Another Tiresome Rebuttal

Kevin II

Once again, the MMC is calling me a liar.  This time, they claim to have evidence to support their assertion that I am not telling the truth.


Their source is Findagrave which often has incomplete listings of family members.  Findagrave is just what its name implies.  It is compiled by people who travel the country locating graves, not compiling genealogies.  A more reliable source is the U.S. Federal Census.


This is a copy of the 1900 U.S. Federal Census.  Lucy Harris Alexander Werne (the mother) is not listed because she died in 1898, two years before this census was conducted.  Uncle Joe had already moved on to his lucrative career with the railroad.  Willie and Mary Field are shown here just as they are in the MMC’s Findagrave  “evidence.”   The youngest child is clearly listed as Lucy M(iles).

Anybody (and I mean anybody) can locate this information.  Simply go to and “Search” for Lucy Werne, born 1890 in Kentucky.  This will be the first listing that you see:


They are grasping at straws over there.  The wise thing would be to let the matter “lie.”