Hissy fits

Gaia opted, in a very public way, to exit the scene here, and that’s OK. We all get to do what we wish. This was followed by Kevin Starr, who had previously told me privately he was done writing, and who then took opportunity to make a public withdrawal as well. You can read all about this in the comments under the “links restored” piece.

I have had but one objective in bringing other writers aboard, to allow me freedom to do other things, hoping this forum would have a life of its own without me. That has not happened. So, before I get into the programming that exists behind this blog to remove Gaia, Kevin (and Annette), I am going to find out from Maarten, Tyrone and Steve if they wish to carry on as well.

We had some exciting times here when Josh and Straight were aboard. Then one day I allowed Vexman in, and soon I would wake up to find one tract or another on Soviet history. Straight advised me privately that Vexman was taking the blog off a cliff. I cannot know that to be true, but this I did know: When Vexman announced that 700,000 Russian citizens had been killed by means of a stealth gunshot to the back of the head, I realized that there was a lot of sneaking up on people going on, and that no one knew how to run or hide! Kerpow you’re gone! Mamma, don’t hold dinner for me, I got the head shot today.  In other words, it did not happen. I sat in my morning chair and using an iPad, which is difficult to work with, I excised all of Vexman’s work.

I did this without telling him. I was in panic mode. It was a mistake in the manner done, but not that it was done. In the aftermath, feeling I had wronged him, I offered him his spot here, and he wisely rejected it, and that was a fortunate brush, as he does not belong here. He still has his own blog, he is still linked.

Josh, a friend of Vexman’s, feeling I could not be trusted, withdrew as well around April Fool’s day of 2017. Straight had vamoosed, offering a view that life is too short and that he had more fulfilling things to pursue. Both are still linked here.

Kevin’s (public) withdrawal included the sentiment that 99.99% of the alternative media is comprised of spooks and trolls. I do not know the percentage but he’s right. I have often invoked “total spectrum dominance” wherein every outlet that we seek to avoid the mainstream is merely mainstream wearing a mask. This is true of Alex Jones (Bill Hicks), Amy Goodman (Janis Joplin), Thom Hartmann (Brandon deWilde) and all of the others. Rush Limbaugh, who I enjoy on occasion, has but one purpose: To make it appear as though we have a “left” in this country, one that is populated by Democrats. We can bounce around all we want. They are the same animal, the mainstream. They control our behaviors without our knowledge.

I know two ways to ‘out’ these people … one was to uncover their previous identity, if they ave one. Another is to see if they advocate flat earth. That is a calling card for spooks.

In the end, I can do nothing about it. Here is what I know, and I understand if you don’t believe me: I am a real person. I do honest work, and have made many mistakes and learned from them. I enjoy the work. I will never be mainstream, I will never change any minds not already tilted this way anyway. I don’t care about that. It is a wackadoodle planet, and all we can do is get through this life with a positive outlook.

Finally, there is the Miles Mathis affair wherein I was presented a tract by Robert Zherunkel (preceded by some genealogy by Kevin Starr that he has since taken down (though not retracted)). In it Bob at first wanted to imply that there was an association of some sort between Mathis and child pornography that had compromised him and left him vulnerable to control by others. I feared libel, and asked him to tone it down, which he did. We cannot know things like that and speculation is nasty business. I make no such accusation nor do I imply I know or suspect such things. Bob agreed to use MM’s words and to allow the readers to draw their own inferences. That in mind, I ran the piece, as I had to agree with the following words:

… here’s a claim that keeps coming up again and again. In Taos, New Mexico there is a man with a mind greater than all the greatest thinkers in history. This man single-handedly is solving puzzles in physics and astronomy and mathematics and world history that no one else has ever solved before, and at a pace that seems superhuman. This man has accomplished these tremendous intellectual feats:

• without the aid of a laboratory or a research library

• far apart from the company of cutting-edge thinkers in the respective fields

• without the help of graduate assistants, or even a receptionist to grab him a cup of coffee in the morning

• without a high-powered computer or even any great programming (or web-design) skills

• with just a basic education, but no advanced degrees or formal training in any of these fields.

It stands. It cannot be. Of course the latter part, “no advanced degrees or formal training” is a contradiction of sorts, as Mathis maintains (and I agree) that most of science and formal training is in the creation of trained seals, my words. That part is not strong criticism, but the rest is.

In the ensuing kerfuffle, Josh (still linked below) exposed himself in a way unexpected as an MM acolyte, and offered his blog for rejoinder. There followed a massive outpouring of, not so much support, but ad hominem, and from that I draw a complete circle back to Kevin Starr, who says that 99.99% of the alternative media is compromised. I did have some fun, offering up a few comments over there, and then hitting the “like” button on myself. If any of you take time now to read the latest MM paper on Immanuel Velikovsky, you will see that MM has his own “like” button, placing himself in the historical realm. When Newton said he stood on the backs of giants, I guess he was referring to MM. [Other than the raw egoism, I very much enjoyed the paper, full of ideas brand new to me.]

Things have settled down since, and Kevin said to me that even if MM is a limited hangout, it is the best one going, and I agree. MM is also restored to the links below. Being linked here matters so little that it cannot be seen under a microscope. It is merely my way of saying “Use your own brain. Figure everything out for yourself, and let the chips fall. I do not have the answers. Just questions.”

Finally, I am going to cite one last line from the Bob Z piece that still resonates with me:

Why do The Powers That Be even bother with limited hangouts?  I think it has something to do with what a police officer once told me, about this innate drive in all people, the urge to confess.  Not out of guilt or need for atonement.  Sometimes it’s just to brag, like in the movie Wag the Dog.  Keeping a juicy secret is a strain for the human psyche.  Those who pull off their con jobs on the public want just a little exposure, a little recognition of their brilliance.  When [POM writers] occasionally figure out one of their schemes, I think it only enhances TPTB’s delight instead of diminishing it.

I think he is on to something. The scams we have witnessed just in the time since the end of World War Two are massive, incredibly well planned, and extremely clever. I have suspected, but cannot know, that MM was chosen as the outlet with the caveat that he not allow outside input, and that he blackwash himself by accompanying the work with antisemitism and horse shit genealogy. That way it achieves two purposes: those who pulled off these con jobs get their day in the sun, if only poking through clouds, and it is self-quarantined. Only people who acknowledge real talent get to see and appreciate it. The mainstream is protected.

I have to keep doing what I do because I like doing it, and if Steve, Maarten and Tyrone want to be onboard, fine. I will contact them directly about that, and not by means of the last paragraph of a blog post. If not, I will accommodate them as I have the others. None of us are perfect, all of us have egos, but I am frankly tired of hissy fits.

22 thoughts on “Hissy fits

  1. You have been trolled by many. Keep your head up. This blog is clearly a great way for you to share your impressions of the world and the strange happenings that you decipher along the way. I have read your blog for years, been accused of being a spook for honest commentary and have just switched into audit mode while I watched some very strange people try to railroad your blog into some strange directions. It has all been very entertaining and a true study of the games that get played on internet blog sites. Keep writing for,,,, you. People are reading and do appreciate it.


  2. I find it all very sad, to be honest. ‘None of us are perfect’, and don’t suppose even identical twins agree on everything.

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    What is a troll anyway? According to the urbandictionary.com:-
    ‘One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.’


  3. Instead of a “hissy fit“, let me explain the motivation behind leaving POM again.

    When I joined, the blog was a heaven of intellectually challenging posts and comments. The wisdom of Maarten Rossaert, Kevin Starr and Tyrone McCloskey was everywhere. The blog breathed high level, well researched posts and intelligent comments. With the incidental lesser ones.

    The topics were mostly interesting, and with a certain focus on “celebrities“, a topic I find not so interesting; as I dislike the celebrity culture of the mainstream, I do too from the other (debunking) side. These people are completely irrelevant for my life and paths of truth seeking. I don’t care about Matt Damon or Amy Goodman and if they play more roles or not. A friend has appropriately called people who care about that “tabloid truthers“, which I think is an excellent description. But others like those topics, fine. Everyone can pick and choose and I knew this celebrity talk was there.

    Over the last months however, I felt less and less of that warm bath of wisdom I was invited in. The comments became worse and there was less valuable input from commenters and much less good stuff by my co-authors. Mark has produced good research on Jonestown and the KKK, but that’s about it.

    Then we have the seagull troll comments by B. Müller. She doesn’t explain things, no back up with arguments or research, just throwing around some unfounded claims about DNA ( “doesn’t exist“; so what are the amino acids that form DNA then? What are biochemists and others analyzing then, if it is not DNA? How can DNA have been used in tens of thousands of cases?), climate (instead of truth seeking about the Global Warming Fraud, she throws out just another set of unfounded claims and BS), science (“do not trust any expert, I from behind my laptop know everything!!1!!!11!”) and many other subjects. And Mark seems to love those stupid comments, even going against many readers and writers who have asked him to improve POM by moderating those claims, but no, not only is he stubborn, he takes pride in his stubbornness.

    What I see as the most fundamental weapon against the peculiar plots spread by the mainstream is to analyze them using principles. And the other side; one of the big dangers of society is that people are usually not trained in having principles. Many people rely on preference (“that what I like is ok/true, what I don’t like is not“) or ignorance (“that what I don’t understand is false“; the B. Müller stance).

    My toolbox is filled with science, logic and reason and that is how I analyze the stories put out there, especially using the boomerang effect (stories debunking themselves) and empirical science (that what can be tested, proving plots false or even impossible).

    Nihilists do not have principles or toolboxes and are proud of that even. It is nihilism which is the dangerous trap. Without tools and principles there is no way to analyze anything and you’re just as bad as people who swallow anything the mainstream spits out without thinking, applying logic.

    The Müller/Tokarski approach of absolutisms, claims without back-up and embracing preferred entities (e.g. Velikovsky) is exactly the wrong path to take imho. And I’ve tried to add some cents to steer away from those traps, but with little success. Again we read “science is X“, instead of the many nuances and objections against certain statements (psientism) that are all around. Now, Miles Mathis is “antisemitic“. Also wrong. He has made very clear how he treats history and the enormous amount of evidence of jewish schemes and power in the world and that that observation is not to be taken as an attack on every jew out there. But Mark seems to have a soft spot for jews (no matter their schemes, trickery and usury) and cannot look beyond Joe the local Jew into the dark world of the Soroses, Kissingers, Spectres, and AAALL the other ones in history. He even called it “misdirection“ to talk about that. No, Mark, what is misdirection is taking your eyes off the over-representation of jews in those dark areas, just because you happen to like your jewish doctor.

    Your buddy B. Müller believes the ISS is real, FFS. A football field size space ship that was allegedly assembled in space by humans (astronauts), that is real? Are you kidding? If the mainstream explanation of assembly in space is not true, then how did that thing end up there? Was it launched as a whole, 120 m across? Or did robots do the work of the NASA swimming pool astronots? Where is the evidence for that? Silence, just throwing out bullshit claims and hoping the mud sticks. And unfortunately it does.

    Mark, your admiration for a clown like Velikovsky also baffles me. How can you take such a guy (with the most outlandish claims and basis in the fecking bible) seriously, and how can you admire HIM, but of McGowan you claim he is a spook. He may be, I don’t think so, but I am open minded to be shown wrong. Not you Mark, you’re stubborn again; you are right, no matter what. Did Dave McGowan have 11 weeks of first place in the New York fucking Times bestseller list? Velikovsky was praised by Albert “the nutty magician“ Einstein, if that is not a big red flag of mainstream pushing, I don’t know what is. Ironically Mark Twain is correct here; it is easier to fool someone by the hands of Velikovsky.

    The claim that Russians didn’t die in the hands of Soviet horror, I mean how can you even suggest such a thing? The 700,000 number may well be debatable, as all numbers are, but this absolutism of NDNGH (nobody died, nobody got hurt) in the communist killing machine is insane. I don’t know if it is the projection of current US and European terror hoaxes (with crisis actors and relocated individuals) upon much murkier societies as the Soviet Union (or Latin America, e.g. the Dos Erres massacre and the war fought here in Colombia, your comments about Venezuela -without ever having been there or taken the effort to actually talk with a real Venezuelan-), but if you make such claims, you haven’t studied history from a truth seeking perspective, but instead display a renewed absolutist claiming perspective; not solving the mainstream story problem, but turning it 180 degrees into the same crap.

    The Great H Mystery shows how many of these plots went; yes people died in the hands of the bastards, but at the same time stories were constructed around it. Anyone who claims that no single jew died in the process of kidnapping them, enslaving them and getting them to Palestine and other areas in the world via the Reinhard camps is insane. Just -or even more- as people who stick to the magical 6 million murder mainstream number. Even more, because the truth seeker theoretically should know better.

    If this is the “level“ of “truth seeking“ that POM aspires to, then be my guest, but without me.

    It is sad however to see a once high quality blog turn into a trollfest in such a short time and that the owner doesn’t (take) care about that. If there are any lessons to learn from this hiss, that I take away as the main one.


    1. Gaiassphere it’s obvious you miss POM already so why continue punching yourself in your two faces. Your first wild uppercut connected square on your own chin causing yourself mandatory 8 count by revealing your secret desire to have Hollywood looks. My guess is you don’t and you’re envious of good looking people in general so you ridicule Matt Damon and Mark Tokarski whose looks represent where yours most likelt don’t. Anyone who calls themselves Gaiassphere and is bored with TPTB incestous offspring clearly is over compensating for something. My guess is your looks. This is not a put down. It’s a guess and a put down. For disrespecting Mark’s blog and POM’s vast diverse and solid as time will permit work. Yours included. Mark has the balls to make himself vulnerable each time he decides to create and share a piece of his mind. But Mark knows this goes without saying. And right now I’m giving you a reminder. You know what’s boring? Those who share in your piss poor attitude. Ask Mark if you can rent his excellent sense of humor and his sense of irony. Ask Mark Tokarski if he either ever thought of trademarking his name. We all know you never would dream of trademarking yours. Mind if I just call you Gmeister meisterG? What the hell is a Rico Sauze you might then ask right? When son I happen to be the mindseye of unknown illegitimate child of a Rico’s Suave. Aka as Ron Dardis. Just call me Mr. Hollywood. And I’ll call you Past Tense.


  4. I would like to learn about who, or what group, is really in control of the government, media, big business, CIA, FBI, etc. in the U.S. and around the world. Whoever it is, they certainly aren’t acting like stewards, but rather exploiters, of society. Are these old families sharing power? Name names if possible – if not, how can one ever possibly find out? Is this all hopeless?


    1. You are not the first. If you have time and a working brain and immense patience, you will learn a thing or two. But ‘the answer’ you seek will neither fall in your lap nor appear in a dream. There is a web of power, it is both benevolent and cruel, and it does not care how much you learn about it, as no one will believe you anyway. So, be on your way, and have fun! That is the only reward.,


  5. hear, hear, Gaia is back again and doing the usual: twisting words of others. Since it is me, who’s words are being twisted, I feel obliged to explain some basic things. The ISS is a real satellite IMO build only to reflect the sunlight and being observable. Everyone can watch it and even photograph it even though this requires some skills and patience. Simon Shack posted my pictures of the ISS on cluesforum. They are not great but show some details. Many others made similar pictures. If you want it to know for sure, you have to do it yourself. There is no other way. DNA is an organic acid, completely transparent to light, poisonous in itself, which cells produce to split their chromosomes. It cannot be the carrier of genetic information because it is not stable. The idea of DNA as a synonym for entire genetics came out of the old debunked virus theory where virus was simply a poison and as such causing all the sickness. After this was proved to be wrong, the narrative changed and virus became a DNA entity somehow synonymous for genetics and the basis of the entire microbiology. I never claimed there are people on the ISS and I never claimed DNA does not exists dear Gaia so stop lying, will you? And why do you keep coming back if you not like it here that much? Who’s the troll now?


      1. do you see any contradictions in what I write, dear RAYN T.? Always the same empty accusations without any valuable input. The most of my claims are based on mainstream descriptions. I’m just drawing different conclusions sometimes. Ignoring my arguments will not prove me wrong.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You make no arguments to ignore. You simply assert. Just like the Miles Mathis Committee writers.

          “Show your work.” That was the rule for math and science in my schooling. So … provide the step-by-step reasoning for your unusual claims.

          The burden is on you to prove, and not anyone else to disprove. Logic 101. Which, I know, is useless in the face of Trolling 101.


  6. Holy shit Mark, What the hell is going on here ? I left a month ago and thought I’d peek in to see what’s going on, and the whole shit-house went up in flames. Your writers are leaving the station and the train is going off the rails. RYAN T. and MOTERHEAD are drilling it deep into MULLER “front to back”…and I think their sticking it in, right on target. okay, so you’ve hurled a few mud-balls here. so what ! are you gonna pick up your bat and ball and go home ? Nonsense, get a few new writers and move on. Weed “em out. at least you still got Steve Kelly, he’s the best you’ve ever had ..he’s your buffer and best writer….you came into this world alone and you’ll leave it alone.


  7. Easy trigger. BM is someone I f e l t was from another forum. Gaia I knew from another forum. And did the same MO there. Stick what where?


  8. Mark no doubt you laughed yourself to sleep last night. Your last comment sums things up concisely nicely. When all of sudden after 30 day binge absence here comes Trigger Man the Leon Lett of blogging diving knees first onto balls in endzones shooting off his blanks.


    1. So…Leon Lett Jr. Former defensive tackle and assistant defensive line coach for the “Dallas Cowboys”. Good one Rico. But ,Let’s not forget…”You” are the Bill Buckner of blogging. We all know what happened in the 1986 world series with the Boston Red Sox. Two outs and two strikes…and just like Buckner…you’re bent over, you have your glove to the ground…and the “BALLS” sliding between your legs…you look over your shoulders…and the “BALLS” bouncing…and just like the man said…it’s a “Schwan-Stucker in your arse-loch”. You’re the attack dog here ,RICO. Mark, deleted my last response to your Leon Lett comment. and I’m sure he’ll delete this one also. He made it quite clear that he wants discussion instead of comment, But I see he allows your comments stand.


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