild Houston” that involves a total reconstruction of city streets including the very road the “drunken chase” took place on. Which means the road may well have been blocked off at the time the video was filmed. And get this, one of the key reasons for this huge project is to put in new DRAINAGE SYSTEMS. And wouldn’t you know it, the “hero” of drunk driver story ended up posting some killer footage of the Houston flooding on Instagram.

        Anyway, all of this is enough for a post of its own but I never got around to writing it (too complicated). I still have some notes and links if anyone here might be interested in looking into it themselves.


  19. I looked at the star Vega because maybe there is symbolic connection to the Las Vegas shooting. Las Vegas is supposed to be Spanish for “the meadows”. The name of the star is from Arabic and it can mean “landing” or “falling”. On wiki it also mentions the phrase “the falling Eagle. The star belongs to the Lyra constellation. Lyra refers to the lyre musical instrument. The Las Vegas shooting was connected to a musical concert.


  20. John Gray, Men are from Mars etc, is part of this project. Is that a reasonable guess? His father was an oilman from Houston, but how so many of you dig up geneology is beyond me: I look on and find nothing.


  21. QT finally weighs in on the Weinstein scandal:

    I couldn’t help but notice a possible 9/11 reference with their ages in this passage:

    “In the hourlong conversation, Mr. Tarantino, 54, apologized for not doing more while also explaining why; admitted his own culpability while also calling for sweeping change in Hollywood’s treatment of women; and condemned Mr. Weinstein, 65, while acknowledging their father-son closeness.”

    I’ve heard the idea that the destruction of the Twin Towers was, in part, an occult ritual symbolically destroying the union between the “divine masculine and feminine.” Or what they call in New-Agey circles, “twin flames.” An effort to conquer the spirit of humanity using the most basic and essential division in nature.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very interesting. The article also has a Hamlet reference, which, in the context of MM’s recent Shakespeare paper, might be another pointer to the place of the Harvey narrative in the wider con. (Like the 9-11 reference, a deliberate marker for the field agents and the meddlesome questioners)

      Nothing concrete comes to mind right now, except Ophelia as victim as part of the broad theme.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Not to forget who owns and controls the “New York Times”.
        This is old news, I remember old WWII time cartoons about that.
        To shortcut the punchline of said cartoons, just read “TIMES” backward …


    2. The observation about the twin towers is interesting. We can also consider that the 2 towers were merged into a single tower called “One World Trade Center”. For some speculation we can consider the 1776 ft height (there are many ways to measure the height but this seems to be the most symbolic measure). If we add the numbers the sum is 21. Maybe there is a connection to the Tarot card called “The World” which has the number 21 (at least in the Rider-Waite deck). On wiki it says that “the figure is at once male and female” ( ).
      This merging is probably connected to a transhumanist agenda. Do these people really aspire to transform everyone in a borg connected to a centralize hive? The Borg Cube is probably another interesting symbol.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. 19 Hijackers with 72 virgins each
        19 x 72 = 1,368

        Height of original 1 World Trade Center is given as 1,368 feet

        “United Nations Security Council resolution 1368, adopted unanimously on 12 September 2001, after expressing its determination to combat threats to international peace and security caused by acts of terrorism and recognising the right of individual and collective self-defense, the Council condemned the September 11 attacks in the United States.”

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      2. I thought the merging of the 2 towers into the One World Trade Centre was the male and female generative becoming one as the Star of David or Sign of Solomon with the upward (male) and downward (female) pyramid forming the 6 pointed star. Combining the male and female generatives for androgyny and perhaps gender inversion.


  22. As previously mentioned on this blog, the movie “It” features the number 91 in a scene which mentions a massacre.
    “IT” released in the U.S.A. September 8, 2017
    Route 91 Harvest Las Vegas shooting on 01 October, 2017 leaving 91 days remaining in the year

    A span of 23 days. The D.C. sniper psy op lasted 23 days.

    In between there were the deaths of Harry Dean Stanton and Hugh Hefner – both dying at age 91.

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  23. My take , the Twin Towers represents : that the builders , the fathers of Nelson/David
    Rockefeller built them to rep. Boaz and Jachin , from the Temple/Freemasonic myths .
    Then destroyed to create a new Rockefeller controlled myth .

    They knew they were going to destroy them when creating them .

    The new single Tower reps. the axis of the heavens , the axle of the Mill ( Milky Way )
    In the earlier myths that Hamlet is based on , Amaleth , his family owns the mill .

    The Rockefellers are now the OWNERS OF THE NEW AGE , can’t have a mill without
    a stone/rock .

    72 is one of the Precessional numbers , 72 years to move one degree of the full cycle .

    Is that also what all the ‘obelisks’ represent as well ? the axis/axle ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. American Airlines Flight 11
      United Airlines Flight 175
      American Airlines Flight 77
      United Airlines Flight 93

      Adding up the flight numbers gives 356

      Reminds one of the Porsche 356…

      Which was replaced by the Porsche 911.

      Just another little joke that the script writers inserted into the movie.

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  24. I don’t use Twitter but I’m following on reddit some of the noise being generated by the ever increasing list of Hollywood victims coming out in the open to accuse not just Harvey Weinstein, but rail against the whole culture of abuse that hangs heavy over Tinsel Town these days.
    Rose McGowan seems to be the poster child for the victims but she’s getting some flak in the Twittersphere for accepting $100,000 in hush money over the alleged rape she suffered by HW twenty years ago. That flak, so far from what I’ve read, is coming from men, thus sparking fights with women who often use that “you weren’t there” defense Nam vets always threw at skeptics. “You aren’t a woman, you wouldn’t know what it’s like.” Fair enough, but this is pure “Men are Pigs” fuel for that flame and the Twits are falling for it by the score.
    Now I am not accusing anyone of anything, but what if the “rape” was just an ambitious young actress spending some “companionship” time with an influential slob who could make her career? The 100K being a “fee”.
    Ms. McGowan at one time was the public companion of that walking psy-op known as Marilyn Manson. She was later involved in the break up of Robert Rodriguez long term marriage while working on a Tarantino/Weinstein film, Grindhouse. She co-starred with the “Me Too” meme generator, Alyssa Milano, on another soul destroying propaganda weapon called Charmed.
    Looked at from a certain angle, one might suspect whatever agreement McGowan had with Weinstein, if there ever was an agreement, someone may have offered her a better deal. If Miles is correct that Vanguard is in hostile takeover mode, they would be a leading candidate as McGowan’s new employer as they use her to put Weinstein on the hot seat.
    All of this is speculation, but that’s all I can use since the truth, especially from these people, is unknowable.


      1. Rose McGowan’s genealogy is pretty well scrubbed. No info at all on her mother. Her father writes new-agey books that would alert Miles Mathis that he is a tool. Dave McGowan might just be an assigned name. Rose’s new married last name is Detail. (As in work detail.)


    1. Speaking of Marilyn Manson his guitar player died on Sunday at 49*=13…can someone battle stage 4 colon cancer for 4 years?


      1. Greg , you may want to look at MM’s bass player ‘ Bradley Stewart ‘
        I think he was/is Sharon Tate’s baby .
        Originally called MM & the Spooky Kids ,
        they probably are all plants from the families .


    1. “Anyone who adopts the phrase “toxic masculinity” is dead to me.”

      is ” testosterone poisoning ” OK ?

      Differently hormoned ?

      I also see this now , how could I have not seen it :

      Mandalay Bay = Mandela effect

      Alternate ( all scripted ) realities

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  25. Just for fun: “Weinstein” is the german name for salt of the tartaric acid (“Weinsäure”), as said before.
    Another, older name for that is “tartarus”.

    And another meaning of “Tartarus” is, according to our famous mis-info site Wikipedia:

    In Greek mythology, Tartarus (/ˈtɑːrtərəs/; Ancient Greek: Τάρταρος Tartaros)[1] is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans. Tartarus is the place where, according to Plato in Gorgias (c. 400 BC), souls were judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment. Like other primal entities (such as the Earth, Night and Time), Tartarus was also considered to be a primordial force or deity.

    A coincidence, of course …


    1. Also headlines last week , Tonight Uranus Visible With The Naked Eye

      naked eye = illuminati – Uranus = all the assholes = Weinstein


  26. One thing is for sure. When you have a Hollywood sex scandal, what you really need is a literal black-hatted “bad guy”:

    And, of course, Toback’s age of 72 nicely complements Weinstein’s 65 for another 9/11 reference. These two fat, slobby ogres make quite an unappealing pair of Twin Towers of sexual misconduct. Perfect casting.

    Also just wanted to add something I mentioned in a comment on the JonBenet Ramsey post. I stumbled upon a “coincidental name” that could be considered an “all-time classic.” There was an article about Weinstein that went through all the famous Hollywood sex scandals over the years. The first one that started it all involved a young actress who was allegedly “raped to death” by star Fatty Arbuckle back in 1921. And the victim’s name was… Virginia Rappe. Uh, like “vagina rape?” And the way she died was reportedly from a ruptured bladder caused by some kind of mysterious vaginal trauma. I kid you not. So it appears they’ve been making tasteless in-jokes like this since the silent movie era. If it comes out that Toback is accused of sodomizing a woman with his toe, I think we will have reached the limit of credibility!


    1. Sorry for the gross imagery. I’m not making fun of such things. I just don’t know how far they go with these things.


      1. And now we have Kevin Spacey being accused of sexual assault by an actor named Anthony RAPP. A possible theme here with Fatty Arbuckle’s victim Virginia Rappe?

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  27. Next shot of the “Kill Weinstein” propaganda machine.
    An actor named Corey Feldman anounced a “truth project” to expose Hollywood child abuse rings. And receives death threats. Just in case you forgot about all that.
    His surname suggest he is … hmmm … somehow related to Weinstein.


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