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On suggestion, and because I thought it was a good idea, I have restored Josh’s Cutting Through the Fog and Vexman’s Thoughts to the blogroll below (or to the side, depending on your tool). Throughout the controversy that swept us over with publication of Kevin Starr’s genealogy on Miles Mathis (since taken down) and Bob Zherunkel’s  insightful piece on the unlikelihood of a Newton-style genius operating in the shadows of Taos, New Mexico, I have, oddly, never felt any animosity towards any of the players.

This much is apparent:

  • The Miles Mathis Group operates as a release valve, and what is written there is usually of value. There is no reason to be distant from it.
  • Josh is obviously connected to the group in some manner, or is a fanboy. Either way, he is both harmless and interesting at once.
  • Vexman presented an alternative view of history that I simply could not swallow, and I treated him poorly. He should not be a writer on this blog, but he should be a person of interest to anyone willing to objectively weigh all viewpoints.

So here we are. It is kind of like billiards, where forces interact and balls get moved around the table, some into the pockets, others to block pockets or to be used in combinations. I am happy that “Miles,” “Josh” and “Vexman” are still on the table, as well as this blog.

This is not some grandiose gesture to make nicey.  It is just a recognition that I do not now, nor have I ever, had any bad feelings towards any of the people involved. I may not understand the dynamics, but I am still having fun, and I hope you are as well.

I happily restore the links and … wander into the jungle unarmed with anything but a smile. These are not bad people. I never thought that of them.

21 thoughts on “Links restored

  1. Mark, if you feel animosity or any kind of emotions against a spoken or written word, it usually is a sign of brain washing. Normal reaction would be an agreement or rejection of ones arguments, where in both cases emotions are not necessary, just calculations. It is not the same as a reaction to witnessing an act of violence or abuse, where emotions are perfectly reasonable. Someone can lie to you or be completely wrong, but it usually will only make you shrug. Except it is someone close, but then love is a kind of brain washing. IMO. I occasionally look the mentioned pages too (and some others also) but there is nothing of real value so far. A few years ago the cluesforum was the first place in the morning I checked for news. And the news were there. Now it is a dead end. Same applies to all the other fakeologist blogs. As if there was nothing weird happening around us. So sad.


    1. You are insane! All MT has proven is that he is arrogant. These people did nothing to MT so why on earth would he feel animosity? MT started the war and now he is the bigger man for putting their links back? What on earth for? This will be my last comment: MT is an arrogant egomaniac who makes himself sound like such a jerk…perhaps because he is! Hope I have not hurt your feelings!


        1. both sides be fighting? Which would mean MM and Co. did do something which is more than nothing. Why the name calling and tantrum? The links have good info. Buyer beware. Keep it Movin’. All of a sudden it’s Storm Out season and I haven’t a thing to wear.


  2. As I like to say, the only way people can hurt my feelings is to say something about me that is true. When MM attacked the blog some time back, he said things that were true, and it hurt. I have spent hours since getting rid of substandard work, and I still bristle and back away at some things that remain that are total reaches (John Lennon twins). Other things I have stood by but have learned to accept honest doubt and criticism (Freddie/Dr. Phil), as in their shoes I too would be highly skeptical of such a leap.

    So I never lost interest in Josh or his work, and marvel at how he was able to muster forces at his blog to mount was became an overlong and tedious ad hominem in the wake of Bob’s Yer Uncle. It was done with purpose, putting on a show, but it was impressive nonetheless. I still do not understand the dynamics behind it, but have come to accept that this force they put in motion is bigger than anything we do here, and much of the output is good, so why care?


    1. I think MM was being paranoid when he ‘attacked’ your blog, didn’t he say he never went there too? Realising when one makes a mistake and admitting it takes courage.
      With Face cut-ups on the other hand, one is relying on the MSM/Hollywood not to have tinkered with the images in the first place. Airbrushing, adjusting the width of the picture so the celebrity looks thinner, etc — one can never be fully sure what tricks they use to sell their ‘stars’.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. ……except for death and taxes.

          I found this cutup on tumbler after watching The Apprentice UK:-

          Khadija Khalifa, 28, from Lincolnshire, a contestant on this year’s The Appentice UK, has Paul McCartney eyes (to me at least), unlike Stella:-


          1. I have read that ears and noses continue to grow in old age, but not Macca’s. A nephew of mine had his ears pinned back, but noses, can they shorten them?


          2. “Macca” continues to age unnaturally. As I think his life and abilities are fraudulent, I would not be surprised that his appearance is too. His hair changes colors, his eyebrows change in appearance, he doesn’t wrinkle as time would dictate. I have solid evidence that my own earlobes have lengthened over time, but I don’t know if this is a universal. “Plastic” surgery only deals with those parts of our structure that are changeable … it doesn’t alter bone structure. They can shorten the nose (or insert a bridge) but cannot put it somewhere else on the face or change the underlying skull features. They can monkey with ears. They can also alter photos. It is not an easy task to observe someone like this gigantic fraud and determine what is real. I think I will quit thinking about him until he steps forth with another major “hit” that is his own work, or until he “writes” another symphony. I would not be surprised if his voice over time has been ghosted (by his brother?) or that his ability to play instruments is augmented behind the stage. He is a gigantic piece of … distraction.


  3. POM & MM continue changing my life for the better. There are not enough words to encompass the totality of my gratitude and respect for all the players. I deeply value the way all the players think and express themselves creating awestruck respect for their unfathomable efforts and god-like philanthropy in my view.


  4. As a follow-up to Gaia’s “apparent’ storm-out I will now complete my phase-out. I’ve lost interest in this hobby.

    *Mark…please kindly remove my avatar from the sidebar since it will only provide needless clutter going forward. Thank you in advance and best wishes going forward.


    1. Give me time on that. I have instructions on that somewhere but it takes a little time to get everything sorted.

      A lot of sensitive egos getting banged around. In the end it will be just me again. But that’s OK.


      1. Okay, Stewart Smalley…LOL. I don’t wish to be perceived as an ingrate. I would not have participated if I didn’t respect the work being performed here. I’m still “entertained” by the subject matter but no longer passionate enough to devote the necessary time and effort. No sensitivity nor egoism involved… to my recollection.


        1. That comment didn’t quite fit the bill, so allow me to provide my final email to MT as a proper “storm-out”.

          I don’t sense that I’m being snarky. I’m simply trying to close a thread. Alternative media is 99.99999% compromised and I have no interest in wasting my precious time anymore. My recent comment on POM is my final statement. I thank you and I respect you but I’m done…finito…out

          Best wishes to my cohorts Maarten, Tyrone, Steve, and Annette…Hugs!


          1. A kinder, gentler stormout!

            We have a new daughter-in-law in the family who is trying to learn the lay of the land. She’s a gem, and she heard that I have a blog, that is, they do talk about me I know.I didn’t say much and she wondered if other family members read it. “No,” I said. “they don’t.” That is a fact. Only certain people come here. Others stumble in and quickly exit. It is the human condition, people so deeply brainwashed that they cannot leave their private spheres and entertain any other. MM wrote about this in his Velikovsky piece, that back in the 19th century people were better educated and could think better, but now it is a grand joke. There are no smart people, no thinkers, just a few of us out here on the trash heap. This is a wackadoodle planet. Just get through it.

            What to do? Have fun! We can’t change anything. Five minutes of TV erases fifty thousand hours of work here. There is no reaching anyone, there will be no rising up. That cause is long, long lost. All we can do is find each other, do our work and feel the satisfaction of time well spent. I am not unhappy, I don’t get upset when my work has no positive results. That is what is. But I love it nonetheless.

            Kevin, you are up, down and around and I always gave you wide berth. All I ask now is that you don’t trash what is done here. That would be piling on.


  5. Just moving on to the next chapter. I love you and all that you have created here. I would never “trash” or “pile on” something I hold dear. Have no fear. Please never stop doing what you’re doing! We need you…(Okay, I’m pushing it now…ha-ha.)


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