That’s MR. Scumbag Agent to you, pal

Some time ago, when I was a Montana resident, a certain State Senator went after Governor Brian Schweitzer in a most undignified manner, engaging in what appeared to many to be a drunken rant on the floor of the Senate. The man, Mike Lange, was also a candidate for governor, but that did not play out well for him. I will never forget Schweitzer’s response to the rant: “I never judge a man when he is at his worst.” Classic putdown.

Our writer Fauxlex issued a critique of Miles Mathis in his piece The Mote and the Beam. I did not exercise any oversight on that piece, in fact, asked Faux that he just go ahead with it without consulting me. Had he asked me, I would have said “Fine, run it.” There is nothing in it that is undocumented, nor in my view, troubling. Faux worked hard on the piece, and did a good job. I view Miles as a man like all of us, full of faults and strengths and possessed of secrets. I don’t want to be scrutinized as he has been. But Fauxlex (pronounced “folex”) has been engaged in MM research since coming on board, and had accumulated quite a bit of material, perhaps revealing and somewhat embarrassing, but not condemning. As he said, we like the man. I know I do.

Prior to the Fauxlex piece, Miles went off on me with his words “scumbag agent.” Those words were brought to my attention pronto, but I felt no hurt, no insult. As I always say, the only way to hurt my feelings is to say things about me that are true. In past episodes Miles has indeed offered critiques of  my work that hit the mark. I had to self-reflect at the time, and took down much of the it that offended not just him, but my own senses. I had gotten carried away.  Right is right.

Miles is not a substance abuser. He seemed keen on healthy living when I met him in 2016.  So the Mike Lange example above does not really apply. It was just a nice lead-in. For some reason, Miles was angry at me, tired of me, or perhaps feeling betrayed. I think he might resent that I am still around, still blogging. I was supposed to have left the building after the Robert Zherunkel/Kevin Starr pieces a couple of years ago. What a shit storm! I didn’t. I like writing and enjoy debate. I am doing less these days, but won’t be quitting any time soon. Miles might take my continuing presence as continuing insult. If so, I regret that. Attitudes can change.

Mine has. I think differently now than when those articles appeared. I attached some importance to Miles being the genuine article, perhaps feeling I had been conned. I have reconsidered, and now live by Kevin Starr’s words as he took the exit ramp here: “He may be a limited hangout, but he is the best one around.”

So I let controversy swirl, and let others engage in the search for truth about Miles W. Mathis. Those who write (and have written) here are unconstrained and are only asked to avoid the topics listed in the “Commenting Policy.” I set that policy only to avoid an invasion by reptilians. I have my doubts and suspicions, but appreciate the Mathis product. For so long as he keeps churning it out, I will keep reading. I bear him no ill will.

As to the comment about my being a “scumbag agent,” he and I have two different approaches. When I say something in bad temper that I regret here on the blog, I make it disappear. Miles does not edit his public product, ever, as far as I can tell. So the “scumbag agent” comment is there in perpetuity. I can only live and write to contradict it by example. I am neither scumbag nor an agent in my view, but opinions may differ.

The Miles I met in 2016 was a soft-spoken man with good manners, one who would not speak in that manner to anyone. He also looked athletically fit, the product of a healthy lifestyle. He lived in a modest home full of oil paintings and one large sculpture. He had cats running about. And he drove a buggy. That’s all I know for sure.

I love cats too.

32 thoughts on “That’s MR. Scumbag Agent to you, pal

  1. I really appreciate the freedom that you have granted me Mark. To a certain extent, I wondered if you thought you had made a mistake when I started in with the supernatural stuff. It has been fun, what can I say? You are right about all that material. How on earth could I just sit on that? Let me say, I did not link to the Taos blog or even use his name once very intentionally so as to always make my post a niche item…findable only by those deep on their own journey of truth seeking. And like you, I will always be a fan of the Taos blog. It is top notch stuff, warts and all.


    1. Well put Fauxlex. It is “top notch stuff, warts and all”. I am an avid reader of Miles, I read everything that he puts on his culture site and lots of his science too, although I struggle with that sometimes. I’ve learned so much from Miles, more than any other single online source. He is often laugh out loud funny too.

      I guess that it’s impossible to know the truth of the bio without knowing the man in person but you have done a very good job with your Mote piece, you did a Miles on Miles own bio which was long overdue. It’s surprising that nobody thought to do that before. I don’t know how long your research took but it all seemed to fall into place easily, or maybe that’s just good writing. You might be on to something with your concern for Miles too. The final sentence of his recent solar minimum sickness piece reads: “Of course I am also considering moving to a lower elevation, where it rains more.” The sage of Taos may be leaving……

      I certainly hope that he is ok and that he fully recovers and keeps on writing. I wish him nothing but goodwill, whatever the real bio reveals which, realistically, we will never know. I want more of Miles, not less, and I hope that he continues to publish his unique observations for many years to come


      1. Thank you. I appreciate the nuanced position. I am somewhere in the middle, I really do enjoy his site, but if he is trapped in some kind of bad arrangement I actually hope that he just disappears one day and lives out his days like Andy Dufresne on the beaches of Zihuatanejo.


  2. Quite the break out the popcorn drama lately. Shows us that even on message boards we don’t have much privacy and how other commenters can put info/photos together and find out private details. I am on another message board and two people got into a heated argument that led to posted addresses, phone numbers, schools their kids went to, private photos from years ago. I think many of us are still up in the air about Miles, but do we care? Do we care that most of our favorite musicians, comedians, actors, are from spook families with an easy ride or that the Moon landings were fake or that Hitler was a gay Jewish actor? Yes I think “we” do. I’m sure Fauxlex has more up the sleeve.

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    1. Not really. I don’t. This was all I had found, and to be fair these were related to details he had already volunteered. If the story is all about you and you volunteer all kinds of stuff about yourself as some great genius of our time, then sooner or later someone is going to try to verify what they can. It is fair game. Random blog arguments are one thing, trying to frame yourself as the great polymath of our times and volunteering your résumé inherently makes your life story part of the story.


    2. Probably the favorite thing that I still have that I did not include is a letter to the editor the Taos blogger wrote railing against a movie theater because they busted him and called the cops after he snuck a root beer into a movie. Speaking of breaking out the popcorn. It’s really funny.


        1. No, no. I do not share this for that kind of reason. I share it because it’s funny (and Greg said I had more up my sleeve, which I don’t except for this funny little letter). Of course everyone hates movie theater economics, but who writes a dang letter to the editor about it except the Taos blogger? Also, the picture of him getting dragged out of some art-house flick refusing to give up his root beer makes me get a good chuckle.


  3. IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Basil Alkazzi website has been taken down and now does some kind of strange download if you click on it! Wow. That site had been up for 10 years, and it goes down within two days of my post? Wow.


    1. I have changed the link to one through the Wayback Machine. Could it have been taken down because it says “These awards are granted only after a student has been accepted at the College” and we have no claim by the Taos site to have attended any college at the Royal College of Art in London? I am still amazed that the site suddenly went down.


      1. Wow. Good catch, and way to preserve the integrity and continuity of this great work of yours. The Wayback Machine for the win! I read/archived your original post with that working link to the Basil Alkazzi site so it’s apparent that yes, someone is doing damage control. Those other “Recipiants” of this award are probably worth perusal.


  4. Complete outsider here. Reading MM only a few months. Fascinating material. But….

    Anyone can see he is no working artist. A dabbler. What’s posted is sketches and studies and no finished work at all. No one is paying a 50 something bachelor to draw pinups of their pubescent daughter. So it begins with falsity. First thing any artist creates is himself. That portrait is always a work of art. MM’s portrait of himself is as amateurish as the sketches he posts.

    That his mother ran for Congress says little. Most Congressional districts are safe districts and never seriously contested. Incumbent serves for life. When incumbent dies or goes to prison the local dominant party picks successor. Finding bodies to pretend to run for office in these districts is always difficult. Any of the faithful from opposition party can be drafted for a spot on ballot and it means nothing. They just volunteer to lose and to maintain fantasy of elections.

    A teenage guy posing on hood of a the late model Mercedes is all wrong. We are all used to seeing female models displayed thusly. Those models weigh nothing. They are posed carefully to avoid damage to car. If the car does get damaged it becomes part of production budget. Guys won’t damage their own cars that way. Maybe as stupid teens they might one time only. Maybe. Or else this kid is majorly wealthy and can afford the body shop.

    I don’t know how any can look at the site and not get that something is going on. Reading the site means you start by accepting that.


  5. Daddie_o, (aka Josh), in a thread over at Clues Forum where MM is the subject, mentions the Basil Alkazzi award as proof that MM exists. That is the smoking gun.


  6. Fauxlex after that wonderful read and re-read I need to apologize. Your point of view on things is very interesting. I didn’t want to like your contributions because of my fear of you being a shill and the waste of time and energy that would take from my life. Selfish but true.
    I like psychic world and find that the more I explore and share it with others the more experiences I have.
    Please keep writing. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Charlie. It means a lot to hear that. Your feedback was very valuable to me, both then and now. Good material for personal reflection. I really am just a random guy, so I feel very lucky to be able to write for you all. Quality should always trump quantity.


  7. I am so glad Mark got away from his kidnappers to let Fauxlex write at POM. If anybody is left wondering… that is what Taos et al affirmed after the pieces from 05.2018: that Mark got kidnapped by psyop guys among other things… What they expect you to believe.
    Next up, Richard Longworthy. Adieu.


  8. Things I find odd about Mr. Miles Mathis

    -The sharp fellows at Clues Forum, SacredCowSlayer especially, made a solid case that Mr. Mathis is “a nasty high-level disinformation outlet that gives away some low-hanging fruit while simultaneously obscuring legitimate research and running cover for the bigger lies like 9/11.”

    -Ninety percent of the threads out there in which Mr. Mathis is the subject–including some here at POM–are perpetually bombarded by the same aggressive and obnoxious group of Mathis cohorts who will tolerate no intellectual and rational objections to Mr. Mathis’ conclusions. Any rational or practical rejection of Mr. Mathis’ conclusion is met by a deluge of contempt and ridicule by the likes of Josh, Vexman, Jared Magneson, Russel Taylor, et. al. They relentlessly inculcate ad nauseum the absurd and preposterous premises and propositions in his ridiculous body work. They rabidly accuse skeptics and critics, who disagree on purely rational and intellectually honest ground, of being agents and spooks cloaked in the anonymity of the internet. For someone who professes the highest aspirations of 19th century liberalism, he and his sycophantic cohorts appear to practice the worst of 20th century fascism.

    -Within the body of his conspiracy work, his scientific method of reaching conclusion is preposterously absurd. His genealogical work–perhaps the foundation of his research–is spurious at best. He rambles on incoherently dragging us through the labyrinthine intricacies of genealogical research as if it were the simplest task in the world. When he hits a barrier, what does he do? He simply changes the spelling of the name with absolutely no written record of a family member ever perpetrating such an act. Miles is such a superior genius that hunchesand assumptions–not actual empirical evidence and data–are the scientific currency upon which his conclusions are founded. A Smith is now a Schmidt; a Schmidt, now a Shmath; a Shmath, now a Shmuthler.

    -His conclusions are always the same. After a long and tiresome slog through an illogical swamp of common English surnames, we are left but with one conclusion: So-and-so and such-and-such are connected to the English peerage, are most likely homosexual, faked their deaths, come from a long line of relatives who also in turn faked their deaths, are crypto-Judaic or Phoenician pirates (whichever fancy suits his deranged imagination at that particular moment), currently control the world banking system, intelligence agencies, governments, and militaries the world over, and use we the people as their blind serfs who possess no freewill or free thought and simply go about each day blindly serving our crypto-Judaic and Phoenician overlords. Never once, I might add, mentioning the Military/Industrial complex’s role in this massive cosmic conspiracy.

    -His utter and complete lack of EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF HIS CONCLUSIONS!!! A few references to Wikipedia, a few pictures he gleaned off the internet, spurious genealogical inquiry into celebrities, utter fallacies unsupported by citation. For all his supposed education, you think he could write a paper with citations and references. He is making some pretty outlandish and ground-breaking claims in his field of research. The least he could do is cite his sources. Not Miles. His papers just keep rolling out one preposterous unreferenced claim after another as he expects his reader to accept everything he writes at face value The slightest whisper of objection or skepticism brings down the towering thunderous accusatory tirades from his most fervent supporters and sycophants. QUESTION NOT OUR GREAT MASTER!!! HE IS THE ORACLE OF TRUTH! HE IS OUR ONE-EYED LEADER AMONGST THE BLIND. THOU SHALT ACCEPT HIS WORD AS THE ONLY TRUTH.

    -Weisbecker–although he has been ridiculed and humiliated and perhaps rightfully so–did raise some very serious and practical issues with Mr. Mathis’ body of work. The output is impossible for one man. And the Anglicisms are deeply troubling. Vexman and Josh (daddie_o) had quite a bit to say about that very point at Clues Forum. Just more effusive adulation that turns one’s stomach, really.

    -And finally, and perhaps least importantly, his pompous and idiotic arrogance. His deranged narcissism and megalomania. Yeah, Miles, those low-IQ, illiterate idiots wearing Qanon t-shirts and shoveling manure for a living are the CIA’s response to your groundbreaking discoveries concerning tabloid celebrity. Has the truther community really sunk this low?

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    1. In some ways, his megalomania and arrogance make him convincing to me as a lone figure rather than a limited hangout. The main reason I suspect he’s part of a larger network is the similarity of his website’s trajectory to that of the “late” Dave McGowan.

      Like Mathis, McGowan gained reader trust early on with articles that provided revelatory information and observations. Like Mathis, McGowan used the trust he’d gained to lead his readers down a primrose path of utter nonsense. In McGowan’s case, the nonsense focused on the notion that virtually every celebrity who died unexpectedly was offed by the mysterious Powers That Be. Mathis focuses on the notion that all celebrities are related to each other, descend from the peerage, and are therefore a part of the crypto-whatever conspiracy. Miles’s current papers remind me a lot of McGowan’s later work–mindlessly repetitive and constantly harping on the same idiotic conclusions. This is exactly what limited hangouts are supposed to do: lead truth-seekers down a path of total bullshit.

      McGowan used cancer to manipulate readers into sending him cash before he disappeared. When Miles rolled out his ISP drama, I predicted he was gearing up to do something similar. Haven’t seen anything more about the ISP scare lately. But a quick skim through the comments at Cutting Through the Fog (I don’t spend much time there) shows me that Apostle Josh has been informing readers that Miles had a health scare and that he’s thinking about moving out of the country. (Or maybe just out of Taos, I forget which.) And shortly after I predicted he’d be soliciting donations, Miles put up his “limited time” offer to do pencil sketches of you or your loved one’s head for $900 a pop.

      So I continue to predict that Miles is planning to be offline within a year, two at the most. We’ll see.


      1. Re repetitive conclusions

        Are you saying that each of his papers should uncover a new and novel model of reality? Why shouldn’t new research just add to and refine the paradigm, if he were hypothetically correct?

        Also if his conclusions are idiotic… Do you have any better models of reality to propose? Or you would just leave it an open question why things are as they are?


        1. TimR, during my time int the comments section of POM, I”ve learned it’s a bad idea for me to argue about opinions in Internetland. I thought I’d stopped being an Internet asshole years many years ago, after I learned not to participate in serious discussions on social media or hit SEND on emails typed in anger. But maybe all the 5G in the air has messed up my amygdala. In any event, I honor your difference of opinion about the quality of Mr. Mathis’s recent output and wish you a prosperous, joyful life of spiritual fulfillment.

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      2. “Miles’s current papers remind me a lot of McGowan’s later work–mindlessly repetitive and constantly harping on the same idiotic conclusions. This is exactly what limited hangouts are supposed to do: lead truth-seekers down a path of total bullshit.”

        What’s the biggest difference berween McGowan and Mathis or why is McGowan LH and Miles isn’t? If ya’d read both with same due dilligence, McGowan never named the group in charge as mostly Jewish or crypto Jewish. While ya may think it’s idiotic or irrelevant or even antisemitic, that’ exactly the point where the two authors differ. One of them grabbed the bull by its horns while the other goes only halfway while following the lead of genealogy / interfamily relations. That’s exactly what defines LH , in McGowan’s case he leads ya to low hanging fruit, i.e. Laurel Canyon stooges, but fails to find or notice jewishness and peerage connections as part of the pattern. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. McGowan never reported on repetitious surnames that keep falling out of the closet when researching any major or minor MS event. That’s why McGowan is LH par excellénce, actually. He’s the best example of it, right next to Shack or Corbett.

        So which path of total BS are ya talking about in Miles’ case? What’s the BS about in yr opinion while exposing PTB and reporting everything noticed in his papers? Care to explain yr stance and back it up with something more objective than gut feeling or underinformed opinion?


        1. McGowan is easily seen to be LH – he carefully described the deaths of the actors and rock stars, and accepted every one being real, only a slight nod toward Jim Morrison’s as possibly fake. He takes Lincoln right up to the point where he would have to step off the ledge and admit it was a fake death. He chain smokes in interviews and the succumbs to lung cancer, 11/22/15. fake fake fake.

          I did not like being called a scumbag agent by Miles. He knows better.


        2. MM,

          If, in your reality, MM’s careless, undisciplined, childish, paint-by-numbers approach to genealogy–where you can assume people are part of a conspiracy because of who you think might be in their family tree, and even if you’re wrong you’re probably right because they’re probably Jewish and/or probably gay–is solid, well-reasoned, carefully-thought-out research, then by all means, keep reading. I think I’ve explained the reasons for my aversion to him pretty thoroughly, not that I’m under any obligation to do so. I’m just a guy making comments on somebody else’s website, for Christ’s sake. Why would you or anyone else care what I think of the guy?


  9. Wow & bravo. You can see through the charade quickly. The LOCATION is a dead give away. It’s the same cult mindset shared over at David Icke. Or Alex Jones. Gate keepers for the elites, who they themselves share that lineage to a greater (than us) degree. Degree…….another measurement they use upon us.


  10. Off Topic
    We can only know what we know and everyone discovers different sites blogs etc at different times. I sometimes fear that everyone has been reading some blog for decades and it’s full of info that I want. My question is for everyone reading. Is there any site or blog that you are currently reading that you find insightful or has an interesting POV towards this matrix we are in? I feel that I read some blogs that have really made me stop and think or read stuff that confirms my biases or re enforce a new idea but I am not sure if these sites are widely read. I thought that by posting some sites it may increase all of our understanding of this mixed up world.
    Here is a few that I found interesting.

    Those are some that I just discovered this year.


    1. If you are/were a regular Miles William Mathis reader, fan or acolyte, before continuing with your quest, I would suggest a detox/cleansing process. Pay attention to yourself. MM way of thinking, reasoning, assuming, etc. may have metastasized to every field of knowledge and topic you might want to tackle on. Detoxify yourself first and then choose a topic or an event (current or past or even future) you are interested in learning or getting to the bottom of it and start your research. That’s what I would recommend for now… before going down deeper or higher (according to your perspective). What dimension of the Matrix you are interested in exploring?

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  11. Good advice^^. I went into the symbols used by the descendants (Fallen Ones, not chosen ones) that have a seemingly lock on running & ruining peaceful existence between God, man & nature. Our culture is already up to it’s eyebrows w/idol & celebrity worship.


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