Response to the response to the response … wait … do I even care?

There will be more to follow on this blog regarding the Miles Mathis matter. Both K Starr and Bob Zherunkel will have follow-up pieces, one of which will add to the case for Mathis being a front for a committee. The work has been splendid, in my view, slowly bringing me around to their point of view. I was very resistant at first, but my mind’s eye keeps seeing that golf cart* sitting on that front porch, his only means of transportation. It really is a ‘tell,’ as they say in poker.

The problem has been with comments. I know that Team Mathis sits outside the gate waiting to be let in, and that once that happens this blog will become a moonscape littered with debris. I find it so ironic that people complain about inability to comment (even MM himself!) concerning a man who has never allowed comments.

The pieces written here about Mathis will continue to be closed to comments –  this in honor of the man who allows no comments. Everything else will be opened up again, eventually, with moderation triggers and deletion of attempts to get through that gate. That opening up will not happen today.

*Addendum: There was a blue vehicle on Miles’ porch when I was there. I have called it a golf cart. It was actually too big to be that, but it was small, say, like the little vehicles that meter maids used to run around in.