Jennifer Connelly – a Beautiful Lie

“Their sexual profile is, possibly, part of the in vitro neutering procedures I suspect in use that then produce gay or latent assets who won’t be burdened by actual family obligations. (That last bit is pure speculation but a useful placeholder until I can get to the bottom of this) I suspect their contributing biological parents are cousins, the mothers themselves illegitimate, thus certain physical traits, like height or lack thereof, become pronounced amid this milieu.” (Tyrone McCloskey, Cold Blood and Weak Tea)

Tyrone’s words came to mind as I read Kevin’s piece below, mostly because of the words “…until I get to the bottom of this.” I too would like to get to the bottom of this – we’ve dabbled about the edges with Matt Damon and the Bokanovsky Brats. There is something going on here with the breeding and selection of talent that graces our music and entertainment industries, young brats selected at a very young age (perhaps even in vitro) and given an automatic ticket to stardom.

Kevin did not set out to write about Jennifer Connelly, and all of the writers here know about this experience – we just stumble into things and can’t let go. Over at Fakeologist there is a short video up showing a part of the Zapruder film, and in it can plainly be seen that JFK before the road sign is not the same person as JFK after the road sign. I only mention that because a person of interest turns up in the comments there and is given a royal and unique Terran Downvale treatment – Jim Henson, who also turns up in Kevin’s piece below. Terran, it seems, also has trouble letting go of things.

Kevin tells me he is thinking about starting his own blog, and this piece would not fit with his plans, so offers it to us here. He has also been featured prominently in the past by Miles Mathis, the most recent on faith healers.

Without further adieu …

Jennifer Connelly, a Beautiful Lie

By Kevin Starr, Guest Writer

In 2004, James Lipton interrogated interviewed actress Jennifer Connelly on Inside the Actors Studio. Connelly’s talk show appearances are typically scripted, as I believe most are.  If you observe their eyes, you can see talk show “guests” referencing cue cards.  Some are better than others at disguising this.   In this interview with Lipton, Connelly loses her usual “Stepford Wife” demeanor.  She is apparently working without a net and appears nervous from the outset, and my research will reveal she had reason to be nervous.  I invite readers to follow along:  Lipton InterviewDisclaimer:  This study was compiled sometime last year long before the Harvey Weinstein/Me Too dog and pony show was rolled out.  That project is an apparent feminist power grab that in no way addresses the subject matter that I will be exploring here.

Lipton: “Where were you born?”

Connelly: “New York?  I was born upstate New York” Connelly immediately reaches her right hand to her neck (then there is an obvious edit).  (according to Psychology Today neck touching and/or stroking is one of the most significant and frequent pacifying behaviors we use in responding to stress.)

Lipton: “What are your parent’s names?” 

Connelly: “My dad’s name is officially Gerard, but we all call him Jerry. And Ilene is my mom’s name.

Lipton then questions her on her genealogical background and her family’s religious dynamics.  She provides the same information as Wikipedia, so let’s take a closer look.

Jennifer Ly(i)nn Connelly was born 12.12.1970 (33) in Cairo, New York.  In a later interview, she stated that she was born in Willow, New York (pop. 294.)  Ron Howard, who directed Connelly in her Oscar-winning performance in A Beautiful Mind, also directed a film called Willow.  The movie Willow is about an abandoned female baby.  In the same interview, Jennifer shared an anecdote about her uncle who lives in Phoenicia, New York (pop. 309.)   As the story goes, she and her husband, British actor Paul Bettany, visited this uncle and he demonstrated to Bettany how a real American drinks wine by filling the glass to the top.

To Egypt, where grapevines would not grow, the 8th-century Phoenicians sold wine: the wine trade with Egypt is vividly documented by the shipwrecks located in 1997 in the open sea 50 kilometres (30 mi) west of Ascalon.

Coincidentally, on 12.12.1862 the USS Cairo sinks on the Yazoo River, becoming the first armored ship to be sunk by a torpedo.  I’m sure I don’t need to point out that Cairo is a city in Egypt and Freemasons love pyramids and the number 33.

Number 33

This is the only photo of Jennifer with her mother, Ilene Schuman.  Schuman’s family history is mostly untraceable.  This is of little consequence though, since this woman is not Connelly’s mother.

First, this photo is obviously fake.  Note the pitch-black background, except for the strategically placed bottle.  I don’t know if it’s contrast or focus, but their complexions do not match.  I’m just not sensing the “togetherness” of these two images.

Ilene SchumanThis is Ilene Schuman’s High School yearbook photo.  Same person, right?  It’s unfortunate that her expressions don’t match, but the nose, eyebrow, lips, and long oval face are very similar (just 30 years older.)  If we conclude that these photos are a match, then we can prove that this woman is not Connelly’s mother because this Ilene Schuman graduated in 1981 and was born in 1963, making her just seven years old when Connelly was born in 1970.

Schuman graduated from John F. Kennedy (Bellmore), who also blessed us with Amy Fisher, the “Long Island Lolita.”    As a 16-year-old student at Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York, Fisher began a sexual relationship with 35-year-old Joey Buttafuoco.  The Fisher/Buttafuoco “romance” was a contrived tale that the controllers milked for all it was worth with the requisite trial and sex tape.  Fisher eventually entered the porn industry.  John Wayne Bobbitt did the same despite his severed appendage.   In the early 90s, this was the Psyop du jour.


Jennifer’s “father” made his only photographic “appearance” at the 2002 Academy Awards red-carpet ceremonies, the same year Jennifer won the best actress Oscar for A Beautiful Mind.  Dad was her date for the evening, but curiously mom is nowhere to be found.

This photo also looks to be fake.  If you focus on the hand resting on Jennifer’s waist two things become apparent.  The hand seems distinctly feminine and the angle of arm compared to the man’s shoulder is wrong.  The arm would have to sag in a U-shape and be five feet long.

We know when Gerard Karl Connelly’s was born and died, but no family history is available.  Nothing, nada, zilch.  Just some numbers on a birth record.  There is also no record of a marriage between Gerard Connelly and Ilene Schuman that I could locate.  We are told that Jennifer was their only child.  Isn’t that convenient?

Let us now return to the interrogation.

Lipton (2:44):  Where did you go to school?

Connelly:  I went to a fffffabulous school called Saint Ann’s school, which I loved very, very much.  It’s a really, um, progressive, um, private school, um, headed by Stanley Bosworth who has just left this year, who was mad as a brush, but really brilliant.

At this point in the interview, Connelly’s software begins to glitch.

Connelly (continues):  I think (throws a hand in the air), I mean I could hardly understand anything he said.  Cause his vocabulary was always (again, throwing hand about and now laughing uncontrollably) so, so beyond me.  You know, he was (immediately regains composure) but really wonderful school.

Connelly appeared to go “someplace else” for a moment.

We’ve already established that Jennifer was born in either Cairo or Willow, New York. Wikipedia informs us that she was raised primarily in Brooklyn Heights, near the Brooklyn Bridge, where she attended Saint Ann’s, a private school specializing in the Arts. Her father suffered from asthma, so the family moved to Woodstock, New York, in 1976 to avoid the city smog.  Four years later, the family returned to Brooklyn Heights, and Connelly returned to Saint Ann’s.  Had her father’s asthma been cured or did Brooklyn rid itself of smog?  Four years is the typical timeframe of a military enlistment or deployment.  Fort Hamilton Army base is in Brooklyn. West Point Academy lies halfway between Brooklyn and Woodstock, which is 45 miles south of Watervliet Army Arsenal.  Woodstock has its spook markers due to the 1967 festival which occurred just one week after the Manson/Tate murders.  So, after four years in Woodstock (aged 5-9), Jennifer “returned” to Saint Ann’s school in Brooklyn.  Saint Ann sounds eerily similar to Satan.  SAinTANn.

(Stanley) Anselm Bosworth (8/20/1927 – 8/7/2011, died 83 years old) was the founding headmaster of Saint Ann’s School in New York City, which he led from 1965 to 2004.  Bosworth was born in New York City and raised in Washington Heights, the child of Jewish immigrants from Russia who had changed their name from Boscovitz to better assimilate.  (Connelly’s supposed maternal grandparents had also immigrated from Russia.)  He was drafted into the American Army during the Second World War, where he was a codebreaker stationed in Germany (Was he a double agent?)  In 1965, Bosworth was selected as the first headmaster at Saint Ann’s, where he was known for his eccentric, aphoristic leadership.

From the book A Companion to Nietzsche, “It would seem that Nietzsche’s goal in crafting the aphorism is to find the tone, phrase, word, or texture that triggers a certain mood or vibration, still more the silence that resounds.  Words thus deployed are not linguistic items that disappear beneath the meanings that they carry.  On the contrary, in the aphorism words resist the comprehending consciousness which would efface them.” 

The Saint Ann’s school seal is loaded with symbolism.

St Annes SchoolThe owl is the most blatantly obvious symbol since it relates to Freemasonry and Bohemian Grove.

The belt buckle which forms a phallic image is disconcerting since I believe it’s possible that Connelly has been subjected to some form of trauma-based mind control.  According to the Saint Ann’s website, “The belt refers to an identity we left behind in 1982 — to the founding of the school under the auspices of the Anglican church.”  Since that time, the date of the separation of the school from the church has been added.

In researching articles about Stanley Bosworth, Saint Ann’s is often referred to as a “Hogwarts” school.  In fact, the school regularly holds Harry Potter Sleepovers in the library.

Back to the Lipton interview.

James Lipton (3:40):  What was Tinker Square?

Connelly: (releases an exuberant guffaw) Um, Tinker Square was this um (touches nose)

When we lie, chemicals known as catecholamines are released, causing tissue inside the nose to swell.  This technology indicates that the human nose expands with blood during lying, and is known as the ‘Pinocchio Effect’.  Increased blood pressure inflates the nose and causes the nerve endings in the nose to tingle, resulting in a brisk rubbing action to the nose with the hand to satisfy the ‘itch’.

James Lipton (4:35):  What was it like growing up for the time that you were (in Woodstock)?              

Connelly:  It was great.  I mean, I think it was sort of idyllic really.  In my fantasy of it (throws up a hand and erupts in awkward laughter again) it was idyllic.  Um, you know we had this, we lived in this really um pretty farmhouse and had (she goes in hard for the nose) lots of property (grimaces), and they(?) used to run around in fields and climb trees a lot and jump off rooves and things.

James Lipton (5:09):  How old were you when you left Woodstock?

Connelly:  I think I was about ten.  Nine, nine or ten.

James Lipton: And where did you go?

Connelly:  Back to Brooklyn Heights (touches neck.)  Back to Saint Ann’s.

James Lipton (5:41):  How old were you when you when you began to come into New York as a model?

Connelly:  Um, I think I was ten.

James Lipton:  You were represented by whom?

Connelly: (releases exuberant guffaw, turns head away, touches nose) I wasn’t…Ford Modeling Agency (bends over laughing uncontrollably.)  It’s so horrifying!

James Lipton:  Why is it horrifying?  It’s real.

Connelly:  Oh God.  Um, yeah, I was um, I was like the kid who (touches ear, another lying tell.)

As the story goes, Jennifer’s mother sent her picture to the Ford Modeling Agency (founded 1946), and they shortly after added her to their roster.  The elusive Ilene Schuman then started taking her daughter to acting auditions.  Wikipedia states “At once, Connelly was selected for a supporting role as the aspiring dancer and actress Deborah Gelly in Sergio Leone’s 1984 gangster epic Once Upon a Time in America.  During this time Connelly described feeling like “a kind of walking puppet”, without having time alone to deal with the attention her career was generating.  In the film, Connelly’s character (played as an adult by Elizabeth McGovern) gets brutally raped in the backseat of a car.  It’s a genuinely jarring scene since before being attacked McGovern appears loving and vulnerable.  This YouTube clip perfectly captures the mood.

Once Upon a Time

Again, from the James Lipton interview:

Connelly: (responding to her walking puppet comment) It didn’t leave a lot of time for f**king up, as it were.  You know what I mean?  And sort of finding myself and figuring out who I wanted to be, or how I was supposed to speak or walk, or anything.  So, I think I just sort of wound up mimicking.  (no face touching during this answer.)

James Lipton (4:07):  Why did you decide to matriculate at Yale?

Connelly:  I went and visited the school, I applied to a few schools, um (puts a closed fist in front of the mouth.)  The hand covers the mouth as the brain subconsciously instructs it to try to suppress the deceitful words that are being said.  Sometimes this gesture might only be several fingers over the mouth or even a closed fist, but its meaning remains the same.

Lipton continues to ask her about Yale and her transfer to Stanford.  Her responses include lots of hands on the head and face.

Connelly earned the title role in only her second film appearance.


Note the use of butterfly imagery used in the films promotional ads.  Could this be referring to Monarch Mind Control?  Connelly’s co-star in the movie was Donald Pleasance.  In the 40s Pleasance was a pilot in the Royal Air Force and was supposedly shot down in August 1944 and taken prisoner.  He was discharged in 1946.  Pleasance is best known for his recurring role in the Halloween film franchise.

The director of the film was Italian horror auteur Dario Argento.  When actress Asia Argento was asked what kind of father Dario Argento was all she could muster was, “I don’t know.  I forgot.  It’s too long ago.  He stopped being a father when I was nine.  Then he just became the director.


Jennifer’s next role was in the 1986 film Labyrinth, starring opposite David Bowie (gender-bending occultist.)  The film revolves around 15-year-old Sarah’s (Connelly) quest to reach the center of an enormous otherworldly maze to rescue her infant brother.  Except for Connelly and Bowie, most of the characters are played by puppets.  Remember Connelly said she felt like a “kind of walking puppet.”


In a 1986 interview, Connelly was asked if she feared for her safety during the filming of the “tunnel of hands.”  “It’s a strange feeling because even though there are so many hands there, I mean there are hundreds and hundreds of them, they took me up to the very top before they started rolling and I’d be standing up there waiting for them, and there was nothing up there.  There were no hands; there was nothing to hold onto, there were no people.  Just the top of the stage and me…I’m just sort of here, completely with no control and the wiremen are down there controlling my every move (cringes).  It was kind of a strange feeling, to say the least.

Labyrinth was directed by Jim Henson who grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C.  His father, who was a government employee relocated the family there in the late 40s.  Connelly’s co-star, David Bowie, had recently recorded the song Cat People (Putting Out Fire) for the film of the same name.

Cat PeopleThis movie was intended to be actress Nastassja Kinski’s breakthrough film role.  It’s a tale about a virginal young woman who learns from her brother that they are descended from a race of panther-human hybrids doomed to revert to their murderous feline state while making love to anyone outside their bloodline (or family).  Another form of MKUltra mind control is known as “Sex Kitten” programming.  An early sexual abuse event will be used to anchor this programming.

1.11.2013 Allegations that the late German film actor, Klaus Kinski, sexually abused his eldest daughter when she was a child have been backed by his second daughter, the actress Nastassja Kinski.  In an autobiography published this week, Kinski’s eldest daughter Pola Kinski, 60, accuses her father of treating her as a sex object from the age of five onwards and raping her, often violently, until she was 19 years old. Klaus Kinski died in 1991 aged 65.

James Lipton (6:25):  Almost from the beginning of Jennifer’s movie career she’s been cast as a girl, even as a girl, and then a woman who was the object of considerable sensuous attention from other characters and even the camera.  Mulholland Falls was no exception.  You’ve called Alison the character an object of lust.  And you said it was sort of a challenge that you wanted to take on.  What was the challenge of it?

Connelly:  It was something I really wanted to do.  Something I, um, wanted to explore. Being that woman (brushes nose twice with a finger.)

James Lipton (10:10):  And there were explicit sex scenes.

Connelly:  There were.  And they were difficult and uncomfortable, um, and it was a stra…So I can’t say that I enjoyed doing it.  It was something that for some reason I felt compelled to do.  To put myself through it, cause it was really, frankly uncomfortable.  Um, I mean, there were um, scenes, there was this one scene that I had (touches ear) where there were, was this sex scene (points finger to head like a gun) that I had with John Malkovich’s character and it was supposed to be filmed (again points finger like a gun) in um, um, another apartment, shot through a mirror, sort of you know, you know, they could see through it and basically the director said well we’ve got this much time in the camera so, it takes in the whole room, so you know, go ahead.  We’ve got, we’ve go eight minutes, you know, and unchoreographed (waving hands around) and use the whole space.  Do what you do.  But it was really difficult.

James Lipton:  Usually those scenes are very carefully choreographed.

Connelly:  Hopefully (throws a hand in the air and scratches behind the ear.)  I find sometimes that they’re the scenes that people have a hard time addressing and they aren’t as well choreographed as would be nice (nervous giggle.)

Before Connelly was given the Oscar for the propaganda film A Beautiful Mind, she was put through the cinematic version of a humiliation ritual in the dark and disturbing Requiem for a Dream.  In this role, she becomes addicted to heroin and descends into prostitution.  The film is considered her breakthrough, but “Ass to Ass” is the nadir of Connelly’s cinematic career.  Rather than describe it, I’ll just let you google the phrase if you’re so inclined.

Requiem for a Dream

At this point in her career, it appears Connelly had paid her dues.  She would now be used for more “dignified” propaganda while continuing her role as a respected corporate “representative.”

I have watched every Jennifer Connelly interview that I could find on YouTube, and there is no denying that she is intelligent, articulate, and confident, but these talk show appearances also seem to be scripted and as “controlled” as a Stepford wife. The one exception was a 1995 appearance on Conan O’Brien where she talks about her vacation to Tibet.  “It was great.  I didn’t take a shower for like a month, which I hadn’t done before. They came with washing water every morning.  It was spectacular.  My hair looked really good by then.  And it was so cold because it’s Mount Everest…glaciers, wind whipping…so I had this hat that I would wear every day and boy my hair was just like stuck inside that hat.  It was, it was, it was…(unintelligible)I was, uh, I felt myself to be like a blue sheep actually.”  The “blue sheep” analogy is significant.

Due to their excellent camouflage and the absence of cover in their environment, blue sheep remain motionless when approached. Once they have been noticed, however, they scamper up to the precipitous cliffs, where they once again freeze, using camouflage to blend into the rock face.

At the time of this interview, Connelly was supposedly winding down a five-year relationship with actor Billy Campbell.  His parents (whoever they were) divorced when he was two.  Campbell is now 58 and has never been married and has no children.  He was born in Charlottesville, Virginia (located between Langley and Washington D.C.) and attended Fork Union Military AcademyWhy am I not surprised?

Besides appearing in propaganda films for Hollywood, Connelly was pimped out to corporations even before becoming a star.   Connelly’s possible military links are further solidified by the fact that in 1986, at the age of 16, she was the face of the Technics electronics brand in Japan.  She also recorded two pop songs for the Japanese market which she sang in phonetic Japanese since she did not speak the language.  Technics incorporated these songs into their television commercials.

Technics is a Japanese subsidiary of the Panasonic Corporation.  Even today you can visit the Panasonic website to view the company’s contracts with the U.S. Federal government including,

TechnicsIntelligence SolutionsAs the federal government and armed forces expand intelligence capabilities, Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers are relied upon to provide the latest security measures.

(Hi-Fi Intelligence)


  • Revlon – During WWII, Revlon created makeup and “related products” for the U.S. Army, which was honored in 1944 with the Army-Navy “E” Award for Excellence. In 1967 the company acquired U.S. Vitamin and Pharmaceutical Corporation making Revlon a leader in Diabetes drugs.  In 1977 Armour Pharmaceutical Company was purchased.
  • Balenciaga – Balenciaga is now owned by Kering, formerly known as PPR.  On 22.13, PPR changed its name to Kering and the new logo has an owl as its emblem which is chairman and CEO Francois Pinault’s favorite animal.  (Perhaps he attended Saint Ann’s too.)
  • Shiseido – Arinobu Fukuhara, former head pharmacist to the Japanese Imperial Navy, established the Shiseido Pharmacy in 1872. In 2017, Shiseido’s subsidiary company, NARS Cosmetics, announced it was going to start testing its products on animals.

In conclusion, readers may be wondering why I decided to profile Jennifer Connelly.  The answer is I didn’t.  I was researching Charles Darwin for a possible follow-up to my “Faith Dealers” article when I discovered a Hollywood film about Darwin called “Creation.”  Since I was sure that Darwin had no “Theory of Creation”, I decided to investigate the principals involved in the production.


And here we are.  On 1.1.03, actor Paul Bettany married American actress Jennifer Connelly in Scotland.  She was his childhood crush since he first saw her as a teenager in the film Labyrinth.  The September 11 attacks heightened his feeling that he should act on his feelings for her, and when he reached her after trying to contact her for two days, he asked her to marry him.  As I recall, Bettany’s family history was untraceable.

Unfortunately, I had deleted my research concerning the film, but here are some fun facts I discovered.

  • The film is based on a book by Randal Keynes entitled “Annie’s Box.”
  • Keynes is the great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin
  • His paternal grandfather was the brother of the economist John Maynard Keynes of “Keynesian Economics” fame.
  • Randal Keynes has two children with Zelfa Cecil Hourani. Zelfa’s father was an advisor to the late Tunisian president Habib Bourguiba.
  • Randal Keynes and Zelfa Hourani’s son Skandar Keynes is an actor best known for his role as Edmund Pevensie in the Narnia films which are based on books by C.S. Lewis.

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  1. I remember this actress best from the movie Career Opportunities. Her figure is so much umm ” fuller” in that movie. Can’t believe she married the guy that played Silas in The Da Vinci Code. Her Wiki has some facts that MM would have filled us in on. Of course just another example of a celeb that would have been well off even without the showbiz career.


  2. I’m going to have to coin a new word. I’m calling it “Downvallian” as in “Orwellian.” Terran Downvale’s take on Jim Henson is so unique, like all of his stuff. He almost makes being lied to and deceived fun.


  3. Great article. A side note. Langley is in Virginia, but is a D.C. suburb. Charlottesville is a good 2 and a half hour drive into the middle of Virginia.


    1. Thanks, Phillip. Charlottesville is actually closer to D.C. than Langley. If you pull up all three location on Google Maps, they basically form a “pyramid.” I probably should not have said that Charlottesville is “between.” Charlottesville is 150 miles west of Langley with Richmond in the middle. Charlottesville is 120 miles from D.C. and Langley is 180 miles from D.C. (not a suburb.)

      The point I was making is that Campbell grew up in the vicinity of these places, was indoctrinated by the military, just like everybody in Connelly’s orbit. Therefore, a likely “handler.”


      1. “Langley is 180 miles from D.C.”

        Langley is right across the Potomac from D.C…definitely a suburb and definitely NOT 180 miles away.


        1. Now I see where the confusion lies. My bad. I’m talking about Langley AFB (you know, where the CIA is located), not Langley Park, MD.


          1. You are still confused. Langley is an area in Virginia (basically McLean, Virginia) right across the river from D.C. That is where the CIA is. Those other Langleys you mentioned have nothing to do with the CIA.


          2. O.K., Brett. You win. I was referring to Langley AFB. I should have been more specific. Campbell was born close to D.C./CIA/Langley and Langley AFB/Military. Still forms a pyramid and doesn’t alter my original point. If Campbell had been born in Des Moines, Iowa, I would concede.


  4. The Hollywood “Body Double” – an adult themed scene stuntwoman.

    “James Lipton (10:10): And there were explicit sex scenes.

    Connelly: There were. And they were difficult and uncomfortable, um, and it was a stra…So I can’t say that I enjoyed doing it. It was something that for some reason I felt compelled to do. To put myself through it, cause it was really, frankly uncomfortable. Um, I mean, there were um, scenes, there was this one scene that I had (touches ear) where there were, was this sex scene (points finger to head like a gun) that I had with John Malkovich’s character and it was supposed to be filmed (again points finger like a gun) in um, um, another apartment, shot through a mirror, sort of you know, you know, they could see through it and basically the director said well we’ve got this much time in the camera so, it takes in the whole room, so you know, go ahead. We’ve got, we’ve go eight minutes, you know, and unchoreographed (waving hands around) and use the whole space. Do what you do. But it was really difficult.

    James Lipton: Usually those scenes are very carefully choreographed.”

    The footage they are referring to from the film, “Mulholland Falls” is highly edited and it looks like they more than likely used a body double. They cut from scenes that clearly show the Jennifer Connelly to scenes that do not show her face. I think Connelly is fibbing. The sequence from the film looks as scripted as any other Hollywood production. It looks to be nothing more than the same kind of ‘sleight of eye trickery’ that the Zapruder JFK muppet is.

    “In film-making, a body double is a person who substitutes in a scene for another actor such that the person’s face is not shown.”

    see also (The film “Body Double”):


  5. Since he’s been mentioned….Klaus Kinski was [in 11/ 1991]
    “found dead on Saturday at his home in Lagunitas, Calif. He was 65 years old.
    Preliminary autopsy results suggested that Mr. Kinski “apparently died of natural causes due to a heart problem,” a spokeswoman for the Marin County coroner’s office said.”
    suuuure A case of the George Michaels, the James Gandolfinis…
    And it’s two years since David Bowie died after sufferering 6 heart attacks and 18 months of “liver cancer” which nobody knew about.


  6. K Star, intriguing post. I flipped for JC after seeing her riding a mechanical bull (in slo-mo) in Career Opportunities. She was rather voluptuous back then but when she surfaced as an adult in a Fox show called The Street, she had lost her baby fat and that was it for the crush. (For any rabid lesbians of color reading this, I was programmed by nature to have such a reaction. You can’t legislate nature out of existence no matter how hard you try)
    Anyway, an acquaintance worked closely with JC on a film and reported that she had a tough kid from Brooklyn shell, which was quite thick in real life. This surprised me given the poise she often exhibits. I thought she was a society gal. What an actor!
    Her Oscar was one of those gifts given to actors who find themselves in a role too complex for their talent and yet they get through it without making any mistakes. They aren’t especially inventive, but they come off as better than they really are. The editor, if he/she is sharp, can protect an actor enough to con the Academy into bestowing an award on a performer with the range of a fence post (Gary Cooper)- Kim Basinger and Geena Davis are two relatively recent winners of this type; beautiful enough to capture the eyes of the audience and a little more nuanced for once.
    Two other personas that could use your talents to flesh out and gage whether they could be batched baked bastards of the Bokanovsky Brat persuasion would be the Me Too duo of Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano. McGowan is certainly more than just a beautiful eating disorder.

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    1. Thanks for your insider insights Tyrone. Also, thanks for the “other personas’ suggestions, but after grappling to make this subject interesting, I’m just not up to trying to elevate another actress. Especially b-grade material like McGowan or Milano.


      1. Kevin, you show yourself to be a pro at discourse analysis. It is a very compelling case you make here. Like Tyrone, I found the younger Jennifer Connelly quite fetching when I watched her in The Hot Spot. But it also puzzled me that—unlike most women—she lost her curves as she aged.

        Two questions therefore:

        I have seen on the Web some suggestions that she is a transgender. One example here:

        Any thoughts on this theory?

        Secondly, since you used the O-word in connection with David Bowie, I will broach the forbidden topic. Do you suppose there is some element of the occult behind projects like Jennifer Connelly? (By occult, I do not necessarily mean Satanism/devil worship/Crowleyism/UFOlogy. It could just mean an attempt to tap into hidden powers of the human psyche. Or outside it. No commitment here to the cartoonish “Old Scratch” character . All of these might be the same kind of misdirection that we are now used to seeing in other contexts. But yes, occultism as an exercise of quasi-magical powers, whatever their provenance.)

        Surely this whole enterprise (Monarch mind control, etc.) is happening for purposes other than just to produce lust-worthy ingenues? But what, then?


        1. Thanks, Maarten. The topics you broach are too complicated to discuss in a comment section. All I can say is that the “transpocalypse” offers compelling evidence. But it’s spiraling out of control, thereby losing credibility. Much like FE.


          1. Besides, even if she is, in fact, an MTF, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of trauma-based mind control. It’s possible it makes the whole ordeal “more” traumatic.


        2. Yes @Maarten-Rossaert, Connelly is an Elite Gender Inverted character and she is an inveterate liar probably even capable of not touching her nose when she naturally should and touching it to consciously deceive us.

          I also found Jennifer Connelly stunning in Dennis Hopper’s 1990 film “Hot Spot” where she played alongside Don Johnson. The bathing scene on the riverside was quite revelatory and only age has made Connelly become an apparent exemple of gender inversion.

          I think it is essential to point out that Jennifer Connelly was born male in order to understand her and her place in the Elite. She is another “model” type beauty that is gender inverted as many or most of her ilk really are – these traditions go a long way back.


          1. Jennifer Connely is a MTF. When I was reading this article, I was wondering if the author knew about this. I was not going to comment on this subject regarding Connely. but as somebody has already started it I will add my two cents. If you study google images you can see a few images where it is obvious.
            this is one of the subjects where someone can either see it or he can’t see it.
            I will add I can see it and boy has it ever screwed up watching movies for me.
            the lead actresses are pretty much all MTF’s. oh btw we were all fooled.


  7. I thank you for this Kevin, as it inspired me to remember the name of an actress (it took half an hour) that I was totally taken by in my youth, Jill Clayburgh. Not kidding, my high school girl friend was actually jealous of her. When Clayburgh was on screen, I could not look away. And most assuredly, she is Jewish … has that look.

    That’s what I did today.


    1. Did today? 🙂 And right back at you, Mark. To this day, I consider the sexiest actress in the history of cinema to be Debra Winger (husky voice, probably an MTF.) I don’t believe she (or Clayburgh) have been outed as a tranny yet, but at the rate that these transvestigators are going, it’s inevitable.

      I’ve always considered “Starting Over” to be one of the most underrated comedies of all-time.


      1. On board with you here … Winger has about her a kind of back stage sexuality … nothing overtly seductive, no cleavage or sensuous lip pouting. She has a nice figure (consulting cinema memories here) and I can fantasize trading jokes with her and if I hit a good one her turning away and buckling in laughter … are my inside-the-head thoughts actually being expressed outward?

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      2. Debra Winger? Well, we all have different tastes I guess. For my eyes, the sexiest actress of all times is Monica Bellucci. She’s actually beyond sexy 🙂 Her beauty is still breath taking, une femme fatale from the very small group of women alike.


          1. It just hit me. This comment thread has already referenced Jennifer Connelly riding a mechanical bull. Debra Winger did the same in Urban Cowboy. I don’t know how to link YouTube vids in this forum…help me out.


        1. I’ll take one sex scene from “An Officer and a Gentleman” or “Urban Cowboy” and give you ten Monica Bellucci getting raped for ten minutes in an alley by a crackhead…no, I’ll give you ten thousand.


          1. Not sure I’m getting it…

            You can link a YT video simply by copying the vid’s web address from a browser into the comment section,without using any special wordpress command. The pictures would be linked in the same way, like this:


        2. Aah, Monica – the beautiful face in Spectre. A writer friend of mine penning a book about the power of Shakti wanted to put Monica on his cover and contacted her agent. Monica responded “very sweet” but the answer was no.


          1. Spectre made her fame go global, but she was already a movie star years before that particular Bond movie. Before that she starred in “Malena”, “The Matrix Reloded” or still controversial movie “Irreversible”. The latter starts off normal and then the descent into chaos suddenly hits you, it’s a highly avantgarde movie but one of her best.


          2. Well, european movie making is luckily much more diversified and close to calling it art then H-wood counterpart industry. So the definition of what’s an avantgarde movie should be clarified – it is about experimental or unorthodox work (or people) with respect to art, culture, or society. That’s something that H-wood fails to recognize as it doesn’t help in making the profits. But movies and art aren’t always about shallow stories with happy endings, which makes place for avantgarde angle of filming life as it is – sometimes happy and sometimes sad and ugly. If you think “Irreverisble” is reprehensible, to bad you can’t watch some of our local avantagarde movies made right after the last Balkan wars. I wonder what you’d have to say about those, as in the case of for instance “Lepa sela lepo gore” (


          3. I get where you are coming from, Vexman. I certainly wasn’t defending Hollywood. I preferred French cinema when I was a movie buff. I’ve seen films like Martyrs and Come and See. But I would not even consider subjecting myself to something like A Serbian Film, which I feel Irreversible teeters too closely toward. Perhaps I’m just a bit more sensitive than you. Different strokes. That’s what makes this world such an interesting place.


          4. It appears that a WordPress “something” is required. Vexman, do I seem computer illiterate? I’ve tried and failed numerous times.


      3. Kevin, I had forgotten this article and at the time of publication I only read a portion. Excellent information, very good article! I have never seen “Once Upon a Time in America” and plan to watch that today. The video link you provided really intrigued me. I also remember “Starting Over” and how much I enjoyed it….may give it another watch too….a bit of comic relief.


        1. Make sure you watch the correct version of “Once Upon a Time in America.” The studio originally did a hatchet job which is why it tanked at the box office. I think it’s one of the greatest gangster films of all time…brutally honest. I still consider “Starting Over” to be one of the most underrated comedies of all time, although it has been quite a while since I’ve seen it. I hope I wasn’t just in the right “mood.”


          1. I checked and it is available to rent on Amazon….there is also a director’s cut available…should I choose the directors cut?


          2. regarding Starting Over….I specifically remember Candace Bergen in that see through blouse and Jill Clayburgh saying something like “your new girlfriend certainly has beautiful breasts” Your comment reminds me to add that to my “watch list” too, so I don’t forget to watch it again.


  8. So far I believe we have a male only audience commenting so far? I mention that because as an all American female (whatever that means; for me it means I love men), I would like to share that I remember seeing Jennifer in a teeny bopper movie many moons ago and being struck by her beauty. I thought she was stunning and as Tyrone described “voluptuous”. I didn’t really know what a goddess was back then, but in retrospect she fit the bill. And then she changed and I noticed – she became a skinny, androgynous skeleton, and was no longer a Goddess. She recently appeared in a movie about the “true” story of 19 elite Arizona firefighters losing their lives battling a horrendous fire: “Only the Brave”. She was still skinny, bony, anorexic and androgynous – not one juicy feminine ounce of flesh to signal her gender. Curves are passé? And so, I immensely enjoyed this article because it simply explains so much.


  9. What a work you put into this Kevin, really impressive!

    Like the other men here I also had a crush for Jennifer Conelly.

    That aside, I went on a much less deep trail than you did when checking out the movie The Hot Spot (1990), directed by famous spook Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider, The Last Movie). Miles Mathis wrote about him. There I found the music of that movie with Conelly was composed by Jack Nitzsche, obviously an alternative spelling of (Friedrich) Nietzsche. Clicking on I saw he was from a place called Newaygo in Michigan, quite a strange name. Maybe Maarten “Mackinac Machnations” Rossaert knows it?
    Who else was born in that small village?

    Bertha Yerex Whitman (think Walt Whitman, MM would say). The name combination sounds strange because she was born Yerex, so her maiden name came before her husband’s. But that name Yerex looks made up. Looking at the maps of distribution of that surname shows just 17 in New Zealand (an immigration country), the majority in Canada and then the US, but only 1 in the UK. That sounds very strange. Either a whole family without leaving any bloodlines in the Old World moved to the US and Canada (and NZ) or the name is somehow made up by the immigrants in Canada (as I never have seen that surname and it looks strange).

    Bertha Yerex was the first US American female architect from the University of Michigan. Some blah blah stories at her wiki page of course, but there it is said her father Charles Napier Yerex was the “town’s” (even today it is a village) train master. At that time an important job.

    The village of Newaygo is linked to some spooky names, most notoriously that of Al Capone. Going to we see that her father was not the train master, but an owner of slot machines. It begs the question why Wikipedia is hiding that and policorrecting it into “train master”…

    Back to Jennifer. At IMDb it is proudly listed that her mother (the supposed Ilene Schuman (=shoe man)) was jewish. So that means Jennifer is too.

    She also starred in The House of Sand and Fog (1993) with known actor “Sir” Ben Kingsley, known for various roles portraying historical figures who are by definition taken into question. There she is even listed as first cast member in the list.

    Another role she took was of “Naameh” in the -to me very much disappointing- movie Noah by Aronofsky who also directed Requiem for a Dream (I still like that one and his movies in general). In Noah she was second cast member behind and alongside Russell “A Beautiful Mind” Crowe, the one about John Forbes Nash Jr., still needs a lot more information on Fakeopedia.

    So closing the loop, Kevin, you show you have clear thinking skills and are not afraid to dive in the deep with your research. Good stuff, hope to read more from you and if you (and others here) have a dedicated research website, as Terran Downvale started recently, I will link it at:


      1. Master of Puppets still is one of my favorite songs of all time (Metallica), but maybe the title should be passed to someone else then…?

        But you don’t have an own blog/site to include in the list?


    1. Gaia, you’re a guy-uh?!?!? I assumed otherwise. From the feminine handle.

      All I know about Newaygo is that there used to be a primo doughnut shop there to go to after your dad took you fishing at Ford Lake. But a spook locale? Not likely. Nothing but muck farms thereabouts. Just another Ojibwe place name in the Upper Midwest.


  10. lol @ that photo with the five-foot arm. What is going on there?

    Those interested in ‘sync’ (Kotzean synchromysticism) may find this blog post about Connelly interesting:

    For me personally when I think of Connelly I think of Labyrinth (1986) and Dark City (1998). Let’s look at each in brief detail.

    In Labyrinth, Connelly plays a young, would-be princess, whose bossy step-mother forces her to babysit her baby brother. She wishes the boy would disappear and then David Bowie (!) steals the child. She must then make her through a (coming of age) maze — reminiscent of the work of M.C. Escher — to save the child, assisted by monsters along the way. Included is a memorable scene in which Bowie drugs Connelly and then dances with her to some peculiar music, surrounded by some conspicuous-looking characters:

    This was when Connelly was supposedly aged 16, in a film ostensibly targeted at children, by the way.

    In Dark City, Connelly plays the wife of a man who has apparently lost his mind. It turns that he has in fact accidentally awoken to the deceptions being cast upon the sleeping masses of his city. As the people sleep, their reality is rearranged around them, and every day is a new experiment; the sleeping masses remain blissfully ignorant. Connelly’s role is only minor in this film but we get to hear (what we are told is) her singing ‘The Night Has a Thousand Eyes’:

    That song is all deception and telling lies to those we purportedly care about, with allusions to the notion that we are all being watched.

    Is any of this particularly relevant or significant to the case in question? Maybe, maybe not, but I felt like sharing what came to mind while reading. Dark City is, for me, one of those ‘truth in plain sight’ films for those with eyes to see. Everybody knows how to get to Shell Beach, just give me a second to remember the directions…


    1. Labyrinth, another movie I have never seen….wasn’t a Bowie fan. But, the “Ballroom Scene” clip is intriguing, beautiful and disturbing. Connelly is breathtaking. I’m adding this movie to my list….knowing what I know now of MK Ultra etc, it is certainly worth a look…Thanks John


  11. Haha, my name refers to the only goddess we can all agree upon who is real; the Earth. Nothing to do with any other people who have used or abused (like NASA) the same name…

    Ok thanks. But still, why would Al fecking Capone bother with that village then? Sleepy towns of today may well have been used for other purposes in the past…


    1. Same reason he had a house in Escanaba and stayed at times in the Boundary Waters region of Minnesota … last place someone would look for him. 50 miles past the Middle of Nowhere.


      1. Let’s even ask ourselves if Al Capone was even the man history told us he was? Just a front person for the groups behind the scenes? Reading the mob stories, the northsiders(Obanion, Moran) vs southside(Capone, Torrio) etc kinda doesn’t add up. Like the cowboys of the ole west they tend to be more business type celebs promoting a lifestyle, and not low key types. Military groups at the time running that show as well probably.


  12. Considering Kevin’s article above is on POM is it too simplistic to mention the amount of “nn”,”ll”, “rr”(Jerry), “(ll)ene”, “Willow”, etc., thoughout the topic?
    Reminds me of the movie title “Gattaca” referring to the four letters or nitrogenous bases that make up DNA, adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine.

    Then for fun notice the “ss” at the top of the Saint Ann’s sc”hoot”l logo. No, not ‘satan slaves’ but dem’ guys interest in twins.

    So, as alluded to in a reply perhaps Connelly was not confused about looking though the window (her eyes) into another apartment during a movie sex scene. Granted that could be a MK-Ultra compartmentized shattered mind reference which in that case read up on Fritz Springmeier.

    But if it is “body doubles”, twins, clones, refer to Mark’s ‘Matt Damon Brats’ and Tryone McCloskey’s intro to Kevin’s article.

    The article’s peoples’ names could be taken to be rearranged genome sequencing or someone’s tongue in cheek way of having fun with us. If wrong, it’s still entertaining like a word game diversion for paranoids with time to waste or indicators similar to numbers.

    It’s not like alot of the replies aren’t dancing around that idea. Even the progressive sequence of movies named above are getting us acclimatized to that reality. Genuflect to Joseph P. Farrell and his website ‘Gizadeathstar’ for talking about transhumanism wayback.
    (Gee, Fa”rr” e”ll”?)

    And thanks to Mnsant* for mixing & matching genetic material. And lastly to Darren Aronofsky’s scary movies especially the “Black Swan” for it’s wall to wall symbolism. I thought “Sophie’s Choice” was depressing as a movie … but “Requiem for a Dream” sank lower. (As an antidote to those movies watch Vincent Ward’s “The Navigator” or better “After Hours” by Martin Scorsese. Like ‘Dark City’, the precursor to the “Matrix” movies, it’s always nightime.
    I digress).


    1. Ps.
      This is a plug for the creative influences in some “night-time” movies.

      Jean “Moebius” Girand, also known as Gir.
      Dan O’Bannon and John Carpenter.

      The movie “Dark Star” is about a group of space cowboys, ie. Garbage Men of the Universe, made by O’Bannon & Carpenter. Later morphing into the movie “Alien” (O’Bannon & Moebius) where the pet alien ‘beach ball prop’ in “Dark Star” becomes the Alien character in Cameron’s movie. The rhythm of the movie is the human heart beat, 1,2,3, four, shown on the radar screen tracking the aliens inside of the spacecraft.

      O’Bannon + Moebius on “The Long Tomorrow ” short story. Then again together with the movie “The Fifth Element”.

      So, while it’s nice, as in “It’s a very nice. I like.” to see Jennifer Connelly/Sigourney Weaver/Milla Jovovich on screen, raise up your pitcher to the mostly not noted behind the scene creative influence in movies, the screenwriters and animators.

      Although Milla Jovovich should be nominated for the actress “Most Likely to Laugh Her Ass Off During Obligatory Interviews” … I like.


  13. 1987 Barbara Walters interviews Debra Winger about “An Officer and A Gentleman”. She asks, “Did you ever feel close to Richard Gere?”
    Winger: No.
    Walters: How do play love scenes…what do you do when you don’t feel anything?
    Winger: Well, in that ca…in that case, um, it was very difficult. I didn’t…I just chose not to hide how upset I was. And a strange thing happened in that, that emotion that was actually upset ended up looking like I was involved in …in the scene…you know? It ended up looking like I was brimming with emotion, which I WAS.


  14. (Sorry, another post. The weather is getting warmer outside, so I’ll leave …)

    But,first, I agree with Miles Mathis on his site that, paraphasing, ‘… the transgender promotion is skyrocking now’ ‘is a diversion’. Actors, actresses, are told how to act, just as politicians are actors. And events are staged.

    Regarding Vexman’s and Kevin’s replies, above, on movies. Just as Edison fought the introduction of Tesla’s AC electic current into the U.S. delaying a better technology for public use …
    Edison did the same for movies. With his army of Tort lawyers he fought the better French Luminere brothers Cinematograph Camera over his inferior Kinetograph peepshow camera.
    In a nutshell while that was occuring, under the radar around the turn of the previous century Jewish and other immigrants in New York City were opening narrow storefronts to show short under a minute films charging a nickle for admission, ie. Nickelodens.
    And that’s the Hollywood we have today.

    At best movies here are a “diversion”. Otherwise they’re useful for conditioning public opinion.
    Not that I have any use for Serbian Propaganda ” films. Just kidding Vexman. I’ll look around for the movie “Pretty Village, Pretty Flames”. I’m amused at the guy holding the dixie flag on the movie poster.


    1. We generally do not discuss transgender here, as much if it appears to me (I cannot speak for the others) to be un-studied, just people handing out photos and claiming they show something that is not there. I’ll leave it at that, but transgender, I hope, stays on the margins here. The Connelly case is indeed interesting and suggestive.


  15. At this point I don’t see any trauma based anything is necessary when one is born into the scam. My point is that the blood bastards are guaranteed to be loyal through their nature and nurture. How eager little children are to please the grownups- and daily affirmations help seal what the blood has set in motion: Loyalty as a default reaction that no therapy can put asunder.
    It also appears to me that the MKstuff and the monarch stuff and all that rot are tropes to hide the blood relationships concept. What these assets like Connelly are doing when exposed to the military is learning discipline and developing coping skills when they are in (simulated) combat, as with the Lipton show. Yes, the ticks and twitches reveal much to the trained eye, but the hand waiving and laughter may also be muscle memory to fog the tells when the subject senses he/she has tipped their hand. Thankfully, for them, only .000000000000000000000000001 percent of the world’s population can decipher these tells.
    (K Star, where can I get literature regarding body language? I have one book aimed at the general public, but additional material would be most welcomed)
    This is not to suggest they are perfect robots, but their emotional templates are designed for them to think what they do is natural. The effects of their behavior on the public does not compute because they have no reference point to assess their loyalty. It just is.
    PS- Their seems to me to be a lot of wishful thinking in trying to ID all of these “trannys”. Given the androgyny component of the soft genocide that appears to be their goal, one might suspect that this skirt lifting rhetoric is deliberately supporting said agenda. If fame and fortune smile on self-castrating stars, how attractive is that to the brain dead lumpen?
    (It just occurred to me: Con- Nelly. Nelly is a term for an especially limp/lisping gay man. Maybe y’all are on to something….)


  16. Surely those actors are compromised by pedophilia. It’s the “””best””‘ way to get them on board from an early age. Study psychopaths. Jennifer CONnely thus is not the CONwoman, yet the conned one. Like so many of them hustlers…


    1. “Evidence”? What do you call “evidence”? What are your standards for “evidence”? Criteria?

      I have no evidence those people are abused by pedophiles, obviously, as the only channels that would funnel that information are liars.

      However, what you can do is realize those people are psychopaths; recognize the character traits and you’ll see. If you don’t have experience with psychopaths and their tendencies for abuse, then be happy and blessed with that lack of experience. But that doesn’t mean anything for the facts that psychopaths abuse all the time and pedophilia is an extreme case of that abuse. But those people ARE extreme psychopaths, in all their behavior. That we can see. So imagining that they go that far that quite a number of them are pedophiles, or better said use pedophilia behavior as a method of control and manipulation is not at all outlandish.


  17. If there is no point, what’s the point of your no point if not the point of a diverson to take attention off the point of … the point, of not to be taken in by false events.

    Miles Mathis’ blog along with POM, Vexman’s Thoughts and others are focused on that.

    Whether or not that was your intention, I don’t know but Mark Tokarski’s comment above said it well. My intention or interest is in the introductions to Kevin Starr’s article and his observations throughout the article, not one aspect.

    For example put the St. Anna’s school seal and the poster for the movie “Creation” side by side. The school logo “Altiora Peta” can mean “raising consciousness” or if you dig thru the internet, neutering animals. Obviously it’s the former but look at the “Creation” poster. One theme could be about Ascension, except now it is man touching the finger of the primate instead of God and man as depicted in Michelanglo’s “Creation of Adam” from the Sistine Chapel fesco which the poster is based upon. (Even the cloth in the bottom left of the fesco is similiar to the shadow shapes in the various movie posters. The spanish? poster version is based Francisco Goya’s painting style. In this version it is the women joined at the hip to the man who is wearing the shoes the man is wearing in the Michelanglo poster. (?) I digress, yep).

    The poster’s composition is using the A shape throughout in a hour glass pattern. The man (Master) is looking across at the lady who is looking at the primate whose hand travels across to the man’s and then your eye is directed back to the original man completing an hour glass path. The women’s three-quarter view is taken from a Michelanglo portrait. There’s mo’ but ….

    “A” is for Adam.

    Even Paul Brettany name is suggestive. In advertising a person’s eye looking at a page ad starts in the upper right corner and usually travels in a “s” path to the “sweet spot” like where audio speakers cross paths in a room (I’m trying to keep this clean Mark, at least I haven’t mentioned “O”), which is the light emitting from the primate’s and man’s fingers touching.

    The “A” in Paul Brettany name may be the key to whatever is being illustrated. The “A” is resting on the two “T”s in Brettany. Could this be the spitting of an “A” or Alpha (gene?) into two “T” or thetas? Maybe there’s more than x’s and y’s. I dunno, but maybe it fits in with twins. Jennifer Connelly has four stacked “N”s. So, out in Alchemy left field, is that covalent bonding or a broken cross/sun?

    I recommend Joseph P. Farrell’s books and website ‘’ …
    as this is all just a diversion for me.

    Thank you Kevin for your article. I printed out “Faith Healers” and am looking forward to reading it and any other work of yours. Perhaps a piece on Darwin. Where will you be posting/your website?



      1. Sorry, there’s always a P.S.,

        Somewhere in between the “Creation” poster and Michelanglo’s “Creation of Adam” there’s the “E.T.” poster.
        With the Pope willing to baptist E.T.’s. I’ll just have wait for the next blockbuster movie to tell me what to think.


        1. P.S.02:

          Ok, it’ getting late and gonna be ready for work, I can’t wait for Tsis’ a Genda to deconstruct my brillant intuitive theory, so …

          Version Two of the ‘Creation’ poster based on H.G. Well’s “Island of Doctor Moreau” novel since Paul Bettany who plays Darwin is looking at Darwin in the poster and Jennifer Connelly is looking at the primate ….

          Shame on u’ guys, you’ve been lusting over a mon·key.

          (Anyone remember the Twilight Zone episode where a man is being dragged aboard a spacecraft yelling “It’s a COOKBOOK!!”. Well, it’s Descension.)

          Thanks to Miles’ “From Theosophy to the Beat Generation” article for pointing out Theosophy is an intel diversion. It’ a very good piece worth reading especially since amongst his various talents he is a Realist Painter.


  18. To Mark Tokarski & POM,


     This is your site and you have the right to see fit what is posted. 

    My dig, Jan. 14, 2018 at 5:05pm, previous to the “brillant” (j.k.) comment was uncalled for. I should know better to have my button(s) pushed. So good call on your part.

    My post Jan. 13, at 11:14 am was addressed to Tryone McCloskey’s post Jan 13, 2018 at 5:30 pm and Kevin Starr’s posts Jan. 13, 2018 at 5:54 and 7:02 pm.

    McCloskey’s post because his last paragraph negated what was written in the post. Or at least tried to have it both ways as I read it.
    Then Starr followed by agreeing.
    At which point I felt like I’d be CON-nelledized as I perceived their posts were getting off track. I assumed wrongly what the article was about.

    My post, reply, Jan. 14, 2018 at 1:54 pm, first paragraph aside from the Lewis Carroll “logic” and the mimicrying of the previous style, was for real.

    Diversion is not a trivial matter as it takes time away from thinking for yourself.

    The rest was verbage.

    And yes, some, ok, alot,of my comments are flippant. J. Connelly is not a primate. Granted, body language wise both tend to wave their hands over their heads. (Flippant Comment.)

    *** And lastly but important to me I sincerely apologize if any of my comments even in the least reflect adversely to references made in my posts as they are definity worth reading. Others have said the same. ***



    1. I removed all of TSISAGEYA’s posts but left yours intact – that is, did not deliberately delete any, though some might have gone down with TSISAGEYA’s. I take your point, as [s]he was being an asshole and a troll and you were responding. So I tried to leave you alone.



        1. J Kidding: I have enjoyed your posts and completely bristled and recoiled at the things that I saw TSISAGEYA write.
          Please keep up the good work.


  19. Great article, Kevin. I agree that there’s a lot of weird stuff here including sketchy parents, weird schools, early success, evidence of lying, forced ritual humiliation in the Requiem for a Dream movie, etc.

    Here are a few random thoughts specifically about Maarten’s trans question and the video he linked to making the case for Connelly as a man, baby.

    We know there is an Op to push the idea that lots of Hollywood starlets are men. We know that a lot of the truthers pushing this line are not truthers at all but rather pushers of the Op. Maybe lots of Hollywood actresses are trans; maybe not. But this push is largely coming from the inside, not the outside.

    Revelation of the method? Sticking our faces in the fact that we’ve all swooned for these “dudes”? Or just another psyop designed to make us feel out of control and crazy and compromised and confused? To undermine our maleness, our natural desires? To trigger our innate homophobia and disgust as a way to further rupture relations between the sexes? (Or maybe there really are some famous trans actresses and the “outing 1000s of hidden trannies” project is controlled opposition and cover up via reductio ad absurdum?)

    As is often discussed here, the controllers often find it easier to fake something than to actually do it the hard way (war, nukes, mass shootings, etc.) This trans stuff may be no exception. Much easier to take scrawny anorexic women and make videos about how masculine their jawlines look than to actually transition someone from one gender to another.

    Plastic surgery is not that great a technology, as all the puffy-lipped, cat-eyed, frozen smile old cougars prove. Most plastic surgery recipients look terrible even with professional makeup, lighting, and photo editing. I don’t doubt that the controllers have access to the very best in plastic surgery, but it’s still not easy to make a woman into a man or vice versa.

    I totally disagree with the notion that it’s strange for a woman to get less curvaceous with age. On the contrary, youth is the peak time for curvy femininity. From 16 to 25, lets say. After 25, even the most beautiful women start to get a little….harder edged. The ones who preserve their slender figures increasingly due so with excess exercise and insufficient calories. Men grow softer with age and women grow harder. Maybe it’s all the endocrine disrupters in the environment. Sure, a fat woman gets fatter. But among Hollywood actresses paid to be thin, their peak curvaceous femininity comes early in life then does a long slow fade with age.

    Some theorists, I thought on this very site but I may be wrong, have speculated that Jennifer Connelly was replaced at some point, which would be another possible explanation. She was a beautiful young woman and is much less appealing now. It might just be aging and undereating, it might be maleness coming through, but it also could be a change. The brows were much more arced in the younger Connelly….now they are a straight line across. If a switcheroo it was a pretty good one, though. The eyes and voice seem to be a match.

    Anyway, I’m not sure what to believe anymore. That argument in that video was simultaneously compelling and not compelling. But if the actresses are trans, it does explain one thing. The fact that Hollywood actresses are recognized as NOT the hottest women around. The most beautiful models or even the most beautiful girls on spring break put most famous actresses to shame. Monica Bellucci really is among the most beautiful even now, and she’s a grandmother. Unremarkable gals like Scarlett Johanssen are considered the ne plus ultra of Hollywood beauty. Hard edged Jennifer Aniston is supposedly America’s sweetheart at 50 years old. The argument is that this is because acting requires more quirky looks, more expressive qualities rather than purely beautiful ones, etc. But maybe it’s because the actresses are a bunch of dudes!

    All skepticism aside, I do stand ready to accept Michelle Obama as a man. Her haunches are so huge and unnatural looking they seem to be camouflage for fully developed and untweaked um, manliness underneath, almost like she’s wearing a hoop dress. So maybe it really does come down to the eyes of the beholder. I hate pols even more than I hate hollywood types (to the extent that these are two different categories), so I’m more willing to believe the worst about pols.

    And while we don’t know exactly what the purpose would be of pushing trannies on us as icons of beauty, it does seem believable. All the world’s a stage to the controllers, and the show must go on. And we know the old British aristocrats liked nothing more than to dress up as women and put on shows. So why not go all the way to the grand deception for the mass audience? It serves some occult transhuman gender-bending goal, it’s fun and funny to them, it’s humiliating to us, etc.

    Final thought: Connelly’s patrician accent was very striking in the interview. She sounded British. Or like Katherine Hepburn. It made me think she had some obvious link to the rich families. She called the head of her school “mad as a brush,” for crying out loud. But I found the comment above about her having a tough Brooklyn edge in real life to be interesting. She’s an actress, after all. Maybe her patrician demeanor/accent is the real put on. Like Madonna’s British accent. (Or maybe she picked it up from her hubby.)

    Anyway, I’d love to hear more of other peoples’ thoughts about it all.


  20. Consider the Jennifer Connelly “image” from another angle rather than a castrated male, a degraded female.

    In the “Creation” movie poster from Kevin’s article Paul Bettany plays Darwin while Connelly is diagonally looking down at the primate. It appears she plays the role of a primate inferior to man. “Requiem for a Dream” has her playing the role of a degraded woman.

    Now jump back too her school’s, St. Ann, logo, “Altiora Peto” and play with its meanings or puns. “Striving loftier things”, Altiora Petamus, “Striving … with the stars” (a pun?) or “Altiora” as the “neuter” pural of altior coupled with peto sounding like PETA, the animal rights group which supports neutering or at least wants Knut the polar bear nuts ripped off to avoid incestuous mating. You can’t make this stuff up… or. …?

    Back to the poster (quickly). Is Darwin as in Social Darwinism as in Eugenics as in population control by an already negative birth rate due to confusion of the sexes from watching too many movies of castrated males and degraded females … leading to the importation of a cheaper more malleable immigrant workforce ?


    1. Just kidding …

      It’s a poster about Transhumanism based on Michelango’s “Creation of Man” Sistine Chapel fesco ripped off from the E.T. movie poster. (Altiora Petamus is the starlight between the fingers when genes are split).

      Or it’s whatever you want to make of the poster.

      When did movie stars have so much influence on us?
      (Probably after Carl Jung published his first issue of Enqu*rer Magazine.)


    2. Thanks for that final question, J. Kidding. It leads to the answer I was going to give Daft Punk concerning the Trans Agenda, which is, “I don’t care.” Since I’ve started researching these vile creatures, they do not influence me whatsoever. The only time I think about them or look at them is when I’m revealing their lies and deception. They do not represent my reality.

      BTW, thanks, Daft Punk for the thoughtful comment. You bring up many good points.


      1. Kevin,

        “… vile …” sounds to me like the ‘Washington Zoo’ from Steely Dan’s song “Show Biz Kids” or people who think they’re better than the rest of the world.

        “Show Biz Kids” partial lyrics,

        “While the poor people sleepin’
        With the shade on the light
        All the stars come out at night …

        Show biz kids making movies
        Of themselves you know they
        Don’t give a f*uck about anybody else.”

        … yea, sounds like sour grapes, would I be any different if I was in their shoes wearing a Steely Dan T-shirt and “All that money can buy”, instead of my old brown shoes?
        The least I can do is return the favor and not give a ‘hoot’* about them and not watch their movies.
        It’s more fun with some inexpensive digital camera and software and time to make your own movie shorts.

        Not to buy into their shtik.


          1. Don’t know what you are sorry about, JK – you were innocent before and I was wrong to include you with the troll. I am the one who should say sorry. Sicne I should, I will. Sorry.


        1. Here, here JK. I agree wholeheartedly. Many believe that the Steely Dan song Peg is about the actress Peg Entwistle who committed suicide by jumping off of the H in the Hollywoodland sign. I wonder if they could write another ditty to induce the rest of Hollyweird to follow suit. I just remembered. Becker croaked last year. C’est la vie.

          Vile is one of my favorite words because it rearranges to evil, veil, and live. We all need to lift the veil from our eyes and see the vile and evil to live more naturally.


  21. Good point about not caring. If Hollywood actors are professional propaganda spewers (witting or unwitting), it hardly matters what their real sex is. The secret is to never watch them. Even skeptics like ourselves are very susceptible. As Mark points out, TV (and film) are mildly hypnotic, so the hidden propaganda messages can land more deeply.

    One question in my mind is where the truth lies in terms of who these actors are. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but we’ve spent a lot of time wondering on this site. It seems to me that there’s a whole spectrum of possibilities, and all of them “work” in terms of explaining the results we see in terms of messaging from Hollywood and special career opportunities for certain people. Imagine a spectrum from left to right, with the left end being that Hollywood is just a big meritocracy, and the right end being that Hollywood is a sinister, tightly controlled uber-conspiracy staffed by special types of humans.

    On the far right of that spectrum, we have the theories that the big actors are special creatures basically bred for the job. Maybe they are Bokanovsky brats, clones, etc. One step to the left of that, maybe they are the illegitimate spawn of the familes, maybe they are infertile by design, etc. One step to the left of that, maybe the actors are all employees of the intelligence agencies or the military or whatever. One step to the left of that, they are just the rich kids of the families and their parents want them to have some fun and fame while producing propaganda. One step to the left of that, there is no conspiracy or control, it all just kind of happens organically. Like in all walks of life, money and connections lead to success. The kids of Hollywood moguls and other very rich people end up with Hollywood careers if they want them. And of course they don’t produce films that go against the interests of their class. Or maybe the Jewish dominance of Hollywood combined with natural nepotism leads to the vast overrepresentation of Jews among new actors, directors, producers, etc. (Please no-one cry anti-semitism here–the statistics are overwhelming here and shouting down facts is antithetical to the mission of Piece of Mindful.) And, to indulge in stereotypes with some basis in fact for a moment, it’s possible that some of the propaganda coming out of Hollywood isn’t top-down controller generated, but organically generated by liberal American Jews, who DO tend to be more interested than the average American in pushing certain themes (pro-multiculturalism, anti-Americanism, anti-church, anti-rural, pro-feminism, pro-promiscuity, pro-homosexuality, pro-choice) (Again, this should not be upsetting to anyone, but if it is, just substitute “liberals” for “liberal American Jews” and the message is the same.) Or we could take a further step to the left of the spectrum and say that it doesn’t even matter whether the Hollywood workers are personally liberal or not–they’ve learned that movies about people of color and people with disabilities and people coming out as gay tend to win awards and confer status on the actors and producers involved, and so everyone keeps producing more of that.

    My point is that the propaganda we see coming out of Hollywood could be very top-down, influenced by whoever the controllers are (the families, the intelligence agencies, the dual citizens, or some combination of these groups or others.) Or it could be the organic result of a million natural little interactions of politics, nepotism, careerism, going along to get along, etc.

    I’m curious about where along the spectrum the truth lies. Miles Mathis is always complaining that the arts are totally controlled—and that a great actor could never get a job without being part of some secret elite. But that’s a pretty defeatist attitude. And it doesn’t seem to be totally true. At the lower levels, it seems like many actors are as much victims of the system as perpetrators. The frequent on-screen ritual humiliations of pretty actresses by sadistic directors is just one example. All the casting couch stuff and dark abuse allegations are further examples. Now, Miles may still be right that a good honest actor can’t get any work without selling his soul. If the only choices are perpetrator or victim, that doesn’t leave any room for a pure actor/artist with an independent mind. But Miles may be over-emphasizing the degree to which every participant in the Hollywood system is “in on” the con.

    The go-along-to-get-along factor is extremely powerful. Our society is surrounded by criminal rackets–from Wall Street to K Street to Big Pharma to Big Tech spying devices to the War Machine to the propagandizing Mainstream Media. And we almost never see any whistleblowing activity at all. Most “good people” in these industries never blow the whistle even when they know crimes are being committed. Fraud is rampant, but the average person knows that they can’t change the system, all they can do is commit pointless career suicide. So they don’t. This means that they are all compromised, but it doesn’t mean that they are all co-conspirators.

    My best guess about Hollywood is that, like so many things, it’s a pyramid. At the very top there really are sinister conspirators, and some of them are totally hidden. These “owners” set the tone and put the system in motion. Then there are the equivalents of corporate CEOs, the day-to-day moguls in charge. They also exert a lot of control. Then there are the intelligence agencies, who seem to exert some control by causing endless spy movies and war movies and terrorism movies to be produced, and also seem to have some light touch veto power or editing power. “Add something on page 26 about how evil Russia and Iran are.” But all of these controlling groups might only add up to fill the top 10% of the pyramid. The rest of the workers may be largely sheep, but sheep who subconsciously know what is expected of them, don’t want to make trouble, and so willingly and naturally keep the focus on what the controllers want (pro-war, pro-spy, pro-money, pro-government, anti-family, anti-church, anti-redneck, etc.)

    Anyway, to me this is THE question for all of us “conspiracy theorists.” We see the dastardly deeds much more clearly than the normies do. But we are sometimes perhaps to prone to imagine more omnipotence and competence and control at the top of the pyramid than might really exist. I don’t know where the truth lies, but I wish I did.

    Take Trump v. Hillary. Are they both powerless actors? Was Hillary playing the role of evil loser in the election while Trump played a fake populist? Are they knowingly on the same team? Or do they have competing backers among elites who are battling for control? Or do Trump and Hillary really have serious autonomy within some boundaries? Are they just competing crooks/looters? Or are they true believers in the various government schemes they push on the people?

    I do think a lot can be deduced by acting Qui Bono and following those threads to their conclusion. Who benefits? And I do think we have some good candidates: intelligence agencies, world government types, the richest bankers, the families, etc. But at the same time, I think a lot can be deduced by looking at basic human psychology. A lot of what we see is influenced not by controllers, but by regular people who are risk averse, crave money, and above all crave status. There is a concept called “holiness spirals,” in which it pays off in status for people to signal their allegiance to the most extremely liberal ideas.

    So to conclude by looking at the transgender agenda one more time–yes, the controllers seem to want to blur the lines between the sexes, emasculate men, weaken the family, etc. But the average Brooklyn barista is equally committed to the transgender agenda because they want to signal that they are “goodthinkers” “on the right side of history” who are clever city folk morally superior to “stupid transphobic rednecks in flyover country.”

    Sorry for the long comment. But this post inspired me. There are so many clues of weirdness afoot. Jennifer Connelly really did appear to be lying…about her parents, her spooky schools, her instant career success, her easy admission to Yale, etc. etc. And her filmography includes ritual sexual humiliation AND propaganda films like A Beautiful Mind.

    So what the heck is going on in Hollywood? Where does the truth lie along the spectrum? How much do you guys think is fully controlled vs. the organic results of non-conspirators pursuing their interests within a sick system?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While I chew on another lengthy comment considering a response, let me ask you this. Daft Punk? Fan of the band? Did you by any chance catch my profound intellectual analysis of the Alan Parsons Project’s album “I Robot” on this very site? I only bring this up because the word “robot” appears 23 times on Daft Punks Wiki page.


  22. Daft Punk wrote:
    *My point is that the propaganda we see coming out of Hollywood could be very top-down, influenced by whoever the controllers are (the families, the intelligence agencies, the dual citizens, or some combination of these groups or others.) Or it could be the organic result of a million natural little interactions of politics, nepotism, careerism, going along to get along, etc. *

    Mr. Punk. It’s not an “OR” question anymore. What you describe here is a pyramid. Hollywood is a corporation. America is a Corporation. A top-down organization. You’ve successfully hijacked the comment section. Good on ya, mate. I made my point with the article.

    *Got everybody’s PA in my house, my house
    All the robots descend from the bus
    You got to set them up, set them up *

    Breaking news. No gold at the end of your rainbow.


  23. Kevin,

    Piece of Mindful raises the red flags. Good, as that helps you to recognize what you are looking at and then get the heck away from it.

    Kinda an off the wall story.
    (Please note I am NOT being thoughtless of a serious condition.)

    A long time ago I tried dating an Anorexic women before I could even spell a-n-o-r-e-x-i-c. She was very attractive, looked like a model and because of that I ignored the signs of what was real. There were signs such as the mood swings, her favorite color pink as that brought her back to a premenstrual state and the excessive over control of things she felt she still had some control with such as food leading to bad teeth.

    It wasn’t long before the boundary between her behavior and what I was thought was real became blurry. Was it something I said or did or didn’t do or didn’t said that led to her mood swings in a second or less?

    I explained to what was happening to a friend. And in one word he saved me a lot of confusion.


    I am not a professional health care giver and have empathy for anyone with the above condition. But I know if one doesn’t have the skills or patience to deal with something you don’t understand you are probably muddling the waters and not helping anyone including yourself.

    So, what does this story have to do with POM?
    Learn to recognize the red flags and not buy into something that will only waste your time or worse. Don’t open the door to it .. or they say in horror movies, even answer the phone. Step back, let POM handle it. Hip, hip.

    (And of course, question everything & everyone as we fade out into Leon Russell’s “Beware of Darkness”,
    Watch out now, take care
    Beware of falling …”)


    (fade in)

    “Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
    Raise up your glass … ” to Walter Becker.

    And yea, I know they’re from Queens/New Jersey.
    I’m from normal parents. Just kidding.

    (It was the misplaced “*” Mark.)


  24. Technically, it’s George Harrison’s “Beware of Darkness,” and I prefer that version. We were just discussing Tom Waits in a different thread, and I have the same problem with Russell regarding affectations to his singing style (except for that tightrope song, it works there imo.)

    And yes, we’ve all had times where we didn’t run as quickly as we should have. Life lessons and all that. Oh, and I heard that Becker had some “proclivities” shall we say, so I can’t join you in your toast.


    1. Aye Kevin,

      Fair enough, I believe I read the minimum of Miles Mathis papers enough to understand things aren’t what they seem to be. (Translation: Sure, go ahead and burst my balloon … ye blue meanie.) jk

      Re: Tom Waits …
      casualty of cool
      by Miles Mathis

      “If Tom Waits wants to sing like Elmer Fudd with laryngitis, fine: music is a secondary matter compared to counter-culture, compared to group identity.”

      I still think the lyrics to “Beware of Darkness” are worth reading. Perhaps it was written by Leonard Cohen?

      And to expand a little more on my story above, women as well as men can get hurt getting taken in by movies and fashion, Connelly was both.

      “In early 1966, Lesley Hornby found herself propelled to the heights of international fame as the world’s first supermodel – Twiggy.
      With her waif like figure, boyish haircut and striking eye lashes she created an image that would epitomize an era. Twiggy became the idol for millions of teenage girls of the sixties revolution”

      Anorexic Models
      “The fashion industry has become more aware of anorexic models and the dangers of anorexia nervosa within this business.”

      And for the millions of teenage girls that means a lifetime of ill health.
      As I noted above, a low weight threshold also effects the reproduction cycle possibly translating into a negative national birth rate.

      Check out the three photos of Connelly halfway thru in this article. Notice the middle Balenciaga photo. Looks like an ad for “I Robot” or Pinochet, neither male or female.

      Also on another level refer to the link below also worth reading.

      Blaming the Victim

      “The game here is obvious: in cultural Marxism, the most exalted title is that of “victim”. But if we depart from ideology and look instead at reality, we soon see that the real victims of Feminism are non-elite women and men.”

      So, my point is, like the “Wizard of Oz” there is an illusory wall paper thin or a photon thick on the silver screen that separates us from them, whoever they may be. While it’s intriguing to attempt and deconstruct what’s behind the image let’s not be diverted away from the fact that both women and men get hurt when they buy into the illusion


      1. Ps.
        … in addition to the U.S. audience consider all the movies that go overseas. Some movies go directly to DVDs, since the profit margin is equal or greater to the gross here and possible laundering (see Miles Mathis views on “Art” nowadays,

        “I Would Like to File a Suspicious Transactions Report on the entire 20th century” )

        Imagine the Dysfunctional Culture we are exporting,

        Somewhere on a Polynesian island beachfront sits a twenty-five-foot straw effigy of Jennifer Connelly,

        A few doors down from the Thailand Church of Dudeism, “We Abide”, there is an American Club of Jennifer Connelly, Winoda Ryder … and possibly two or more Bokanovsky, er, ladies.

        And on the Sahara sands a figure wearing a burka is running like water buffalo in heat after a loose windblown page of the Ntional Enqure desperate to know if Jennifer & Brad are back together or not. We can only hope so.

        And Kevin, in the Philippines as you read this, there is a Tom Waits sing-a-long Elmer Fudd Band going club to club …

        “ … De downtown twains awe fuww
        Wif aww dose Bwookwyn giwws
        Dey twy so hawd to bweak out of deiw wittwe wowwd …”


        1. LOL. As always, not sure if you’re Just Kidding. But your point is well taken. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed that our chief export is debauchery.


          1. Woops. Your previous post had gotten past me. Good stuff, some of your most lucid (least cryptic) thus far. Thanks.

            Watch out now, take care
            Beware of greedy leaders
            Who take you where you should not go
            While weeping atlas cedars
            They just want to grow, grow, and grow
            Beware of Darkness

            Harrison (or Cohen) was likely referring to the Blue Atlas Cedar, a sturdy conifer that can grow strong under adverse conditions.


  25. Just a quick post to announce my retirement from this thread. It’s been played out. I’m thankful to everybody for providing feedback about JC and/or Hollywood.


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