The Sewing Circle — (loose threads)

Man, I Feel Like a Woman!


This special edition of my Sewing Circle series was BIRTHED by the backlog of SEW many…too many, “Look Like a Man” actresses.  Did men of the early 20th century have a proclivity towards manly wo-men just as men of the early 21st century appear to be leaning towards “boys with breasts?”  What attributes did men find attractive about women before Hollywood was calling the shots?  I’m hoping it was something like this:

The female presence aided in the active construction of society, and the manifestation of qualities such as compassion, care, protection, and love. Although these qualities are not restricted to the female gender, having a stronger female presence in society helped build a more just and equitable community.

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves. Tom Wolfe

That “someone she loves” could be another woman.  That beautiful “woman” could also be a man.  The Divine Masculine and Feminine roles sometimes overlap, but ultimately they have clearly defined functions to fulfill and this Sewing Circle series is my small attempt to encourage readers to stop supporting Hollywood’s subversive agenda to confuse the issue.  Compassion, care, protection, and love have no role to play in Hollywood.  Never have and never will.

flora finch1flora finch2flora finch3

Flora Finch (1867-1940) starred in over 300 silent films.  She(?) was born into a music hall and travelling theatrical family in London and was taken to the United States as a young child.  Her only spouse was some shadowy figure named Harold March (? – ?).


Mary Nash (born Mary Honora Ryan 1884 – 12/3/1976) adopted the surname of her stepfather, Philip F. Nash, a vaudeville booking executive.  In 1918, she wed French actor, writer and director Jose Ruben (1888–1969); they divorced after a brief (childless) marriage.


Daisy Cordell (1885 – 3/22/1959)  was “supposedly” an exquisitely gorgeous English lady who starred in many romantic, adventure and crime movies.  Her husbands name was Evelyn Roberts.  Gee, where have I heard that name before?  Oh yeah, Evelyn Lutman Roberts, wife of Oral Roberts.

Wikipedia informs us that Daisy Cordell’s husband Evelyn (died 11/30) was educated at the Guildhall School of Music, where “SHE” was a contemporary of DAISY Burrell.  All of a sudden everything’s coming up daisies…or maybe not.  Daisy Burrell had a complicated family history, marred by early deaths.

Her grandfather, Charles George Ratton, was a stockbroker from an Anglo-Portuguese Roman Catholic family.  In 1867 he married Isabella Iphigenia de Pavia but he died in 1873, aged only 25, leaving a young son and daughter.  His widow, Daisy’s grandmother, married Hassan Farreed the next year and died in 1890, aged 42.  In 1891, Daisy’s father, Charles Morris Ratton, married Ethel Eaglesfield Griffith, the daughter of another stockbroker, but in 1892, the year Daisy Ratton was born, he died at the age of 24.


Gene Gauntier (1885-1966) was an American screenwriter and actress who was one of the pioneers of the early motion picture industry.  In 1912 she married actor Jack J. Clark.  Their childless union ended in 1918.  Clark remarried until his death in 1947.  He left behind no progeny.

Gene’s sister, Marguerite Gauntier Liggett (pictured above, far right) was married to Swedish billionaire Axel Wenner-Gren.  Wenner-Gren owned newspapers, banks and arms manufacturers among many other things.  Marguerite did not produce an heir to his vast fortune.

fuller fuller2

Dale Fuller (1885-1948) was an American actress who appeared in 67 films between 1915 and 1935.  She never married.


Florence Lawrence (1886-1938) is often referred to as “The First Movie Star.”  When Florence left Biograph for IMP, the former company knowingly reported that Lawrence had been killed by a street car in New York City.  IMP’s head Carl Laemmle countered on 3/3/1910 with the famous headline, “We Nail A Lie.”


Laemmle generated attention by falsely claiming that Lawrence’s St. Louis fans were so excited to learn that she had not died that they rushed her in a frenzy and tore her clothes off.  Due to Laemmle’s ingenuity, the “star system”  was born.

Lawrence was married three times and had no children.

On December 28, 1938, Lawrence ingested cough syrup and ant paste at her home in West Hollywood.  Lawrence’s neighbor Marian Menzer called an ambulance but doctors were unable to save Lawrence who died at 2:45 (11).  Lawrence’s funeral was held on 12/30 (33).

I used to sit in my dressing room at the studio and wonder just how much longer I could keep making believe.  Florence Lawrence

ivaiva2Iva Shepard

Iva Shepard (1886-1973) was an American silent film actress.  She did not appear in films after 1918, but made guest appearances in two 1955 episodes of  I Love Lucy.  Shepard was married twice.  Iva hunch that she was anatomically unable to have children.


Hilda Moore (1890-1929)  was a British film and stage actress who served in WWI with the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY.)  We are told that she had a son but she “died” from after catching an infection from her 5-year-old son.  Her illness lasted 6 days.

collins  collins2collins3

Jose Collins (1887-1958) was the actress daughter of music hall performer Lottie Collins who popularized the song “Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay!”   Jose Collins was married three times: firstly, in 1911, to Leslie Chatfield; secondly in 1920 Lord Robert Edward Innes-Ker (brother of Henry John Innes-Ker, 8th Duke of Roxburghe); and thirdly to Dr Gerald Kirkland. Collins had no children by any of her marriages.


Madge Titheradge (1887-1961) was an Australian-born actress.  Madge Titheradge’s first marriage, to actor Charles Quartermaine, was dissolved in 1918. In 1928 she married American business man Edgar Park and temporarily retired from the stage, returning in 1932. After her husband’s death in 1938 she suffered progressively bad health, and spent the last twenty years of her life as an invalid.


Phyllis Neilsen-Terry (1892-1977) was an English actress.  She was a member of the third generation of the the theatrical dynasty the Terry family.  Here’s a picture of her “mother” Julia.


Finally, here are some more members of the Terry theatrical acting dynasty.



Kate Terry, Ellen Terry, Florence Terry, Edith Craig, Mabel Terry-Lewis, Robin Craig.


I’m so confused!








27 thoughts on “The Sewing Circle — (loose threads)

  1. If Flora Finch (F-F = 66) is a “woman”, a Big Mac supersized menu is a healthy dinner… man oh man…

    Yes, Axel Wenner, I read about him before. His bio is so full of red flags, it would make Leonard Bronstein (Trotsky) look a pale pink…

    Wenner-Gren amassed a fortune from his early appreciation that the industrial vacuum cleaner could be adapted for domestic use….By the early 1930s, Wenner-Gren was the owner of Electrolux, and the firm was a leading brand in both vacuum cleaner and refrigerator technology.

    Wenner-Gren was reported to be a friend of Hermann Göring

    …no foundation to their suspicions that Wenner-Gren was a Nazi agent, notwithstanding the appearance of his steam yacht Southern Cross (the world’s largest at the time)

    In the 1950s, Axel Wenner-Gren also got involved in the early computer business. For a railroad project connecting California with Alaska, he got in touch with Glenn Hagen, previously an engineer with Northrop Aircraft,…

    His company, ALWEG, built the original Disneyland Monorail System in 1959 and the Seattle Center Monorail in 1962.

    Obviously, Wenner is not a Swedish surname, but rather a German (or (((German)))?) one.

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      1. Yes, no, for sure, Marguerite Gauntier Ligget looks like the hot babe of the day!

        By the way, is her first surname not “Gautier”? At least that is what Google suggests to me searching for her full name?

        And is she related to famous French fashion designer Gaultier?


          1. No probs,

            By the way:

            “Video unavailable
            The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

            on the Mötley Crüe video.

            For those with the same problem, this may help?


  2. Hmm– these “ladies” appear to be the “trannies” of the 1800’s. Lots of researchers posting on YT their “transvestigations” of recent movie stars,politicians,sports figures,etc.

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    1. It was not uncommon in the theatrical (pre-celluloid) era for men to take on female roles. It appears that some of these “female impersonators” were able to assimilate into silent films. Unfortunately for them “talkies” were their death knell. After that all bets are off.

      The “transvestigation” agenda may have initially had some validity, but it was ultimately derailed by either some sort of COINTELPRO activity, a clamp down by Youtube, or the truther tendency toward credulity to build an audience.

      No matter, there is little denying that many of today’s female celebrities resemble “boys with breasts***.”

      ***That term comes directly from a book by Tom Wolfe which was recently recommended to me in this comment section by Maarten.


      1. I used to be taken in by it, the videos by -pulled- channel of Mr. E were convincing, but knowing many women, who have narrow hips, small breasts or wide shoulders and big feet, I think it is more a selection of a certain phenotypes among the Elitist families than real transsexualism (not “transgender”, that is a constructed idea). There are exceptions, that Flora Finch guy is clear to me at least, but it is easy to get pulled into the idea that basically all female “celebrities” are actually men. I don’t think that is the case, not anymore.


        1. Mr. E was the best presenter because his tongue was firmly planted in his cheek. Most people didn’t seem to get that. I do miss him (and his song parodies.)

          I have cleansed the closet of these manly wo-men, but one thing that never went out of fashion in Hollywood was lesbian/childless actresses…so keep your eye out for Sewing Circles 3-333!

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  3. I am so confused! When I had just left Catholic high school and entered the real world, a (female) college professor announced to the class that motorcycles were a way for men who lacked power between their legs to pretend. Motley Crue, I realized, are 80s and big hair, and much of their behavior is masculine in an acting out kind of way, but their appearance is effeminate, and the girls, girls, girls are viewed but never touched, and they walk away at the end as the boys ride away, preferring their male companions over the beautiful females.

    Which reminds me if the Beatles, who introduced long hair, and the (however many) of them were soft, unathletic, pasty, smokers, showing no muscle tone. George especially was a toothpick.

    Have I overthought now enough for everyone?

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    1. While I am convinced now that neither “Paul” nor “John” wrote any of the music attributed to them, except some crappy stuff the penned out in frustration at not having the talent attributed to them in public (much of it heard on those compilation albums of cutting room garbage), George went through long periods of putting out poor quality songs, struggling in the shadows, when finally some good pieces emerged, Something, Here Comes the Sun, For You Blue … maybe I am wrong but I imagine that George went the route that “talent” really goes, years and years of sweat and effort before achievement. The idea that John and Paul merely started having litters of hit music in their twenties is nonsense.


    2. funny thing about catholic school. i went that route all the way through college, mainly due to the fact that if you attended a jesuit high school, and did modestly well, you were guaranteed admittance to some damn catholic uni, somewhere or other. that was true to the point that i got kicked out start of my senior year, but because i had attended summer school for three summers, and the teacher i got into a fight with threw the first punch, i had more than enough credits to graduate and was sent on my way.

      the best teachers i ever had were jesuits that became such after their wives had died, had engineering backgrounds, one had kids. both eventually left the catholic church in the trashcan, but not before proving to us that nearly everything we’d been taught was garbage. both admonished that if there is no explanation as to why anything worked, then it’s bullshit. wonder if they contribute to this here blog….


  4. I remain undecided about many of the psychological findings of Jung. However, it is worth a look when trying to sort out “cultural stereotypes” from the male/female genes/traits in all of us. Or even within the so-called anima/animus realm of the “unconscious” we can examine the negative and positive within each.

    I believe we are infused with social/cultural conditioning techniques, well known to our masters, as the primary pathways to achieve some level of effective mass mind control. Whether or not we agree with the scientific findings, it is essential, I believe, to gain at least a basic understanding in order to unravel the various ways (techniques) psychological power is used to manipulate, and its range of uses.

    As a side note: In many primitive cultures, shaman often dressed in female clothing. Some acknowledgement of the anima/animus, I suppose, without the suggestive programming of formal “education.”


    1. I’m going to have to beg to differ Steve. I lean more towards Gaia’s recent conclusion that “people are (essentially) boring.” All this psychological mumbo jumbo just adds to the confusion. Just turn off the T.V…period. After that, like a reformed junkie, the world will open up an endless array of possibilities.

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  5. Daisy Cordell looks like Samantha Bentley whos a plain pornostar.
    May be some girls look more like their dads than their mothers?
    Kate Beckinsale’s sister looks like their dad where as she looks like her ma.


    1. Different strokes JB. I’m just the presenter, not the progenitor. If these “women” had procreated they would not be in the “circle.” Kapish?


      1. Most may be KS, but there’s always gotten to be a few who are infertile.
        EG A friend of mine had IVF cos her husband’s low sperm count after trying for a baby for years and years, while another friend’s parents waited 10 years before they had her and another 10 before they had another child, a boy, and her parents were forever trying she said, however medical advice in those days didn’t amount to a hill of beans.
        Boris Johnson must have married his wife for her money,hence the affairs (if they’re real)


        1. accept your points, but the percentage of childless marriages and lives of these people, whoever they may be, leads anyone to question if they’re really women….


      2. I suppose ‘beer goggles’* weren’t around in those days!

        Phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful; summed up by the phrase, “there are no ugly women at closing time”


  6. K Starr, fantastic article. Still don’t have the new computer set up. Will provide a more thoughtful comment ASAP. Adding this so I can follow comments. Hugs!


  7. I recall years ago reading that Queen Victoria refused to believe members of her gender could be homosexual and so no laws were passed banning something she claimed did not exist. The men, on the other hand, were quite apparent to her and over her reign, efforts by the courts amped up the laws against gay men.
    Given the British influence on American stagecraft and the British custom of having men portray women on stage, I can very well see a sub culture emerging where actors (and show people in general) developed a form of outward admittance that required gay men to pass as women in order to “marry” men of like-minded interest.
    London’s West End in some ways begat West Hollywood.

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