Welcome to Caracas

This morning I read an awesome article, translated by Scott over at Saker’s blog, from an independent reporter named Georgy Zotov.  Georgy Zotov (author of AIF weekly)
I found his personal experiences in Caracas most interesting.  I hope POM readers are able to gain a broader view of Venezuela, the country, it’s people, it’s leader(s) and it’s predicament.  Peace, brothers and sisters.  

One thought I had while reading Georgy’s entry was the different social/cultural instincts between “northerners” and our neighbors living closer to the (tropics) Equator.  We (northerners) seem to have extreme difficulty understanding the “laid-back” culture of these parts. 

Surely, they  need to change, or we will need to do it for them, right?  I am joking.  

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Caracas

  1. I suppose if I’m ever able to get past some of the fake photos I’ll be able to absorb and appreciate Georgy’s? entry versus following the script of the proverbial because I live for leisure exit stage left.


  2. Sorry for the non sequitur, but the Academy Award nominated cinematographer for Best Foreign film nominee, The Cold War, is named Lukasz Zal(!) (We now return you to our regular programming)


  3. I checked the “pending” and “spam” to see if I could find your “blocked” comment. Nothing here that I could find. I’m not sure what else there is I can do. Resend?


  4. My old mac unit is haunted. I have to resign every-time now. And sometimes it does not show a comment by me until after I leave, come back and there it is.


  5. More than half Caracas is already here. The influx of Venezuelans is ongoing and greatly damaging the Colombian society, safety and economy.

    It shows the global extent of “Coudenhove-Kalergi-Haushofer”. Weaponized migration; Colombia was doing too well, so needed to be curtailed.

    Germany all over again, in different form.

    Next will be Persia of course; a huge market for mindcontrollers and other psychopathic freaks.

    For that reason, and knowing we all have spent 10,000 hours on “this” and “them”, it is crucial and more than time to understand, share, embrace and brainstorm about Agenda 2020.

    More about Agenda 2020


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