Deception Deluxe

Rancho Deluxe

The above movie poster should be called “A Movie made in a place where I have actually been.” Rancho Deluxe was shot in the early 1970s near Livingston, Montana in a stretch of river bottom (not inappropriately) named Paradise Valley. If you recognize the name, it could be because Peter Fonda owned some land there, and Jane would come visit him. Anytime Jane goes to Smallville, it creates a stir. (Neither Jane nor Peter were in the movie.) Lots of movie stars passed through Paradise Valley, probably still do.

The reason I mention this easily forgotten movie is that I watched it some time after the year 2000, 25 years later, and waxed nostalgic. Scenes in the movie depicted people in clothing designed to keep them warm, and the mountain backdrops were snow-covered. Oh what it was like back in the day before Global Warming! As I watched those scenes I thought of my own journeys through that valley on our way to Yellowstone National Park. The place was usually windy, and snow did not last long on the valley floor. Though beautiful in a landscape sense, it is not always hospitable.*

My point is that the Global Warming meme, now called Climate Change, had worked its way into my brain, and was firmly in residence. Paradise Valley is now like it has always been, occasionally hot, often cold, always windy.

Dave McGowan (controlled opposition, fake death 11/22/2015) wrote a series called “Wagging the Moondoggie,” mentioning in part how easy it is to see through the Apollo hoax after even a brief review of the evidence. But still, people cling to it tenaciously.

“For if NASA was able to pull off such an outrageous hoax before the entire world, and then keep that lie in place for four decades, what does that say about the control of the information we receive? What does that say about the media, and the scientific community, and the educational community, and all the other institutions we depend on to tell us the truth? What does that say about the very nature of the world we live in?”

Indeed. These liars, our climate “scientists,” are not just shamelessly lying, but are making the lies stick. And that is what is so impressive about AGW, Anthropogenic Global Warming, not that it is just a big hoax, but that they are reaching every brain resting on every set of shoulders, infecting them like worms.

I’ve done a lot of research on various topics, John Denver’s fake death, the fake Columbine massacre, AIDS, Jonestown … and I have to say it is fun and even rewarding. It is also hard work, starting out understanding very little, and then seeing things unfold before my eyes.

OMSColumbine was by far the hardest, as it was a major hoax on a scale with Oklahoma City or Waco. We just drove by that school (by chance) yesterday, and police cars were all about, the parking lot overflowing as they relived the lies, probably even bringing in the fake ‘survivors,” lifetime actors. Earlier, as we left Barnes and Noble, I saw stacked by the door a book by a “survivor,” Kacey Ruegsegger Johnson, timed for release on the 20-year anniversary. When they tell lies, these hoaxers mean for the lies to stick.

At the center of the AIDS hoax is HIV – that is, AIDS is real, but small in terms of the population, a disease “acquired” by lifestyle – too much party usually. In order to scare everyone with it, they had to connect it to something benign, so they selected HIV, a harmless passenger virus that likely resides in all of us. That was the lie at the center of the AIDS matter, that any of us could get the disease – from each other. Even now Wikipedia will tell you that the disease and its cause are backed by “…conclusive medical and scientific evidence.” That’s just a big f****** lie, that’s all that is. But the people who know that it is a lie are few and have been forced into obscurity by money and power. That’s how “… media, and the scientific community, and the educational community, and all the other institutions we depend on to tell us the truth …” function. They all form a chorus and sing the same lie.

What surprises me about AGW is how easy it is to understand the lie … that CO2 is somehow dangerous. It is not. If there is any connection between it and warming, it is slight at best because any warming going on is slight at best. I wish that McGowan would come out of hiding and write about it, as he is a very good writer (or maybe just a front for a very good writing committee).

But why CO2? This part is a little bit frightening. Al Gore is a scripted act. He tells more lies than my first wife, and makes them stick. He centered on CO2 for a reason, and I suspect that reason is this: CO2 is a source of wealth, of food supply, of energy. If we cut back on CO2 use (forget about putting it in the atmosphere, inconsequential), we are going to have less wealth, less food, fewer people, and harder lives. Try driving your ugly windmill on a vacation.

Columbine was selected as a Freddy Krueger nightmare to make sure our kids grow up trembling.** As frightened adults, they will be easily herded. AIDS was used so that we would be less trusting of the other gender, and make fewer babies. CO2 is now used so that we devolve as a society, going backwards in time. That’s all I can make of it.

*There was once in Montana news a murmur about a civil engineering wet dream. As you leave Paradise Valley and drive into Livingston, even untrained eyes can see that a narrow slot there could easily be dammed, and the valley flooded so that we could have our own Montana Version of the Glen Canyon debacle. The Livingston Enterprise editor one time suggested to people in Billings who favored the scheme that such a dam be built on the Yellowstone below Billings, flooding the city but at least it not doing any noticeable damage.

**My grandson attends West Jefferson Middle School, which was closed last Wednesday as part of the Sol Pais hoax. One of the moronic blockheaded teachers in that school told his students that Sol had been seen driving past the school! How’s that for scaring the shit out of children?


10 thoughts on “Deception Deluxe

  1. One insidious part of AGW, it seems to play to the perennial popularity of End Times predictions. The people writing it must have deep knowledge of human psychology and how to play the public accordingly.

    Did you know that AGW actually goes back to the late 19th c. as a theory? Except that at that time, it was used as PRO industry propaganda! Yes, it was going to allow larger crop yields, greater population, better lifestyles etc. thanks to warmer climates everywhere! Thanks to industrialism itself.. The miracle of machines and progress! Incredible, eh wot. I forget the name of the main guy pushing these wonders, read about it in a mainstream book though.


    1. This leads back i to Velikovkyism, which I still cannot dispatch to the waste basket even as every known expert says I should do so. It is not that evidence proves him right, as it doesn’t. It is that evidence does not prove him wrong, leaving everything hanging. Against him, an isolated genius, we have the chorus … groupthink-drenched experts who quickly resort to ad hominem rather than leave the choir. As Mark Twain is said to have said, physical courage is common, moral courage rare in this world. Velikovsky may indeed have been wrong, I cannot say otherwise, but he did not lack for moral courage.

      Anyway, Velikovsky, a Freudian-trained psychiatrist first, suggested that real calamities that have befallen the human race have implanted in our psyches a catastrophic Jungian archetype, the sky is falling! After all, it has happened before and is part of our dreamscape. It is very easy for the overlords to tap into this. They invent nightmare images, Freddy Krueger, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, ISIS, Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson, and deliberately make them as nightmarish as possible. Because they are speaking to us through our dreams, and not via our rational brains, the images bypass all filters and become our reality.

      AGW is not based on frightening facial plates, but fits into the nightmare mold anyway, “things are bad and getting worse!” I suggest, if you’re a reader and not otherwise preoccupied by your own interests, that you take a look at Lerner’s The Big Bang Never Happened.. Not only does he tie catastrophism in with cosmology, he leaves us with a positive message of hope …time is real and moves forward (everywhere except perhaps in quantum mechanics), and we humans are a product of ongoing evolutionary progress. As a man who just celebrated his 69th birthday, I can tell you that life is better and easier generally now than ever before, but that people are slowly improving too. We are fully capable of adapting and even solving the problems Steve lists below. If that were not true, the overlords would not have to invent our nightmares, our Mansons, ISIS’s and KKK’s, AIDS and AGW out of whole cloth.

      There are bad apples in this barrel, but they tend to strike on an individual level, and not in the form of mass shootings and serial killers. I’ve often thought, remove alcohol and we just barely need to have police.


      1. Thanks for the reminder, I meant to look that book up when you mentioned it elsewhere. Will do so today.

        That’s a very optimistic view that people are evolving…


      2. A quick Wiki search turns up Alfred de Grazia, a man who defended the work, and is often credited with Velikovky’s second-wind in the 1960s and 70s.

        He was an Army intel and psych warfare specialist. “De Grazia not only provided combat leadership in the burgeoning field of tactical PSYWAR in WWII, but helped understand outside understanding of PSYWAR thorough research and writing. He authored reports for the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, including a 1953 Operations Research Office (The Johns Hoskins University) study for the US Army called Target Analysis and Media in Propaganda to Audiences Abroad.” (Jared Tracey, The Proper Gander, Issue 2, Vol. 2, Oct. 1, 2014).
        Married Jill Oppenheim. Coincidence, no doubt.


        1. Very interesting! MMG too says that Velikovsky was a project. That’s all above my pay grade, but I was much more enthralled with Earth in Upheaval than Worlds in Collision, where he talks about the unexplained anomolies on our planet, entire islands and plains in and off Siberia and Alaska where millions of mammoths and other animals were flash frozen, the plains of Eastern Washington filled with lava beds, where 300 feet down they found pottery. The latter might be debated, but the islands up north not. That all tells me that something big and recent happened. Maybe it is hidden history and meant to stay that way, maybe he was a project. I cannot say.


  2. When the puppet-press repeats certain words or phrases over and over again, it takes away opportunities to hear other related stories in that sector. Air pollution is not just about “greenhouse gasses” or CO2. There’s a battle in the courts and at EPA over the very effective Mercury rule, which has worked quite effectively since it was enacted in 2011, if memory serves. Dioxin, PCBs, Arsenic, and many, many other toxic pollutants aren’t being discussed in the daily chatter. That doesn’t mean nothing’s happening.

    Like “Russia, Russia, Russia,” or “Trump Tweeted” narratives that suck all the air out of the room, wall-to-wall Climate Change coverage masks the scope of the air pollution problems that directly affect real people and the environment.

    Opioids have killed more people than WWII. Where’s the coverage of heroin, synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and prescription drugs as OxyContin, Vicodin, codeine, morphine, and many others. Too busy to report on any of that. Orders are orders and they ALL follow orders. Well, almost all.


  3. Mark did you take advantage of the opportunity your grandson’s blockheaded teacher presented on a silver lunch tray? In other words did you or anyone related to your grandson contact the blockheaded teacher to find out just what the hell they were thinking subjecting children’s fragile sense of a safe world with that malignant sputum? Or did you once again and assumingly the Fam go watch/listen mode.


    1. Got this second-hand from my daughter-in-law. Not my business.

      You know how it is in this deeply brainwashed society. If you bring in of this up, families get fractured. I’d rather have a family than be right all the time.


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