What is the game?

AB keeps putting up remarkable stories, and this video. It is reassuring to know that there are real, smart and confrontational people out there making waves among a population that only knows to see on TV, and believe without question.


We had our first day in the wake of Governor Polis’s stay at home order. Of course, I went out and about. I drove down to Home Depot, maybe ten miles away and down the hill. I needed a drill bit for a project I was about to screw up. The local hardware store is closed. I went on the frontage road that runs beside Highway 285, South Turkey Creek Soad, and at first saw no one. But in the end, I passed maybe half a dozen cars. I stopped at a coffee shop down by Tiny Town that is allowing people to come in, order and take out. No change there.

On the way home, I decided to check out all the other locations we normally frequent.  The bank and post office are open, though the bank has closed its lobby. King’s Sooper is open as usual, parking lot maybe 2/3 full. Safeway and Natural Grocers are open and busy. All three liquor stores are open, though they have changed their hours. These are all businesses close to us, as Home Depot (busy but not crowded) is at the bottom of the hill. So I covered a 13-mile area.

During the entire trip, I did not see one police officer or car. I am sensing that this “Stay at Home” is a TV show, that cops don’t care, and that only people who are poor in reasoning skills are taking it seriously. I still see, occasionally, a person with a full grocery basket and a face mask. Poor schmucks. Probably out of work to boot. This thing is very cruel at its center.

For us personally, we have only stopped doing three things – the gym, my wife’s yoga class and our every-other-week trip to Ted’s Montana Grill. I am at home most of the time anyway, though now I make it a point to go out more. I honestly don’t think anyone cares. On some level, almost everyone with any cranial capacity has figured out that this is a hoax.

41 thoughts on “What is the game?

  1. This is a pretty remarkable video someone posted at CTTF of a German Virologist outlining the fraud of the virus theory and unwinding some major historical events.


    1. Kind of left me hanging, and I cannot forget that I was ill (but functional) for three weeks in January. I will gladly forget Koch’s Postulates, just another error. The idea that my illness, which my wife did not get, is some sort of heat/cold induced toxin … nonsense! I am healthy. It was January, but I use clothing and when I am in motion body heat keeps me warm.

      Please, some of you “no bugs” folks explain what really happens every year, when millions get sick and thousands die. I am yet to meet someone who truly understands it, including this guy. He has a sense of hocus pocus about him, able to describe what mistakes predecessors made, but not able to describe human disease, which is real. I am getting the sense that nobody knows.


      1. Mark, I share your skepticism about the video. And about a month before this COVID madness, I caught maybe the worst flu virus of my life. But I don’t know what to think about the statistics we’ve long been given about the number of flu deaths per year. I wondered about this even before our current “pandemic.” I’m 49 and, to my knowledge, don’t personally know of anyone who ever died from the flu. Never heard anyone talk about a friend or relative who died of it, as far as I can recall. I’m inclined to think it’s only fatal when an unhealthy person is already on death’s door with some other form of sickness, but I don’t know. What do you think?


        1. Oh, I was forgetting sorry:

          Cultivating a spiritual meaning to life through certain practices (yoga, Tai-chi, all martial arts) along with meditation, a positive mindset is of great help too to maintain a good health.
          Health passes through the harmony of body, mind and spirit.


      2. According to naturopathic medicine (which I’ve followed for years with great benefit) there is a big distinction to be made between bacteria and viruses.
        Bacteria are forms of life that reproduce themselves on their own, viruses are not and need a hosting cell to be able to reproduce, they’re parasites, but someone else explained that here days ago, so I won’t go back there.

        Flu, which means temperature and other symptoms means that our body is trying to expel toxins. It’s all about bowel intoxication depending on what we eat, drink, smoke etc. Keep in mind that the 80% of our immune system is in our guts, and a good digestion is the key.
        So, flu is the last defense mechanism our body uses to get rid of all cell debris, bacteria, viruses, and taking meds at this stage is not only useless but dangerous as they increase the intoxication within the body.
        You may feel better after taking meds or painkillers, but year after year you’ll end up having longer & more violent flu symptoms, and it’s all caused by meds intoxication of the body.
        Ironic, isn’t it?
        Winter flu is given by the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors and again, gut intoxication. Whoever says that they have a good digestion: Not true. Everyone in the western world has poor digestion due to processed foods. The ideal lifestyle is based on fresh fruit and veggies, no smoke, regular physical activity.

        I don’t mean to convince anyone with this comment of mine, just know that I haven’t had a flu or any other illness (except cancer, and I’m still here with no chemo) in 10 years.


        1. We live outside the city, drink well water, and while I don’t avoid fruits and vegetables, I don’t eat most of them. I’ve long noted that each has its own advertising agency attached … even apples … one a day keeps the doctor away. I eat mostly fat and protein based foods, avoid carbohydrates. I do not think I have had the “flu”, ever. Like ScottRC, I experienced what seemed to be a persistent head cold in January. So did many people we are in contact with. I was never in danger, just uncomfortable. My wife did not get it. It took three weeks to get rid of it. The last time I experienced head cold symptoms was several years ago on a trip to Fort Myers, Florida. I thought I had a cold, but on return the symptoms vanished, within hours. I suspect it was somehow related to flying.


          1. Key points were the frauds of Koch and Pasteur, and the fact than anaerobic conditions in the body cause bacteria to change state and secrete toxins. Our bodies are more bacteria than “human” and all of life is symbiotic, not at “war.”

            Disease is a result of a wide range of factors that can’t be boiled down to a simple cause and effect, as much as we all want that and are sold that.

            But the germ theory is just the terrorist propaganda at another level. Pasteur concocted it against the facts and it’s become the underpinning of the pharmaceutical system just as “terror” for the military industry.


            1. I don’t think Koch was a fraud at all, as his postulates erase Pasteur’s fraudulent theories in a second and give an exact idea of what a virus is NOT.
              The so called scientists who’ve been following Pasteur’s deliriums are a total fraud, and they’re also greedy criminals.


              1. Koch’s TB vaccine was a disaster and according to the video he fled the country after it killed so many people, only to be hired by Bismarck to perpetrate the lie that the Brits were bringing back infectious disease from India and China.


                1. We’re talking about 19th -early 20th century medical science and knowledge here, so many things have changed since then (not too many, actually, especially on the virology front).
                  Vaccines have always been a disaster, like all other medications.
                  They’re supposed to cure people from a certain sickness and get them sick with others, not to mention some deadly side effects.
                  Like you, I believe that bacteria are not at war with our body but can live happily inside us without causing any harm.
                  Gut intoxication though is what causes bacteria to turn into something harmful. Add to that an unhealthy state of mind, an unhealthy lifestyle, medication assumption, drinking alcohol and smoking and you get the whole picture.

                  Did you know that periodical, therapeutic fast kills all toxins and strengthens our immune system?


                  1. I agree with you on all this, except for the idea of killing toxins. They aren’t alive, so the proper phrase would be eliminating toxins.

                    The gut is where many issues begin, and destroying the microbiome there with drugs and other toxins leads to bacteria having to adapt to survive and creating more toxins in the process.

                    Colds and flus are periodic purgings as well. Suppressing them drives the toxins deeper.


      3. The lack of direct sunlight in the winter months (Northern Hemisphere) appears to be a major factor. Never mind that the Sun is lower and at an angle which causes much of its rays to simply bounce off of the atmosphere, it has been quite obvious for at least 22 years (since 1998) that the aerial spraying programs are, among other things, blocking direct sunlight. Drastic temperature fluctuations also seem to be a factor affecting the health of living organisms. Many trees have suffered a terrible fate due to the wild temperature swings caused by manipulation of the Jet-stream and the associated temperature drops. Many species of trees such as Oaks and Elm are very “wet” and the sap in these trees is what protects them from temperature changes. When it gets too hot in summer, the leaves will “perspire” to cool the tree and water circulates back down to the roots as well as part of this circulatory system. In winter the sap is pushed up into the branches to protect them from freezing. This takes time and drastic drops in temperature often catch the tree with not enough sap in the branches to prevent freezing. In the summer, the same can occur with a wild swing up in temperature, where to branches get “burned” by not having enough time to circulate the sap during a drastic temperature swing to the upside. The DNR and other AGENCIES always come up with a cute name for why the trees are dying. With the Elm trees, it was/is “Dutch Elm Disease” and with the Oaks, it is “Oak Wilt Disease”.

        Photosynthesis is a natural process by which trees and plants use energy from the sun and carbon dioxide from the air to make the food they need to live and grow. By storing carbon above and below the ground, the trees and plants in forests contribute to the production of oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis.
        (source: https://oregonforests.org/content/photosynthesis)

        If you do a google search for “temperature swings damage trees” there is much that has been written about the effects.

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  2. Weirdly, I am experiencing the opposite. People who are growing emboldened by their pride in how this completely unwarranted shutdown of society is warranted.


  3. I think we all need to go to our local hospitals and take pictures or videos. I went by a couple here today and they’re dead. Would show the pictures but not sure how to do that. What I did notice was police at each one.


    1. A family member of mine is a “healthcare provider” (they hate that term) and based on the boards this week, the only increase in cases are drunks finding ways to hurt themselves. Falling off the toilet and breaking bones, passing out long enough so their skin fuses to the floor, that sort of thing. Next time you talk to a provider, please thank them for their work having to treat these cases that never pay their bills.


  4. Report from the Highways of Stay-At-Home NJ: it’s like Mad Mad out there. With no cops on the road people are driving 90 MPH, passing on the right. Gouging in full effect too. Electronic items that normally cost $10 at Best Buy are selling for $50, same day pickup, $25 delivered in a month. Just when you need a charger to go on the fritz.


  5. This just keeps getting better. Major League Baseball jersey material to be used to make masks and gowns…


    “According to an estimate by the Department of Health and Human Services, up to 3.5 billion face masks will be needed in the U.S. alone to fight the pandemic. The shortage of protective gear has become a dire situation in the country, prompting Rubin to explore the feasibility of using the company’s large manufacturing facility to help.”

    So we each need 1000 masks? Can’t we wash and reuse or breathe through our shirts? Why doesn’t MLB donate a jersey for your favorite team to everyone, great advertising as we walk around.

    Of course they fail to explain how a tiny virus can’t get through the much larger holes in fabric.

    At least the script writers are having fun.


      1. Just talked to a woman who is working at a Nursing Home. All of the elderly residents who refuse to take a flu shot are now forced to wear a mask 24/7, even while sleeping. If you have ever worn a mask, you know how quickly it becomes difficult to breathe as the tightly woven material becomes saturated with water vapor. In addition, if you happen to sneeze into it, expelling some phlegm, it quickly becomes unbearable and a health hazard. As if that were not enough, the nursing staff are now required to also wear a mask and gown during an entire shift and at the end of the shift, the gown is folded and placed into a plastic bag and the mask is placed into a bag and both the mask and gown must be reused for a week!

        In other news, went out to get some tools and supplies for ongoing projects and a store that is normally hopping on a Friday/Night had about 25 cars in the parking lot, whereas normally there would be 200+ cars. Inside there were X’s on the floor leading up to each checkout at 6-foot intervals of course, with signs taped over the X to maintain “Social Distancing”.

        Now with all of this/shit obviously planned years in advance, it struck me as very “inter-resting” that Prince Harry moved first to Vancouver and then to Los Angeles in an attempt to “find some place safe for his Family”. Now coming from the UK where only the GOVERNMENT can LEGALLY have GUNS and landing in the U.S. where there are certainly more than a Billion Guns, probably more than a Trillion rounds of ammunition & 10’s of millions Gun Owners in a land dotted with Alcoholics and Drug Addicts that many in the UK call ‘The Wild West”, Harry chooses to move his Family to Los Angeles for safety! It may also be that once he (Harry) grappled with his conscience regarding all of these “events”, he decide he could no longer be a party to the agenda! Apparently he said he wanted to get across the border into the U.S. before it was closed to travel? Apparently, he is back in the UK now getting a final spang-King from the Queen before being OFFICIALLY banished from the ROYALTY for a period of 1 YEAR?

        Can’t help but think about the HOLY BIBLE story about how some ANGELS were cast out of heaven for having sex with MORTALS or more likely it is a punishment for a God/Mangle (33rd Man) having sex with a singular woman instead of an orgy of men! Once you really start to comprehend what it means to “become one of the Gods at the 33rd” and how you can in fact “lose that status”, all of this/shit makes m’ore s’cents!


    1. Whenever I hear the term “international community” I can’t help but think of Condoleezza Rice. Harari could have been her speech writer. Spook meets spook selling the New World Order.


  6. The anatomy of a fake pandemic: https://www.globalresearch.ca/manufactured-pandemic-testing-people-any-strain-coronavirus-not-specifically-covid-19/5707781

    More on the test: https://www.creative-diagnostics.com/sars-cov-2-coronavirus-multiplex-rt-qpcr-kit-277854-457.htm “This product is intended for the detection of 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The detection result of this product is only for clinical reference, and it should not be used as the only evidence for clinical diagnosis and treatment.”


  7. Did you guys catch the news stories on corona advisor Dr Deborah Birx saying the models don’t match the data coming out of China, Italy etc…
    Add to that UK changing projections from 500k dead to 20k dead, it seems like they’re recalibrating a little. But despite this, most news media and policy still treats it like the original projections…


  8. War criminal and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for a “temporary” (ha ha) global government to deal with the crisis. I think that’s the end game. They’ve been talking about global government for a long time. What better way to justify one than a fake global crisis?


  9. If the bloodline families want come out in the open where all can see, great. Global mind-steering (government) has existed in various forms and locations for millennia, IMO. One definition for apocalypse is “something viewed as a prophetic revelation.”
    A greater understanding of the global power structure might not be such a bad thing. Long overdue.


    1. Interesting perspective. Thanks, Steve.

      I’ve also been thinking about how Trump’s obviously scripted buffoonery and bungling may be intended to make Americans beg for alternatives. We’re obviously too stupid to elect good leaders, right? So please, bring on the authoritarianism! Save us from ourselves!

      Still, it’s hard to believe the Families/actual decision-makers will step out from behind the curtain to rule in the open. Their puppet shows have been so effective. If it ain’t broke, etc.


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